Love in War Pt. 02

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Apple was tired of this game. It wasn’t her idea or even her groups idea, it had been an order. Laying on the roof of the complex her rifle at the ready she watched. She had no specific orders for her part in the game, the understanding she would assist her unit as needed. Luckily it was nearing the end of the day and as she made one last sweep of the compound she stopped at a group of figures. Something had caught her attention. Tracking with the group for a few moments, Apple found the figure that had caught her attention. There he was. Spaghetti was in the compound playing this game.

She hadn’t been paying attention at the morning briefing, when everyone was introduced. Now, it came back to bite her. She had been distracted with writing up her last mission notes. If she had been paying attention she would have seen him and caught his name. She tracked him the rest of the game, only removing her eyes from him to check on her unit’s progress. Luckily the game ended a few hours later and she could head back into the command center and find Spaghetti.

It took longer than desired to debrief and review the game and its results. After the debrief ended, the unit broke up to find their own dinner. Apple lagged and waited for the compound to empty. As she counted off the people, she knew that Spaghetti was still in the compound somewhere. She entered the other unit’s locker room and heard a shower running. She approached, and watched from the corner as Spaghetti showered. He was shampooing his hair as she slid out of her clothes. As he reached for the soap to wash his body he encountered her hand on it already.

Spaghetti’s instincts took over, and in short order had the strangers arm twisted around behind them. Only after he had moved did he notice that the body he was holding down was feminine. Her head turned, pressing her check against the cold tile she smiled at him. He recognized her then. Spaghetti released Apple and she turned around to face him. He watched the laughter play out in her eyes, as she licked a drop of water off her lips. “A little jumpy in your own home Spaghetti?” She asked in a soft voice, that could be barley heard over the water hitting the floor. He shrugged in response and rinsed his hair again. She moved forward and trailed her fingers down his arm as he rinsed his hair again. He turned around in the stream of water getting wet again and held out his hand for the soap. Apple shook her head and rubbed the soap between her own hands lathering it up.

Apple started at his shoulders, gently rubbing them and massaging the soap in and loosening the tense muscles. She worked her way down this back to the top of his ass before pressuring his shoulder to turn around and face her. She started again at his shoulders and trailed soap down his abs, paying attention to the muscled crevasse on his torso. She lathered her hands again and handed him the soap so she could wash his arms in a single swipe of her hands. With his torso and arms washed she dropped to her knees bring herself in line with this now hard dick. She kissed the tip of it as it bounced in front her. Ignoring it she was washed is legs and had him turn around so she could wash his ass. She slid his butt cheeks apart, and as she washed between them, she applied pressure against his anus and heard him suck in air in response. As she rose to her feet again, she stopped long enough to nip at his ass.

Spaghetti had never had any attention payed to that part of his body and his response to it confused him. He was partly excited and partly unsure of the sensation it had brought. He leaned in and kissed Apple hard, pulling her body into full contact with his. Her body hadn’t changed much in the years since their last encounter and she fit perfectly into his arms. Apple broke the kiss slid her body back down his till she was level with his throbbing dick. She took it into her mouth and glided her teeth down his shaft till she could go no further and sucked gently. She was thrilled with the response she got, as he spread his legs a little, and placed a hand on the back of her head. As she was sliding back up his dick, her pager went off. As she reached the tip of his penis and laid her teeth gently on it, she heard it go off again. She ignored it and was on her way back down when her cellphone started playing the National Anthem. With a last quick suck, she removed herself from Spaghetti and walked over to find her phone in the pile of clothing.

“Yes?” Apple said curtly into the phone and the caller. After listening for a couple minutes, Apple ground her teeth together and curtly said understood to the caller and hung up the phone. Turning back to Spaghetti was walked back and he noticed the change escort kartal in her posture. She was no longer fluid and soft, she was fluid and purposeful. She kissed him with a quick rush of her lips and stroked his dick before pulling away and going back her clothes. “I have to report for a mission.” Apple conveyed in a tone that would handle no argument from him. With one last longing look at the man and his erection she left the room. She had a job to do and the need of the many outweighed the need and desire of the one.

Spaghetti groaned and leaned back against the tile wall. He had been left aroused before in bars, but nothing like this. This was torture. To once again encounter this woman and have her once again slip away from him, was frustrating. His penis ached with desire and need for him to pay attention to it. He need a release and with no around he reached down and stroked himself. He thought of her body and the way she had felt against him. Soft in the all the right placed but with a firm body that could take a tough encounter. Then he thought of her eyes and the emotion that he had seen there the first-time years ago and what they held today. They hadn’t changed at all. She was still undecided if she would walk away whole or broken from this war, but she hadn’t given up hope yet. With a few last firm strokes of his hand, Spaghetti found his release, and sighed with relief and frustration at the state of his life.

