Long Simmering Swing Ch. 01

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I met my darling wife, Vanessa, at State U in my junior year. At the time I was living in a sleazy two-bedroom apartment a few blocks from campus. The place was noisy, with paper-thin walls and a bumper crop of cockroaches. Still it was a hell of a lot better than living in the dorm, cramped into an 8 X 10 concrete box with another guy who never bothered to change his sheets and whose dirty socks and jock straps gave the room a fragrant ambiance that I could do without.

I teamed up with Greg Tolson, another aspiring engineer and took out a one-year lease on the apartment. Unfortunately, Greg managed to flunk out the first semester and I was stuck paying the full rent with seven months on the lease.

Actually I was glad to be rid of Greg. He wasn’t so much a slob as he was constantly borrowing my shit with or without my permission and making passes at my long time squeeze, Ginger. I made a few adjustments to my financials and got on with the business of college. After my experiences with Greg and my roomies in the dorm, I was happy to bear the expense alone. It was nice to have a place that was totally private, where Ginger and I could be intimate without someone barging in on us while we were doing the nasty.

Jake Dawson, another good buddy, brought Vanessa to a party at my apartment. Jake and I went back to our freshman days at Dedmen Hall. We both played on an intramural squad called the Dedmen Graves. We played flag football, basketball and softball against other dorm and fraternity teams. Jake and I continued to play on the Graves even after we moved out of Dedmen Hall. Jake was much like me in his love of competitive sports. We were regulars on the racquetball court and were evenly matched. We were also partners in two-man volleyball and made it to the intramural volleyball finals on several occasions.

As far a college parties go, it was a rather mundane affair, with half a dozen or so couples, beer and a little jungle juice. Ginger was delighted that Vanessa had come to the party, as they were sorority sisters.

I was immediately infatuated with Vanessa. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world; five foot six, beautifully proportioned, with long dark hair and intense, penetrating blue eyes. Not that Ginger was bad; she was a great looking chick, a tall ravishing redhead with nicely freckled tits. I was very happy with Ginger, still there was something about Vanessa that got my chemicals flowing. I don’t know if it was her pheromones, her coquettish smile, or maybe it was just the amount of cleavage she was displaying. Anyway I was smitten.

I played it cool and managed to be a good host without pissing off either Ginger or Jake. After that, I’d see her with Jake on a regular basis, as they became recurring occupants of my spare bedroom. I didn’t mind. Jake was a good friend with good manners, and any excuse to be near Vanessa was appreciated; even if was just to watch her disappear behind closed doors to fuck another guy.

You could hear them through the thin walls, the moaning, the groaning, the tap, tap, tap of the bed frame hitting the wall. If Ginger were over, we’d soon be screwing too. If not, I just had to listen or leave.

Jake was a big hulking kind of guy and I knew that Vanessa had told Ginger what a nice cock he had. Judging from the tapping of the bed against the wall, the guy certainly had endurance. The duration and frequency of the repetitive sets of tell-tell noises was a subject Ginger and I delighted in discussing.

Then early in my senior year, Jake started bringing over another girl and Vanessa was out of the picture. Ginger told me that Vanessa had broken it off. Jake said nothing and I didn’t pry.

By this time Jake had a key to my place even though he wasn’t a roomie. He was living with five other guys where had no privacy what so ever. He’d asked to move in with me, but I liked things as they were. I wasn’t heartless though; I had given him free access to my spare bedroom. There were a few problems with the arrangement nonetheless, like the time he walked in on us while I was fucking Ginger on the kitchen table, or the time he walked in and Ginger was bouncing up and down on my lap, my cock buried in her ass. It was a bit embarrassing for Ginger, but I had the feeling that she really didn’t mind.

Then they betrayed me. My afternoon classes were canceled because the prof who taught both classes was sick. I went home to catch up on my work. I walked in on Ginger fucking Jake. She was on the sofa and on her knees, leaning over the backrest of the sofa. Jake was straddling her and going at her from behind. It was clear that Ginger was a willing participant.

I was stunned. I had been considering dumping Ginger, but this was too much. I told them both to get the hell out and don’t come back. Ginger was oh, so sorry. Jake just smirked. I had the locks changed.

Free of Ginger, I now had the opportunity to pursue the girl of my dreams, Vanessa. Vanessa was no wallflower and I had one hell of a time getting a date with her. Then on our first date, I had to listen to how much Ginger still loved me and all that garbage. We started seeing escort bostancı each other more and more, at the student union for coffee, at the Rathskeller for a beer, or just hanging out. We were having a study date at the library when I finally asked her if she wanted to go to my apartment. She smiled, batted those big blue eyes, and said, “It’s about time you asked me. Yes, I’d like that very much.”

