Making Fantasies Reality Pt. 02

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(Note: this story follows on from “Making Fantasies Reality, part 1”, in which my girlfriend Tricia and I discussed our sexual fantasies and started to act them out. Hers involved sex with another woman, and mine were about watching other people have sex, and group sex. Making two fantasies happen at the same time, I watched as Tricia and her friend Claire got a little closer, and the story continues with how I got more involved with the two of them.)

Chapter 6

Tricia rang me on the following Tuesday evening. “Guess who I spoke to last night?” she asked. I assumed it was Claire, and I wasn’t wrong.

“So, did you ask her about how she’d have felt, you know, with me being there?”

“Yeah, I did. I didn’t tell her that you were spying on us though! And you know what? She was intrigued, she said that she’d thought about it since she saw us having sex. And she’s coming back to mine next weekend, and she wants you to be there too. Cool, huh?”

This sounded more than cool to me – my girlfriend had arranged a threesome! It sounded awesome! “Fantastic, babe,” I said, “you’re amazing. I really didn’t think she’d be interested. So what have you got planned for the weekend than?”

“Well, I thought it might be a bit weird if you came up together, so I said she should come down on Saturday morning, and you should get here a bit later. I thought we could all go into town for a few drinks, and then we’ll just have to see how it goes, won’t we?”

I couldn’t wait. I spent the next three days thinking of nothing else.

Saturday morning arrived, and I drove slowly up to Birmingham, trying not to be too early. Parking the car close to Tricia’s house, I noticed Claire’s car outside too – she’s really here, I thought to myself, no going back now. I knocked gently on the front door.

Tricia opened the door with a beaming smile, and hugged me warmly. “Hi babe,” she smiled. “Glad you could make it, come in, come in!”

I stepped inside. Claire was sitting at the kitchen table, and she stood up to greet me. “Hi Joe,” she said, a little shyly, and stepped forward to kiss me on the cheek.

“Hiya Claire,” I replied. “Long time no see, how are you?”

“Yeah good,” she said. I guess Tricia still hadn’t told her about the previous weekend then! “So what’s the plan then Trish?” she asked.

“Let’s hit the town!” Tricia exclaimed. “I need some food, and I reckon we should all have a few drinks, it’s Saturday and it’s time to party!” Claire and I smiled at her exuberance, and followed her out of the house.

It was an excellent afternoon. We found a café by the canal and had a fairly light lunch, washed down with a bottle of wine, and then strolled into the city centre to find a pub. I hadn’t really spoken much to Claire before, but any awkwardness was soon banished and I realised that she was genuinely good company, as well as looking gorgeous. As usual, she’d tied her long light brown hair back in a loose ponytail, which she regularly flicked back over her shoulder, a gesture I immediately found enticing, exposing as it did her slender neck. She was wearing dark brown, flared jeans and black boots, making her look even taller than in reality, and her black shirt was opened about one button below the decency level. Tricia had dressed smartly for the occasion, wearing a dark blue, long skirt and her long black boots, together with a plain white shirt. She seemed to revel in the fact that she was the local, and knew the best bars to go to, explaining to Claire and me about what places put on the best student nights and so on. It seemed like no time before we were ordering a third bottle of wine, and it was probably around that time that the conversation turned towards discussion of our fantasies.

“Claire,” said Tricia, “I’ve told Joe about last weekend. I hope that’s okay. And he’s knows that I know about you watching us before as well.”

She blushed a little. “Yes, of course it’s okay. I’m not ashamed of it, it was wonderful.” Her eyes glanced between Tricia and me. “And I’m just as interested as you two in us all going to bed together, so don’t think you’re talking me into anything I don’t want to do by getting me drunk!”

We all laughed, any lingering tensions gone now, and clinked glasses together. “To us,” cried Tricia, “and may we have a fantastic evening!”

One bottle of wine later, we were falling into the back of a taxi and Trish was giving directions home. I slipped my arm around Claire’s waist, and hugged her close to me. She looked up into my eyes, and winked. Tricia leaned against me from the other side, and stretched to kiss me on the cheek. I caught the taxi driver looking into his rear view mirror, and could only imagine what he was thinking.

We got out of the taxi at the corner of Tricia’s road, and she asked me to buy another bottle of wine from the shop. “We’ll just get ourselves comfortable, I’ll leave the front door open for you,” she said. Grinning, I strolled the short distance to the off pendik escort license, and bought two bottles of wine. The front door was indeed open when I got back, and I stepped quietly into the house. There was nobody downstairs, so I grabbed a corkscrew and three glasses, and made my way up to Tricia’s room. Her door was half open – I peered round it curiously.

