M.I.L.F. vs Stud Ch. 05

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Call it Mother’s Intuition, I guess. I decided to come home one night early. I talked to Katye and Kyle nearly each night by phone, and I could tell that they weren’t telling me something. There was just something in the tone of their voices.

So, I didn’t tell them, but I rented a car and had Derrick drive through the night to get us home Sunday morning at about five AM. Actually, we drove to the airport where I picked up my car, and came home from there.

The house was quiet, but there were obvious signs of a party. Beer cans and a few empty liquor bottles strewn around the house. I was glad to see there was no one passed out anywhere, but still, I was pissed off.

I made sure Derrick and I left no signs of our early arrival, save for the car in the garage. We went straight to my bedroom, where we took a little nap. I let Derrick continue to sleep while I went out to the patio off my bedroom to think things over. It happens to overlook the pool and deck area, but is still secluded by shrubbery and an assortment of small trees.

The pool looked fine. I didn’t see any bodies floating in the water…you never know. Well, I had a newspaper to read, and I had grabbed some fruit from the kitchen before retiring to my room, so I ate that.

At some point, I dozed off. I was jolted awake by a girl yelling, “Hey K, the little bitch is out here.” It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through the mind in a split second. Before I had even opened my eyes, I was sure that she was referring to me, and I was quite offended, ready to go at it with her. I opened my eyes to see this tall, very fit black girl, wearing only a pair of skimpy boyshorts, lifting a blanket off the futon less than 30 feet in front of me, revealing a slumbering boy hidden beneath, sprawled out, also completely naked, and yes, sporting quite a morning erection. One second, I was relieved that she wasn’t referring to me, then the next I was back to being shocked when I recognized the boy on the futon as my son. I was close enough that I could see that his shaft was a very deep shade of purple and very large. He had a cock ring tight around the base of his shaft, and must have had it on all night.

The girl held his shaft and seemed to stare at it for a second, and that’s when I noticed something metallic at the head of his cock. She reached down with her other hand and pulled at the metallic head to reveal a stem that was inserted inside Kyle’s penis! She fucked his penis with it a few times before re-seating it fully into his shaft with only the head displayed.

It was a cock plug. I recognized it because I bought one for Derrick off of Stockroom.com. I shared this site with Katye and showed her the items I had purchased when they arrived.

I checked later in the day to see if she had taken some of Derrick’s ‘toys’ to use on Kyle, but they were all still there. She must have bought that thing on her own.

The other item I noticed was the sizable ball stretcher he had locked around his testicles. It was large, and it kept his balls good and tight, but he seemed to handle it okay.

Kyle was stirring, but not quickly enough for the girl, so she gave his bound balls a good slap. That immediately brought him back to life. He sprung up out of reflex, and that’s when I noticed the black collar around his neck. The girl latched a finger onto the ring at his throat and pulled him up from the futon.

Could they have done anything else to him? My god!

Kyle stumbled forward, still in tow, wiping the sleep from his eyes. I only had a partial view of his penis as his back was towards me, but it seemed to be bouncing all around, unable to remain upright because of the tight ring at its base.

My best view of him was of his backside. Admittedly, he has a nice muscular ass. Just before they became blocked from my view by the corner of my bedroom, this girl landed a nice smack to his left butt cheek. I heard an “Ahhh!,” and “a little faster. That’s better,” before they entered the kitchen.

The whole time, I don’t think I moved a muscle. I didn’t know what to do. My mind was racing. Part of me wanted to run back into my bedroom and try to erase my memory, another part wanted to run out there and kick that girl’s ass for treating my boy like that, and yet another part wanted to just sit there, too petrified to move. It took me a few minutes, but I did finally get up and scurry back into my bedroom, making sure to take all of my things with me.

I wanted so badly to creep down the hallway to listen to their conversation, but there’s a point in the floor where it creaks, and I couldn’t take the chance of blowing my cover. I could, however, watch from my bedroom window. I rustled Derrick from the bed and had him come watch with me. Not even his morning erection would distract me from what my kids were up to. We couldn’t see into the kitchen from my window, but we could see the patio quiet well. We waited for nearly 10 minutes until the black girl came out, this time bostancı escort fully dressed with a top, but still in the boyshorts and flip-flops, and said “…all right. See ya later,” and left through the back.