No sooner had I closed the door when she turned her head up to me to kiss. No need to worry about my next move. That kiss was deep and prolonged, igniting the pent up passion within us both. Breaking off the kiss, I pushed back her long dark hair from her face and gazed into her eyes, eyes that spoke of her longing, of her longing for me. I gently nibbled at her lips, tracing their outline with the tip of my tongue. Then I lewdly tongue fucked her mouth before licking up the line of her jaw to nuzzle the nape of her neck and her ear.

I held her in my arms, my hands on her sweet spot, where I could just barely feel the bulge of her breasts. Moaning, she thrust her tongue into my mouth to dance with my lingual digit. I lowered my hands down her sides and then came back up and under her blouse. My hands ascended her back and in one quick move, I had her bra unsnapped. Unimpeded, my hands roamed across the silky smooth skin of her back. I caressed her back for several minutes while tenderly kissing her before I began unbuttoning her blouse. I took my time. We had all night.

After each button, I kissed her neck, her ears, her lips. After I did the top three buttons, I began kissing down her neck to swell of her breasts. Finally, I was able to pull the blouse from her shoulders, letting it settle onto the floor. Her loose bra quickly joined the blouse.

I kissed down to her perfect 36C tits, circling her dark, perky nipples like a shark measuring up its next meal, teasing her unmercifully, building the sexual tension. When my hot tongue finally flicked her erect nip, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her succulent breast to feed. I tormented that tasty nipple until she cried out and pushed my head away, only to have me lovingly torture her other teat. Meanwhile my hand was massaging her pussy through her jeans. She came with a shudder, lustily crying out in unabashed pleasure, a large wet spot forming at the crotch of her jeans.

When her climax had subsided, she slumped into my arms. I carried her over to my tattered and stained sofa and gently laid her down. Without a moment of hesitation, I lovingly removed her “Jesus sandals” and massaged her beautiful feet with her short stubby toes. I quickly unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. As I pulled her jeans from her hips and down her legs, she looked at me with an unmistakable yearning. A yearning I knew I was destined to soon fulfill. She was still wearing the tiniest pink thong. I grabbed the tiny soaked garment and tore it way from her savagely, crushing it into a ball, bringing to my nose so that I could inhale her womanly scent. I still have that souvenir.

Vanessa lay before me completely nude. My eyes hungrily feasted on her perfect proportions, her sensuous curves a delight to behold. What a beautiful creature! Her breasts were firm, her waist wasp-like, flaring to wide hips with a perfect ass before tapering into her thighs to her shapely calves and the sexiest feet I’d ever seen. Her ankle was adorned with a diamond tennis bracelet, her toes bedecked with several silver toe-rings.

I stood above her, like some triumphant Vandal Goth, and began to undress myself. My intentions were clear. She smiled invitingly, approving of her fate. As I stepped out of my jeans and drawers, she caressed her breasts and spread her legs a little, her eyes riveted on my jutting 8-inch penis. Lifting her far leg, I brought her toes to my mouth. My eyes were locked to hers as I slathered each salty toe while grinding my stiff cock into her bare inner thigh. We both enjoyed the toe sucking. Slowly, I began my deliberate descent down her leg, kissing, licking, and nibbling along the way, until at last I could lick the crease between her thigh and vulva. She was neatly shaved, with just a small triangular patch of black wooly hair over her pubic mound. Her coral colored pussy lips glistened with her arousal secretions. I licked along her other thigh/vulva crease before nibbling at her other inner thigh, then returned my attentions to her fleshy vulva, where I licked and teased for several minutes. Vanessa was squirming around, her breasts heaving.

She seemingly sucked all the air out of the room through her teeth when with the flat of my tongue, I licked her juicy slit like an ice cream cone, starting low down and finishing above her clit. The slow tease had done its work, so that when my unhurried tongue finally raked across her protruding clit at a snail’s pace, her stomach muscles began undulating as she murmured, “Oh god! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Her taste was divine, and I eagerly began my second slow lick up her precious valley, this time driving my tongue into her as deep as possible as I drew my tongue across her dripping sex. She squealed in salacious ümraniye escort delight in response to my measured oral onslaught. I swirled my tongue around the base of her stiff nubbin, until she involuntarily began bucking her hips. I ran my middle finger into her cunt and massaged the velvety ribbed walls of her vagina. Howling lustily in orgasmic ecstasy, I felt her vagina tighten around my probing finger as she came. A warm gush flowed across my hand and I hungrily lapped at her pussy, sucking up as much of her sweet nectar as I could. I pulled my face, dripping wet, from her pussy, scooted up and kissed her, sharing with her, her own juices as she coasted down from her orgasm.