The first thing I noticed was that the candles had all been lit again – although it was only about six o’clock it had been dark for over an hour already. Looking over to the bed, I saw Tricia and Claire, lying side by side in a similar position to the previous weekend, Claire’s back to me, Tricia’s arm across her waist. They had taken their coats and boots off, but were otherwise dressed, and were kissing, gently, Claire’s right hand stroking Tricia’s face and hair. I stood back, quietly observing for a minute or so, but a small shift in my position made a couple of the glasses chink together, and they knew I was standing there. Claire glanced over her shoulder, and, given away, I stepped fully into the room. “I see,” I said, “couldn’t wait for me, eh?”

Tricia sat up. “Well we just needed a real man to help us off with our clothes,” she joked.

“That’s not what you told me about last week!” I smiled back. “Tell you what, I’ll just open this wine, and if you really need a hand then I’m only over here.” I sat down on Tricia’s armchair, kicked off my shoes, put the glasses on the floor and pretended to busy myself with opening the wine. Tricia shrugged her shoulders, and pulled Claire down on the bed beside her once more. They kissed again, and I noticed their feet were intertwined, which somehow made my heart miss a beat as I realised for the first time how much they were both into this – they really wanted to be touching each other.

Claire rolled over onto her back, and Tricia leant up over her, running her hand down over her chest and across the front of her thighs. She bent her head to kiss Claire’s tits, and I shifted in my seat, allowing my erection a little room in my jeans. Stroking Claire’s forehead, Tricia slowly began to unbutton her friend’s shirt, bending her neck to kiss down the line the buttons originally covered, finally pulling the material back to reveal Claire’s bra covered breasts. Tricia eased the shirt off her shoulders, and Claire sat slightly up to let Trish pull the garment from underneath her. “You have the most fantastic tits, babe,” I heard Tricia say quietly.

Claire smiled, and reached up to pull at Tricia’s shirt buttons. “It’s not a fair comparison when we can’t see yours,” she said, as Trish shrugged her top off. I leaned forward – it was a tough call. I loved Tricia round, full tits, but Claire’s, a little smaller, seemed to stand perkily forward, asking to be touched. Tricia reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, and Claire did the same. Both girls smiled as, at the same time, they pulled their bras over their arms, and discarded them on the floor. Once more, Tricia sank back down towards her friend, and their lips met. The sight of those gorgeous tits squashed together made me shift uncomfortably in my seat once more, my erection becoming more and more insistent.

Tricia’s arm had snaked down Claire’s side, and had made its way to her stomach. I saw her fingertips disappear below the waistband of Claire’s jeans, teasingly, before she deftly undid the top button. Claire threw her head back, and Tricia bent to kiss her exposed neck, leaving me with a glorious view of Claire’s chest, large nipples standing proud and erect as Tricia moved her mouth down towards them. She cupped Claire’s right breast gently, as if deciding what to do, and, making up her mind, bent forward to kiss around the aureole, finally placing the tip of her tongue on the nipple and lapping lightly at it. Claire let out a low groan, and Tricia, sensing her need, pushed her head down and took the nipple fully into her mouth, sucking so deeply I could see her cheeks dimple. “Yeah, yeah,” Claire was gasping for breath as Tricia moved over to the other breast, giving the same gentle then rough treatment.

Tricia edged further down the bed, laying her head on her friends stomach and, for the first time since I sat down, looking straight at me. Kissing Claire’s soft belly, she pulled at the other three buttons of her jeans and slid her fingers under her black knickers, causing Claire to give an involuntary gasp. It was wonderful to watch Tricia’s smiling face as she pushed Claire’s jeans down a little, helped by Claire raising her hips and kicking her lower legs. Facing me again, Tricia ran her tongue lightly across Claire’s waist and over her hipbone, kneeling up triumphantly as the jeans finally hit the floor. I looked admiringly at Claire’s long, shapely legs, which Tricia was stroking gently with the back of her hand now. Should I stand? I wanted to take Tricia’s skirt off, but she seemed to have everything under control. I decided to stay where I was for a little longer.

