Loving Lust

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He walked into the room quietly. She was already in bed wearing his over-sized T shirt. He stood over her in bed and smiled to himself. It was amazing how she could evoke so much lust and love in him all at the same time. Biting his lip he wanted her so badly that he ached. He climbed next to her in bed and grinned as he felt he himself growing hard from just thinking about what he wanted to do to her.

His hands explored her body gently as his lips traced butterfly kisses on her neck. She moaned softly in her sleep. He lifted the T-Shirt high enough so that he had access to her breasts; kneading them softly and pinching her nipples into little peaks. Another soft moan escaped from her lips.

He replaced his fingers with his lips. His tongue dancing circles on the undersides of her breasts. Tasting her and sucking softly at first, then harder and harder. His hand slipped into her panties to explore. He slipped a finger into her when she was wet enough. Then, another. And another.

She moaned again, her eyes half opened. Her hands cupped the back of his neck and she tried to pull his head towards her nipple. She wanted to be bitten. To feel his stubble graze her and his teeth and tongue made her yearn to be touched more.

He trailed kisses from her breasts to her neck. Lingering where he knew she loved to be kissed. The smell of her hair filled his senses. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. Enjoying the scent of her.

He realized that he had stopped fingering her when he felt her hand move on top of his, lifting and pushing his fingers into her again.

‘Mmm… you’re such a naughty girl. You’re soaked already,’ he whispered quietly into her ear his breath hot on her.

‘Baby… I’m horny…’ she said turning pendik escort bayan to him to kiss him hard on the lips. Her clever fingers slowly unzipped him and gripped his member possessively. She sucked on his lower lip hard, then pushed her tongue into his mouth, thrusting it like she wanted to feel him thrusting into her, swallowing his groans as she jack hammered him into delirium.

His hands bunched into her hair, and pulled gently her back from his face. Her eyes were heavy and her lips were full. He pushed her onto her back.

‘I’m going to fuck you.’ He said simply.

He wanted her too badly to take off his clothes. He needed to feel himself buried inside her wetness and heat. Climbing on top of her, he spread her legs a little roughly. Pushing the tip of into her teasing her wet entrance.

He felt her hands on his ass, pulling him towards her.

‘Just fuck me,’ she moaned.

He grabbed her hands and her behind her. ‘Don’t tell me what to fucking do baby.’

He slipped into her a little more. Teasing her mercilessly. She wrapped her legs around his back and used them to pull him deeper into her. He pulled out of her before she could enjoy the fullness of his hard on.

‘Baby… baby… please… don’t make me beg…’ she whimpered.

He slammed himself into her. Enjoying how slippery and hot she was. She clamped her muscles, squeezing him hard. He filled her, fucking her hard. She raised her ass of the bed, meeting his thrusts.

‘Oh, fuck yea… fuck me baby…’ she moaned enjoying being taken hard and quickly.

‘Oh fuck… fuck…. Baby, don’t you dare stop… I’ll fucking kill you… I’m… unff… cummingg… I’m CUMMING…’ she screamed.

She didn’t have to tell maltepe escort him. He felt her muscles contract around him and her becoming even wetter than she already was. It was enough to make him lose control. Almost anyway. He lifted half her body off the bed so that his hands were on her hips and her lower torso in mid air.

‘Mmm… baby… fuck me deeper…. fuck me harder…’ she whispered.

He lifted her legs and rested it on his shoulder. He sucked on the soft of her calf and he continued taking her. He leaned forward so he could squeeze her breasts as he fucked her.

‘Oh God…. you’re so fucking tight baby… Squeeze me baby… show me how much you want me in you…’ he groaned aloud.

She obliged, loving that it felt like he was getting bigger and bigger and harder as he continue ploughing into her. Both their entire lower torso were soaked with her wetness.

He pushed on her side and began to spoon her. His lips, tongue and teeth busy on her neck. Slipping into her slowly and pulling out again. And again. Taking his time, enjoying her. Using her for his pleasure. He moved his fingers over her clitoris, rubbing it softly as he made love to her gently.

‘I love fucking you… I’m just gonna keep fucking you slowly…. your body was made for me to fuck like this,’ he whisper between nibbling on her ear.

‘I’m close…. almost there… take me harder baby… I can take it… push yourself up me so hard that I scream…’ she said moving her hands backwards to feel for his back.

‘I don’t want to cum yet baby…. I just want to keep making love to you like this forever…’

He bit down on her neck sucking hard and rubbed her faster. Then he felt himself pushed hard onto his back.

‘If kartal escort you won’t fuck me… I’ll fuck you…’ she said, straddling him. Grinding hard into him.

‘Oh fuck baby…’ he groaned.

She lifted her self up and let gravity impale her on his hardness. She felt him push upwards to meet her.

Angry now she leaned forward and bit hard on his nipple, making him gasp in pain.

‘I told you. I’m fucking you. Not the other way round. Stay still while I fuck your brains out,’ she growled at him. Then she started fucking him. Hard. Driving him insane with ecstasy. She leaned on her hands, grinding herself into him.

‘Oh God…’ he said, biting on his lip. ‘I’m gonna cum baby… I’m gonna explode…’

‘Don’t you dare fucking cum before I do…’ she hissed… grinding on him harder and harder. Her hands holding the bed post for support so she could take him harder. He groaned in pleasure, and frustration…. desperately need to cum. He bit into his lip harder, and felt something salty slip onto his tongue. Blood.

‘I’m close…. unfff… so close…. Oh! Oh fuck!’ she said fucking him so hard he knew he would have bruises later. She leaned forward to kiss him hard. Moaning into his mouth. All the time never stopping to slip him in and out of her with a steady but furious pace.

‘Baby… cum with me… cum with me now….’ she trailed her fingernails down his chest hard.

He groaned like a man possessed. Gripping her hands hard, he exploded inside her. The sensation of hot jets of his cum filling her; burning at her insides triggered her climax and she screamed in pleasure.

Covered in sweat and smelling of the sweet scent of sex, they lay in bed a while touching and kissing.

‘I love you baby.’ he said, kissing her.

‘I love you too baby.’ she smiled and rested her head on his chest listening to his heart beat.

Casually pinching his nipple. She whispered again, ‘Baby… I’m horny…’

He smiled. So this was loving lust.

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