She was primed and ready. Ready for the fucking I had fantasized about ever since I first laid my eyes on her so many months ago. Picking her up, I carried her off to my bed. Above her head, Vanessa gripped the iron spindles of the headboard, spreading her shapely legs, welcoming me to enter her nubile body.

I crawled on top and she wrapped her legs around my waist tightly. I guided the oozing knobby head of my uncut cock to the entrance of her carnal temple. The head shoved aside her pouting labia, the slick fleshy flaps stretching around and sheathing my cock crown. I paused to watch her beautiful face.

She stared at me wild-eyed, lust crazed, desperate to be penetrated. I wiggled my cock and she desperately cried, “Fuck me David! Please fuck me! God I need you in me! Please, I need you!” I slowly penetrated her about two inches. She hissed, “Yessssssssss!”

My own eyes grew wider as I gauged the tightness of her cunt. I had always feared and imagined that Jake had stretched her cunt wide, beyond repair, with a giant cock befitting a man his size. My mind flashed back to the many times Jake and I showered after a workout or game of racquetball and I realized how stupid my imaginary fears were. I knew perfectly well that his cock was fairly normal, big, but not any larger than my own.

In keeping with my slow, steady approach that evening, I began to thrust into her with slow, shallow strokes, employing a tantric technique I had mastered with Ginger. Nine shallow strokes followed by a deep penetrating stroke, then eight shallow strokes followed by two deep penetrations, and so forth until all the shallow strokes were used up and only deep thrusts remained. The shallow strokes stimulated her G-spot; the long strokes stimulated her entire twat. It was as effective on Vanessa as it was on Ginger and by the time I was down to three shallow strokes, seven deep, she was cumming again. Her pussy clamped down on my loving cock and spasmed mightily. A low guttural moan began deep in her throat that rose to a mournful wail. She groveled and twisted below me as the intense total body experience swept over her.

I fucked her through her orgasm, keeping to my deliberate plan, finishing my first series with one shallow and nine deep leisurely trips to the clutching depths of her wonderful cunt. On the final thrust I simply buried myself in her and waited for her contractions to ease, allowing myself some relief from over stimulation. Her orgasm subsided and with my own orgasm suppressed for the time being, I started the series over again with nine shallow and one deep.

I then discovered that she was the type of chick who once the vaginal orgasms began they would keep on sweeping through her as long as her G was stimulated. Again and again, I repeatedly brought her to orgasm. She became covered in sweat, the perspiration beading up and then running in rivulets down her body onto the sheets. With each orgasm I felt my balls being bathed in her sweet juices. She was totally consumed with fuck lust. She tossed her head from side to side, her eyes tightly shut, babbling incoherently.

My neighbors were a married couple and on her third orgasm John shouted, “Don’t kill her David! Just fuck her!” and then he pounded on the thin walls in rowdy applause accompanied by several mirthful yells. I could hear his wife, Kathy, fussing at him to leave us alone. I didn’t give a shit. Vanessa, I don’t think any of the clamor registered on her fevered brain.

On her fifth orgasm, accompanied by John’s lewd urgings, I let myself come. It was so incredibly intense. The long suppressed orgasm hit me like a detonation. My vision narrowed to the point of blackness, bright simmering points of lights dazzeled me, as the exquisite agony radiated throughout me. It felt like my cock was bursting as the first thick wad of semen shot into her. With each powerful spurt into her I too cried out lustily. “Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuucccckkkk!”

John pounded on the walls again. “Yee haw! Fuck her again cowboy!”

I pulled my shrinking, dribbling cock from her quivering quim. Sitting back on my heals, I watched her pussy pulsating, oozing my cum, her raw inner lips now protruding from her swollen outer labia. When she finally recovered enough to open her eyes, I greeted her with a wet glistening semi-flaccid cock, still oozing cum for her to lick clean. She started to protest but I shoved it against kartal escort bayan her lips. She licked at it and then took it into her mouth for a proper cleaning. After a minute or so of gentle sucking, I pulled my cock from her mouth, kissed her on the lips and then snuggled up to her. A few minutes later we were both sound asleep, our passion sated for the moment.

