Love for Hire Ch. 07

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She squatted down in the aisle to get a closer look at what she wanted. Roxy was trying to find the right stereos. She wore flat tennis shoes, short shorts, spaghetti strap tank top, no underwear, and her hair in pig tails. It was late and the car shop of the store was closed so no one was immediately nearby that she had seen. Roxy continued to look around, lost in her own world.

Brad looked at her from a distance, getting aroused at the sight. As she squatted down he could see the cheeks of her ass hang out of her shorts. He got another view as she got up shortly to bend over only to reveal no bra. He was fully erect and fighting a war over whether or not to approach her. He couldn’t resist the view any longer and finally gave in by beginning his walk over to her. He untucked his shirt in a fruitless attempt to cover up his hard on.

“Why in the world does this have to be so hard?!” Roxy asked to herself, getting aggravated.

“Is there something I can help you with ma’am?” a voice behind her asked.

Roxy turned around, startled, “Hi! Um, yes there is. I want a new car stereo and speakers. Think you can help with that?”

Brad smiled, “Yea, I’m good at a lot.”

Roxy caught on to the double meaning and smiled. After this adventure she might be able to afford the stereo she wanted after all. “Well,” she leaned back over to reveal her bare bosom. “I kind of like this one but,” she turned her back toward him before squatting down. “This one I can afford. What do you think?” she asked, escort kartal turning her head over her shoulder. Roxy saw the throbbing member stretching his pants and knew this would be a quickie.

Brad got closer to her and flinched as her body brushed against his dick when she stood up. “I think I can show you something better,” he spoke in a determined voice. In a flash of movement he pulled her up against him before bringing his mouth to the skin of her neck. He was shorter than her and came at eye level to her chest, giving him easy access to her cleavage.

“Whoa,” Roxy pushed away. “What about the cameras? I don’t want to get kicked out of this place even as much as I hate it.”

Brad sighed, “Look, I know the guy working the cams tonight; I’ll get him to edit the tapes.” He smiled, “After I get a copy.”

Roxy smacked him on the chest, “I don’t think so, and this girl does nothing for free.”

“Fine. I know where we can go,” he took her by the hand.

She stopped, “It’s not the bathrooms is it?”

Brad laughed, “No. I don’t even use those things.”

Roxy, satisfied, let him lead her to their destination. She hadn’t thought of the automotive service department until they reached the locked door going into the shop. Brad pulled out a ring of keys but was fumbling. “Need a hand there sweetie?”

He pulled her around in front of him. “Yea,” Brad unzipped his khaki pants and pulled the navy blue polo shirt, which was uniform for the supercenter, out maltepe escort of the way. “Reach in there and play to your hearts content. That’ll keep me going until I can get into you.”

Roxy obliged and pulled his cock out to begin jerking off slowly. “How is that?” She turned around, continuing to stroke him off, and grabbed a hand to put on her chest. “Got to help a girl out here hunny, ok?”

“Mmm, baby, keep it up. I think I found the right key,” Brad moaned. At last he got the door open and pushed her to the first car they came to, a low-rider. He pushed her back on the hood then got on his knees to lick her juicy pussy after taking off her shorts. His hand came up to rub his dick and jerk if off fast and hard. “Damn girl you taste good and so wet too, I can’t get enough,” he groaned around her lips.

“Mmm, you have a good tongue there darling,” she flinched as her arousal increased. “If you want more then stick those fingers in me and fuck like crazy. I love a good fingering, hard, fast, and deep.”

Brad obeyed and moved up to take her breasts in his mouth, one at a time, sucking and biting them hard. His other hand inserted two fingers in her pussy and pumped furiously. Roxy’s legs came up around him while her nails dug deep in his shoulders. She arched, bucked and moaned loudly. He was hitting her spot just liked she wanted it. “You like that baby?” Brad heaved.

“Oh yes!” Roxy shouted. “Get that cock in me! I want that dick in me!”

Brad pulled her up and pendik escort bayan quickly led her to a pick-up. “I got to get comfortable baby.” He popped her ass as she climbed in the back to get on the toolbox and spread her legs wide. “Ah, that’s what I want right there,” he smiled like a devil.

“Come and get me,” she spoke naughtily.

Brad hurried to get in front of her, his dick standing erect out of his pants. “Are you ready baby?”

Roxy gave him a come and get me stare, “Fuck my brains out.” She brought a hand down to start fingering her own hole while the other hand rubbed a breast. She flicked her tongue over the nipple as her fingers moved to her clit and fiercely rubbed it to make her cum and have it slick for him to enter. Brad stood there watching, stroking himself. “I can’t take it anymore,” he finally spoke after watching her orgasm. He rammed his long cock into her, thrusting hard and fast. He held her legs as he pounded her furiously before leaning down to bite her neck and chest flesh. “Is that what you want baby?”

“Oh yes!” Roxy cried. She held onto the truck with one hand as the other clutched at him. She was going to cum quickly at this frantic pace.

“I want to cum in your mouth,” he breathed roughly, his pace getting faster.

She smiled while crying out as her orgasm made her buck. “Hmm, give it to me stud,” she spoke as she came back to earth.

Brad pulled out quickly but kept jerking off until her mouth swallowed it to the balls. “Oh damn girl, just like that. That feels so fucking good!” He fucked her mouth as she sucked hard until his juices spilled into her. “Oh shit!”

Roxy cleaned him up before getting dressed. “I think I know which stereo I want if I get the employee discount,” she laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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