Lockdown Escapade of My Wife Pt. 02

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(There is a saying that once a tiger gets the taste of blood, it craves more for the same. This happened to our milkman, Chiranjiv, who was tempted by my 48 years old horny wife, Limi. In all probability, the same craving was in Limi too. Those who have read the Part -I of this series know the details. It was on the night of 23rd April when Limi tempted a man much younger than her and also much below our social status as relief from the boredom imposed by lockdown on our swinging habit. You will also recall how Chiranjiv had fucked my wife like a slut and how as a cuckold husband I enjoyed to watch my wife in carnal game with another man and after Chiranjiv left our home, we both got horny and enjoyed a mind-blowing sex that night.)

Next evening i.e. on 24th April, Chiranjiv came as usual to deliver milk. I was going through a journal sitting at the portico of the ground floor. Limi was in the first floor. When Chiranjiv greeted me with his traditional salute, I told him to go upstairs and deliver the milk in the first floor. I could see a radiance of delight on his face as I asked him to go upstairs.

I decided to give them sometime in private and then to watch them. From the first floor I could listen to his pouring the milk in our stainless steel saucepan and say something whisperingly to Limi. I could hear Limi, who said in an unusually loud voice, “No, not now.”

Then there was some rustling sound and when Chiranjiv did not return even after five minutes, I decided to move stealthily to the first floor to watch them. The scene I saw was very encouraging for any cuckold. Inside the kitchen, Limi was pressed against the wall and Chiranjiv was kissing her lips while his two hands were kneading the big asses of my wife. But it did not last longer and as they disengaged and were arranging their attire I heard Chiranjiv tell her, “I want it quickly.”

I came back stealthily to my seat in the first floor and pretended to be engrossed in the journal. After Chiranjiv left, I went to the first floor and asked Limi, “What did your milkman do today?”

“He is crazy and horny,” replied Limi, “I thought his hard tool would pierce through my cloth.”

I smiled looking at her and said, “On your lower lip there is a mark of his bite. Had he got a chance he would have given a good screw today also.”

“Yes,” my horny wife shamelessly replied, “He said he wanted the next session quickly. Had he forced, I might have ended up taking his tool today itself.”

“Since your lover didn’t, let me compensate your craving pussy,” I said and pulled Limi towards the bedroom. Limi was already hot and responded to me by putting her lips on mine. Once in the bedroom I roughly pushed my hands inside her bra and found her nipples erect. I pressed them and said, “You’re hot like a bitch.”

Limi was in full mood and said, “A cuckold enjoys when his wife is hot like a bitch. But I have more to show. Explore my cunt and see how Chiranjiv has made it dripping with love juice.”

I immediately pushed my hands and was surprised to find that her wetness can be felt over her panty too. Her warmth and excited state had already made my shaft stand up in anticipation. I removed her bra letting her big tits get free and I took one in my mouth while kneading the other with my hand. Limi moaned indicating her growing passion. I kissed her lips and began to suck them.

“Just imagine, it is Chiranjiv doing it to you,” said I and felt her body shiver.

Slowly I removed her panty exposing her wet pussy and I felt I wanted to be dominated by her. I told her that I want to be dominated and humiliated by her. Limi immediately changed her role to that of a boss and roughly asked me, “Why you fool are still wearing these dresses? Strip yourself before your boss or I will spank you.”

“Yes madam,” I responded humbly and started taking away my dresses.

As I got naked and my phallus sprang out in full erect state Limi teased me while giving a mild spank on my asses, “Don’t you feel ashamed to appear like this before your boss?”

“Sorry boss,” I replied, “What do you want?”

“Can’t you feel the throbbing sensation of my pussy after Chiranjiv left without fucking me?” Limi said, “Give me oral pleasure, put your tongue deep inside my pussy.”

As I brought my face near her pussy, Limi put her legs on my back crossing them at my shoulders as if entrapping me and said, “Start sucking and don’t stop till you are told to stop.”

I started parting her vaginal lips with my tongue and started caressing her lips with my tongue. She moaned in pleasure as I continued to lick. After sometime Limi suddenly slapped hard on my buttocks and said, “Can’t you see my love juice is flowing out? Drink it and lick my pussy clean.”

But more I licked more did she discharge. At one time I pushed my tongue inside her hole and started playing with her clit. She grew a real hot slut and pleaded to me, “Give me a good fuck. My pussy is craving for your dick.”

