Lizette’s Awakening

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A period piece inspired by a recent trip to Paris


I stood in the parlor of the store almost ready to weep. The music box I wanted was still there. I came of age a few days ago and expected the music box from my Mama as a birthday gift. It was a lovely jeweled box made by the best local craftsman this side of France.

When I learned I would have to purchase it myself I was heartbroken. There was no way I could earn such an austere amount.

That night I mentioned my plight with my dear sister Madeline. She said she knew of a way for me to earn enough gold to purchase the music box now that I was of age, but the agreement was that I should never tell Papa. I would do anything to get the box so I agreed.

The end of the week could not come quickly enough. Every night I had dreamed of the music box.

Madeline entered my room and I was finishing the ties of the cut corset she gave me to wear.

The cut corset accomplished the same effect on my figure as a regular corset, except my breasts were not covered. I did not like to wear this corset since my breasts were large, especially for a girl of my short size.

My lace stockings and panties were on the bed where I had put them earlier. She saw me reach for my panties and she pulled them out of my hand.

“Should I put them on last?” I asked.

She instructed me I would not need them at all. She handed me a beautiful gown. It was one of her old ones and would no longer fit since she was now more mature in body. She was gracious enough to hem it by four inches which was the difference in our heights.

As the gown settled into place around my body I noted the cloth in front was too short, my breasts were completely exposed. Madeline calmly adjusted the ties in the back completely oblivious that my breasts were not properly covered.

I turned to her “Madeline, look at me. I am not decent to go out.”

Madeline merely smiled. “You are perfect.”

She handed me a shawl of the same fine fabric. “Here Lizette. Cover yourself like so.”

I wrapped the fabric around my bare arms and shoulders holding it in place to cover my breasts. “Madeline, will you explain…”

“Not now dear sister. We are late and I must ready myself. It has taken Mama much time to get Papa out of the house so that we can prepare. I will explain later.”

We briskly walked down the road to a waiting carriage that contained other young ladies.

“This is the last carriage of the night. I was concerned that we would miss it.”

Again I wished to talk to my sister, but I sensed she did not want to explain in front of all these women. The women on the carriage were absolutely beautiful. The carriage made its journey towards the elite section of town to an area that I had never visited before.

We pulled up in front of a beautiful chateau and I was in awe of the finery outside. When we walked into the parlor of the chateau I was astounded.

It was the grandest thing I’d ever seen. The walls were gilded with gold trim and paintings by great masters. I was not sure I belonged in a place with such finery.

After long moments I looked at the people in the room – fine gentlemen and noblemen of France. Many women such as myself were there and I looked to be one of the youngest. All of the women were dressed similarly to myself with gowns that exposed their breasts, only they were wearing their shawls hanging from their elbows.

Everyone was laughing and talking with such gaiety. Some of the men were stroking the exposed breasts of the women. In a corner a man and woman sat in a seemingly proper manner except that his hand disappeared somewhere up her skirts.

My sister tugged at the shawl that I held close to my body. She wished me to expose myself as the others, but I was too embarrassed because my breasts were much larger than the others in the room.

As I did an older man of perhaps 60 years walked up to greet my sister. His eyes bulged as he looked at me. I moved to cover myself, but he bade me stop.

“It would be a crime to cover such beauty.” He turned to my sister as he put his arm around me. “And who is this lovely creature who resembles you so?”

“My sister Lizette.”

“Come with me Lizette.” He said.

I hesitated, but my sister nodded at me to go with him, so I allowed him to lead me away.

He guided me to quiet corner where we could view the parlor. A small couch was there big enough for the two of us.

A servant brought wine to us in fine crystals. The wine was the richest I’d ever tasted, much better than anything we ever had at home. The heady aroma filled my senses as his hand gently caressed my tightly wrapped waist.

“You are beautiful Lizette. Tell me how many have pounded you?”


“Pleasured you with a penis – right here?” He patted against my lap.

“None, Sir.”