A few minutes later, Kyle came back outside, his cock had wilted some. Now it was curving downward, but still full. I found myself fighting the thoughts that I was feeling as I saw him. I felt my pulse race when I saw his manhood again, and for the first time, I got a good look at his balls which hung freely between his legs. They had removed the stretcher. From the length of his ballsac, I’d say the stretcher had done a good job.

Kyle began to fill a trash bag with the cans, bottles, and plates that were left out after the party, when Katye finally made her appearance. She had come out to help Kyle clean up. She came out in her bikini, which is more than Kyle was wearing. They seemed to be focused on the job at hand when Katye sneaked up from behind and wrapped her arms around Kyle and began assaulting his cock.

They were again facing me, nearly in front of my window. I froze and could only hope that neither one would look up and see me staring. It occurred to me then what she was doing. I had shown her earlier in the week that a boy could cum without being hard. A cock in the rubbery state, long but soft, can easily be stroked and squeezed like an utter to produce boy’s milk. I demonstrated that for her last month with Derrick as the test case. He didn’t realize he could have his ‘boy milk’ taken from him so easily. I think he was a little humiliated by that, but Katye was enthralled.

So I think what I was witnessing was her own attempt on Kyle. His cock was in the perfect condition for this milking treatment, long but soft. He didn’t last more than a thirty seconds. I could tell that he was more surprised by what he felt, and knew was about to happen than Katye was. I could hear his orgasm mounting within as he was powerless to fend his sister off.

Katye let go, and bounced around to the side to watch him fight with futility against his rising orgasm. His cock was still pointing downward when his semen streamed out the end. His cock bounced a few times as more of his cum slowly streamed out.

Amazingly, he fought the urge to stroke himself to a more fulfilling orgasm. The anguish on his face told me that his orgasm was flowing through his body, demanding that his cock receive more attention before it left him completely. I can only assume that Katye was warning him not to touch himself, which he didn’t. They both, well, actually, all four of us (Derrick was present) watched as Kyle’s cum pooled between his feet right in front of us.

I heard Katye exclaim, “YES! Told ya I could make you cum without being hard! Ha! Clean it up, little brother.”

To be honest, I was so proud of my daughter. I was proud that she took the initiative to try the experiment, and I was also proud that Kyle didn’t take his penis in hand to finish himself off for a more robust orgasm. I can only guess that Katye taught him this discipline. That said, I was shocked by my own reaction. I should have been horrified and gone out to stop it, but I didn’t it. At that moment, I was simply a voyeur.

Kyle was well drained, but not fulfilled. His cock remained full, but his balls hung low, as if empty.

Then it occurred to me that I should take this opportunity to have Derrick go move the car while they were both outside. As soon as they took the trash out to the garage, they would see the car, and realize I was home. But if Derrick were fast enough, he could get the car out without them hearing him, as long as they remained outside by the pool. I told him to just throw on his shorts and go. I’d call him later when it was safe to return. For a moment, I thought I should join him, but I was too intrigued. I had to watch these two.

Then I started feeling guilty for coming back early and spying on my grown children. I didn’t know if I should wait in hiding the entire day until they hopefully left, or if I should walk out like I had just woken up and didn’t see a thing, or maybe I should confront them both and demand an explanation. Before the sex incident, I was prepared to confront them and demand an explanation. Now however, it was I who felt as though I had invaded their privacy in a conniving manner.

And the other thought was what if they came into my bedroom for whatever reason? I hurriedly made the bed and put our suitcases in my closet, sure that they wouldn’t find them there.

Derrick made a clean escape, as Katye and Kyle both remained outside to clean up the pool area. Kyle remained naked, and I don’t think that he even asked to put something on. I could see that they were talking, but it was very difficult for me to hear anything. I had left the patio door open, but they weren’t anywhere near it. At some point, I am pretty sure that Kyle complained about the ring at the base büyükçekmece escort of his shaft, because I saw him move it around a little. Katye came over and seemed to grant him permission to remove it. He took it off with great care and obvious relief.

