Loosening Lucy Ch. 04

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Editor’s Note: this submission contains raceplay and racial kink content.


After shitting out 22 pencils coated in nigger cum for the camera, the black men all applauded, apparently amazed by the deeds of this slut. Marg thanked them for their time and ushered them out of the house.

Paula watched on as Lucy knelt on the edge of the bed, gingerly fingering her ass hole to ascertain if it was closing up properly.

“Well done slut,” she said, waking Lucy from her post fuck n’ stretch trance.

Lucy turned to look at Paula, almost eliciting a smile as a confused happiness spread through her. A response to the kind words of encouragement, it felt good pleasing Paula.

“Now get up and clean up your mess, we have a guest coming for dinner, you need to go home.”

Slapped back to her reality as a depraved slave, Lucy collected the pencils and took them to the bathroom. It had become customary for her to clean any implements used in their sessions. The process filled her with desire. As she hand washed all the objects used on her body she would relive the sensations of submitting to the women. It ignited her need to return again.

Lucy glanced at the shower, reminding herself what a dirty whore she’d become. She was not allowed to wash whilst visiting their house, Marg and Paula both reminded her that Fuck Pigs enjoy wallowing in their own filth so she could bath when she got home. Her humiliation extended from door to door. The slickness between her butt cheeks and thighs was beginning to thicken and dry. Luckily her car seats were leather.

When she had cleaned up, got dressed and scooted out to her car, she looked between her legs at the sticky mess, drying to flakes of cum at the edges. God she hoped Michael would be out when she got home, he would not be happy if he saw her like this. As a hot flush of humiliation washed over her. She thought of soaking in the tub at home, she couldn’t wait.

Lucy pulled into the car park below their apartment and scanned for any of the neighbours, she had taken to scaling the the two flights of stairs after sessions at theirs. The thought of sharing an elevator was too much to bare, especially today as she no doubt reeked of dick, pussy and cum.

She decided to go for it, jogging up the stairs. She opened the door to the hallway leading to her apartment, just enough to check it was clear. Key in hand she made for her door, bursting through and shutting it vigorously behind her.

Her heart sank as the heard rapid gunfire behind her, Michael was home (he had taken to playing violent video games when he wasn’t fucking her ass or her throat, or eating).

Lucy crept towards the bathroom, hoping he wouldn’t notice as she passed behind the couch. Alas, he hit pause and turned to face her as she entered the living room.

“Ah, my slut has returned. I hope you’re pussy is still juicy, I need some wetness on my dick, come here and bend over the couch,” he said, motioning to the backrest as he stood up.

Lucy, frozen in fear, let her submission take over and walked towards the couch. She bent over the back, ass out and legs together. Tears welled in her eyes as Michael walked around and flipped up her skirt, “What the fuck!” he exclaimed, seeing the mess between her legs, he pulled her ass cheek to the side to see a seedy dribble of cum roll out. “You got fucked in the ass!”

“They made me do it,” sobbed Lucy.

“Do what?”

“They made them all cum in me.”

“What the fuck, how many?”

“8,” squeaked Lucy.

“Oh my god, get the fuck out of here you filthy whore, go back to where you came from.”

“Please Michael,” she whimpered, dropping to her knees in front of him, “I can still please you.”

“Not tonight slut, I need some clean pussy. Get out of here and don’t come back til tomorrow. I’m calling Kristy.” He reached down and grabbed her arm, lifting her up and walking her to the door, he pushed her out, shutting it in her face.

He looked down at her handbag, still inside, then snatched her car keys off the table and tossed them out the door, shutting it again.

Lucy stood there shocked, flushed with humiliation and a deep desire to please Michael. To suck him nice and hard then bounce her ass on his cock, just the way he taught her to. To show him she could still please him.

She picked up her keys, about to open the door again, she thought better of it. He said he wanted clean pussy, hers was definitely not clean. Maybe she should just go and come back tomorrow, at least then she might not be covered in drying cum.

She went back down the stairs and sat in her car, gathering her thoughts. The only real option was to go back to Marg and Paula’s place and beg them to let her stay the night. She didn’t have her wallet or phone and was too gross to go anywhere else.

She started her car and drove back the way she came.

As she walked up the steps to their front door, she could feel the cum, it had become thicker and stickier, her ass hole was beginning to feel inflamed and sensitive. God she felt filthy, hopefully foça escort they wouldn’t use her too hard tonight.