So I began drilling her and we ended up after about an hour with a simultaneous aliağa escort orgasm. We hugged each other for a long time and then got up to get our dinner.

While at dinner table, Limi said to me, “Chiranjiv is crazy about another session. What do we do about it?”

“Are not you crazy too about being drilled by him?” I questioned.

Limi smiled and admitted, “Yes, that’s true for your horny wife too.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “Tomorrow I will set up the thing. After all, Chiranjiv will be crazy for you since he has got a new area to explore and will remain so till his lust is saturated.”

So next evening when Chiranjiv came to deliver milk I casually started conversation with him, “Chiranjiv, do you know anyone who is honest and trustworthy to stay in a house at night to guard the house?”

Chiranjiv thought that we are planning to go out of town to avoid him and I could clearly see a disappointment on his face as he replied, “Now a days it is very difficult to get one to leave the house to his care. Are you planning to go out somewhere or you need for someone else?”

“Actually I need to go out for some emergency for a day,” I said to him, “Your Madam will be at home alone. There is nothing about day time, but after dusk it would be better if someone stays in case she needs anything.”

I could clearly notice the change of mood in Chiranjiv. He said, “If it is an emergency and you have to go, I will let my son stay at night with bhaviji. He is 10 years old. In case he is afraid to stay in this big house, I will guard it myself. It is only a matter of one night.”

“Thank you so much,” I said, “In that case I will leave tomorrow afternoon. Send your son in the evening to be with your bhaviji.”

Much delighted at the prospect of being with Limi, he left assuring me not to be worried because either his son or he himself would be the guard. After Chiranjiv departed, Limi, who was listening to our conversation so long, burst out in laugh and asked me, “Are you really planning to go out of town or just set a situation for him?”

“Who will go out in this pandemic?” I replied, “I just wanted to fulfill your and Chiranjiv’s desire to be united once again. I will hide myself in bedroom before his arrival to watch you two.”

Limi appreciated my plan but was apprehensive, “What if Chiranjiv does not leave next day also? You will have your daily requirements?”

I assured Limi that since he has family and a dairy to maintain, he can’t stay day and night in our house. With all plans in place we prepared for the next evening, adjusting the furniture of bed room a bit so that a camera focusing on the bed can be stealthily fitted and I can watch it on the big screen from the secret closet in the next room and listen to their conversation in headphones.

On 26th evening, I retired to the secret closet in the next room at least half an hour before the arrival of Chiranjiv. Limi had put all food items and drinks in the closet so that I don’t have to starve while they remain busy. Chiranjiv arrived at around 7 in the evening. He was smartly dressed in white jeans and a marine green T-shirt.

Immediately after his entrance, Chiranjiv locked the entrance gate and then the main door of the house and came to the first floor where Limi was busy in kitchen. When Chiranjiv arrived in the first floor, Limi came out of kitchen and put her hands around him. Chiranjiv responded with a tight hug and planted a kiss on the lips of Limi.

“When your husband told me about guarding the house I was laughing inside,” said Chiranjiv to Limi, “A hungry tiger was being given the charge to guard the lamb.”

“And the lamb was equally waiting to be devoured by the hungry tiger,” replied Limi to him with a sensuous smile.

The two cuddled for sometime and Limi complimented, “You are looking smarter and sexier today in this dress.”

Chiranjiv’s hand was already inside the bra cup of Limi fondling her boob and he said, “Your boobs are so well shaped and sexy that they don’t reveal your actual age. If you had seen my wife, her boobs are already hanging.”

“I have completed cooking. Let us have the dinner first,” Limi said.

“No, I will eat you first,” Chiranjiv said, “My tool is hungrier than my stomach.”

Limi did not protest but placed her hands on the zip of Chiranjiv to feel his hardness. Chiranjiv took her on his lap and said to her, “Though it is hungry, I am giving you 10 minutes to dress like a bride with lip stick on your lips, nail polish on your nails, vermilion on your forehead so that when we get out of bed we can see us smeared with marks of those.”

As instructed Limi embellished herself and sat on the bed. Chiranjiv came near her and ordered, “Open my zip, bring out my dick and kiss it leaving the marks of your lip stick on it.”

I was watching in the big screen how my horny wife brought out the hard cock of Chiranjiv and lovingly kissed it with clear marks of her lips on the hard cock.

Chiranjiv made her to apply another coat aliağa escort bayan of lip stick on her lips and commanded her, “Now strip your boss completely.”

