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I have several stories I have yet to publish. This is the first story I’ve done in first person. Yes grammar needs work, still trying to find an editor I feel comfortable with. I appreciate all the feedback I’m being given and I hope I don’t botch the first person too badly. (palewriter I hope this is more your genre)


“Today she wore that green skirt I love. I’ve seen her bend over a dozen times. Her round tight ass doesn’t budge in them. She clearly does it to arouse me. I fantasize about forcing her over my desk and…”

I have to put my phone down for a minute. I can feel my heart racing reading it. It had taken me hours to read all the stories he had written about me. My boss, Duncan, had a Literotica account.

It was by pure accident I found out. I love Literotica and read it all the time but I don’t write on it. One day, reading erotic coupling, I came across a story of his. I read it because I thought it was funny the authors penname was similar to Duncan’s personal email.

It was a detailed account of a personal moment for me. I had been embarrassed to read it. My grandmother had passed. He had hugged me when I started to come close to tears. The writing was caring and sweet even if it did end in sex.

He called me “Noel” and he called himself “Ethan” in the stories. It’s our middle names. I read all of them and only two made me certain they were about me. For a while I thought I was making up connections. I mean, what were the odds I would stumble across them?

I have never looked at my boss that way before. It has been nearly two weeks since I found the post. Reading the most recent one I don’t have a doubt left in my mind. I know the green skirt he was talking about. I wear it when I need to feel sexy. It tucks in my stomach and makes my ass look great.

Duncan is a Lawyer and an awesome boss. I’m studying to be a paralegal and he pays me great to be his assistant. He doesn’t coddle me and he always encourages me to push myself. He’s 46 but looks like he’s in his thirties. I know his birthday because I set up his plane tickets and the require it. I’m 28 and I hope I look younger too.

I have to admit he is good looking. 20 years older than me and he goes to great lengths to be healthy. He eats better than me and works out twice as much as I do. He has short brown hair he keeps trimmed. His face is always smooth and his suits are always pressed. He has the kindest blue eyes and this sweet lopsided smile.

I’m 5’7 and even with my tallest heels I’m only eye level with him. He’s 6’3 and lean. Last year he did Iron man. He has a picture of himself pouring sweat with his buddies after the race. I think I’d die if I tried to work out that hard.

Before I just admired how hard he must work to be so successful and healthy. Now though, I’ve been feeling this twinge of need to see how long of a marathon we could hold together.

Every day since I found the stories I had been checking again to see if he wrote more. I favorited his work and saw that the last story he wrote was favorited by over 20 people in just a day. His fantasies about me had become a following for some. I find it hard to believe people were aroused by imagining me with my boss.

I can’t help but feel part of their interest is because of how nicely he depicted my body. I’m 5’7 and really skinny. I have a butt but minimal tits. He made it seem like I was a walking Barbie doll. If my buttons ever strained to contain my breast it was because I shrunk my shirt. I do squats like my life depends. I felt rewarded for my efforts seeing he spent nearly 3 paragraphs describing my back side in one story.

In his stories my frizzy brown hais is actually silky and dark chocolate . My dark green eyes are dazzling and lust filled. My thin lips were tantalizing and seductive. My teeth were pearly white. I bleach my teeth but he wrote as if I could blind people with them. He described my face in such detail I haven’t forgotten makeup a single day since. I have never had someone study me so much before. He even mentioned the scar I have on my cheek that looks like a dimple when I smile.

Every so often Duncan will lock himself in his office asking me to hold his calls. In one story he said it was to jack off because I teased him too much to control himself. I can’t lie, the next time he told me to not let anyone disturb him I’d rushed to the bathroom and touched myself.

My work is starting to hurt because all I can do is look at my boss and fantasize. He never flirts with me. He never makes a pass or implies anything he shouldn’t. He got a divorce two years ago so it’s not like he’s cheating on anyone.

All I can think is that he’s afraid I’ll rebuff him and he’ll be in trouble legally. Going home with wet panties hoping he gives me something to masturbate too isn’t going to cut it anymore. I have to make the first move, I just don’t know how.


Today has been insane. Duncan yelled at me but only because he was frustrated. bostancı escort Normally I’d be hurt but today I wanted to jump him and tell him to take his anger out on me in a more productive way. His eyes hold so much fire it warms me to my toes.