“Ah, truly favor has smiled on me today. A man my age does not get to deflower many girls. Do not worry Lizette, I am very skilled in the art of pleasure. “

He leaned bostancı escort bayan forward and gently kissed me.

“Ah you taste so young.” He continued with gentle kisses about my face, neck and shoulders. It felt so good, absolutely delightful. He then placed the tiniest of kisses on my nipple. He continued gently sucking my nipples.

I started to feel a wet and warm feeling between my legs. He seemed to sense the change in body, I now know that I was aroused. We stood up and I was prepared to follow behind him.

“Oh no petite Lizette I must show the others I have already claimed you, otherwise they will try to take you from me.” He snaked an arm around my waist, then with the other he held onto my nipple, pulling my nipple this way and that to guide me through the parlor.

We entered a small private chamber. “Normally I would have pounded you on the sofa, but a young lady’s first time should be in a proper bed.”

He asked me to remove my clothing slowly. As I did so he showed me how to be more sensuous about undressing. When I stood before him nude he invited me to lie down next to him. He again began to awaken my flesh to new sensations kissing me all over, touching me everywhere and arousing me.

“I shall prepare you with a finger first then make you a woman with my cock. I will pound you until you are filled with my passion.” He pleasured my lower parts with his hand and slowly inserted his finger. Soon after it was followed by his cock.

I could not imagine how much more passion I could feel. The virgin’s pain of his cock subsided quickly and I found the moving of his cock inside me the best thing I ever felt. I did not come this first time, but all I knew was I wanted was more of his cock inside me. True to his word he filled my insides with his semen.

Although he wanted to please me completely he told me that he wished to save his stamina so he could be with at least 2 more women that night. As he left he pressed 10 pieces of gold into my hand for making him feel young again. He instructed me to go and find pleasure with many other men.

With my flower now awakened all I wanted was more. I put the coins in the little detachable pouch that was part of my gown. With hardened nipples and reddened cheeks I entered the parlor.

Now that the night was further along I noted that some women had completely shed their gowns walking around in only thier corsets and others completely nude. There were various couples around who were engaged in the act of pounding.

I noticed a woman who had two lovers with her, one beneath and the other behind. I was enamored with the way the three of them were moving together in carnal passion. I wished to be her at that moment for if one cock is good, two must be better.

As I watched I felt a hand cup my breast. I looked up and recognized the face of the Duke. I immediately bowed my head, and started to courtesy, but he propped me up. “No need for that mademoiselle. This is a night for debauchery and passion. For an occasion such as this please call me Pierre.”

“Bonsoir Pierre. I am Lizette.”

“Lizette a name which does not do justice to your beauty.”

He began to squeeze my breast a bit harder. “I would like for you to spend time with me.”

I nodded.

As we walked through the parlor looking for an empty couch he held me the same way my first lover did. With an arm around my waist he guided me through the floor by my nipple. I saw many men staring at me, grabbing their crotches as they did.

I began to feel the heat of their lusts. I knew what these men wanted of me and I desperately wanted the same. I wondered if Pierre wanted this of me. I hoped so. I hopped very soon he would place his cock inside of me.

We happened by a couch just as a couple had finished. We quickly took their space and made ourselves comfortable. Pierre was not as slow or comforting as my first lover.

He asked me to undress but was not interested in watching, he merely wanted it off. He didn’t mind that I still wore my corset as it did not hamper him from getting access to what he wanted. I straddled his lap as he took his cock out for me. He spent time fondling and sucking my breasts for he said he’d never seen their like.

He pulled me forward and guided me onto his cock. It was larger than my first lover and it was like the virgin pain, but no where near as bad. He guided me up and down on his big cock and it was exquisite.

“So tight, so small and tight” he whispered as he moved in and out of me.

I was able to see other couples as they were also pounding. It made me all the more aroused. I spied my first lover across the room. A woman was kneeling between his legs. His face was of one engrossed in passion. My sister was being pounded by a small man on a couch on the other side of the room.

My attentions were brought back to Pierre and his wonderful cock when he began to moan “bounce”.

I started to move harder on his cock when he said “No, bounce your tits.” I looked at ümraniye escort his questioningly.

