Lover Pt. 01

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He watched her sleep, her long, plump legs bent at the knees, a pillow between them to straighten her spine. Her breasts and belly sagged to her right side, the skin glowing in the morning sunlight. The hem of his dress shirt rode up her left thigh, exposing dimpled flesh, a thin covering of hair, and the scars and pockmarks of childhood illness and accidents. Her face was expressionless in sleep, the eyelids flickering every now and then the way her cat’s eyes did when it was dreaming. He wondered what she was dreaming about.

His eyes roamed over that face, and he felt himself falling deeper. She was beautiful to him, and if she would let him, he would spend the rest of his life showing her he believed it. She hated her second chin, as she called it, and the love handles that she insisted were a size B cup. She deplored her breasts, which hung in what she called “an unattractive decline” above her big belly. She hated her arms that jiggled when she waved. Nothing truly pleased her on her body, except her long legs and her dimples, which were hidden by an all-too-often-serious face. Divorce, an empty nest, and an aging body were the realities she lived with.

He would make her smile more, laugh more, love more. She made his groin ache with need. She made his heart race with desire. She made his spirit sing with love. She turned in her sleep, and lay flat on her back, her hands on her belly, the fingers of one extended as though she would reach for the mound of sweet flesh that he had spent the early morning savoring. He could still taste her, could still hear her sighs and moans and screams of pleasure before he plunged into her hot depths and rode her to more climaxes than she had ever had from being fucked at one time.

He had wanted to give her one of her fantasies, to help her experience the power and pleasure of multiple orgasms. By the time he had fallen over the edge of ecstasy himself, he had lost count of how many times he had made her come with his fingers, his mouth, and his seemingly tireless cock. She had not planned to stay the night. He hoped to persuade her, with those same fingers, mouth, and cock, to spend the entire weekend with him. After that, he would see.

She stirred again, and opened her eyes, looking around her and clearly trying to orient herself. He knew the second she realized where she was. She reached for the sheet to cover her body. His voice stopped her.

“Don’t. I like seeing you all disheveled. You make me ache to touch you again, to hear you scream for me when I make you come. Don’t hide from me. You’re beautiful and sexy, and I want you.”

He watched her study his face, her own flaming as she sat up. He knew she did it deliberately, to hide her body without directly disobeying him. He fought to keep the chuckle that bubbled up from sounding. He didn’t like the way she denigrated her body, the way she hated it. And he intended to break her of the habit, if he had to keep her in orgasms all weekend. The exhaustion would be worth the effort.

He stood up and walked to where she sat on the edge of his bed. Sitting beside her, he ruffled her short braids, and reached in to sniff her neck. She smelled like sleep and perfume and him. His cock swelled and he took her hand and stroked his wakening flesh while he kissed her deeply, holding her securely to his chest, not letting her move till she opened her mouth and let him in. They groaned together, their lips falling apart at the same moment.

“Good morning, beautiful. Welcome back. Ready for a shower?”

She stared at him, struck dumb, and he pulled her up to stand with him.

“Shower sex is hot,” he whispered in her ear, nipping her jawline on his way back to her mouth. “Let me show you.”


He was right, of course. Shower sex was better than she had thought, and certainly not like that one failed chocolate syrup experiment of her marriage that had left her feeling slightly sticky, and wholly unaroused. “It’s the thought that counts” had been a lame excuse for a sad seduction. But not this time. She had never known there was more than one use for a showerhead, or that she could be wet while she was wet. She had never known giving head while trying to breathe through the water cascading over her face could be so exotic…and it hadn’t hurt that she couldn’t smell the usual male musk that was normally a total turn-off for her. Nor had it hurt that he had roared when she made him cum hard, though she did not swallow, and he didn’t seem to care.

She loved the way he jetted, and didn’t mind the sperm on her breasts. She could feel the power of his orgasm in the force with which the jets of semen hit her skin, and she felt powerful. Why that was a turn-on, she couldn’t say, but the wild taking up against the shower wall, her legs wrapped around him, his hips shoving her hard against the wall as his cock took full possession of her channel, was the hottest thing she had ever experienced with anyone…and her gone fifty already!