“Sarah I need a lunch break just hold my calls ok?” I nod and he slams the door shut.


I can’t believe its been nearly four hours. He usually cools off after an hour. My phone is buzzing. There is a notification from my favorite author. He has written a new story. He has been in there writing!

I swear my hands are trembling while I read. I turn my back to the front door. If someone walks in they won’t see me on the phone. The title was always the same. “My Love Assistant” he just changed the chapter. The description of this one though makes me want to reconsider reading it here.


“Noel lets me use her rough to help me unwind.”

I was just thinking how much I wanted him to unwind with me but I could never imagine him rough. In all his stories and all the time I’ve known him he has been gentle and passionate. I know today has been bad but he couldn’t be THAT stressed can he? I read his story to find out.

***** Noel slinks into the office shortly after Ethan slams his phone down. His case is falling apart and there isn’t much he can do about it. Noel had processed the papers and knew why he was cursing at someone on the phone.

She wore a tan dress that cut low nearly flashing the top of her pink bra. It hugged her perfectly and it came to mid-thigh. As always her hair was in a tight bun. She thought it made her look older and more respectable. It clashed with the eye catching outfits she wore and the stiletto heels she liked to strut around in.

Even though he had no desire to fuck Ethan’s eyes slid down her to admire the off white pumps she was in. He had never met a woman with so many shoes.

“Noel I need you to finish that report I emailed you. Also I think I may leave early today I am going to work out. Feel free to leave once the paper is done.”

Noel didn’t move or even blink and Ethan sat back looking confused. She started to unwrap her dress but Ethan put his hand up. “I’m not rejecting you Noel I’m just so pissed off I don’t think I can get in the mood. I’m just too angry..”

Ethan contemplated letting Noel use that beautiful mouth of hers but he knew he’d be too focused on work and no matter how magical she was he wasn’t going to stay hard.

Noel pouted knowing distractions took away from their fun. She didn’t stop undressing though. She dropped her dress to the floor She didn’t have panties on just the white lace bra he had bought her. She started to unsnap it.

Ethan was getting a little annoyed, she wasn’t going to get what she wanted and in a minute he was going to upset her and throw her the hell out. “Seriously Noel, stop! I’m not in the mood to make love”

“Then don’t.” Noel said dropping her bra to the ground. “Fuck me.” She gripped her perky c’s sliding her hands up her body. She released her hair from its clip and it flowed down to her waist. “Fuck me like a whore.”

Ethan couldn’t believe the way she was speaking to him. His timid little mouse was acting like a tiger in heat. Her green eyes danced for him and his cock had never felt so hard. He got up slowly looking at his little nympo assistant knowing her waxed pussy was going to be wet for him.

“Then put your hands against the door and spread your legs like a whore.” Ethan was happy to see Noels eyes open nervously before turning her back to him. She wanted to tend to him but she was still his little mouse.

Noel pressed her palms flat onto the hollow wooden door. She spread her legs apart standing as if she was going to be frisked for weapons. She wiggled her hips a little knowing how much Ethan loved her ass. He had left a bite mark on it once.

She was going to try to encourage him further but she jumped and squeaked as his hand came slamming down to leave a red outline on her ass. “Oh Ethan!” She gasped

He spanked her over and over her nails scratching at the door to hold on. Her pussy lips dripping as he kissed her neck whispering “Do you like that?”

She moaned her thighs shaking “Yes I do. I love being yours to use.”

Ethan had already pulled his cock out “Don’t move.” He whispered as he slid his cock over her slit. At first she thought she was too wet and he was slipping to push in. Then she realized he was teasing her pushing just the tip of his cock in to her before pulling out and slapping her clit with it.

Noel always got wet for him but Ethans cock was covered in her juice. “There’s so much pussy juice here I think I’ll just jerk off.”

Noel whimpered “Please no Ethan. Please use me. I’m already close to cumming you always turn me on so much.” Ethan was only 6 inches but his dick was thick. No matter how many times he fucked her Noel could never get over how he filled her.

“Turn ümraniye escort bayan around and face me whore. Back to the door.” Noel spun around quick in response. She nearly lost her balance trying to get that dick inside her tight little cunt. Ethan balanced her before continuing.

Ethan slapped her. Not hard but still a sharp sting on her face. Noel looked at him shocked. He had never raised a hand to her. She had never had it rough like this. She thought she might orgasm right there. She loved how many first Ethan would give to her.