She rang the doorbell. It took a while for anything to happen. When it swung open Marg was standing there, looking stunning, despite her age, in an slim dress and makeup. Lucy looked down at herself embarrassed.

“What brings you back here whore?”

“Umm, Michael told me to come back. I am too dirty.”

“You certainly are dirty. Why didn’t you find somewhere to wash on your way home?”

“I.. I don’t know.”

“Well next time perhaps. Never mind, you may come in, we have someone you might like to meet. In fact we were just talking about you”.

Lucy’s cheeks flushed red as she stepped inside.

She felt a twinge in her pussy at the thought of being presented to another person.

She followed Marg into the dining room to, ushered to stand in from of a gorgeous young woman with long dark hair and piercing eyes. Lucy felt herself shrink as she stood in front of this girl, surely younger than her.

“My oh my, it appears our slut has come back.” Said Paula, sitting at the head of the table. “Here she is darling, the one we were telling you about.”

The dark haired young woman kept staring at Lucy, looking deep into her being.

Lucy felt naked in front of her, dishevelled and dirty.

“Her boyfriend has kicked her out,” Marg informed them.

“I see,” chuckled Marg, “too much of a slut for your boyfriend, that’s gotta be a first.”

“Perhaps we can get started early then Candy.” Paula said to the young woman.

“I think so,” she responded. “I’ll take her tonight.”

“Oh you’re in for a treat little Fuck Pig, Candy here hates men. She would be only to happy to help teach you boyfriend a lesson. She specialises in making slut’s pussies more beautiful.”

“I can’t wait to see what she comes up with, you will stay with Candy this weekend so she can begin working on your body.”

“But Michael wants me back tomorrow,” said Lucy.

“No no,” said Paula, “I don’t think he deserves to have you tomorrow. We must teach him to love you as you are.”

“But he’s been seeing someone else, he might leave me!”

“Don’t you worry about that, if she becomes a problem, we can handle another slut.”

“Now take off your clothes and fetch you cushion, you may sit on the floor while we finish our dinner,” added Marg.

Lucy sat by the table as they drank wine and ate, occasionally they tossed her bits of food, which she obligingly ate.

The three women talked about all sorts of things, chatting frequently about how other sluts were behaving.

It comforted Lucy to know she wasn’t the only slut, it seemed Marg and Paula were involved in quite a community of women who treated other women as sluts. The only thing that slightly disturbed Lucy was the mention of another woman named Donna, apparently her owner had locked her pussy shut for 3 weeks.

Candy said she was thinking of prepping ‘this one’ the same way, motioning towards Lucy.

She could not imagine what they meant, but the anticipation had her aroused again.

When they had finished dinner, the three women said their goodbyes and thanked each other for a wonderful evening.

Lucy was directed to put on her skirt and dress and drive Candy home.

When they got there, Candy showed her around,. It was a largish two bedroom apartment, one room was clearly the bedroom with a big bed and wardrobe, the other was equipped with an assortment of chairs and devices, toys and dildos. Clearly a space for the treatment of sluts. Lucy could barely take in the array before being ushered along. Her body flushed with desire at the thought of what Candy would do to her.

They walked through the open living room into the bathroom.

The room was fully tiled and divided in two by a large glass screen, with a toilet and basin on one side and a shower and drain on the other.

“I think it’s time to make you clean,” said Candy, it was the some of first words she’d said to Lucy since leaving their house, other than, “come in,” and “follow me”.

“Take off your clothes and lie under the shower there. On your side”.

Lucy did as she was told.

Candy went out to retrieve her utensils, all Lucy heard was a tap running in the kitchen.

Candy strode back in to hang a clear enema sack on the wall, filled to 1.5L with clear liquid. The hose she held in her hand, along with a tube of lube. Lucy looked up at her with some idea of what was to come. It was not the first time she’d had her rectum flushed.

Candy knelt down behind her, “let me see your ass-hole,” she demanded.

Lucy reached back and pulled her upper cheek forward, shifting a little to point her ass at Candy.

“It looks like they gave you a workout. It’s a little red. You probably don’t need any lube with all that cum seeping out, but this stuff is all natural with neem, it should help reduce any inflammation. I’ll need to use the pump up attachment though, this plug won’t stay in.”She said, screwing foça escort bayan a black butt plug off the end of the hose. “One moment.” Candy walked out again.

Lucy was beginning to feel attracted to Candy, she actually seemed to care about her body. Like it was more than three fuck holes.

