Losing Control Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Her View Point

My name is Lynn; my one son is in college, a four-hour drive away, in a neighboring state. I visit him from time to time as an excuse to get away and relax. When I visit I stay at a quiet one room B & B that I found on my first visit. The couple who owns the room is around my age and very easy going and attractive. I enjoy their lovely home and the relaxing company. I had intended to arrive in town early so that I could enjoy a lovely jog along the ocean, then to connect with my son at the local college before I checked in at the B & B. Such a run in the past was always cool and refreshing. But this morning was not to be the usual in more ways then one, as I would soon find out.

My husband and I were having a rough time lately. I was feeling unappreciated and neglected. This weekend away was more for myself as it was to visit my son. I already knew he had a very busy weekend and told him not to feel guilty because I needed time alone to relax, so we were both fine with a brief visit together.

I have been jogging for a few years now, and being a reserved woman by nature, but not a prude, I usually wear conservative running clothes around my hometown. But today was different. I needed to reassure myself that I was a desirable woman and that my husband’s apathy lately was his fault and not mine. So being away from home I got daring, but I knew there would be almost no one in this area so early. First, no loose shorts over my spandex running shorts. That was a big move for me cause I was always shocked at seeing how revealing other women’s bodies looked in just spandex. How the material hugged them like a second skin, and I was often amazed at how much detail it showed, especially between their legs. On one occasion I swore there was a naked woman running toward me until we got closer and I saw she was wearing a flesh colored spandex. She smiled as we past obvious of the affect by my wide-eyed stare.

Since I only had black spandex, I foolishly decided to also eliminate my panties so that my new second skin didn’t have any lines. I also left off the sports bra to experience how it felt to run unrestrained in a loose tee shirt. And off I went into the quiet stillness of the morning.

It was an unusually warm morning, not the slightest breeze. The view and solitude lifted my spirit as I ran. I was amazed at how I felt as I ran in my new attire. My shirt was lightly rubbing against my nipples; they tingled and hardened to the constant stimulation. My shorts hugging my nakedness felt so naughty, I was between embarrassment and excitement, thank goodness I was the only one here. I was lost in the moment and ran for an extra forty-five minutes. When I finally got back to my car I was soaked in perspiration. Grabbing my water bottle I took a much need drink then poured some over my face to cool off. As I leaned back against the car to catch my breath in the sun, suddenly three men jogged by, all turned their heads and checked me out. It was not a casual look, I could see the desire light up in their eyes. Both their sudden appearance and then the way they stared at me caused my heart to race.

After they pasted I looked down at myself and was shocked. I hadn’t realized just how wet and clingy my clothes were. My thin shirt soaked with perspiration and water from my face wash was plastered to my chest in the bright morning sun, resulting in my breasts and dark erect nipples being totally exposed. But the worst was that the wet spandex had ridden up and displayed my mound in detail. I quickly placed my hands in modesty to cover my mound as I glanced around to see if anyone else saw me, no one’s there. kartal escort bayan My clothes had betrayed me and exposed me to the world or at least to those three men. I was having mixed emotions of shame and excitement, and the excitement was winning. Alone again I was very aware of the pressure of my hands. My fingertips moved instinctively and lightly rubbed. I felt myself tingle with pleasure.

My God!! What was I doing!!! Get control of yourself woman you’re married with a grown son!!!!

There I stood for all to see, in the bright sun, leaning back against my warm car, rubbing my pussy. That is the way I saw myself at that moment, yet probably to anyone else, if there was anyone else, they only saw a woman innocently resting. I quickly got in my car and locked the doors, safe. My body was trembling, I couldn’t think straight as all these unleashed feeling kept racing through me. How could I expose myself like that, how could it feel so good?

