Lorilei, Private Dancer

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Not a sequel, just another fantasy starring the same inspiration.


The semester was coming to an end, and I was on the way to pick up my daughter from college. She had some late exams, and since her roommate and best friend, Lorilei, was going to be at her part-time job at the university bookstore, it would be a few hours until someone was at their apartment. I decided to stop on the way at a nearby small city to check out a strip club I had heard about there.

As I was parking outside the understated building, I wondered about what kind of dancers there might be inside. With its close proximity to a couple college campuses, there was a good chance of seeing some attractive young co-eds, but you never can tell about these places – more than once I had visited a club that seemed promising but disappointed.

As my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting in the club, I had an initial favorable impression. It was rather typical design, with a main stage with seating around it, and small tables arranged around the room. An attractive young girl was spinning around the pole on the stage, about halfway on her way to being nude, and a number of other girls on the floor. So far I hadn’t seen anyone I considered unattractive, and some were most definitely insanely hot. This could be a very fun afternoon.

I took a seat at one of the tables just removed from the main stage. As I was waiting for a waitress to take my order, I heard a sound behind me, and before I had a chance to turn around, a couple hands slid over my shoulders and lightly caressed my upper chest. I could feel two firm breasts pressed against my head, and heard a sultry voice ask, “Buy a lady a drink?”

Now THIS was the way to start the afternoon! I smiled and turned my head to offer an invitation to join me, when I received the first shock of the day – I was looking into the smiling face of my daughter’s best friend, Lorilei! I could imagine the surprised look on my face by the no doubt identical look on hers as she realized who I was. “Oh my god, Mr. Mann!”

She quickly recovered, and slipped into the seat next to me. I, however, was still a bit shocked, and was just able to stammer out, “What are you doing here, Lorilei? May said you were working at the bookstore.”

“Call me Brandy, that’s my stage name. This pays better, and is much more fun. May doesn’t know about it – does she know you go to strip clubs?” she asked, with a little twinkle in her eyes.

“No, and I imagine we both would rather she doesn’t find out either thing,” I said. The waitress arrived, and I took the opportunity of placing an order to pull myself together. When the waitress left, I had my first chance to look at Lorilei, and despite the awkwardness of the moment, I found myself being aroused at the sight. Her long dark hair framed her beautiful face perfectly, and spilled down to the tops of her lovely breasts, breasts I had dreamed about since they first appeared. She was wearing a tiny bikini top showing a generous amount of cleavage, with what appeared to be a hint of her hardened nipples. Below her soft, rounded belly she had on the tightest pair of shorts I had ever seen. In all, a wonderful vision of youthful loveliness, which I felt a bit embarrassed about staring at in the moment.

She leaned in closer, and placed her hand on my knee. She said softly, “Sorry, but I’m expected to be nice to the customers, to get you to spend money, and we’d have trouble if I just sat here talking with you.” But her smile seemed genuine, çıtır escort and I had a hint from her face that her actions weren’t solely because of management expectations.

When our drinks came, she sat back and had a few sips. But then a sly smile came across her lips, and she leaned in close. “So, would you like a lap dance, Mr. Mann? They are topless here, and I’ve noticed you sneaking looks at my tits over the years, I’m sure you’d love a chance to see them up close.” Before I had a chance to react to this enticing offer, she put her lips up to my ear, and I felt her hand move up my leg to my crotch. “Or we could go to the Champagne Room and I’ll give you a blowjob like you wouldn’t believe. Would you like that, Mr. Mann? Would you like me to suck your cock?”

To say I was shocked would be an understatement; to say I was turned on would be even more of one. I could hardly believe it, this beautiful young creature, barely out of her teens, had offered herself to me, a middle-aged man who was her best friend’s father, and all I could think of was the sight of that mouth wrapped around my cock. I found I was unable to speak, and didn’t even ask how much this would cost; the best I managed was to nod my head vigorously. She laughed sweetly, then smiled, poking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth to lick her lip in a quite enticing manner. She grabbed my hand in hers, and nearly dragged me towards the back where the Champagne Room apparently was.

