Linda, The Race

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Linda had a huge grin on her pretty face. The twin turbos of her silver Porsche were on max boost and she was screaming through the desert night. This was where and when she felt most alive. Especially tonight, she was headed for a club meeting out on the flats. There was a new guy applying for membership in the club and she meant to keep him out. Two girls and six guys, was just the right number to her mind. Three apiece for her and Jill, that is, if she wasn’t feeling greedy and wanted them all at once. That had happened once, after a very fast night run and a close brush with a wreck and maybe death. The clubhouse had become her own private gangbang orgy, as she released the sexual energy of the rush, she had built up.

She topped a ridgeline and came up off the gas, letting the little car slow down for the first time in several miles. The straight highway section, she had just come off of, let the car run wide open. That meant, the speedometer was pegged at close to one ninety. As the car slowed, she geared it down through the six speeds of the transmission. At a highway intersection, she pulled over and joined a line of seven other cars, all of them exotic and expensive, all of them fast and powerful. The Desert Flyers were officially assembled.

As one, they all opened their doors and got out into the cool desert night. Linda grinned as she saw that Jill was as naked as she was. They had started this club as a joke, when they had bet a guy at one of the local nightclubs that he couldn’t catch them. He asked what the prize was and Jill had said, “You get us, silly. That is, if you can catch us and pass us.” The guy hadn’t believed her, so Linda said that they would leave their clothes in the parking lot and run the desert naked. The guy caught them but couldn’t pass before they got back to the club. He had become the third member of the club. Jack was his name and he was the one who had sponsored the new guy for membership.

“Madame President.” Jack said formally to Jill. “I have a potential candidate for our club and under our rules; I make the challenge for membership.”

As Vice President, Linda said, “Our membership is full and no new members are allowed. Challenge denied.” Jill nodded in agreement.

“Well, I’m getting married in a few weeks and my days with the club will be over. She doesn’t know about any of this and I won’t keep secrets from her, after we’re married.” Jack said softly.

There was dead silence for a moment and then pandemonium broke out, as this was news to everyone. They knew he had been dating a cute little girl from upstate for a year or so now, but getting married wasn’t anything, anyone expected. After the backslapping congratulations of the rest of the guys and a hug from Jill and Linda, they got back to business.

“I guess we will be having an opening after all.” Jill said. “Challenge accepted. Does he know the course, the rules, and the penalty for breaking the rules? Does he also know the prize for winning and the voting procedure that takes place if he doesn’t win?” Jill asked.

Jack nodded. “He’s a long time friend of mine and the best person I know that might be able to take my place. I’ve filled him in on everything and he’s waiting up the road for my signal.” Jack replied with a big grin.

Jill looked at Linda and grinned. “It looks like we’re going to have to throw Jack a going away party. We’ll hold it the night before the wedding.” She said with a big wink.

Linda laughed and told her. “You’ve got that right but if we do it the night before the wedding, the honeymoon won’t be worth a shit, or at least he won’t be.”

“Who said he was worth a shit anyway.” One of the other guys chipped in and everyone laughed as Jack protested loudly.

Jill stopped laughing and moved over to wrap her arms around Jack’s neck, coming up onto her toes to kiss the shit out of him. Jack’s arms went around her and after a few seconds, his hands started to wander over her body, ending up cupping her ass cheeks, as he picked her up off the ground. Jill wrapped her legs around his hips pendik escort and locked herself to him.

They all egged them on, until Jill broke the kiss and looked around at Linda, saying, “It’s your turn to take the challenge. I had the last one, remember.”

“Yeah, I know that. Anyway, it looks like you already have your arms and legs full.” Linda said with a big grin.

“I’m going to have something else full very shortly.” She said and then kissed Jack quickly on the lips. “Ok, you big lug, put me down so we can start the race.” When she released her grip with her legs, he stood her on the ground. She patted the large bulge in the front of his shorts and whispered, “Hold that thought.”

Linda got into her car, fired it up, and pulled out onto the highway to the right of the meeting place. Jack flashed his lights twice. A car started up, and then lights flared a mile or so down the road behind Linda. Linda saw them in her rearview mirror as she finished buckling her seat belts and hooking up the shoulder straps.