I awoke early the next morning to the delightful sensation of having my cock sucked by a very pretty girl. I just lay there and let her do her thing, filling the room with lewd smacking and slurping noises. After several minutes of oral bliss, she pulled off of my cock, smiled sweetly and said, “I’ve never let a guy come in my mouth before.” She made a quick bob over my glans and added, “You’ll be the first.” She then went down on me again, her lips sealed around my rigid stalk before pulling up to the tip.

Down she went again and again, her tongue lashing the underside of my throbbing cock. I bucked my hips, fucking into her mouth as she continued her oral massage. I tried to make it last as long as possible, but she was now in control. My glans began to tingle, signaling my impending climax. I tired to squeeze off the orgasm, my buttocks gripping at the sheets, but I was only successful in delaying it for a minute.

“I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming,” I gasped.

She seemed to renew her efforts. Once again the delicious feeling sprang from my genitals as I unloaded into her mouth. My toes curled and my body shook as my cock jerked with each contraction. After three good squirts, she abruptly pulled off, cum running out of mouth. My fourth shot hit her squarely between the eyes. The fifth was too weak to gain much air, and mostly dribbled uselessly down my cock to coat my nuts, soon to be joined by my final depleted contractions. She swallowed and then grinned in delight.

Smiling broadly she said, “Mmmmmmmmm, you taste good. I didn’t know it tasted so good.” Vanessa giggled as she scooped the thick white goo, dripping from her face and licked her fingers clean. Then she went down to lick the residue off my balls and cock. Once she had finished she kissed her way up my torso to deliver a nice spermy kiss on my lips. I was in love.

We cuddled for several minutes, mutually caressing and fondling. My left hand found its way to her pussy. I massaged her baby-butt smooth pudendum for a few minutes before slipping into her wet slit and into her most private reaches. I zeroed in on her G-spot, soon the fleshy patch rose into a discernable bump. Vanessa began to squirm, signaling her building climax. I slipped another finger into her, palpitating the erogenous spot with my fingers spread into a V, V for Vanessa. Her passion quickly rose. Sensing that she was near the point of no return, I put my thumb to good use on her clit, all the while beating on her G. That did it, three swipes of the thumb and her body nearly jack knifed. Vanessa squeezed her legs together tightly and tried to roll away. I stayed with her, relentlessly stimulating her, not allowing her any escape from the gut wrenching orgasm that was released upon her.

She cried out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” in a loud plaintiff moan.

From next door I heard John through the thin walls as if he were in the room call out, “Go get her David! Aw shit, I can’t stand it! Come on honey, wake up, we’ve gotta fuck!”

In the next apartment, but no more than three feet away, I heard Kathy groan. Then she urged her husband with a familiar refrain, “Fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard! Harder! Oh yes, I love your big hard dick pounding my little pussy! Yes baby, yesssss!”

What with the atmosphere reverberating with sex, I was quite hard again and mounted Vanessa. This time I didn’t take it slow. This time I started off hard and fast, slamming her cunt with each every punishing thrust, our bare bellies slapping together. After about three minutes of hard fucking, I changed positions slightly from the missionary, lying more or less cross ways at a 45-degree angle to the right, so that my cock stimulated the side of her vagina. After another few minutes of forceful thrusting, I switched to lying at a 45-degree angle to the left and worked over the opposite wall of her cunt. She was coming again, this time accompanied by the wails of Kathy next door. Once again her pussy clutched and squeezed around my cock, making it sometimes difficult to ram it in her, but I managed. Her contractions and the wailing eased.

I pulled out, grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her until her ass was at the edge of the bed before flipping her over onto her stomach. With her legs dangling towards the floor, she sought to find purchase on the floor with her feet. She pushed up slightly. Her pussy spread open to me. I stepped into the slot between her spread legs and skewered her pussy from behind. My groin slapped into her perfect buns as I continued my rough fucking. I had but one object, and that was to get my rocks off. No languid lovemaking this morning. We didn’t have all day, we both had to be in class in about forty-five minutes. She began grunting, muffling her cries in a pillow. Soon I felt that familiar sensation in my genitals. I didn’t fight it, I didn’t try to delay it so as to increase its intensity, I just let it cum. I grunted as my cock spewed its gift into her precious and perfect body. I continued to fuck her until my softening dick gave it up and folded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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