Loving Honey

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Sex just keeps getting better. That is not to say that it isn’t true what they say about old age not being for sissies, it just means that along with all the aches, pains and blown joints, there are compensations for those who keep working on their relationships. On personal terms, I mean the sexual relationship between my wife, Honey, and me. I can honestly say that every year, I have enjoyed sex with my sweet companion more.

This is not something that happened accidentally. It is something that we have both worked at. There have been bumps in the road and rough patches aplenty, but through it all, we have communicated and through communication, we have resolved our conflicts and problems, and emerged committed more deeply and in more meaningful ways.

If you are just beginning your trip toward eternity, be aware that change is the one great constant–a delightful paradox, if you will. Everything around you is in flux and as a result, you must ever be ready to change your ways, to adjust to the ever-changing realities around you, for example, children. Enough said.

Don’t worry, I’m not going there, and I’m neither am I going to gross you out by describing our sagging flesh and bulging rolls of fat. The truth of the matter is that the ego that looks out through my eyes– the same ego and libido that is behind the controls when I close my eyes during sexual intercourse–is the same me as forty-five years ago when I first sampled the joys of sex, but much more skillful.

Intercourse! There’s an interesting word. When I was younger the word had a loaded overtone, even without the prefix, sexual, appended to it. It was one of those taboo words that were frowned upon in polite society. How things have changed! It was much later that I realized that ‘intercourse’ is a great word to describe the defining quality of sex. It correctly identifies give and take (as in conversation), between two or more persons as the key quality of coition. So even without the specific application of coitus, it is already a word that tells you what is the most important quality to be promoted when exchanging sexual favors. And as with conversation, the equation between giving and taking is implicit. Only by giving can you take. If you’re clear on that point, then you’re on the way to being a good cocksman or cuntlady.

If you are young, you might not believe that. The ardor of youth is easily satisfied. Young men think nothing of slaking their lust without consideration of their partners’ needs. But that is only marginally better than masturbation. As delicious as it is, something much better awaits those who can imagine an even better experience, hard as it may be to believe.

So cut to the chase. No, not yet. There is still one important point to make. For the best experience that sex has to offer, youth may actually be a disqualifying condition. It will remain to the young reader to prove me wrong, to take my insight and prove that a young man can reach the same heights.

Imagine, young man, that you are lying in bed, as I was this afternoon, with the sun streaming in through the window. The room is warm. I am lying on top of the bedding inhaling cognac fumes as the alcoholic spirits evaporate off my tongue. Honey lies beside me rubbing my feet and I am reciprocating, waiting for the rush of a pipe-full of marijuana to do its magic. Occasionally she runs a hand up my leg toward my groin. Once or twice I lift one of her legs for a peak at her pussy. A CD sets the mood—classical for us, but that’s a matter of taste.

Slowly my penis is becoming turgid. This is quite different from the way it was even ten years ago when my penis stood erect from the moment I entered a room where she awaited me, coming in from the bath. Now it takes a while for my cock to awake. That’s okay because this is quality time. Why be in a hurry to get it over with? This is a time when we can concentrate on sharing what we’re thinking about at a deeper level than everyday talk.

It’s also a time for back scratching, massage, foot rubs, and for me, having the hair on my stomach and balls lightly stroked by warm hands. It’s not quite yet time for muff diving or tit chewing, though that time is near. It’s time to allow the world to recede leaving us together in a bubble apart from the world. The ringer on the phone is tuned off, the doors are locked, the children are grown up and away from home. We are our only distractions.

Before beginning oral activity, I like to sniff the wonderful odor of Honey’s cunt. This is like shifting from third to second going into a curve and then accelerating into the straight stretch. It causes a change in attitude. The atmosphere in the bubble becomes purposeful. I might, in the process, stroke her labia and clitoris lightly with my nose–just enough to take her with me as I accelerate. Then I crawl my way up, biding awhile with my tongue at her navel and breasts along the way. My cock is like a bologna, tapered at both ends but still hanging down. Later ataşehir escort it will become rigid like an iron bar but now is hangs down and swings back and forth with my balls to brush against honey’s legs and stomach depending upon where I am on her.