They did a good job of cleaning the outside, and moved inside to clean. I was actually disappointed to see them leave. I was enjoying the show. I was a little less apprehensive about watching them by this point, but still concerned with how to proceed. I sat quietly in my room, a prisoner in my own house, intently listening for the alert from the creaky hallway floor. It never came.

I started thinking about where Katye got the cock toys. It took me a while, but I remembered that I had a box full of sex toys hidden away in the attic. I hadn’t looked for the box in years, and never considered using the toys on Derrick, as I wanted to start with new toys on him. I couldn’t check the attic at the moment, but I was willing to be the box would be empty. Then the question begged to be asked, ‘just when did she find the box?’ I never mentioned it to her. Did she just get it out after I left last week, or has she been in possession of these things for a lot longer? And that made me wonder, ‘if she had them for longer, how long has she been using them on Kyle, assuming he was the intended boy?’

After about thirty minutes, I became bored of watching a lifeless patio, and I was getting hungry. I called Derrick and had him pick me up one street over. After giving the room one last check, I quietly exited out my patio and around the back of the house. My biggest fear now was that a few neighbors might see me, but I think I made it out safely.

After devouring a chicken Caesar salad, Derrick and I made our appearance at the expected time. I really had no idea of what to expect, even from myself, when we walked into the house, but it certainly wasn’t what I got.

They had a surprise ‘welcome home’ party for us. I couldn’t have been more surprised. One party wasn’t enough, or was last night just a warm up for them?

We came in through the garage into the kitchen, and were met by Kyle who was preparing some drinks. There were hugs and kisses all around. Maize, and my other girlfriends were there (except for Heidi who was on vacation) in their usual places near the pool. I was a little surprised that Cynthia was there with her three kids, but there they were. (I must confess that in a previous post, I told you Cynthia had two kids. I didn’t mention the third because I never felt she would be involved in any scenario, but ironically, I have to mention her in my story now.) There were a whole group of girls there who I had never met before. As it turns out, they are friends of Katye’s, or friends of friends.

Things were too festive to try to address the unauthorized party of the previous night. I also didn’t sense that either Katye or Kyle had any idea that we had actually been home already. So, I just decided to enjoy the evening and see where things went.

My older friends and I moved inside where we could have some piece and quiet. We let the kids have the pool area to play around. I even let Derrick go play with them, as he had served me admirably over the previous week.

It was getting rather late; I was in the laundry room, which is near the kitchen, when Lori, Cynthia’s youngest, came scampering into kitchen, out of breath, and holding a dripping pair of boardshorts which just happened to belong to Kyle.

She handed them to me saying, “Here Aunt Tina,” still catching her breath but with a big smile on her face, “I’m supposed to hide these somewhere.”

I was very surprised, to say the least. “How did you get these?”

I could see that the girl saw this as a very fun game. “I pulled them off Kyle!” She said, looking back out towards the pool.

“You pulled them off Kyle?” I repeated, not believing my ears.

“Yeah, all the girls are dunking him, and they were trying to take his shorts off. I jumped in and started tickling him, and then when they had them down around his feet, I was the one who pulled them off. And he didn’t have anything on underneath. Laticia told me to go hide them,” she stated proudly, still with a smile from ear to ear.

She took a quick step back towards the door when I grabbed hold of her. “No, I don’t think you should be going back out there with a naked boy in the water.”

“Well, he has, they called it a ball stretcher on.”

“Oh my god, you saw that?”

“Yeah. It looks funny. I want to see it again.”

“Oh no you don’t. In fact,” I said bending down to her level, “how about we just keep this between you and me. Your mother really doesn’t need to know about that. Are your brother or sister out there too?”

“Yeah, they saw too.”

“Okay, well, I’ll talk to them, but let’s just keep this between us, all right?”

“Okay, but I want to go back out çağlayan escort and help dunk Kyle.”

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You did your job, now stay inside with us. I think your mother is ready to leave anyway.”

