Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 03

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Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who has long black hair which is tied into a ponytail. She sits naked in front of the big screen TV inside her Hotel room. There is a remote control in her right hand. She keeps rewinding back to the head university wrestling coach. His name is Eddie (35 yrs.) who stands at 6 foot and weighs 184 lbs. He’s got wavy, brown hair with light gray, side-burns.

She whispers, “I never noticed you before Eddie. So ruggedly handsome.”

Eddie’s a devoted family man with a wife and three kids. He sometimes stays at the gym after wrestling practice to run stairs. He hits the showers by himself. It gives him a break from his family for a few hours.

Eddie stands in front of his locker wiping down his naked body. His university bag sits on the bench. His workout clothes and shoes are piled up on the floor. He bends over to breathe. His eyes notice a business card sticking out of the bag pocket. His left hand reaches over and grabs it. Ling’s photo is on the front with an iPhone number. He flips it over and there’s a scribbled note.

“Casino Hotel Room 110. All Weekend. – Ling.”

He turns around to find no-one else inside the locker-room.

It’s Friday evening inside the casino Hotel. Eddie cautiously walks up to escort ataşehir room 110. He’s wearing his university sweat suit. He keeps looking back to see if anyone sees him. He knocks on the door.

After a few seconds. Ling opens the door and she’s completely naked. Eddie’s eyes grow big and his mouth drops open.

She says, “Hi Eddie, come on in.”

“Hi. I-I wanted to see if-if, you were for real” he nervously replies.

She flips her hair over and he looks down at her thick, black pussy. She says, “Well, I’m real.”

“I-I can’t make it, til tomorrow n-night. I gotta get away from my family” he replies.

Ling smirks, “I’ll be here Eddie.” She closes the door while he stands there with his mouth open.

On Saturday evening inside Ling’s Hotel room. All the lights are turned on, but the TV is off. Eddie sits in a chair naked with his legs spread open. Ling is also naked who kneels on the carpet in between his legs. Her hair is tied into a ponytail and her right hand is stroking his 7 and ½-inch cock. Her lips cover his cock-head while her tongue licks him furiously.

Eddie responds, “Oh..! Fuck..! My wife doesn’t… Mmm… Do this anymore!”

She lifts her mouth off of him and strokes him very hard, up and down.

He drops kadıköy escort bayan his mouth open, “Oh! Fuck! I’m getting… Fucking close!”

Ling’s mouth goes down his shaft into a deep throat. Her lips touch his heavy brown crotch as she gulps him down.

Eddie squirms and lifts his buttocks off the chair, “Oh! Fuck! Here it cums!!”

She holds down over his cock and he explodes, “Oh-Fuuuuuuuuckk.! Fuuuuuckk.! Fuckk!!”

Ling finally pulls off of his cock and leans back smiling. He collapses into the chair.

Eddie breathes, “Fuck… You swallowed!”

20 minutes later.

The naked bodies of Ling and Eddie are on top of the shaking bed. She’s laying on her back with her legs spread and bent upward at the knees. He’s leaning over on top, with her knees folded over his arms. His eyes look down at his hard cock buried inside her pussy. He is thrusting long and hard who sounds like some wild animal.

Eddie grunts with deep guttural sounds, “Mmm…! Mmmm…! Mmmm…! Mmm!!”

“Uunnh…! Uuunnh…! Uunh…! Uuunhh!!” she responds.

His eyes watch his shaft push in and then pull out, but keeping his cock-tip inside.

He keeps grunting, “Mmm…! Fuck…! Fuck…! You’re Hot!!”

She replies, “Uuunh…! Uunh…! escort bostancı So are you…! Uuunhh!!”

He stops and both of them breathe hard. His left hand reaches up and pushes her legs onto his shoulders. Her tiny body is crushed underneath his muscular frame. He leans forward and keeps looking down at his cock. He thrusts fast, hard and deep. His round balls hit, her tight butt-hole.

She screams, “Uunh..Uh..Uunh..Yes..Yes..Unh..Uunh..Unnh!!”

His eyes keep focused on his cock and grunts more, “Fuck..Mmm..Yeah..Fuck..Yeah..Mmm!!”

Her shrieks grow louder, “Uh-Uunh..Uuunh..Uunh..I’m..Cum-ming..Uhhhhhhh..Uhhhhh!!”

Eddie keeps thrusting and says, “Me..Too..Gonna..Cum!!”

He pushes inside one final time and holds it. Eddie lifts up his head and drops his mouth open.

“Uuuuuuuuuuhh.! Uuuuuuuuhh.!” he yells.

He slowly pulls out his cock and leans back onto his knees. Her legs fall open. He smiles down at her heavy, black crotch.

He says, “I couldn’t stop thinking about your pussy. When you opened, your fucking door, yesterday.”

She giggles as he lays down next to her.

“I haven’t fucked like this since high school. Shit, that was hot” he laughs.

His iPhone rings on the floor. He climbs off the bed. His hand grabs it and checks his messages.

He says, “I have to get to the university gym. I’m supposed to be working out. My wife’s picking me up.”

She grabs his hand and pulls him in. They kiss deeply. He then, walks into the bathroom and yanks off his condom.

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