Our noses meet and I explore her face with mine before our lips meet. Our mood today is languid, for the while, so I kiss her sweetly and explore her mouth with my tongue with my lips just barely brushing hers; licking her lips, her teeth, twirling around her tongue. Somewhere along the way my cock ceases to brush against Honey; it has reached readiness and now is angled up. It is hard and rigid but it will get harder and more rigid.

While kissing her with more passion, I take my place kneeling between her legs and lift her heels into the air, so I can crawl forward and lay the bottom of my cock in the groove that bridges the gap between her mons venerus and anus. I push my cock down into the groove and I wiggle my hips back and forth and then back up and look at the strands of precum tying my cock to her clitoris.

Holding her legs like this, I can see her open vagina clearly and the moistness that is beginning to flow shines in the sunlight. Where all the plains of her limbs come together the moistness looks like cream with little curds and my mouth begins to water with anticipation. Yes, I can see that she is well along the way to being ready to proceed. But there is no hurry. I take a couple of small steps backward with my knees and bend down for just a taste.

“You taste exceptionally good, today, Honey.”

“She’s feels quite ready.”

“Yes, she is ready. But I’m not.”

“Oh. Would you like me to see how you taste?”


I roll over onto my back. Honey takes up position between my legs and takes my sex into her hands, as if weighing a fish at the seafood counter. Then she commences brushing my crotch with her hair, which is short enough to be electric in its effect. I can’t help but to arch my back in an attempt to expose the bottom of my balls and she gives them a couple of brushes, but quickly moves on up the bottom of my cock toward the bulb at the end–the glans penis–the bottom of which is the most sensitive point of my apparatus. I am trying to push against her by thrusting my hips toward her, but she is teasing me and the more I push myself forward, the more she backs off, leaving me both delighted and frustrated. I cannot keep it up and after a couple of shivers, I settle down into the bed. If she’s going to tease me, I’m going to make her come to me.

Now that I’ve surrendered, Honey allows me to win. Resting her forehead on my stomach she begins to lick the head of my cock. My butt muscles clench involuntarily and again my hips thrust up, but her head keeps me from pushing into her mouth with my cock. She takes pity, though and begins to fuck my cock with her mouth and I can’t help opening my eyes to watch my cock disappear between her lips, only to reappear glistening with precum and spit.

The most devastating thing she does with oral sex is licking the length of my urethra from my balls to the glans penis, especially in the little ‘V’ where the glans meets the shaft of my cock.

At this point, I wish to digress a moment. One of the things we’ve had to work through lately is the effect of age on my libido. Part of the solution has been testosterone shots but more important has been coming to an understanding that age has turned the tables on us. It used to be that I had to work hard to arouse Honey to the point where she would get the most out of sex, and I had to find a way to contain my excitement. Now the situation is the exact opposite.

My cock has been hard enough to enter Honey for some time now, but beginning to fuck too soon would make for a lackluster experience for me because my cock would never appreciate the fucking like it does when I reach a higher level of arousal. By arousing me to a point of nearly ejaculating, Honey can start me from a plateau. It’s like taking off for space from a mountaintop. The joy of age is that once I reach this plateau of excitement, I can prolong it for an extended period. It’s like taking the exact moment when earlier I would have begun ejaculating and keeping that wonderful feeling for another hour or so.

Toward this end, Honey is tonguing the soft lip of my glans where the ‘V’ comes together–until, that is, I tell her it is time to stop. She climbs off me and I jump up and place a pillow on the side of the bed for her to sit on, legs draped over the edge. Standing before her, looming above her, I look down at my cock. Now it is not only hard and rigid, but also ardent with precum hanging down like a spider’s silk, with globules running down and disappearing out of sight. Holding my balls I offer my cock to her for a final suck before kneeling to worship at the temple of Venus. Her legs, the twin columns of her temple, frame my head as I bow before her.

Her sweet kadıköy escort bayan vagina looks so delicious, my mouth waters in anticipation. But first I run my nose up and down a couple of times just to let the odor permeate my nostrils. Honey’s legs are taking on a life of their own as she tries to press her sex upon my nose but it is my turn to tease her a little. What goes around comes around.