Slowly Limi undressed Chiranjiv. His big and hard cock was throbbing in anticipation. Chiranjiv asked Limi to kneel down before him and take his cock in her mouth. Without least hesitation my wife knelt down and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it.

After sometime, Chiranjiv asked Limi to bring her collection of lip sticks. Limi looked puzzled though she brought her entire stock. Chiranjiv selected a deep purple lip stick and said, “Not only upper lips, I will colour your nether lips too. Come out of your dresses completely and lie on bed exposing your cunt.”

I watched in the big screen as my slutty wife stripped herself and laid on her back folding her legs to her chest to give a clear view of her cunt. Her cunt was already wet. Chiranjiv applied deep purple lip stick on her labia lips. It took much effort to make them deep purple so that they appeared prominently in the midst of her curly pubic hairs. Chiranjiv then hard pressed his both cheeks on Limi’s cunt and the marks of her lip stick smeared labia lips were clearly marked on his cheeks.

He then took his face near Limi and as they cuddled the vermilion of her forehead left its imprints on the face and chest of Chiranjiv while the mark on the forehead of Limi was so smeared that anybody would know what she was doing then.

I was actually wondering why the two had not started other activities and were busy in peripherals. But then I listened Chiranjiv telling my wife, “Look at your image in the mirror. You look like a perfect whore now.”

My wife hugged him and said, “I am already your whore.”

Chiranjiv seemed happy at her words and started kneading her boobs while telling Limi, “Nobody would believe your age looking at your tight boobs. How did you maintain them?”

Limi laughed and replied, “I knew sometimes I have to feed a hungry tiger.”

Chiranjiv started devouring the tits of my wife kneading one roughly while sucking the other. Limi was moaning at the way he was eating her. Soon Chiranjiv’s face moved to the love spot of Limi sucking her labia lips so hard that she screamed in pain. Chiranjiv’s face then moved to the ass creek of Limi and his tongue explored her anal hole making my wife shiver in excitement.

Then with a sudden push he turned Limi on her belly and slapped hard on her asses. As Limi screamed in pain, Chiranjiv said to her, “This slap was for keeping your cunt and ass hairy. I am going to shave you soon. However, you can keep your armpits bushy, I enjoy the smell of sweat and perfume there.”

I saw Chiranjiv going to the attached toilet, bringing my shaving accessories and in next fifteen minutes he had shaved the pubic hairs of my wife. He then again applied lip stick on her labia lips and her rectal hole and began to rub his face on them. Perhaps my wife had grown slightly impatient that his massive rod had not invaded her craving cunt so far and so asked Chiranjiv, “When are we going to be one?”

“Why hurry? We have the whole night,” said Chiranjiv, “Your old husband has put you in my care and I will take your proper care making you beg for a fuck.”

“I’m already at the point of begging,” my wife shamelessly said, “You made me discharge so much of love juice that it now wants your monster in.”

“But the monster has targeted your ass first,” Chiranjiv said, “Is your ass virgin? Or it has been invaded by your old husband?”

“It is virgin,” replied Limi, “But I am afraid it will be very painful. Can’t you spare my ass? I am ready to offer my cunt as much times as you want.”

“That day you promised it for some other day,” said Chiranjiv, “Today I want your ass to lose its virginity to me. Don’t worry you will enjoy it too and remember there is no pleasure without pain.”

He turned Limi on her back and asked her to open the asses wide and positioning himself tried to push his cock inside her ass hole. Limi’s ass hole was tight and every time Chiranjiv tried to push the tip of his monster, Limi cried in pain. Chiranjiv went to the attached bathroom and came out with a bottle of Parachute hair oil.

First, he applied enough on her ass and then pushed a finger deep inside. After sometime, he applied coconut oil again and pushed two fingers. My wife screamed in pain. But when he pushed three fingers Limi practically begged to spare her ass. But her ass hole had become quite soft and flexible by then.

Without paying heed to her appeal Chiranjiv went in front of Limi and commanded in a hoarse voice, “Suck it nice making it slippery so that it can ravish your virgin ass hole.”

Limi sucked his hard dick for about ten minutes and then Chiranjiv positioned himself on her back and pulling her ass walls by hands slowly pushed the purple part of his dick inside her ass hole. My wife writhed in pain but Chiranjiv said to her, “Loosen a bit and relax.”

The tip of his monstrous escort aliağa dick was already in her ass hole. Chiranjiv let his entire body weight on her back by lying on her back with his belly touching her waist while his two hands cupped her boobs and started pushing his cock slowly. As my wife let out a groan in pain, Chiranjiv pulled her roughly by the hair turning her face towards her and began to suck her lips.