The vibrations from the engine and the anticipation of the race had an itchy feeling between her thighs. Neither, she or Jill had ever been beaten and she didn’t want that to change. She twisted in the seat, getting comfortable and settling the straps and belts into place. She could feel the terrycloth seat cover she had on the drivers seat, bunch up slightly under her wet opening and asshole. It made her tingle even more. The shoulder straps were pressing her breasts tightly together. Her hand came up and brushed across first one hard nipple and then the other. She shifted again and took a deep breath, she was as ready as she could get.

The other car came up behind her slowly and then stopped to her left. Linda glanced over at the black car next to her and then did a double take and stared. It was the size and general shape of an old style Camero or Firebird but that where the resemblance ended. It was like nothing Linda had ever seen. The rumble of its engine made the very air vibrate. Linda swallowed hard and looked at the road quickly. The windows of the black car were darkened out and she had not been able to see anything of the driver. All she could see was the refection of her silver car.

Jill appeared at the edge of the road a short distance in front of the two cars, a large while flag in her right hand and Jack’s long thick dick in the other. With a grin, she raised the flag and held it aloft. Linda brought the rpm’s up on her car and heard the other car do the same. The vibrations and anticipation went up to a higher notch, causing her to clamp her thighs tightly together as the itch became unbearable.

The flag dipped suddenly and Linda dumped the clutch. The little silver car shot off the line, the tires squealing; a curl of blue smoke coming off them. Linda grabbed second and accelerated. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the black car staying right beside her. She could hear the sound of his engine over her own. A shiver of excitement coursed up and down her body as she shifted to third, the speedometer already hovering around one hundred.

There was a sharp right hand curve coming up and the black car was still even with her. She had the inside and feathered the gas as she entered the corner, at the apex; she floored it and for the first time, pulled ahead. The black car fell in directly behind her and then closed up to give her rear bumper a little nudge. Linda’s eyes flicked up to the rearview mirror as she wondered, is this guy just playing with me or what? She grinned and grabbed fourth gear, accelerating as hard as she dared on the sand swept asphalt.

With a long straightaway in front of her, she ran up through the last two gears and had the speedometer hovering at two hundred very shortly. The black car seemed glued to her rear bumper, the lights bright and glaring in her mirrors. A shiver of fear and excitement ran up and down her body as she clamped and released the pressure between her thighs, the itch now a full blown throbbing in her wet pussy and tingling clit. No one had escort pendik ever stayed this close to her on a challenge run.

Suddenly, the black car pulled over and moved up slowly to her left. It drew even with her and held there. Linda glanced over as another shiver ran up and down her spine, to settle deep between her thighs. This guy has to be playing with me, she thought, I’m flat out but he can pull out and get up alongside me. She wondered why he did go ahead and pass. That thought brought a soft moan to her lips and a heavier pulsing to her sex.

There was a series of S turns coming up, the first one to the left. Linda had made this run, hundreds of times and knew where to start letting off the gas. She passed that point and still held the gas pedal on the floor. He had the inside and the advantage. She had a lighter car and maybe better brakes. Let’s see who would chicken out first, she thought.

She grinned as the black car suddenly fell back and tucked in behind her. She lifted her foot and grabbed fifth gear, working the clutch with her left foot, and heeling and toeing the brake and gas. She felt the ass end of the Porsche slip and wiggle through the first two turns and then it settled down. She was running through this section nearly ten miles and hour faster than she ever had. She had a wild grin on her face as she exited the last corner and hit another straightaway. She wiggled in the seat and gasped as an orgasm tore through her body. She should have up shifted for a short distance but she was distracted by the deep rolling waves coursing throughout her body. She had been close several times but she had never had a climax without touching herself.

As her attention refocused on the road, she expected to find the black car in front of her and pulling away. To her surprise, it was still behind her. Then it gave her another little nudge as if to say, hey, speed up, we can go even faster.

Linda grinned at the rearview mirror as she grabbed sixth and floored it. Back at two hundred miles an hour, her mind drew a picture of him sitting in his seat, his hard on pressing against the steering wheel. She wondered if he stroked it as they ran down the straights. The rules stated that he had to be as naked as she was on this run. How hard he was at the finish, was one of the things that decided his membership. She sighed and shifted in her seat slightly as the tingle in her pussy returned. Damn, a hard dick would feel so good, right now, she thought.

The end of the straightaway was coming up fast. Linda started down shifting, braking gently as she did. The road they were on, teed into another highway at the stop sign. They had to make a hard left and fuck the stop sign; this was racing. As she neared the turn, she moved the car over to the right, setting up for the entrance to the turn. In second gear, she cut in and hit the center of the corner exactly where she wanted to be. She nailed the gas and accelerated away, up shifting as she went.