Candy returned with a pump up butt plug, it was clear plastic to go with the enema kit. She screwed it neatly onto the enema hose, just below the tap. She knelt behind Lucy again, “now open up that ass-hole for me, pull your butt wide and relax.”

She poked the tip of the lube tube in and squeezed a dollop inside. Next she pasted some on the outside of Lucy’s sphincter and worked it in and around with her finger. “Are you looking forward to having all this shit and cum flushed out of you?” Lucy nodded.

Next Candy squeezed a blob of lube onto the tip of the pump plug, carefully spreading the glistening gel over the hump and down to the base. Prepped for insertion she lay the tip at Lucy’s anal entrance and pushed gently. Now used to penetration, Lucy relaxed herself open around the widest point and sucking the neatly lubed plug up inside her. Deflated, it was smaller than the smallest cock she’d had today, so despite some tenderness it went in easily.

Wasting no time, Candy began to pump the plug with the little hand pump, watching the base of the plug pull firmly up against Lucy’s sphincter. As she pumped, the clear base of the plug allowed Candy to monitor the size of Lucy’s opening, and as her rectum filled with the inflatable ball, her ring was stretched wider by the neck of the plug. Candy continued to pump as Lucy let out a moan, her hole was now held open just wider than the average cock. Lucy couldn’t see, but she felt full and open. The pumped up plug showed her stretched pink ring and dark cavern beyond, the two narrow hoses firmly attached to the base.

Candy put down the pump, “I want you to shit it out,” she said.

Lucy looked up.

“You heard me. Try and shit the plug out.”

Lucy pushed with her muscles.

“Harder, I want you to shit it out.”

Candy watched as her sphincter strained outwards, being pushed by pumped up rubber ball inside. Lucy was trying. She could feel it inside her, being pushed out. Her face turned red from the effort.

“Enough!” said Candy, with a smile. “It appears to be stuck. Just how we want it.”

Now relax your belly, we are going to fill you up. She opened the tap near the bottom of the hose, winding up to the plastic bladder hung on the wall.

Lucy felt the water enter her hole. It was warm and not unpleasant and it kept on flowing.

Candy walked out, only to return momentarily with handcuffs and a collar. Again she knelt down behind Lucy and slipped the thick leather collar around her neck, fasting both buckles at the side, so one steel ring hung at the back and one at the front. Next she closed the handcuffs around each of Lucy’s wrists, drawing her arms up to her to chin and attached the clip on the handcuffs to the ring on her collar.

Lucy was relatively helpless, laying on the tiles, her ass fully plugged, her bowels slowly filling. Having lost the use of her arms, she now felt all the more submissive in this stranger’s bathroom.

“I need to make sure you’re clean before I play with you, the cuffs will help you stay put.”

By now Lucy was feeling mildly uncomfortable. Her colon was definitely full of liquid. She’d taken more than she had when Marg and Paula cleaned her out and it was starting to show. She felt like she needed to shit, badly, and still the water kept flowing.

Candy left her on the floor to go and make a cup of tea.

When she returned Lucy was whimpering, immobile on the floor, her lower abdomen clearly distended.

Candy loved doing this to pretty women, making their taught flat belly’s bulge like some sort of temporary pregnancy.

She leaned against the sink, looking down at Lucy, helpless on the ground. Her deep brown eyes again penetrating Lucy. Lucy looked up, too scared to speak or ask for relief. Despite her discomfort, she was somehow awed by the power of this young woman, enduring this treatment for her, to please her.

Candy sipped her tea and watched the last of the liquid drain from the bladder. She bent and turned off the tap, despite being fitted with a valve, she wanted to discourage back flow.

Taking her time to finish her tea, she knelt beside Lucy and spread her hand over Lucy’s bulging belly, feeling her firm fullness, and drawing Lucy’s attention to her swollen intestines. Oh how she enjoyed the cruel humiliation of altering women’s bodies and fucking with their body image. Lucy whimpered some more as she realised her belly was visibly swollen.

“Now my darling,” offered Candy softly, “I’m going to remove this plug, but I want you to hold everything inside you until you reach the toilet, OK.”

Lucy nodded.

Candy opened the valve allowing air to stream out, Lucy’s sphincter retracted as the plug returned to it’s original size.

“I’m escort foça going to pull it out now, you squeeze tight once it’s out.”