On the way down the hall, she paused to whisper something to an official looking man, who nodded to her before going into a room beside where he had been standing. She explained, “That’s my friend Danny, he’s in charge of security. There’s usually a security camera on in the Room, but I told him you were an old friend and asked him to cut off the camera. So we’ll have complete privacy.” We turned into a room at the end of the hall, and as she closed the door behind us, she gave me a gentle push onto a soft couch sitting against one wall.

As I looked up at her, I saw she had started to dance. It was a slow, sensuous dance, and she moved so well. Her C-cup tits moved gently back and forth on her chest as she swayed to the music, and when she turned away from me, I could see every contour of her delicious ass in her tight shorts. She had me completely under her spell as she moved closer, and then she backed up towards me, and dropped her tight ass into my lap. She leaned back against me, lifting one hand to caress the side of my face, and her head to the other side, her hair cascading around us. She slowly ground her ass on my covered cock, as it settled into the cleft between her cheeks. She turned her head, and I could see her smile out of the corner of my eye as my cock hardened beneath her.

“Will you help me with my top?” she asked, as she sat up and moved her hair away from the knot in the back of her bikini top. My hands trembled as I reached up and untied the string, and she leaned back against me, slowly lifting her top off her breasts and off her body. The sight of her bare breasts took my breath away, and as I gazed down at them, she reached down towards my hands at my sides.

“You can touch them if you’d like,” she said, as she drew them up her flat stomach until her tits were cupped in my hands. They were the perfect handful, and I squeezed their firmness, delighting in their weight against my palms, tweaking and lightly pinching her crinkled nipples. I heard a sigh escape her lips demetevler escort as I worked her breasts, and her body writhed with pleasure on top of mine.

All too soon she sat forward, and then stood, dancing around in front of me as she slowly unzipped her shorts. I was completely mesmerized by the swaying of those firm tits, and she turned her back to me and lowered her shorts, with her legs straight and bending at the waist. She wore only the smallest of thongs, and when she stood once more, I saw that her ass was as magnificent as her tits. This young woman had one of the most beautiful bodies I had ever seen, and I was amazed that it was on display for a dirty old man like me. She turned back toward me, and moved up onto my lap, straddling my legs and coming face to face with me.

She leaned in, and gently kissed my lips. As she pulled back from the kiss, she looked me in the eyes and said softly, “Please, Mr. Mann, suck my tits.” I thought of telling her to call me Tom, but quickly decided it was so much sexier when she called me “Mr. Mann”, it made it seem all the more taboo. She raised herself up until those perfect breasts were right by my face, and I did as she asked, something I had fantasized about for years. I reached around behind her and held her ass in my hands as I took each of her tender nipples between my lips in turn and sucked on them vigorously. I felt her body shudder in delight, and she ran her hands through my hair as I went to town on her tits. I was like a starving man, and I just couldn’t get enough of her supple flesh.

This went on for quite a while, and when she finally pulled back from me, her nipple coming out of my mouth with a pop, I was very disappointed. She looked me in the eyes again, and with desire clear on her face, she said, “That was wonderful, but I can’t wait, Mr. Mann, I NEED your cock in my mouth.”

I groaned at the thought of that, as she slid down to the floor between my legs, never taking her eyes off mine. I was in a daze as she swiftly unhooked my belt, unzipped my jeans, and before I knew it, my pants and underwear were off. My cock was exposed to her gaze, and fully hard. I’m only of average size, but the look on her face told me she approved, as she slowly licked her lips. She wrapped her fingers around it, which were slightly cool, and held it up towards her face. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Very nice,” she said, and as her lips approached the tip, she added, “By the way, Mr. Mann, I don’t think I said before, but you should know. I swallow.” With that, her lips parted, and the tip of my cock disappeared in her warm, wonderful mouth.