She was disappointed, but she followed my direction. I went out and found her siblings, Brandon and Jessica, who had already begun to dry off. I didn’t ask them what they saw, and I only caught a glimpse of the continuing horseplay in the pool. By this time, Kyle had extricated himself from the girls, but I couldn’t tell, and didn’t really want to know, if he were naked. I only asked the two kids that they keep this all quiet from their mother, as they would be unlikely to ever come over again after having been exposed to that scene. They both agreed, but I could see that their minds were working overtime, having never seen something like that before. I would have to do damage control with them at a later point in time.

After I walked my departing guests out the front, I immediately made a B-line to my room where I could spy on the pool scene undetected. To my surprise, most of Kyle’s and Katye’s friends had left. I saw them close the fence gate behind them, and I heard Derrick walking down the hall, which left only Katye, Kyle, and Laticia in the water, in very close proximity.

Laticia was nearly nose to nose with Kyle, her hands below water. She had an evil grin on her face. With a nod from Laticia towards the futon, Kyle jumped out of the water, and made his way there, with full erection, and yes, wearing a ball stretcher. I gasped.

He flopped himself down on his back as Laticia sauntered over to him, standing above him dripping onto his face. She seductively slipped her bikini bottoms down her smooth slender legs and let Kyle get a good look at what was coming his way. His cock throbbed.

Laticia said something to Katye just before straddling Kyle’s face, settling down with her pussy right over his hungry mouth. She began to slowly grind her pussy on Kyle’s lips, raising herself at times to let him lick her lips gently. She was facing me, but I was pretty sure she couldn’t see me, as the lights were off in my room. I stood, watching from my window, the same window as I had spied on them before.

She continued to grind, holding Kyle’s head in her hands, arching her back, feeling the orgasm build within her. I knew he was doing a good job when she gasped. I assume he was nibbling at her clit. In the meantime, Katye had taken up position behind Laticia, and I think was stroking Kyle’s cock. Laticia looked back at one point, saying something, I assume telling her not to let him cum. Katye then repositioned herself, placing Kyle’s left leg over her shoulder and I believe, began fingering him. His body seemed to jolt at what I suppose what the intrusion. He relaxed a bit once he became used to it.

I’m really not sure how long this went on, but Laticia couldn’t hold the orgasm off any longer. I could see the muscles in her arms flex as she squeezed Kyle’s head up to her pussy. She ground her pussy into his face harder than I have ever seen before, and tried hard to subdue her cries of pleasure.

Once her orgasm finally swept through her, she kept her position on Kyle’s face, catching her breath. She raised up slightly to let him breathe, I think, and to let him lick her swollen wet lips once more.

My heart nearly stopped when she abruptly looked up, straight into my window, raising her pussy inches from Kyle’s face, smiling as the last of her juice trickled down into Kyle’s open mouth. I am sure she knew I was there. I’m just sure of it. She didn’t change her gaze at all, even as Kyle extended his tongue to tickle her lips.

I was frozen. I couldn’t move. Laticia stood, faced my direction again, as she pulled her bikini bottom on. I must say, she did have a wonderful ass. I can understand why any boy would want it in his face. Katye had taken a seat on the ground next to the futon, nearly ready to pass out, I’m sure.

Laticia turned, bent down to the resting boy on the futon and slapped his balls, causing him to come back to life, if only briefly. Again she turned in my direction and smiled and said something, but I couldn’t make it out.

There are some people, not many, who command respect and…fear. (Not sure fear is the right word.) I must confess that I was intimidated by her at that moment. I hadn’t met her before, and just from watching her early in the evening, there was something about her that demanded I respect her. I think it was the way she carried herself. Very confidently, I would say, especially given what little she was wearing.

This nearly six foot tall woman was not shy about strutting her stuff. She strutted around like a model would. And I must confess, she does have a wonderful body. She plays on the university basketball team. To play on that level, you would have to be very self-confident. I recall being that self-confident when I was in competing as a body builder.

I can absolutely see that she has dominance over Kyle, and probably Katye, too. She had cum all over my boy’s face, left him hard as a rock, and made sure that I knew. At nearly six foot in height, I’m sure Kyle, several years younger and at 5’10, feels like she towers over him and is dominant to him, even though he is a well-toned boy.

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