Lucy felt the familiar feeling of a butt plug sliding out, the stretching around the bulb, the gentle gliding retraction as the tapered shaft was removed. Only this time there was more to follow, a lot more. Without the plug sealing her up, Lucy had to clench her muscle tight to prevent her spilling her guts. She felt an overwhelming urge to purge her bowels, like surprise diarrhoea, bursting at the seams. Lucy clenched as Candy got up and got out of the way, she had done this before.

“Now get up slut and get yourself on that toilet.”

Lucy looked though the screen at the toilet on the other size of the room. She didn’t know what to do, full to bursting with her wrists attached to her neck, she felt as helpless as she looked.

Fear of disappointing her new mistress spurred her to action, she squeezed tight and tried to roll herself onto her knees, but the mere act of raising her hips required her core muscles to engage. It was all her poor ass hole could take, the added pressure caused the dam wall to crack. A spurt erupted from her behind as her butt dropped back to the floor. Lucy’s mind gave up, she relaxed her sphincter and the water gushed out. Carrying with it little globs of poo and cum. The mixture returned, flowing back along her body, toward the drain near her head.

Lucy’s cheeks flushed and pussy gushed as the warm mixture spread around her. She didn’t know why, but being treated like this certainly got her hot. Candy’s wicked grin confirmed her enjoyment in watching Lucy’s degradation.

“You are a filthy fuck pig Lucy, wallowing in your own filth. I bet this is making you wet.” With that, Candy pulled down her underwear and, stepping forward over Lucy, lifted her skirt and proceeded to piss up and down the length of Lucy’s body. Spending the final squirt by nailing her in the head.

Lucy lay there feeling the sensations and accepting the situation. She jolted as Candy turned on the shower, cold water blasting her naked body.

She lay there, blinking through the spray as the water gradually warmed and washed it all away.

Candy fussed about, preparing for a shower, she undressed and retrieved a long clear hose from under the sink. At one end was a steel tube, with a rounded end and a hole in the tip for passing water. She placed this on the floor next to Lucy and snaked the rest around the end of the shower screen and back to the sink, there a rubber collar on the other end fitted snug over the faucet. She turned on the tap and water squirted out the steel wand.

“Get up slut.” Candy demanded as she stepped under the water. Her young bikini babe body outdoing Lucy’s own petite frame. Candy’s full round breasts alone signified her power over Lucy, who despite being proportionate, was definitely smaller.

Lucy struggled to her knees and then to her feet, her hands held like a puppy begging for a treat.

Candy had her dark hair neatly tied under a cute bath cap, and an exfoliating glove on her hand. Before taking the bottle of body wash and scrubbing Lucy from head to toe, she made the poor girl squat over the drain and squeeze the rest of the enema from her system. It came out in squirts and farts as Lucy exerted her efforts.

When she’d finished shitting water, Candy squatted next to Lucy with her pussy exposed and picked up the douche wand that was on and poked it straight up her snatch. Lucy squealed and squirmed and almost fell over, the water flushing her cunt was definitely cold. But Lucy’s restraints meant she was forced to balance in her squat or face falling flat. So endure she did, as Candy rinsed her out (longer than necessary to get rid of the cum). The stream jetted up her tunnel and back down past her lips. Lucy shook and moaned as her sensitive hole was subjected to this. Her previous pussy would have simply closed itself off, but after the last few months of formidable stretching her hole remained open and took what was given.

Finally clean, with her arms still restrained, Lucy dripped in the shower until Candy had dried herself, only then drying Lucy’s body for her.

Lucy was beginning to succumb to the effects of restraint, feeling less and less able and more like a sub.

Finally dry, Candy took Lucy by the forearm and led her to the kitchen. Forcing her to bed over the bench with her belly, breasts and arms, pressed against the cold marble.

“Stay there,” she said, and went into her bedroom, returning again in a black silk negligee.

Lucy gazed cross eyed ahead, her chin on the bench, when Candy plonked a dark green glass butt plug in front of her face. It was a reasonable size, especially close up. Over a centimetre at the waist and jutting out to 3cm at the hips.

Candy explained, “It’s most important for you to be ready for penetration at any time. That’s what makes you a slut. Your pussy cleans and lubricates itself, and from what I understand, yours is usually ready. Your mouth is also good for penetration. You’re anus on the other hand requires assistance to meet the criteria. While you are here, we will begin a daily regimen which you are to maintain from now on. You will be cleaned and lubricated twice a day, and while not in use, your ass hole will be held at the ready by this.” She tapped the plug.

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