Luke and Amy Ch. 04

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“Amy, can you turn that thing off, please,” Luke mumbled in his sleepy haze.

He stretched his arm over, expecting to touch her naked flesh. Instead, he felt soft pink sheets.

Luke blinked his heavy eyes open and sat up on one elbow. He reached over and turned off the alarm clock.

As his eyes started clearing, he noticed a small white sheet of paper on her pillow. He picked it up, and then rested his head down on her pillow. He breathed in her scent from her pillow as he read the bright pink words written in his sister’s flowing handwriting.

“I wanted to make you breakfast in bed, but Mom and Dad might find that odd. You’ll have to settle for breakfast at the table. I hope you don’t mind. See you soon.” The letter was signed with a heart.

Luke smiled as his loving sister filled him with warmth.

He folded the note and peeled himself out of the bed. He stepped around the air mattress on the floor, and then stuffed the note deep into one of his suitcases while finding clean garments.

He went to shower, and it was still damp from Amy’s turn earlier in the morning. It still smelled like her gentle soap and sweet shampoo. He cleansed himself of the sex they shared the night before. He hated to lose her scent, but there was always more.

He hopped out of the shower and roughly towel dried his hair. He considered shaving the growing scruff on his face. It was filling in as a beard better than he thought it would. After running a hand through its coarse texture, he decided to leave it for another day.

Luke returned to Amy’s room. A beckoning smell had filtered upstairs. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs.

“Bacon,” Luke chuckled with an exhale. His stomach rumbled for nourishment.

After he slipped into a pair of red sweat pants and a dark blue t-shirt, he headed downstairs.

The aroma grew even stronger. It mixed wonderfully with pancakes, eggs, and sausage.

Luke smiled as he saw his sister at the stove through the kitchen’s archway. He paused for a moment, just watching her cook in her pink PJ pants. White hearts covered the fabric and she matched it with a long sleeve pink t-shirt. There were visible lines of a sports bra underneath her shirt.

“Hey, Squirt,” Luke said as he approached her. “What’s for breakfast?”

Amy looked over at him, smiling wide. She pushed her glasses up her nose with the back of her hand.

“Just a little Sunday morning something,” she replied. Her blue eyes sparkled in the morning sun filtering in through the window over the sink.

Luke grinned and reached his hand around her. He snatched a cooling slice of bacon from a paper plate.

“Luke!” his sister playfully screeched. “Can’t you wait five more minutes?”

She swatted his arm with her spatula.

“Nope,” Luke said, and then took a bite of the crispy strip. He smiled as he chewed.

Amy rolled her eyes and exhaled in a sarcastic heavy sigh. Her brother even found her cute when she was playing the bratty, annoyed teenager role.

“Well, make yourself useful,” Amy said as she waved the spatula in the air, “grab some plates and silverware.”

He finished his snack, and then gathered the items to set the table.

Amy finished flipping the last pancake, and then made them glasses of orange juice.

Her brother helped bring all of the items to the cherry wood table. Their father was reading the “Chicago Sun-Times.” He had the full paper in front of him, except for the crossword page. Kathryn had already started filling out her answers with a ballpoint pen.

“Amy, this is wonderful,” her mother said as her children sat down for breakfast.

“Thank you,” Amy replied with a smile. She took a blueberry pancake and put it on her own plate. “I thought it would be a nice Sunday morning surprise for everyone.”

Luke built his plate with every item on the table.

Amy enjoyed cultivating her culinary skills. She regularly experimented with new recipes, and perfected the family’s favorite comfort foods.

Her brother remembered her always baking cookies and other delectable treats that satisfied a child’s sweet tooth. She was always helping her mother in the kitchen, eager to learn.

“I’m so glad you guys still read the paper,” Luke said, and then took a mouthful of sausage.

Phil chuckled, “People make fun of me all the time. I don’t like using technology to read. I feel like an idiot dragging my finger across the damned screen.”

Amy giggled, and then sipped her orange juice before speaking. “Dad, I agree. You did look pretty annoyed when you tried it that one time.”

“I like holding a newspaper in my hand. No one is going to steal the paper or a book from me,” he laughed with his family. “If they want it they can have it.”

“I think it’s sexy that you still read the paper,” Kathryn said, smiling at her husband across the table.