And that was just the beginning of one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. I felt her tongue gently caress the underside of my cock as her lips glided up and down on me. In and out my cock went, with her going deeper with each stroke. Her fingers encircled the base of my cock, only there to hold it up for her sucking mouth to do all the work. I don’t think I have seen anything so erotic as the sight of her down on her knees, kneeling between my legs, as she took my hard cock deeper and deeper in her mouth, until finally it was completely encased, her lips pressing against my stomach. Her eyes never left mine, and I could see the gleam in them – it was clear that she was loving this almost as much as I was. This was clearly a girl who was born to suck cock, and she was an artist at it. She looked up at me with my cock deep in her throat, holding it dikmen escort there a moment before slowly backing up to the tip.

“You like that, Mr. Mann? I’ve wanted to do this to you ever since I first learned to give a blowjob, and your cock is as yummy as I imagined,” she said as she smiled up at me, a little bit shyly, and I could tell it was important to hear what I thought. I didn’t entirely trust my voice at this point, but I cleared my throat and responded.

“Lorilei, you are fantastic. A world class cocksucker, I’m totally blown away,” I managed to croak out, and I could see she was pleased by the complement. She went back to sucking me, and I reached down to cup her hanging breasts in my hands. I kneaded her magnificent mammaries as she continued to fuck her mouth, varying her motion in a delightful manner, but never seeming to be in a hurry to finish me. She had an uncanny sense of my level of arousal, and just when I thought I would go over the top, she would back off, letting me cool down as she gently licked along the sides. Then she would return to sucking me – I had heard of “edging”, but I have never experienced anything quite like this. I never wanted this to end, and simultaneously thought if it went on much longer I would die of ecstasy. Finally when I thought I couldn’t take any more, she took my cock out of her mouth, gave it a slow lick from the base to the tip, and smiled up at me.

“Are you ready to cum, Mr. Mann? Would you like to cum in my mouth? I’d really love to feel you shoot off in my mouth, I’d love to swallow down your yummy cum. PLEEEEASE, Mr. Mann, will you feed me your cum?”

I groaned with desire as I took in this vixen, this vision of youthful loveliness, naked on her knees in front of me, begging me for the boon of cumming in her soft, wonderful mouth. How could any man resist such an appeal? I nodded in agreement, and she made it seem like I was doing her a favor by agreeing to fire my cum down her throat, and she went back to work on me with renewed vigor. She still seemed in no hurry, just a steady bobbing up and down on my cock, but not giving me a break of any kind this time. I felt my balls tighten up, and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Strangely enough, after all this I still tried to contain myself, as soon this would be over, but in time it was past the point of no return. My body stiffened, and I could see she was ready for it, so I let go in her mouth.

I don’t think I have ever cum this hard, or this much, in my entire life. Shot after shot erupted into her mouth, and she took it all in. She never stopped sucking, continuing to milk my cock with her mouth as my orgasm peaked, and beyond. When I had finally shot my last bit, she removed her mouth, licked the corner of her mouth where a bit had escaped, and visibly swallowed down the load I had given her. She immediately returned my cock to her mouth, gently sucking away until I finally began to soften. She then released my cock, and gave it a gentle kiss on the tip before sliding her body up mine.

When her face was level to mine, she leaned in, her lips parted, and I met hers with mine, kissing her soft, swollen lips. The tip of her tongue slipped into my mouth, and we kissed deeply, her hands wrapped around my head and mine around the small of her back, moving slowly down to that wonderful round ass. She broke the kiss, and said, “Thank you, Mr. Mann, that was a dream come true.”

I laughed at that, and replied, “I can’t believe you are thanking me, I am the one who should thank YOU. I don’t think I have ever had such a wonderful, sexy blowjob in my entire life. I don’t want to think about how much practice you must have had to be this good, but I’m glad I got to experience it this once.”

She smiled an evil little smile, and said, “What do you mean, ‘once’?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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