I closed my eyes, laid my head back against the headrest and felt my chest rising and falling. In the warm car I drifted into a safe dreamy state, awake yet not aware. My hands moved again to the call of my body. One went under my shirt to my breasts slippery with sweat, hot from the sun and calling for attention. My nipples ached to be touched, and my hand responded, hard tingling flesh needing to be pulled and rubbed. My other hand went between my legs and massaged the spandex covered flesh. I raked my fingernails across the fabric pressing the seam deep between my folds. The car fills with a sweet scent of my sex. I am still a woman alive with feelings and needs. I need to reawake my husband in the same way. My juices are saturating my shorts; I slip my hand inside the waistband and push downward inside the tight material. It’s not easy. My fingers feel my wet hair, and then my middle finger rubs my clitoris, god that feels so good, soft, light rubbing, then I slip it between my lips and deep within me, hot and wet. Both hands now doing more intensely what comes naturally. I’m building, soon to climax, lost to my surroundings, then shocked back to reality by a knocking on the window. The three male joggers are staring in at me smiling and offering to help. I bolt up right pulling my hands from their tasks of pleasure. Humiliated, I start the engine and back away, as I pause to shift gears, I look at them and for the first time notice that each one has bulging tented shorts. The sight freezes me for a moment as my body reacts to the vision of three hard males desiring my body. I shake my head back to reality and speed away.

I drive around for awhile until I calm down. What could I have been thinking? How could I have gotten to such a state that I would act so totally opposite to my normal self? I finally regain control of myself. But the car smelled so good, it and I will need some cleaning up before I visit my son, I smile to myself. It’s still early, I wonder if I can get into my room before check-in? I’ve stayed there a few times before and they are nice hosts, no harm in asking. Soon I am standing there ringing the doorbell. I pull my shirt away from my chest so it won’t be so clingy when, Jean, my hostess greets me. No one’s answering, now what will I do? As I turn to leave the door opens and there stands Rich, Jean’s husband dressed in a robe. Did I disturb an intimate morning? I’m definitely having one track thoughts today.

As I’m explaining my early arrival to go jogging and apologize for obviously disturbing him, I notice him discreetly looking me over. Dam these wet clothes. Thank goodness we are friends; I have nothing to worry about. He graciously escort maltepe says I can have the room early, but that he still needs to get fresh towels. His wife is off to an early meeting and he was just reading newspapers. He suggests we get my bags from the car. As I bend to pull the bags from the trunk, I picture what my bottom must look like to him in just the spandex. This special morning of mine just keeps backfiring. These are nice people that I have become a friend to and here I am displaying myself to her husband. As we walk back to the house I notice his robe is pushed out a little, oh no! Why is my heart pounding again? Stop this right now!

We put the bag in my room and all I need is for him to leave so I can hit the shower, satisfy myself and go see my son. But no, he keeps talking with me. I catch him looking at my body. He must be getting turned on! I feel myself reacting. I realize that something is wrong, yes there! What am I seeing? The front of his robe is definitely moving. Oh no! His is getting an erection and it is poking out of the robe. He doesn’t even realize that he’s exposed. Look at it rise! Try to stay calm, keep your eyes up, don’t look at it! I can’t stop glancing at it, we’re so close and it looks so big jutting out of his dark robe. Come on Rich, read my eyes, see me looking at your dick, pay attention, cover it up and get out of here. He’s not paying attention, his eyes are locked on my breasts. No wonder, I might as well be naked for the little this wet shirt is doing to cover me. I try to break the moment by crossing my arms on my chest. Oh no, too late, his dick is straight up and hard as a rock. Don’t look at it, but I can’t help myself, it’s so hard and the head, the head is pulsing so. My breathing is out of control, I can feel my nipples against my shirt, and my legs feel weak. How did my hands get to my crotch? Why am I letting my finger lightly rubbing my throbbing pussy? He just keeps talking. I’m hardly able to respond. God it’s hot in here! I’ve got to stop this, that’s it turn away, move around, I can control myself. Stop looking back at his erection! I can’t help myself.

What? He’s telling me to sit down, that I look unsteady. “No, I’m fine.” “No you’re not, sit down!” I have no will power, I sit. Rich is moving toward me. His erection is at eye level coming closer with each step. Oh! my pussy is so wet and throbbing and his dick looks so good, it’s a good seven inches, fat and so hard. Rich is now standing just two feet away from me, but his dick is twitching up and down. I look up to him and our eyes meet. No Rich, we can’t do this! His eyes lower and lock onto my breasts, his voice unsteady. Then I remember how I looked earlier, breasts and nipples transparent through my shirt, and my shorts up between my lips showing every curve of my pussy. I must cover myself.

