Lower Side Of Noon

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As I hear you coming towards the door, my panties are getting wet and my nipples are getting hard awaiting your arrival. I’m anticipating your presence with a heated desire because my visit is a complete surprise! As you walk through the door, you are very shocked to see me there. The view out your office window is spectacular. It’s just after high noon and the colors in the sky, the moment at hand was so erotic.

The papers you are carrying drop to the floor, as you slip your hand between my legs up to my wet crotch, and you follow with sweet kisses until you have a mouthful of my large tit. I chose not to wear a bra and my ivory mountains spring out of my shirt pink glowing nipples hard and aching to be sucked. You’re sucking and licking as you nibble at my hard nipples. My hand reaches your hard cock and you see me smile with a look of confidence.

As your strong arms move me to lay me back onto your desk, you part my thighs with both hands as you take in the splendor of my pink pussy. You part my lips with your tongue to taste my sweet illegal bahis juices, the harder and faster you suck and probe the more excited I become until, you feel the hot sticky juices of my cum, shoot into your mouth, burning like a shot of “CUERVO” as it begins to roll down the back of your throat. As quickly as we chilled, the range of desire is upon us again.

I’m running my fingernails down your chest taking in each inch of your gorgeous body, leaning down I flick your nipple ring between my teeth gently.

You grin that evil grin, pushing me back on down the desk. I pull you in leaning up slightly we kiss again, another long slow kiss; our tongues seeming to dance with one another. You pull my shirt up and off over the top of my head and let it fall to the floor…

You kiss your way down my body pausing to pounce on each of my nipples as your hands search out and begin to roll mine between your fingers… I reach down and slide 2 fingers into my wetness and run them across your lips…

You moan with pleasure and begin illegal bahis siteleri to scrape your teeth across my now very hard nipples…Then very slowly you kiss your way down my body making sure every inch of my skin is touched by your lips and tongue, at the same time I grip your cock in my hand and begin to stroke you…

Oh Low I want so bad for that beautiful cock of yours to fuck my tight ass…

You flip me over to my stomach and pull me up on my knees, and gently spread the cheeks of my ass to glide in the head of your granite like cock. You enter slowly waiting with anticipation like a schoolboy with his first erection. You get me to relax by kissing my neck and caressing my hard nipples as I’m gently rubbing my clit.

As you feel me relaxing, you sense the mood intensifying as you bury your rock hard cock deep into my ass, thrusting and pounding, so deep you can feel your balls slapping my wet pussy. At that moment we cum together screaming OHhhhh MY GOD! Your cock is so deep in my ass we both think you’ve struck canlı bahis siteleri oil as hard as you drilled your cock inside me.

Just as eagerly as you began the first time you are ready for more?

What do you want to give me now?

Pumping my ass hard and fast as my hand goes to work on my clit once again you slipped two fingers into my wet pussy and I moan with the pleasure of having two of my holes filled at once.

Mmmmmm yes she’s so wet purring as you stroke me, I stroke her. Grabbing my hips and pulling my ass hard against you, your balls slamming against my pussy and you scream that you’re going to cum….

YESsssss give me your hot load stroking my clit faster waiting to cum with you in waves of ecstasy.

Mmmmmm, You shiver then explode shooting load after load of your hot seed deep into me, simultaneously I drench my hand as I squirt.

You hear me scream OMGgggggggggggggg yessssssssssssssssss baby yesssssssssssssssssss

You lean in pulling me close running your fingers through my hair and kiss my ear.


Mmmmmm Low, you leave me breathless my dear.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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