Several months later, Spaghetti found himself back in a war zone. Trudging through empty streets, a rifle draped across his body. Spaghetti had been walking for several hours, looking for hideaways of enemies and allies. He had found a few allies, nothing but empty buildings for the most part. Night had fallen hours ago, but the burning buildings and night vision goggles aided in his walk. He was tired, when he spotted an empty and still standing building to take cover in for a few hours. As he stepped into the door way and was once again greeted with a gun to his temple.

A soft chuckle came a few seconds later as Apple holstered her gun. “We seem to be making a thing of that greeting aren’t we Spaghetti?” Apple asked as she turned back to her blankets that she had risen from.

“It does seem to be our infield greeting.” Spaghetti agreed slipped out of the straps for his pack and riffle. He dropped them to the ground and found a spot that was fairly level and devoid of sharp objects to lay his blanket down. He dropped onto it and was in a fast by light sleep within seconds. Apple watched him drop off to sleep and settled back down in her own blanket thinking about the irony of their lives.

She woke what felt like short time later to Spaghetti moving in close to her body. She rolled enough to face him and when her lips became easily obtainable he bent down and kissed them hard. Apple rolled under his lips and brought an arm around his neck pulling him closer to her body. He broke the kiss and flipped the edge of the blanket off Apple exposing her full body to his eyes. Even clothed in her khakis he could see the muscle and figure she had. He laid down next to her and his hands roamed across the top of her clothing caressing a breast before wandering south to the waistband of her pants. Apple arched her hips under his hands inviting and desiring his touch. He kissed her again and with a quick motion had her pants open and his fingers gently brushing against the outer folds of her center.

Apple arched and ached for his touch. She had felt bad for leaving him hot and aroused in the shower all those months ago, but she had a job to do. Here there were again in the middle of a war zone, two star crossed lovers. She smiled at herself, she wasn’t usually this girly but he brought that out in her. She sucked in a breath as the tips of his fingers rubbed against her most sensitive spot. She arched into his hand driving herself back into contact with his fingers. He readily complied and returned her body with long strong strokes. Apple panted under his strokes and desired more from him. As she reached for him, he pulled away. Removing his hands from her body, he stood and swung his pack up onto his back. Striding to the door he looked back at Apple laying on the floor confused and wanting. “I have a mission to complete” he said walking out the door. He heard her laughter and smiled, she had gotten the reference.

Apple laid back on the floor panting and smiling. Touché Spaghetti she thought as she tried to get comfortable and her body to calm down. Her body wasn’t listening and she succumbed to its need and slide her own hand into her pants. Her body was warm and damp to her touch. She stroked herself and thought of Spaghetti’s maltepe escort hard body. She craved him, and she would have to find him again and out an end to this teasing game. She trembled as the orgasm rippled through her body. She stood a few moments later and packed her gear. Once she was done with this mission, she would end this game that she had started with Spaghetti.

Days later she was back on base, and walking across the compound towards her quarters when she spotted him. He was just ending a conversation with a group of men and turned her way with in a moment of her spotting him. They locked eyes across the empty space and she tilted her head in the direction she was going. An invitation and request all in one move. As she continued towards her quarters she hoped that he would follow her. She wasn’t disappointed a few moments after closing her door when I light tap came on it. She pecked out the looking hole just in case and was reward with his smile. She opened the door and let him in.

Spaghetti waited for Apple to close the door before grabbing her. He pushed her back against the door was disappointed in her compliance. He was frustrated with this game of chasing her and only having moments with her. He was frustrated with his career choice. He kissed her hard, holding her against the door with his weight. Her lips were soft at first under his attention. After several seconds he pulled back and shifted his grip from her body to her arms. He pinned them down at her side and brought his mouth back to hers nipping her lips before kissing them. She stiffened under him and tried to shift him off her. When she realized she was vulnerable and pinned down, she started to struggle.

She didn’t like being pinned against this door by a man she valued and found safe. This was new to her from him and it frightened a deep part of her. As she tried to get an arm free she nipped his lip trying to get his attention. When he pulled his head back and looked down at her, the humor she was used to seeing was gone. It had been replaced by desire and hunger. He pulled her away from the door and looked to the corner where the beds were always placed. He pulled her towards only to have her trip him. As he went down to one knee, he pulled Apple down with him, catching her before she could slam into the floor. He stood up and finished dragging her to the bed where to shoved her down.

“Spaghetti?” Apple’s question was more than just her code word for him. She was caught off guard by this behavior that she did not associate with him.

“I am tired of this game Apple. I want you. I need you. I will not have you start something again and find a reason to leave me unfinished again.” Spaghetti said pulling Apple’s shirt up and off her body, only to find her braless. He removed her slip-on shoes and started to undo her pants.

Apple lay there and cooperated with Spaghetti’s rough undressing of her. She understood know what she had done. She had thought they were even a few days ago in the room in the war zone, but apparently, she was wrong. It had hurt him just as much as it had hurt her to have him leave. When she was naked, he paused to examine her body. Apple wrapped a leg around behind his knees and sat up bring her face level with this abs. She reached for his belt and slowly undid the buckle before unsnapping them and shoving his pants and briefs to the floor. She felt his erection brush the crevasse between her throat and chest. She pulled back and looked down at it. As she reached for it Spaghetti pulled away from her reach. He sat down on the nearby chair and unlaced his boots and kicked them off, followed shortly by his shirt. He re approached her and as he moved closer to lay back down on the bed, positioning herself properly on the bed.