The siblings smiled. Their parents were always kissing when they were growing up and showing their affection for each other. They bostancı escort understood very well that they loved one another. They chewed their food, letting their parents have their moment.

“I think it’s sexy that you finish the crossword puzzle every day,” Phil said, returning the smile. “However, I know Amy helps you sometimes.”

“Not always. Mom does a lot of it on her own,” Amy complimented her mother.

“Thanks, Amy,” her mother said, and then sipped her coffee.

Everyone ate in silence for a few minutes.

“Did you guys have fun last night?” Phil asked, breaking the silence, and then looked at his children as he shoveled in another full fork.

Luke looked over at Amy. The image of her on her back, looking up at him with lust filled eyes begging him to touch her in front of his friend flashed through his mind. “Touch me lower, Luke,” his sister whispered in his head.

He saw her body writhing with the pleasure of her orgasm, her gasps for air, and her beckoning of him to cum for her.

Luke’s cock stirred beneath his boxers. He took a moment to silently praise himself for wearing sweatpants.

“Oh yes, a lot of fun. The bar we went to was really nice. Luke was happy because he got a special glass for his beer,” Amy’s tone was cheerful as she talked with her father. “I think Ethan and Chris missed Luke a lot more than we did,” she concluded.

She glanced over at her brother, and then back to her father.

“I bet they did,” Kathryn commented between bites.

Luke stayed quiet. He couldn’t help the lewd images that shuttered through his mind from the prior evening. The events played through his mind like a flip book.

He could taste the salt of her sweat on his tongue. He could hear her breaths changing tones. He heard Amy’s mouth moaning the nastiest words.

He heard her telling him she never wanted to be with anyone else.

“Thanks for letting us stay over at Ethan’s for a while. They had another two beers and played video games.” Amy paused to sip her juice. “Ethan and Luke seemed to be having a good time. I was reading articles on my phone the whole time.”

Luke forced himself to come out of the fog that consumed his mind. He stared at his plate, thinking about anything other than lurid thoughts. If he even looked at his sister, he would imagine the warmth of her body against him.

“Do you think you guys will go out again?” Kathryn asked, filling in a row of boxes with the letters “M-E-L.”

She looked to him once she had finished. “You need to see them more than once, Luke.”

“Yes, of course I will. They said they are always around, and just to let them know,” Luke said as calmly as he could. Then, he filled his mouth with syrup coated pancake-y goodness.

Amy ate quietly, cutting her pancakes into bites, and then running the piece through a squeeze worth of real maple syrup on the corner of her plate. She didn’t like her pancakes getting soggy.

“Just don’t make any plans for next weekend,” Kathryn said.

“What’s next weekend?” Luke asked, covering his chewing mouth.

Kathryn had already taken a bite of food.

Amy answered for her, “Wendy’s wedding.”

“Wendy?” Luke nearly choked on his food. He kept his mouth concealed. “As in our cousin?”

Amy nodded, causing her messy damp hair to dance on her shoulders. “Don’t you listen to anything I tell you when I call?”

Her brother finally swallowed.

“I do. But, a lot of the time it’s after midnight and I’ve just gotten back from the bar. It gets a bit hazy,” Luke said behind a teasing grin. “Also, weddings are boring.”

Amy had the urge to throw her napkin at him, but she just chuckled and sneered back.

“Well, now that you’re awake and sober this time. Yes, Wendy is getting married. If you can’t remember all the details that I’ve been telling you, about how it’s weird and mom thinks her fiancé is a bit of a nut case,” she paused to point at her brother with a brow raised, “then you really need to pay heed. I didn’t mention it just once.”

“Luke, you really do,” his mother added with a chuckle.

Amy gave her mom a nod for taking her side. They shared a smile.

Phil just shook his head, and passed over an article pertaining to the perfect color to wear at a spring wedding, ironically enough. He slightly cocked his head to the side, but didn’t make any further mention to it.

“I pay plenty of attention. Just sometimes, there’s too much information to absorb at once,” Luke defended himself. “We don’t all have brains like Squirt does.”

“Hey! I like my brain.” Amy wailed cheerfully, pointing an egg filled fork at her brother. “And for someone who is bilingual, you sure are spotty.”