“Your tits, your breasts” he explained as he moved his hands from my waist where he was guiding our pounding to my breasts with a good squeeze for emphasis.

I thought they were already bounding, but I exaggerated the movement. I could tell he was pleased by the additional intensity of his thrust. His cock felt so good that it made me start shaking my breasts even more.

I moved my hands to my breasts and started playing with them and it was like a fire went through me and went straight between my legs. At the same time his cock started to fill me with his manhood’s cream. I did not know what had happened to me, but later I learned it was my first orgasm.

The Duke did not wish to hold me as my first lover did. He pushed me away from him. There I sat next to him. Both of our chests heaving hard with the exertion. His cock lay limp outside of his unbuttoned trousers as I sat with my legs open.

My head thrown back with the remnants of his passion dripping out of me. Pierre adjusted his clothing, re-sheathing his limp cock, but not bothering to button his trousers in anticipation for his next woman.

Before he left he tossed 4 coins onto the couch next to me and then he was gone.

I was as an opium addict, but I didn’t need a substance – I needed another cock to fill me. I decided I would not put on the gown, but walk with just my corset as some of the others. With the thought of my next pounding on my mind all was forgotten, my gown, the coins, everything. I was fortunate as my sister chose this time to check on me. She was completely nude.

“Lizette, do not let passion take your common sense. Put these coins in your pouch before one of the others takes it.”

I did as she said and she showed me how to remove the pouch and hold it against my hand, or hook it to my corset. The gown was placed on a hook against the wall to keep it from being ruined and then she took me to a special commode where I could clean myself between lovers.

She told me I’d had enough since it was my first night. After all I now had enough to purchase three music boxes. But the ache between my legs was too strong. I would always obey my sister as was proper, so I begged her for another cock. She agreed that I could take 1 more lover, but no more.

I left my sister and went back to the parlor. I took another cup of wine from a servant and started to walk. I saw a handsome young nobleman approach. As he did I felt a hand at my bottom. As I turned to see the owner I felt a second had on my arm. Lastly the young man had reached me.

Now I had three men surrounding me. They provided wonderful affection caressing me. I told them I could only have 1 more lover tonight. This increased their attentions as they each wished to be chosen of me. I wished I could feel all three of their cocks in me, but my sister told me only one more.

I chose the young man because I wanted to see how it would be with someone closer to my age although he was probably 10 years my senior. My young man had pep and pride in his step has he led me around the room by my nipple. We could find no couch so we ended up back by the central table.

He instructed me to lean over and place my hands on the table. I felt him lean over me and fondle my breasts from behind. I could feel the fact that he had removed his cock. His hardness was sweet. He placed his cock inside me and rode me from behind in the center of the entire parlor.

Our location was central so some guests in the room stood and watched. This was significant because there were other couples pounding in the same fashion at the central table and yet they did not draw attention as we did. His cock wasn’t long or fat, but it was still very satisfying.

He pounded me harder and faster than my two previous lovers. Having so many watching made this pounding very exciting. He came quickly and gave me 4 coins when all was done. Many more men approached me and I desperately wanted to spread my legs for them, but could not disobey my sister. I spent the rest of the evening allowing my suitors to feel my body as they liked. It was not the same as having a cock between my legs, but I still enjoyed it.

A few hours later the party ended. My sister and I walked towards a carriage. While the party goers arrived in staggered fashion everyone wanted to leave while the moon was still high and provided light to see. Madeline got the last seat. Several others entered the carriage with me so we stood together.

Unlike the carriage ride to the chateau this is not only women, there were men there was well. By the time we pulled off to head away the carriage was packed. The slow gait of the horses began. I felt a hand tugging at my shawl. As I allowed the shawl to be pulled away I felt a hand move to cover the exposed breast.

The warm hand caressed and squeezed me. Soon the hand was joined by another on the other breast. This hand was different as the owner preferred to pinch escort kartal my nipple. Soon I felt several hands sharing position on my bare breasts and cloth covered body. I did wonder who was touching me, but with my short stature there was no way to know.