Ethan hesitated for a second before continuing “open your legs.”

Noel spread them and looked at him “Yes Sir.” She said it coyly tilting her head back to rest on the door. “Anything this whore can do to help you feel better.”

Ethan was in love. He found Noel’s attempts to talk dirty adorable. He moved against her kissing her passionately grabbing her ass forcing her hips to arch. His dick was sticking straight up and he shoved it in to her.

They would go weeks without sex keeping play time to just when they were free at the office. He usually went slow to open her tight pussy up but she was wet and wanting. Luckily his mouth was still over hers because she cried out when he impaled her on it. He buried himself in her deep. He nearly picked her off her feet. “oh!” Noel winced being fucked so deep.

“Take it whore!” Ethan played along with her sexual banter. He grabbed both her hands pinning them above her head. He held them in place with one hand. He used the other to force her hips to stay in place and he began fucking her hard. He had already pulled his pants and boxer briefs down to his ankles.

He could feel her juices dripping down his thigh as she cried out in pleasure and pain. His hips we thrusting at full speed pulling out as far as he could while keeping her pinned before shoving it back in.

“This is what you get when I tell you no. Whores who can’t wait until I’m stress free get fucked.” His sentence was broken up in between his heavy breathing.

Noel felt her thighs shaking and closed her eyes the pain almost too unbearable. “Tell me I’m a good whore. Please Sir, tell me and I’ll love everything you do to me!”

Noel had asked him to tell her she was “good girl” the first time she tried anal to get her past that pain. He changed his angle not wanting to hurt her. He released her hips to grab her neck. He kissed her passionately “You’re the best whore. You’re my whore and you’re always good to me.”

Noel was shocked how deeply that turned her on. “Oh fuck!!” She screamed her pussy clenched his dick as she came. She felt her body pulse with pleasure. “Oh fuck yes Ethan fuck me. I love how you fuck me!”

Ethan couldn’t believe it. Noel rarely cussed and the way she shook from pleasure he knew she was loving this. Knowing all this made it impossible for him to hold out. Releasing her hands he used both of his hands to grab her hips and shove his dick as deep in to her as possible.

His dick spasmed as he began to cum in her. “Take all my cum.” Noel obliged gripping his shirt to hold on she raised one leg wrapping in behind him. He hips grinded on him as if urgently begging him to give her every drop.

Noel whimpered knowing he was going to go soft “I was going to cum again.” She blushed staring at Ethan’s sweating red face.

He hadn’t gone soft yet and was still in her. “Then masturbate whore and make it fast.”

She obliged quickly. She rubbed her clit that was swollen. She worked herself harder and faster than she ever had before. She came almost immediately her pussy once again becoming a vice of his dick.

Being spent and sensitive it almost hurt Ethan how tight she became. It made him feel better about how he had handled her. He pulled out of her quick but made sure she was standing safely on her own. She just stood there her thighs pinched together.

Noel touched her stomach feeling like he had filled it up with cum. Ethan kissed her softly and slowly helped her get dressed as the orgasms seemed to have completely drained her of energy. After both their clothes were on Ethan held Noel close.

He kissed her again pushing her hair out of her face. They had only ever played at his office. He felt so close to her he wanted to take her home. He was completely relaxed and he wanted to repay her for that.

“Would you like to go home with me tonight Noel?”

She looked up at him teary eyed. She had wanted that for so long. “Yes but first..” She blushed “Your cum is dripping down my thighs.”

He laughed and he watched his little love whore rush to the bathroom. ******

I can’t believe it. Duncan had locked himself away to write this! I need to calm down. That outfit is what I have on now. He wanted that RIGHT now. My panties are soaked. I can’t stop gripping the desk and my jaw is open.

I want to touch myself but I am already so close to cumming. I want him. I want Duncan. Even if it was all a bust and he secretly had a small kartal escort dick or was a horrible kisser I don’t care. The way he describes me and the fantasy he has created is worth the chance. I can’t be a coward any more.

“Sarah?” I spin my swivel chair shocked. I bang my knee trying to move quick. I drop my phone as I just stare at Duncan .

“Yes Sir?!” I always called him Sir. Saying it now seemed sexual. I tightened by pussy, mentally begging it to let me behave.