Spaghetti went and stood at the end of the bed. Apple was too far up, on the bed. He reached out and grabbed her ankles and gently pulled her down closer to the end of the bed. When she was properly placed on the bed he dropped to his knees between her thighs and spread her labia open. He was reward with the sight of her womanhood and its dampness invited him in. He flicked a finger across her clitoris and was reward with a gently gasp from Apple. He leaned in and licked the same spot several times and was reward with Apple’s hand curling into his hair. Outside a fighter screamed by on its way to its next mission.

Apple curled her fingers into his hair and arched against his mouth. She had wanted this touch the instant she had spotted him. As he moved lower on her body she lost her grip on his hair and returned her hands to the bed sheets around her. The next sensation was new and she came almost instantly as pendik escort bayan he slid his tongue inside her vagina lapped at the walls. She arched against his mouth and let a moan of pleasure. She was so close to her orgasm when he removed his mouth and fingers from her body.

Apple whined and looked around for him to find him standing at the edge of the bed. She rose up and before he could move away again wrapped her hand around the shaft of his erection. He didn’t move away though, instead he spread his legs a little find a better balance as she stroked his hard erection. Slowly she eased her mouth over his hardness and sucked gently on the tip of his penis. She was reward with a sharp inhale of breath from Spaghetti and drop of precum that she readily licked off him. She slid her mouth further onto his erection and brought her free hand up to cradle his balls.

She pulled off and licked her lips looking up at Spaghetti to find his yes half closed in pleasure. Returning her moth to his erection she slid the tips of her teeth down his erection as she placed her free hand on his butt cheek. As she slid back up his erection she slid her hand between his but cheeks to apply gently pressure again his anus. The pressure caught Spaghetti off guard and he pulled away from Apple. Reaching down he pulled Apple off the caught and walked her to the dining room table.

He slowly bent her over the table, pressing her breasts into the could laminate top. Spreading her legs with his knees he entered her abruptly with one long hard thrust and stilled once he was in as far as he could go. Apple had reward him with a gasp at the unexpected violation of her body. She knew it was coming, but had expected more play and not this abrupt entry into her body. This wasn’t the behavior she had expected from this man. This was a behavior she had expected from others, but not this man. Not this trained medic.

Apple stiffened against him, and Spaghetti gently eased out of her slightly before slowly thrusting back into her. Once he was sure that she wasn’t going anywhere he removed his hand from her back, and placed it back on her clitoris. He rubbed it gently as he slowly thrust in and out of her. His attention to her body was reward a few moments later, as a spasm of ecstasy rocked her body. When her body had relaxed around him, he pulled out and turned her to face him.

When she met his eyes, she found no remorse for his actions. Only desire and passion were in his eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her, pulling her bottom lip between his teeth and sucking on it. She couldn’t help but respond to his desire. She pressed into him and his kiss, trapping his erection between their bodies.. Turning around Spaghetti moved towards the cot and laid down on his back. Apple smiled and straddled his waist.

She slid her hand down between them and positioned his erection so that she could rock her hips and caress him. Spaghetti reached for her hips and held her still when he could take no more. He desired to be inside of her and he wanted inside now. Apple complied with his expression, and shifted her body. Settling back down, he slid in. Rocking her hips, she leaned backwards changing the pleasure for them both. Spaghetti raised his legs to keep her angle where it was and to keep her from sliding off him.

Spaghetti wasn’t aware she had something in her hand till he felt its cold tip at his anus. He reached for her arm but received a tsk from Apple as she stopped rocking her hips. He dropped his hand back down to her hips and she resumed rocking them ever so slowly. Enough to keep him hard and engaged, but not enough to bring him climax. The cold tip of whatever she held in her hand slid a little into his anus, and the fullness he felt there aroused him. He bucked against Apple’s hips and it brought a smile to her face. She removed her hand, but not he device from behind her and tilted her body forward. She picked up the pace of her rocking, and in a few short moments was reward with Spaghetti’s climax. Her climax came a few short rocks later and she laid down on him panting.

For several minutes they lay their breathing hard. Apple moved first and removed her toy from Spaghetti’s body and slid off him. She went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Several minutes later she came out and Spaghetti got up to clean himself up also. As they passed he stopped her with a hand on her him and kissed her gently. When he came out of the bathroom, she had made a comfy bed on the floor out a quilt and pillows.

“It’s only slightly less comfortable than the cot, and more comfortable then the rocky floor we shared.” Apple said with a smile as she invited Spaghetti to come lay with her. He couldn’t argue that and laid down on the feather quilt, drawing her close to his body. She lay there comfortable against his body. His slow breathing gentle warming her shoulder. Soon they were both asleep having found comfort and their desires fulfilled.

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