It did not matter I just enjoyed the feeling of the many hands. Then I felt my skirt being lifted from the back. Some one desired to touch my bottom and I felt the material drop around a single hand. The palm rested itself against my backside for a moment or two until I felt the caress. I was in heaven being felt by so many attentive hands.

I felt more air on my back side as the hand on my rear lifted my skirts and a warm cock rested against me. I wondered if I would be pounded in the carriage, but the owner of the cock was too tall. As there was a jolt as the carriage went over a rock and I could feel that the cock still resided in the owner’s trousers.

As the carriage reached town where my sister and I would walk home, there was a wave of air. The foot men stood at the back. The gentlemen were given room to step down on their own, while the ladies were helped by the footmen. One of the footmen stepped forward and took my hand. The other hand should have rested on my waist; instead he used my breast to guide me down. Once I was down he did not release me.

He was taking a moment to feel me until it was time for him to help another woman down. I liked the feel of his hand, rough and strong with calluses unlike the soft hands of the gentlemen which I had experienced all evening. My sister bade me come. But I showed her that the footman’s hand was enjoying me.

No other women came down on our side so the footman’s hand kept hold of me, feeling me until the carriage was empty. At which time he was free to cup and fondle both of my breasts. I knew he wanted to pound inside me, but he had to continue working and take the carriage back. He kissed me on the shoulder as he finally released me.

“You are very beautiful and soft Mademoiselle. I shall save my coins so that one day I can be with you”.

As he walked to get up on the carriage the other footman looked at me. I recognized the lust in his eyes and how he wished to touch me as well. He wished to touch me and I wished him to do so. I put my hand under my breast and offered it up to him. He licked his lips as the carriage began to pull off.

He would have given anything to jump down from his job and touch me, pound me right there in the street and I would have gladly let him but for my sister. Finally I wrapped my shawl around myself again, proper for a public setting. Although at this time of the night there was no one proper on the streets.

As my sister and I walked toward our home a large man appeared in front of us. He was standing there stroking his penis through his trousers. At first I thought we should run, then I recognized him. He was Anton the bread-maker. We stopped walking and he called us over to him by name.

“Lizette, I am not a rich man and cannot afford the lavish parties from which you came. For many years I have desired you, but knew it was not possible, for you were too young. I do not have gold, but I will provide your family all the bread you desire for the next three months.

I hesitated for a moment because I still did not understand what I was — that I was a whore. At my lack of response he promised six months. I turned to my sister and she nodded her head. I turned to him and said “Oui, Monsieur Anton”.

He sighed audibly. “Lizette, such a petite beauty with such endowments. Come to my place where I may fuck you properly. It is on the way to your home and your sister may come to see that you get home safely. I promise we will be done before the light of the moon wanes” As he walked my sister and I followed.

“What is fuck?” I whispered to my sister.

“He is working class and does not speak the same words as the noblemen. To fuck is to pound.” I had more questions for my sister, but I guess we followed too slowly. To my surprise he let go of his penis and scooped me into his huge arms. My weight to him was as a rag doll.

We walked for a few minutes until he shifted my weight so that I rested mostly in one arm. With the other he reached under my gown and began to caress my leg. I realized that he wished to touch me. I opened shawl to expose my breasts to him. He could not reach them while he carried me.

He took my weight into both arms again and lifted my body up towards his face. He suckled me a little as we walked.

“So soft, so sweet. Lift your dress.” he commanded.

I did as he asked and he flipped me so that my legs now straddled him. In this position I could feel the hard of his cock against my flower. My sister protested because this position allowed my gown to drag on the floor. I wished to continue to feel his cock so I pulled my trailing skirts between us.

My breasts were now partially covered, but I could still felt his penis. I was so small to him that I could rest me head on his chest. He sighed because he could no longer see or suckle my breasts, but within a few steps we were at his door. The moment the door closed behind us he had leaned down and began to suckle my breasts with such vigor, it reminded me of a starving baby. His hands were roaming everywhere.

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