What did he say? “You’re obviously chilled, we need to get you out of those wet clothes, raise your arms up!” This can’t be happening; why am I raising my arms. How can I be letting him take off my shirt, but I am. He’s dropping it on the floor! I’m half-naked in front of Jean’s husband! “There now you’ll be fine,” he says. Why can’t I move to cover myself. I sit naked from the waist up with my arms still raised. Tears start to fill my eyes, how can I be allowing this to happen? And yet, I feel that I need this to go on.

He is taking my hands and putting them around his waist pulling me towards him, my face is coming closer to his throbbing member, my eyes are glued to it. The head is bulging, I see a drop of fluid at its opening and my face is now touching him. I hear him say, “you look hungry, pendik escort you should eat something, now.” I don’t move, then without thought I lick him, slow and lightly I lick the drop that he offers to me. Then I lick around the head; it is warm and smooth, my hesitation melts away and I abandon myself to the desire that burn’s within. I lick his shaft down to his sack, which is shaved! It is so soft and smooth. I lick around each ball sucking one into my mouth, the lack of pubic hair is wonderful! Then I lick back up to the head, large and flaring and slowly lower my open mouth over it. It is all I can do to get it into my mouth. I can’t believe this is me here doing this to a relative stranger. Tears roll down my cheek as the last thoughts of regret slip away. One hand holds his shaft while the other roams over his butt cheeks kneading them gently. I love the feeling of having my mouth filled with his hard wanting cock.

The past six months when my husband and I got together, and not that often, I could feel that he was with me out of obligation and not desire, he didn’t even get an erection when I mouthed him and that made me feel so empty and unattractive to him. I now realized that I need to be needed, desired again.

Rich’s hands are on my head holding me as he slowly pumps his cock-head in and out of my mouth. The motion is causing the seam of my shorts to rub up between my lips and against my clit. That’s a good boy, enjoy your self, soon it will be you working on me and loving it, my juices are running for you now. I want to make him cum, but I feel him grab me under the arms and start lifting me up. No, not yet! I increase the suction on his dick trying to keep it in my mouth, but it is pulled free and it slides down between my breasts as I rise. Its heat is burning. Being held tight against him, my breasts and nipples track their way up his body.

He lifts my head up and our eyes lock as he plants a kiss on my mouth, his tongue easing its way in to play with mine. Our kiss releases the passion we have for each other right now. Then for the second time he pulls himself out of my mouth against my will. And his lips kiss down my body to my breasts where he suckles on my nipples. Oh yes!! Don’t stop, pull on them more! Is he reading my mind?

What is he doing? His thumbs are inside the waistband of my shorts. His lips are on the move again, please let it be! I need it so bad! Don’t tease me! Yes he is pulling my shorts down. His face will be right at my pussy. Yes! Look at him staring at my soaking mound. You’re going to do what my husband refuses to do, you are going to eat me aren’t you? My shorts are on the floor and he’s lifting my feet out of my shorts and putting my foot in the chair. He has spread me wide open. Oh my God! His face is coming toward me, there I feel his tongue in my hair, ooooooh, his tongue is straight out pressing in between my lips!!!! I can’t wait any longer; I grab his hair and pull his mouth tight against my pussy.

“Eat me Rich! Do it good! Yesssss! Suck it, more! Yyyyyyyesssssssss fuck me with your tongue! I’m humping his tongue, fucking myself on it, yes yes yessss! Oooooooh I’m cummmmmmingggggggg, don’t stop licking me, he’s licking my juices, he’s out of control, this is what I’ve been missing, needing.” Finally the release my body craved, after what seems like forever, I breathe a sigh as my system begins to come down.

Rich’s face is soaking. He’s licking his lips as our eyes meet; he actually enjoys the taste of me! Jean is such a lucky woman to have a man who’ll take care of her like that. Why can’t my husband enjoy me like that? But it wasn’t my man; it was Jean’s Rich, oh no! What have I done? This shouldn’t have happened, it can’t happen again, but it was soooo good. It’s over, it’s done, it can’t happen again, it just can’t.

“Rich I’m sorry but I must shower now so that I can meet my son. I hope you’ll understand.”

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