Now, as she lay on his back dikmen escort bayan porch in a leather recliner soaking in the sun, she wondered what he saw in her. She was nothing exciting to look at. True, her face wasn’t ugly, her skin was smooth, she had a pleasant smile, but none of those things said ‘siren’, or ‘seductress’. None of them said ‘sex kitten’. None said ‘fuckable lady lover’. She was supremely ordinary, with a large side of body fat thrown in at the most embarrassingly noticeable spots. And still, as just a moment ago, he looked at her and his eyes smoldered. Still, he could not seem to walk by her without stopping to touch her, to kiss her, to whisper something sweet in her ears.

“What’s my beautiful thinking about so earnestly?”

His voice broke into her musings. He was standing before her, at the foot of the recliner, a tray in his hand. He had been calling her that nickname since almost the beginning of their acquaintance, and she had once asked him if that was to be his nickname for her. The look he gave her, coupled with his mysterious smile, had been her only answer. When she asked him why, he said,

“I say what I see.”

And that had been that.

She brought her attention back to his question. “Nothing,” she answered. She wouldn’t begin to know how to explain her confusion about his obvious attraction to her, nor why she seemed to need an explanation, instead of being able to accept and enjoy it.

He set the tray down on the table next to her, and sat on the edge of the recliner. His legs and arms and torso were bare, and her body stirred at the sight of his. He was golden and glowing, and the look in his eyes as he leaned over her told her that if she planned to leave, as she still did, she would need to do so as soon as possible. He made her forget herself, forget where she was, forget who she was. She couldn’t afford to forget. Life gave out no gifts to someone like her, and she had already paid the price once, since her divorce, for believing a lie. She wouldn’t let that happen ever again.

“If you keep lying to me, I shall have to punish you,” he whispered against her lips, before taking them to stop her from responding. He rubbed his own over them, and when she opened her mouth to chide him, he swept into it, uninvited but desired, and suckled her tongue. She couldn’t hold back the moan that floated free, nor keep her hands quiet at her side. How was she supposed to break free of his spell if she couldn’t even stop herself from returning his kisses, as she was doing now with unabashed fervor? She clenched her hands into fists at her side to stop herself from pulling him closer. This was a madness she could not keep repeating. She was meant to learn from her mistakes, not repeat them. The second time isn’t a mistake any longer, and to let him go any further would make this her third time at the starter’s gate.

“Put your arms around me, my beautiful. Show me how much you want me.”

His words, spoken hoarsely into her mouth, were like a switch, lighting her up from the inside. Her mind said she should resist, protect herself, back away before her heart was broken again. But her body had other ideas. It wanted to open itself to him, to let him in, to swallow him whole and never let him free. She raised her hands and cupped his tanned face, watching as his dark eyes glittered. He held her gaze, and kissed her again, drawing her closer to his hard body, caressing her nipples through the t-shirt he had given her after their shower.

“Do you want lunch now, or shall we have dessert first?” The smile on his face was seductive, the look in his eyes sinful as he stroked her.

“I told you I had to leave,” she whispered, unable to raise her voice to normal pitch.

“Stay the weekend,” he coaxed, teasing her flesh with trembling fingers. “There’s no one at home who needs your attention. And this is a long weekend, so I’m off an extra day.”

He slid his fingers down, snaking them beneath the legline of her panties under the t-shirt “Stay with me,” he urged her, teasing her flesh as he kissed her. She hissed, and opened her legs, which he noticed at once.

“Dessert first, then,” he concluded, and pushed her back against the seat.


She was dozing again, and he lay next to her, propped up on one elbow, watching her sleep. Next to making love to her — and making her come, and watching her fall apart, and listening to her call his name — next to all that, watching her sleep was fast becoming one of his favorite activities. Her breasts, covered by his t-shirt, teased his eyes. He thought again about the scar that marred its surface and made a dent in the top when she was upright. He wouldn’t worry about it, and he wouldn’t let her worry, either. Every biopsy meant she was being carefully watched, and every negative result meant he could keep her with him longer.