Clearly, I could enter Honey at any time now, but what’s the hurry. One thing I can’t do now that I could as a teenager is to come again, so before I come, I intend to make the most of it. Holding her nether lips apart with my fingers I begin to lick up from her anus to her clit with light strokes. She sighs with each pass. I pull the hood back from her clitoris and carefully suck it into my mouth. She holds her breath. I suck it in and out a couple of times. Then I move to another theater of operation. I begin to put pressure on her perineum, the tight flesh between the vagina and anus.

Moving right along, I begin to rim the circumference of her vagina, pushing my tongue in as far as it will go. Now it’s important to understand that all of this is done in symphony with Honey’s response. Like me, what delights one moment, palls in the next moment, and good pressure becomes too much pressure in an instant. But by paying attention, one can avoid these pitfalls. It’s like rolling a hoop with a stick. You have to pay attention to the stick and the hoop or it falls flat.

Except for sucking it into my mouth a couple of times, I have not devoted much attention to Honey’s clitoris up to this point. It has been my experience that if I try to excite her clitoris too soon, it has the opposite effect from what I want. It took me years to understand this. If you look at XXX videos, the porn stars tend to go right after it, but the actresses have been prepped before the filming begins, so you can’t judge reality from what you see in the movies. After you have come to know a woman well, you can begin to tell when a porno queen is really aroused and when she is acting. Watch the clitoris. If it is extended and pokes out from between its lips, she’s excited. If she is yelling and screaming, “oh, oh, oh, etc.,” but her clitoris is lying inside her lips, she’s faking it. Also look to see if her chest reddens and if her heels start to kick against the man’s legs.

Back to the cockpit. Honey’s pussy lips are swollen and her clit has begun to emerge. I carefully lick up one side of the clitoris and down the other side. I turn my head and flick it back and forth a little. I am being careful not to put too much pressure on the little man in the boat yet. Everything I read says the 11:00 o’clock spot it the hottest for most women. For Honey, the hottest spot is where the clitoris splits on either side of the urethra. But it takes great care to excite her orally because the urethra entrance is quite tender. Honey has to be almost out of her mind before she can take direct stimulation here. It always works better if we’ve been fucking for a while first.

Still, I can tease her clitoris, both at the entrance to the urethra and around the little man in the boat and when she finally comes, as she almost always does, that is my signal to proceed to the next step. Something else she loves is when I stick my tongue as far in her vagina as it will reach and then suck her clitoris into my mouth and purse my lips around it. I could bite it off if such a thought occurred to me—perish the thought.

All this cunt work is interactive. I read her response and make adjustments. And my psychology is such that her response is what excites me most. I know when the time is ripe by her readiness which creates my readiness.

To kneel between her legs, to make room on the edge of the bed, I have to push her legs up and back toward her head. This leaves me kneeling on the edge of the bed, looking down at my cock. which is all smeared with precum and about to explode. Something about the smell and taste of pussy does that to him. He will never be bigger and harder than he is now. Yes, we both think of my cock as he and Honey’s pussy as she.

I take him in my hand and run the head up and down Honey’s groove a couple of times. Yes!

Sometimes I will just lean on him and follow him down to the bottom and then stay there, locked in the most intimate embrace, feeling the warmth radiate through my cock, up into my guts, and out the top of my head. Today, however, I’m in the mood to dick around a little bit, excuse the expression. I hold her feet in my hands and put the meatus of my cock against her clit and use my hips to push the head of my cock down the groove toward her open vagina. But I don’t enter. I pull back. Honey’s hips are going crazy. She wants me in. No way, José!

Instead, I hunker down so my cock is pointed up at her clitoris and push the head up against the top of the vestibule. A wiggle one way and the cock will slip up and out of the entranceway escort maltepe and pluck the clitoris as it springs free. A wiggle the other way and the bulb will boink into her cunt like a grape or a watermelon seed, squeezed between two slippery fingers. Wiggle enough and you have a crazy lady under you, pulling on your ass cheeks to get you in where you belong. You can only resist such entreaties so long, then it would be churlish to refuse a lady what she wants. I’m not that kind of guy so I allow her to pull me in. Nice of me, eh?