This highway was fairly straight with a slight bending to the left over the next five miles. There was a series of dips spaced out along it, where creeks crossed. Each dip was eight to ten feet deep and a little less than quarter mile long. You had to be careful of your speed or you’d bottom out on entering the dip or get airborne exiting. She grinned as she thought about the heavier looking black car. This should be a lot of fun, she thought to herself.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the black car pulling up along side of her again. The first dip was coming up fast and Linda wondered again about the guy driving against her. Her hips flexed in the seat and she shivered as she realized just how wet the seat cover was under her ass. The wet terry cloth tickled and teased her asshole and pussy. She shivered again and lifted her heel slightly, her toe touching the brake pedal gently. She knew exactly to the mile per hour, how fast her car would take the drop before it would bottom out. She hit the edge of the dip exactly on the money. The black car stayed even with her all the pendik escort bayan way.

Linda felt herself get light for a millisecond and then the seat pressed tighter to her ass as the car settled at the bottom of the dip. The terry cloth rubbed against her asshole and pussy. She clamped her thighs and gasped softly. Damn, that feels so good; she thought as they flashed across the short space and started up the other side. There was the feeling of seat pressure, then less weight returned for another millisecond, and then the seat massaged her ass and sex again. Linda moaned, that was even better, she thought as tremors ran out from her sex.

The black car stayed right beside her through the dips. Between the thoughts about the guy in the car next to her and the way the terry cloth kept creeping up tighter and tighter into her ass crack, Linda was breathing hard and on the brink of another orgasm as they entered the last dip. As the car bottomed out, Linda whimpered loudly, her muscular ass squeezing the terry cloth tightly, her hips flexing back and forth as much as the lap belt allowed them to. When the car came up out of the dip, Linda groaned and lifted her foot off the gas as her thighs and ass clamped down on another barnburner of an orgasm. The race and everything else was forgotten as wave after wave of sexual pleasure swept through her body. She knew that there was a sharp left hand turn coming up, but it meant nothing to her at the moment.

There was a sharp bump at the left rear of her car and then it was spinning in tight circles down the center of the road. Linda snapped out of her daze and fought to control the spin. The little car came to a stop, facing back the way she had come from. The deep ditch at the sharp corner was only ten feet behind her. Linda sat there shaking so hard that her foot slipped off the gas and she killed the motor. She leaned forward as much as the shoulder straps would let her and let her head hang, straining the back of her neck and shoulders. A shivering shake ran up and down her body for a moment or two.

A flashing of lights brought Linda’s head up and she saw the black car stopped in the middle of the road about twenty feet in front of her. The headlights were flashing to bright and then back to dim. Linda reached up and flashed back, signaling that she was all right. Then she wondered if she really was. If that guy hadn’t spun her out, she would have taken a nasty ride out across the desert. She took a deep shuttering breath at that thought and then pushed it away. She knew that if she let her mind dwell there, her racing days were over.

She started the car and let it idle forward. As she moved forward, the black car backed away. A strange thought crossed her mind at that moment. He wasn’t playing with her to win the race; he was playing to win her. Or, at least to prove that he was as good as she was, equals in all things, especially driving. Linda turned that over in her mind as she suddenly spun her car and drove around the sharp turn slowly. The black car followed her.

At a wide spot, a short ways down the road, Linda pulled over to the shoulder and stopped. The black car pulled in behind her. Linda sat there thinking for a moment and then opened her door and got out. This was against the rules, unless one or both of them wrecked. Well, if it hadn’t been for him, she would have wrecked and big time at that. She looked over the side of her car and found a small dent with black paint on it, a few inches in front of her rear bumper. He had preformed a perfect Pit Maneuver on her.

She walked back to the front of his car and checked out the small amount of silver paint on his front bumper cover. Neither car was hurt, cosmetic damage only. She gave him a thumbs up and turned to walk back to her own car. She was suddenly very aware of the sway of her hips, the way her thighs rubbed together slickly, and the way her sexual lips rubbed together and around her hard clit. Her clit was tingling and throbbing.

Linda paused at the door and stood there looking back at the black car. The race was over for all intents and purposes. He had won and she had lost. A shiver ran along her body as she realized that she was the prize and all his. She took a deep breath, grinned, and walked toward the black car and her fate.

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