Tricia’s maltepe escort head was around Claire’s knee level now, and she suddenly swung her right leg over Claire’s body, kneeling up over her with her back to Claire’s face. I couldn’t really see Claire’s hands from where I was sitting, but I guessed from the expression on Tricia’s face that they were under her skirt, stroking her legs, or maybe even higher. She bent forward and kissed Claire’s thighs once more, and then pushed her hand firmly into Claire’s knickers, pulling them down enough to expose the bush of light brown hair. I could see Tricia’s fingers moving underneath the material, rubbing gently around Claire’s mound, a smile of concentration on Tricia’s face.

Claire’s hands were outside Tricia’s skirt now, trying to locate the zipper. Trish helped her, pulling the zip down, and, not wanting to move from where she was, she pulled the skirt up and over her torso. I was a little taken aback to see that she didn’t have any knickers on – perhaps that was why she’d been smiling before, when Claire had first put her hands inside her skirt it would have surprised her too. Tricia moved her arse a little further back, Claire placing her hands on Tricia’s hips to pull her towards her face. “Joe, I think I need help taking the rest of Claire’s clothes off,” Tricia said, pointing me towards Claire’s spread legs and making my mind up for me.

I stood up, adjusting my hard cock as I stepped towards the bed. I ran my hands from Claire’s ankles up to the tops of her thighs, and then up towards Tricia’s bent knees, thighs, stomach, tits. She had her hands on top of her head, tits thrust forward as Claire stroked and kissed her arse, and she looked more beautiful to me than ever. I kissed her lips gently, and she pulled my head to her, hungrily kissing back. We broke off, and I ran my hands over her neck, down across her chest, pinching her nipples lightly as I trailed lower. My hand slid across her belly and towards her triangle of brown hair, quickly finding her slippery slit and giving it a slow, teasing stroke. She groaned, and pushed my hand away. “Claire’s still got clothes on.” I smiled at her, and knelt on the floor beside the bed. My hands slowly made their way across Claire’s stomach, and she raised her hips, wanting to be as naked at Tricia. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her knickers, and slowly slid them down her legs. Bending forward, I kissed the inside of her calves, and her legs spread wide apart to welcome the touch. I looked up, partly to check that Tricia was okay with me fondling another girl – we’d talked about this but neither of us had done it before, and I wanted that reassurance. She was kneeling up, and I could see her pink cunt lips between her legs, and behind that, Claire’s tongue probing her arsehole. She was about as okay with this as it gets, I thought, and went back to kissing my way up Claire’s legs.

I edged my way slowly up, past her knees, nibbling lightly on her inner thighs, ever closer to her cunt lips, finally running my tongue over her hairy pussy and feeling her shudder as I touched her clitoris. She tasted beautiful, sweet and intoxicating, the same as Tricia but subtly different. I pushed my tongue into her cunt, slowly circling it, taking it all in. There was a gasp of breath, I’m not sure who from, and I looked up to see Tricia’s cunt lips over Claire’s mouth now, her tongue probing my girlfriends snatch in the same way that I was doing to hers. Tricia bent forward, pushing my head out of the way and pushing hers between Claire’s legs. “Now you’ve got too many clothes on,” she said, fingers opening Claire’s lips. I took that as indication that I should get undressed too, and it didn’t take me long to tear my jeans and t-shirt off and stand before the bed, my hard cock straining to join the action.

Tricia lifted her head from Claire’s cunt, and beckoned me to her. Grasping my cock in her hand, she licked the tip devilishly, and sucked the head into her mouth quickly, once, twice. Still holding it firmly, she encouraged me to come to the bottom of the bed – I knelt between Claire’s spread legs as Tricia pulled me forwards. Claire squeezed her legs against my knees, knowing what was about to happen, and I rubbed my cock slowly over her wet cunt, teasing us all. “I want to see you fuck her,” Tricia whispered, easing herself away from Claire’s mouth and keeping her eyes on my cock.

I slowly pushed the tip into Claire, feeling her cunt tighten around me, and pulled out again. Once more, I rubbed myself around her clitoris, feeling as well as hearing her moan of pleasure, and this time I pushed my cock far deeper into her wet hole. Her whole body bucked up and down, and I stopped for a couple of seconds before pulling out an inch and thrusting forward two. Slowly I eased my full length into her, and grasped her hips to my thighs as I knelt before her, holding us in that position for a few seconds. Tricia was at Claire’s side kartal escort now, she’d been stroking her friend’s face, hair and tits whilst I slid into her, and now she bent to suckle on her hard nipple, and reached a hand out to rub Claire’s exposed clitoris. I started a slow thrust in and out, loving the sensation of feeling Tricia’s hand touch my cock as she rubbed Claire, who for her part was thrusting back at me as much as her position would allow, panting heavily as she neared her orgasm.