If you do this right, and it’s nature’s way that you can’t do it every time, but if you do it right, just coming in will be enough to give her an orgasm. Not the end all orgasm that a good fuck culminates in, but a nice, along the way orgasm. Skillful fucking will take that initial orgasm and build on it so that while there may be a few dips, the trend is ever up and up.

I slide in so wonderfully that the feeling seizes me. Warmth radiates from my cock, suffixing my balls and spreading to my face. My ears glow. It is exactly the feeling of my first orgasm at age fifteen, minus the ejaculation. I will have several orgasms today before I ejaculate, and when I finally do cum, it will be because I have worked at it. I will expend so much of my hormonal load with these wonderful ‘dry’ orgasms that I will have to work for release in the end. But my cock will feel like it is just on the verge of coming the whole time and considering that this is going to last an hour or so, that’s pretty good.

I hold my cock tight into the depths of Honey’s pussy while the feeling rolls over me–and Honey, too, for that matter. She feels my ecstasy and responds to it with her own, because we are one. This is just indescribable, so why am I even trying to describe? Because, even if I can’t describe the feeling, I can describe the process and tell you how worthwhile it is to work toward the goal of multi-orgasms, male style. Since experiencing multi-orgasms myself, I have looked on the World Wide Web and discovered that it is a known phenomenon. Look under Kegel exercises for more about it. You’ll be glad you did.

So here I am buried in Honey’s pussy and the feeling is beginning to dissipate, and the music on the CD is proceeding at a brisk pace, so I take up the beat and start to piston in and out with vigor. I am in a modified missionary position. The old fashioned missionary never did much for me. It was too hard to get deep penetration. But this gives me all the leverage I need. I kneel between Honey’s legs and hook her legs with my arms from below, lifting her knees up and pulling her ass toward me, at the same time pulling her pussy up tight against my cock and pubic bone. When I am through, her legs are resting on my legs in the bend of my hips, her pussy is canted at just the right angle for me to penetrate her to the bottom of her vagina, and I have available several angles from which I can thrust into her.

If I crawl toward her, I can angle the tip of my prick up into her ‘g’ spot. Increase that angle a little more and I can ‘miss’ her vagina and slide up through her vestibule and over her clit, strumming it like a banjo with my cock head. Conversely, if I back off a bit I can slide the top of my cock down her groove and push against her perineum from the inside. Tonight I alternate pushing against her ‘g’ spot and stubbing the taught sphincter at the top of her vagina with each stroke. This soon has her panting audibly. “Do you like this, Honey?” I ask.

She answers by humping up her pussy so that I penetrate fully despite my position and it feels wonderful. So wonderful that I begin to extend the same stroke from outside the entrance of her pussy to the farthest depth I can reach in long slow strokes. The music’s tempo has picked up and I fuck her to the tempo.

Since my cock feels so good, it is a real pleasure to vary these long strokes by putting pressure on a different facet of my cock each time. I do this by swaying my hips, but when Honey’s motion makes it difficult for me to control, I take back the initiative by grabbing her heels and holding them in my hands and spreading them apart as far as they will reach. Now there is almost no ‘V’ formed by her legs, just a little ‘O’ where her vulva breaks the plain of her legs. If she were vertical, she’d be doing the splits.

Now I “stand” upright on my knees, back straight, instead of hunched over her as before. Now I become a bow, my cock an arrow, as I arch my back forward and back while pushing and pulling on her heels. By bouncing a little on my knees, I soon set the bedsprings to bouncing in sympathy with my bowing motion. Soon my pubis is slapping against Honey’s mons venerus with an audible slap slap slap, competing with the keening of Honey as she cries out in delight.

Suddenly the music becomes adagio again and I immediately slow down to a near stop. The only contact between Honey and me now is my hands on her heels and my lignum in her yoni. I move my cock slowly around her pussy like a pestle in a mortise. All the feeling in the world is now concentrated in my penis and it responds by having another orgasm without ejaculating. I lean forward, sliding all the way in again, and pause as the waves of pleasure roll over me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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