She snuffled and closed her mouth, snuggling her cheek against her palm. Her round thighs and long legs turned him on, reminding elvankent escort bayan him of the way they wrapped around him, pulling him into her core when they made love. She was strong, and passionate, and he wanted her all the time. Her ankles were still slightly swollen; she hadn’t had enough water today, but he’d fix that. For now, he watched her turn onto her back, and inhaled deeply when the hem of his shirt rode up, exposing her partially shaven pussy. He had stolen her panties from her earlier, once she’d had her third orgasm and had promised that she would stay the weekend. Her panties were his insurance that she wouldn’t run out on him. Now the sight of that neat landing strip above her pouty lower lips had him hardening in his shorts all over again.

He reached out and let his trembling fingers hover over the triangle of temptation. At the last second, he withdrew. If he touched her there like that now, they’d be caught in flagrante delicto when his brother and sister-in-law showed up ahead of the rest of the family to get the cooking going. Instead of ravishing her the way his randy hormones were pushing him to do, he shook her gently to wake her up.

“Tom will be here with Sandy in a little while. You need to get dressed. And I need to start getting things ready for the barbecue.”

He watched her face flush when she reached down and remembered that she was bare there when her fingers glanced off the soft skin of her pussy.

“You’re beautiful, you know that, right?”

“Thank you, Ben.”

Her smile made his heart ache. He knew she still had a hard time believing him. But he had more than words and orgasms up his sleeve. He’d show that her she was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. He’d show that her the age difference didn’t matter. He’d show her that his heart was hers forever, no matter what. His unabating desire to kiss her and be inside her were just two proofs of his feelings.

“Just remember I stopped playing rounders when I was a teenager. I’ll be fifty-one next birthday.”

“Age is just a number, Abby, and baseball isn’t rounders.” He joined in her laughter, and reached over to kiss her gently. “Go on. I left some clothes for you in my room.”

By the time Tom and Sandy arrived, she was decked out in a pair of shorts, complete with sewn-in underwear, and a baseball jersey, her breasts once again bound by her bra. She looked cute, and he gave in to the need to kiss the smile right off her plump lips. His arms wrapped tightly round her, and his lips devoured hers. He felt her lean into him, draping her arms around his neck. He pushed his hardening body into hers, and groaned when she pushed back. The sound of a car on his gravel drive had him releasing her.

“Hold that thought, baby.”

He bussed her lips again and went to meet his family. He could feel her eyes on him all afternoon, as he and his big brother bandied words, and flipped burgers, and grilled steaks and chicken. And while they waited for the rest of the family to come, he gave her some batting practice. Sandy was the coach of her school’s softball team, and his brother had been in the minor leagues. He didn’t want to embarrass her, but as he helped her find the right grip on the bat, and fix her stance, he felt her surprise that she was handy with a bat, and had a pretty powerful left swing.

“Your girlfriend’s been having you on, Ben,” Tom said, when they finally stopped to take a rest.

She froze, and Ben held his breath. She was his girlfriend. She was his. But she needed to know it, just as he and Tom did. Just as everyone would, as soon as they saw him with her. She smiled at Tom, her eyes finding his after a moment. He smiled back, letting his feelings show in his eyes.

“Seems like you may be right, Tom,” he agreed, going to her, and pulling her into his arms. “What do you think I ought to do to punish her?”

He winked at her as he spoke, and his brother laughed. “We’ll think of something by the end of dinner.”

“That we will,” he whispered against her lips, kissing her full on the lips before God and his brother. When she relaxed and opened her mouth to him, he growled, and dove in to taste her, kissing her deeply and forgetting he had an audience till Tom’s voice broke the spell.

“Get a room, bro!”

Her blush made him smile, and the beauty of her own shy smile warmed him as he introduced her to his parents, his younger sisters and their families, and his grandmother, who took her aside as drinks were being served. He tried to get close enough to hear what she said, but his mother intercepted him.

“She’s old enough to take care of herself, Benjamin.”

His mother only used his full name when she had something to say that he might not like. His hackles rose, thinking she was about to lecture him.

“Look, Ma, I don’t think…”

“No, you don’t. You lead in with your heart, as you’ve done since you were a boy.” She reached up to smooth a hand over his cheek. “It’s plain to emek escort bayan see how you feel about Abby, Ben. She’s the only one who doesn’t see it. And you’ve got your work cut out for you, because she thinks she’s too old for you.”