He had looked stressed but right now he looks concerned “Are you alright? You hit your knee pretty hard” he took a second look at her. “And you’re a little flushed, do you have a fever?”

I can imagine I’m bright red. This felt like the equivalent of getting caught spying on the boy’s locker room. I shake my head no. “I’m fine just personal stuff. No big deal!” I feel like I’m trying to convince me more than him. I try to tidy up my desk.

I watch him cock his eyebrow trying to figure me out. “Ok, well I’m burned out today. Once you finish up you can go home. Enjoy your weekend.” He turned to leave.

I don’t know what is coming over me. I can’t help it. I swear it’s because my pussy is making me. “Ethan!” The name spills out of my mouth and I watch him freeze with his back to me.

He turns so slowly I grip the desk in front of me til my knuckles are white. “What did you just call me?” He asked it in a curious way after turning to eye me.

I gulp and lick my lips that now seem absurdly dry. I whisper “Ethan” and will myself to keep looking at him.

He is still a few feet away from me. Even though the desk is between us I had hoped, just saying his, he would ravage me on the spot. “Why did you call me that Sarah?”

I shrug my shoulders not giving him eye contact. My face burns with embarrassment again. I feel like I’m in the principal’s office and they’re asking why I ate the class crayons. Maybe I was hungry, maybe I was mad the other kids wouldn’t color with me, maybe I’ve was just 5 and their expectations were too high!

I focused on the disappointed look my principal had so I wasn’t getting so aroused by Duncan’s searching eyes. “Is there something you’re not telling me Sarah?”

Why does he had to keep saying my name? Why does he start and end every sentence with it. I bend down and grab my phone. Quickly moving to him before my brain can register this is a bad idea. I shove my pink rhinestone covered phone at him. He takes it looking confused.

It’s at the end of the story. He scrolls to the top and seeing the title he freezes. His eyes leave his phone and he looks at me terrified. “Miss Meadows I am so sorry.” He begins to stammer “It was just playful fantasy and I swear I would never act on it.”

He’s holding the phone at me like it’s burning him. This isn’t going the way I planned. He’s acting like I’m going after a lawsuit. He looks embarrassed and ashamed. In the movies I would kiss him and everything would work out. The problem is he’s much taller and if I do that and he doesn’t want it I’m just pulling on his neck like an idiot.

“Say Noel.” I don’t know why I asked it. I just wanted to hear him say it.

At first he hesitates. The phone seems to have stopped burning his hand. His eyes search mine. He still looks nervous responding “Noel?”

It did what I thought it would. My toes scrunch in my heels. I take a step forward placing my hand softly on his hand holding my phone. “Yes Ethan.”

Luckily he doesn’t hold me in agony long. He grabs my neck slowly and kisses me. The kiss is wonderful. I nibble his bottom lip and he continues to bend down so I can loop my arms around his neck. I let my tongue play with his enticing it to play with me. I breathe deep through my nose suddenly aware of how wonderful he smells. How have I never noticed how amazing his cologne is?

Duncan groans and pulls back. “Sarah I can’t. I’m your employer and this is wrong.” I can hear what he is saying but just looking at him I know he wants it as badly as I do. I grab my phone from his hand and put it on to my desk.

“We’ve both just left work. Now it’s time for Ethan and Noel.” I sound far more confident then I feel. I am suddenly aware I could be fired at any moment. What am I thinking?!

“Take your hair down.” Duncan urges softly. He had mentioned my hair being up all the time in his stories. I’d realized in the 8 months Id worked for him I had never been without my hair in a tight bun. He was right I did do it to make myself look more professional.

My hair is wild and has a lot of volume. I Unclip it and shake my head. Hoping my hair coming down is as sexy as he pictured it. It must have been because he grabbed my face softly and kissed me again. This kiss was hungry and wanting.

I shiver when he pushes me softly back to the desk. I want this more than I’ve ever wanted sex. He isn’t my boss. He’s Ethan and I’m Noel. I break the kiss slowly sitting on the desk. “I’m sorry Ethan, I wore panties today I know you prefer when I don’t”

Duncan’s eyes widened he had no way of knowing I’d read his stories a thousand times. “Let me see them Noel.” I pull my dress up slowly. REALLY happy I wore my cute tan lace thong. I pull my dress up just a bit to give a peek of it before pulling it to my waist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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