She paused for a measured sip of orange juice, straightened her posture, and said, “Maybe you’re just jealous.”

Luke loved the glitter in her eyes. “I am, Amy. Want the honest truth?”

Amy nodded, and then held her fork aloft as she büyükçekmece escort listened.

“You can do absolutely anything you want,” her brother said, trying to not let his voice sound too loving. “Anything. You’re so lucky. I know you work hard, but seriously. With your worth ethic, on top of your gifts,” he finished with a shrug, “there is nothing you can’t do. I’m just going to school and teach English in Germany.”

Amy’s heart melted. She looked over to her mom who was smiling softly. She turned her eyes back to her brother.

“That isn’t a bad thing to do. You like it. That’s what matters.” She smiled to Luke, and then looked down at her neatly cut pancakes.

She took a bite and chewed before looking back up to him. “Back to the point of the conversation, Wendy’s wedding is this Saturday. The guy is a bit of a well,” she looked over at her mom. “How would you describe him?”

Kathryn shook her head and blushed. “Don’t make me say it Amy,” she chuckled.

“Glue-sniffer,” Phil said from the other end of the table.

Both of the siblings laughed. Kathryn shook her head and stabbed at a sausage patty.

“Anyways,” their mother stressed the word. “The wedding is Saturday and it will be a perfect time for you to see all of your relatives.”

“Sounds good to me. It’s much better than driving all over and seeing everyone one at a time,” Luke said, and then gulped down the last of his orange juice.

The Davenports finished up their breakfast. Amy and her mother worked on the giant Sunday crossword. Luke and his father talked about the off season pick-ups for the Cubs, which was a bag of screws and a reduced burden on the catering table, according to Phil.

Luke went upstairs while Amy made a preemptive strike against the dirty dishes. He found his suit travel bag that Amy had hung up in her closet.

He tried not to think about his sister while he dressed himself, which was not an easy task, being in her room. The sheets were pulled back and rumpled up on the bed. He could see her fluids that had stained into her sheets from the last few nights.

It had only been three days and he felt a love for her that he knew that no one could ever duplicate. It tangled the web of the incestuous affair he and his sister had begun.

He knew he loved her. He wanted her as his and she wanted him. They always shared an unconditional love for the other and now it had grown deeper and more profound.

He buttoned up a black and white striped dress shirt, and then carefully tied his charcoal gray tie in a half windsor knot. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he remembered one of the days he promised Amy that he would always protect her.

They were both kids and attending a day camp summer program that kept them busy while their parents worked. They went to parks and swimming pools, sometimes field trips to the city’s renowned museums and Lake Michigan.

Amy had friends in her age groups, but during the large activities, she had to be at her brother’s side. She always felt safe when she was near him. He would often hold her hand when they were together.

They visited the Field Museum of Natural History, on a humid, late July day.

Amy loved studying and reading every single plaque at every single exhibit by the time she was seven-years-old. Luke would always try to pull her along but she refused to move until she had learned everything she could.

He didn’t mind taking time through the dinosaur exhibits. He would teach Amy even more that he knew about each species. The Brontosaurus was her favorite. She always told him that they seemed the most gentle. He was a fan of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus.

After a lunch in the cafeteria of peanut butter and honey sandwiches from their parents, the group continued through the museum.

They made their way into the maze of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Amy felt a little timid entering into the area. Luke still vividly remembered the stale smell of the exhibit, and the trapped feeling that the corridors provided.

His sister looked wide eyed at the mummies hidden behind the glass displays. The small artifacts like treasures and statues she handled with more composure.

Luke was quietly ripped away from her side by his friends because they wanted to “show him something really cool.” She was left looking at a display of mummification tools.

After his friends let him go, he had lost the way back to her in the maze of the white walls and glass panes shielding people from the exhibits.

When he got back to her, the area was dormant. He found her hiding in the corner of two glass panes. Both of them were opened coffins. She had her knees pulled up to her chest to hide her face.

Luke sat down on the floor next to her and asked her what happened.

From what she said, he gathered that while she was looking at the mummification artifacts, her brain went on overdrive. She was thinking about the process çağlayan escort of what they did and it bothered her to see what they used. She had seen a video in class about the steps, and it made her nauseous at the time.