With shaken voice Limi said, “It is aching very much, try it some other day.”

Chiranjiv hissed like a brute and said, “Bear the pain for some time. Today your ass is going to be at my service, you slut.”

And with these words he gave a violent thrust making Limi scream but already his hard dick had entered in full in the ass of my wife. As her scream subsided, Chiranjiv started moving his cock to and fro inside her rectal hole. Limi kept moaning for about ten minutes and then as Chiranjiv started rapid thrusts she took up the rhythm and began to move her asses in full synchronization to his brutal thrusts.

But Limi’s ass hole seemed too tight so that within ten to fifteen minutes Chiranjiv grew ecstatic and while squeezing her boobs brutally discharged his load in her ass hole.

After sometime they disengaged. It was already around 10 PM. Limi was too exhausted after getting her ass fucked. Still in a feeble voice she asked, “Shall we have our dinner now?”

“I am dying for your sexy body and you’re after food,” said Chiranjiv in a sarcastic tone, “Who will clean my dick? Lick it clean, you old whore.”

Limi started licking the entire length of his partially hard cock to clean it. The touch of her tongue brought the monster back to life. Limi looked at its new hardness amazingly and caressed it in her palms. Chiranjiv said to Limi pointing at his hard dick, “It will not sleep till you have served it again and again.”

Limi replied, “Your passion is unbelievable but I like it.”

She laid on her back opening her legs wide anticipating the hard monster to invade her pussy. But she was wrong. Chiranjiv got down from bed, made Limi hang her head a little and started fucking her mouth while his hands were playing with her nipples. After about half an hour her mouth was flooded by his come and it was so huge in quantity that some trickled down her face.

Then Chiranjiv said, “Let us take a bath together and clean ourselves.”

As the bathroom was not covered by camera, I could not watch them bathing each other. But I used that interval to jerk off my load in the closet. After about half an hour both Chiranjiv and Limi came out of bathroom, clean but completely nude, each hugging the other and giggling at what they did. They went to have their dinner completely nude and by the time they were back to bed room it was already half past eleven.

They went to bed and hugged each other. Chiranjiv asked my wife, “When your husband returns how will you rate my role as a guard?”

“Bold, brave and daring,” replied Limi laughingly, “Though a bit brute. But how will you tell about your duty here to your wife?”

“She was the owner of the house,” replied Chiranjiv, “But she was so humble the served me the food I needed like a true host.”

Now that they were in bed I could see them clearly on the big screen. I saw my horny wife was caressing the cock of Chiranjiv while he pulled her nude body towards him and got lip locked in kiss. After sometime I found the two in 69 position pleasuring each other orally.

My wife was enjoying the manipulation of his lips and tongue in her cunt and was moaning like a real whore. It was not long before when I saw her begging to Chiranjiv to fuck her pussy. Chiranjiv kept caressing her privates, fondling her tits but without showing any interest in fucking her pussy.

I understood that Chiranjiv was teasing my wife willfully to create more cravings in her, to make her beg like a slut. He kept on teasing her, using his tongue to tease her clit, sucking her nipples, fingering her love spot for more than half an hour when it became unbearable for horny Limi to control herself. Limi got on Chiranjiv and holding his hard shaft guided it herself to her pussy and began to ride on him like a hot bitch.

It went on for a long time. Then suddenly Chiranjiv changed his position and made her lie on bed with her pussy towards the bed. Even in that position her pink labia lips were clearly visible. Chiranjiv said to her, “Raise your asses, you slut. I will fuck you like a bitch.”

From behind, his big and hard rod banged her pussy. Limi was so excited receiving it in her pussy that she began to encourage Chiranjiv to fuck her harder. Chiranjiv fucked her in doggy style fast and hard.

My horny wife enjoyed his brutal thrusts and was moaning like an insatiable whore. Perhaps he fucked her for more than an hour after which I heard my slutty wife pleading in broken voice, “Ah…aaa…hha, please…do…nnn…o..o…t st..oop. I a…m y…ooo..uu…rr wh…o…r..e.”

Soon Chiranjiv increased his rhythm and battered her pussy cruelly till he released his cum inside the hot pussy of my horny wife. They were both exhausted and went to sleep in each other’s hug. In the closet I too switched off the large screen, masturbated for second time and retired to sleep alone imagining how Chiranjiv was holding the sexy body of my horny wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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