“Oh, oh, yes, I’m coming, coming,” she cried, and her thrusts back at me suddenly ceased as her hips collapsed down. I was pulled down towards her, aware that I wasn’t too far away from coming too, but not wanting to just yet. I bent forward and kissed Claire’s stomach, giving a final thrust into her before pulling my cock out, her juices on it glistening in the candlelight. “Oh yeah, that was amazing!” Claire gasped, getting her breath back.

Tricia moved forwards towards me now, and reached out for my cock once more. She slid her hand up and down it. “Ooh, it’s all slippery,” she said. “Do you want to taste it, Claire?”

She did. The two of them sat up, and encouraged me to lie on my back, which I was happy to do! Tricia slid her mouth down over the tip of my penis, and then off, and indicated that Claire should do the same. “Mmmn,” was all I could hear as Claire’s lips rubbed up and down my shaft. They swapped again, Claire kissing my mouth while my girlfriend sucked my cock.

“Ah, that’s so good, but you’re gonna make me come soon,” I gasped, loving this attention.

“That’s good, that’s good,” cooed Trish, swapping again and letting Claire suck me once more. “Come in Claire’s mouth, then I’m going to kiss it out of her.”

I loved the way that she could talk in such a manner in bed, it turned me on hugely. Claire sucked hungrily at me, and I felt that beautiful tingle in my balls as my spunk rushed out, the hot agony as it spurted from me, and the tight feeling around the head as Claire’s lips grasped me tightly in her efforts to contain my come. She managed, mostly, and finally lifted her lips from me, a dribble of sperm from the corner of her mouth. Claire almost growled as Tricia fell into her arms, and they kissed passionately, and I sat back, sighing contentedly, to watch the pair of them again. Tricia’s tongue was probing her friend’s mouth, tasting me, whilst her hands were roving between Claire’s thighs, locating her clitoris and sliding a finger into her cunt. But Claire wanted to be in charge now, she was aware that Tricia hadn’t come yet and seemed determined to put that right. She rolled away from Trish, and pushed my girlfriend onto her back, easing her body on top of her. The sight of their tits rubbing together made my cock twitch, and I had to tear my eyes away to look at Claire’s fantastic arse, rising into the air as she moved her head lower and started to suckle Tricia’s breasts. Moving lower still, I could see her hand slip between Tricia’s legs and I caught the look of pure ecstasy in my girlfriend’s eyes. Seconds later, she was biting her lip to stifle a cry of joy as Claire’s lips touched onto her clitoris. I stepped over towards her, and bent to kiss her lips and stroke her rock hard nipples, and she grabbed my neck, pulling her lips to mine and kissing me hard. I looked down at Claire’s head as she sucked Tricia’s cunt, and stroked her long hair, flicking it over Tricia’s stomach, feeling it tighten as her orgasm neared. Finally she broke away from my mouth, gasping for breath and bucking up and down. “Oh, oh!” she cried, eyes squeezed tightly shut over the intense feelings, and I bent to suck her nipple to increase the sensation further.

Claire lifted her head from between Tricia’s legs. “You taste good!” she said, smilingly, and moved up to kiss her friend lightly on the lips.

Tricia held Claire’s face in her hands. “Thank you,” she said, eyes shining almost tearfully, “that was amazing – I don’t think I’ve ever come so much!” I reached round and held Claire so the three of us were all tightly pressed together, and then slowly released us, so we fell apart.

There was a brief moment of silence, which I broke. “So does anyone fancy a glass of that wine now, then?”

“God yes!” said Tricia, as we all laughed, and I stood up and poured three glasses full, handing them to the girls as they sat upright on the bed. I had imagined the moments after a threesome, and thought that there was bound to be a certain amount of awkwardness, but there didn’t seem to be – Tricia and Claire weren’t at all self conscious as they sat naked together, and the look in their eyes suggested that they’d both thought the whole experience wonderful. I certainly had!

Claire put her glass down on the floor, and said she was going to the toilet, and as she left the room Tricia took my glass from my hand and put it, and hers, on the floor too. “So,” she said, “was that the sort of thing you fantasised about then?”

“Yeah, that was amazing,” I replied. “I loved watching you get so into it, it was so cool to watch your face as you came, and you know how much I love touching you, your body is so soft, and it was like, double that feeling with Claire’s body too, you know?”

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