Ben stared at her. “Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?”

She reached up and kissed him with a small smile on her lips. “Go get your girl, sweetie.”

Ben smiled and hugged his mother. “I think I’ll do that, Ma.”

The game was wildly entertaining, and Abby was a delight to watch as she forgot to be nervous and shy, hit the ball and ran, screaming and jumping around like a kid when she made a home run. When he went to hug her, along with everyone else, she wrapped her arms around him and laughed.

“Hmmm…do I have to keep planning baseball games to get you out of your shell, baby?”

She chuckled and leaned close to his ear. “And maybe add a few beers.”

Her lips touched his earlobe, and they both froze. Suddenly, they were the only two people in his backyard. The only two people in the world. His need for her, never far from the surface, became the most important thing as he took her lips and sent his tongue into her mouth, not waiting for her permission. He couldn’t wait any longer, and he was glad she didn’t try to resist. But she ended it far too quickly, whispering as she moved away,

“Hold that thought, baby.”

He burst into delighted laughter as she walked away innocently. He couldn’t wait till he had her alone again. He’d show her…


Sunday morning. He always slept in on a Sunday morning. It was as though his body knew it was Sunday, and he didn’t have to be anywhere so he could lie in and savor the cool sheets, and it stayed asleep an hour longer. But not today. He had been up for hours, long before he usually woke up to go to work, even, his body primed, ready, waiting for him to say it was okay to take her. But by the time everyone had left after the party the night before, she had been dead on her feet. He had showered with her, mostly to make sure she didn’t fall over and hurt herself, she was so exhausted. He guessed she wasn’t the active type, and the exertion of the ball game, plus the tension from meeting his family and being out of her comfort zone had taken their toll. She had fallen into bed in another of his t-shirts, nothing on underneath, and a gentle snore had told him five minutes later that she was dead to the world.

It had been a while before he fell asleep himself. His mind had been all over the place, but mostly on her, on how they had met, and how he had won her over. She had been returning from an extended visit to London, and they had seats next to each other in the first class compartment of the wide-bodied British Airways jetliner. Desultory conversation about the topnotch quality of the service and the food and wine had led to her revealing her fear of flying, which led to a discussion of fears in general. The wine had made her sleepy, and she had excused herself after a wide yawn, and begged his pardon in advance if she fell asleep. Now, as he lay in bed next to her sleeping form, he imagined that that was where his fascination with watching her sleep had begun. Her head had lolled to the side, facing him, happily, so he could watch as her eyes moved beneath the lowered lids, and her lips opened slightly so he could see her pink tongue, which pushed out just a little. He remembered how his cock had hardened in his dress pants the longer he watched her, and how he had had to cover himself with the blanket the stewardess had given him to hide the evidence of his most inappropriate thoughts about a stranger.

She woke up when the plane hit some turbulence, as though her body and mind had been waiting for just such an event, and the panic he had caught flaring in her eyes before she lowered her lids and turned away had made his heart swell with the need to protect her, to soothe her, to make promises about her safety that he shouldn’t have even been thinking about. He waited in pained silence for her to gather her control about her and hoped the plane would make it through before she fell apart. But when he heard her whimper at a particularly nasty drop, he gave up trying to be restrained and reached for her, invading her space and holding her hand till the air settled. She couldn’t seem to release her death grip on his arm for a few minutes after, and when she finally did, her face was a study in embarrassment. She made her apology with lowered eyes and red cheeks, and only a glass of wine and repeated reassurances managed to calm her down enough so she could watch the movie he suggested.

Her sense of humor was as quirky as his, but his interest in politics was clearly not mirrored by hers. She studiously avoided the subject, and he had smiled quietly as he enjoyed her silent refusal to be baited. She might be afraid of flying, but she wasn’t afraid of him. He had gotten the impression that she found him amusing and a little incredible, but she had been polite and even friendly for the rest of the flight. When she said she was about to embark on a job hunt, he asked what her skill set was and at the end of her little speech offered her his business card. It was an excuse to keep the tenuous link open between them, because he had nothing to offer her himself.

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