When she looked for him, he was gone. She wandered through the floor a little bit and ended up where she was. Because she was already paranoid, she got an even bigger fright from seeing something move in the display.

She said that she knew it wasn’t real and that her mind was playing tricks on her. But, because he wasn’t there and she felt alone, she was scared. She didn’t want to keep walking for fear of getting lost.

Luke promised her he’d never let go of her hand again and told her that he would always be there to protect her from anything, even mummies that have been dead for several millennia.

He smiled to himself about those memories, and then slipped on a dark gray, almost black suit jacket that matched his slacks.

Amy knocked on the door and nudged it open. “Hey, are you done getting dressed in there?” she asked.

Her parents were still in the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Luke hollered back.

Amy slipped into the room and smiled after seeing her brother dressed in a suit for the first time since he went to his senior prom. His date’s dress was orange. Orange was not a good color on him.

She smiled wide and whispered, “Goodness brother, you clean up nicely,” as she sashayed by him in her pajama bottoms on the way to the restroom. Her hand dragged down his tie and pulled on it just a touch.

Luke grinned, trying not to think about pushing her over the counter as she plugged in her hair straightener. He sat down on her bed and slipped a pair of shiny black dress shoes on. He quickly tied the thin laces.

Amy returned from the restroom and he hopped up so she could make her bed. She dropped little kisses on his lips every time she passed him. The kisses continued as she walked back and forth, collecting her clothes and laying them out on her bed.

“Alright, it’s time for you to shoo so it doesn’t look like we’ve seen each other naked,” Amy whispered, pecking his lips and pushing him towards the door.

Luke headed down the stairs and to the front room. His parents had gone to get ready. He played fetch with Penny and her favorite ball, lightly tossing it across the room. His thoughts wandered on to the weeks ahead, curious as to what he and his sister were in for.

He thought for a few moments about what he and his sister really would be if this wasn’t just a fling for a month. He didn’t think it was, not by the words they have shared.

Luke smiled to himself, thinking about the daily midnight phone calls he would receive. He didn’t want her to be sad because she missed him, but at the same time, it filled him with a calming sense of quiet warmth to know how loved he was.

His father came out of the bedroom and interrupted his daydreams.

“I swear I can’t keep up with your mother’s schedule. Don’t ever feel bad about forgetting a thing or two when you get married,” Phil said, as he sat down in his recliner. He was dressed in his Sunday best. His shaved head glistened in the natural lighting.

Luke chuckled, carefully picking up the slobbery tennis ball. “What did you forget, Dad?” he asked as he tossed it, entertaining the yellow lab.

“Nothing really. She just knows all of the events that are happening. For instance, we are going to dinner with Shelly and Frank after Amy’s recital,” his father said. “She keeps the schedules and I just go where she tells me to, it seems. That’s what it feels like at least.”

“So you’re saying that Mom keeps your social life busy and it’s kept in a nice calendar for you,” Luke chuckled.

“That’s pretty much how it is, son,” Phil said with a smile.

His mother emerged from her bedroom a few minutes later. She had her blonde hair pulled back into a low ponytail that was held by a barrette. Her children had the same bright eyes that she did.

Kathryn was a graceful woman. It was one of the many qualities his dad always provided when he was asked why he fell in love with her.

Luke’s eyes turned to the stairs as he heard Amy’s door close. He loved watching her come down, admiring the curves of her body from afar and how she oozed sexuality in absolutely anything she wore.

Amy never wore clothes that were slutty by any means. The clothes didn’t make the woman. In Amy’s case, the woman made the clothes. Her parents would die if they saw her in revealing clothing. She never really thought about dressing more provocatively. She liked her girl-next-door style.

His sister was dressed in a plum purple dress that held her torso snugly and hung loosely at her mid-calf. Her bare shoulders were covered with a tight, black, cropped jacket that’s sole purpose was to cover her arms. Her cleavage was appropriately on display, it was impossible to hide entirely. Black pumps donned her feet over nude stockings.

Amy smiled to him, and then the rest of her family as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Is it okay if we take two separate cars?” she asked, and then handed Luke his overcoat. “I told Michael that I could stop by the music store and pick up something for him before the recital this afternoon.”

“Sure,” Phil said, and then rose from his seat with a grunt.

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