Lilith, a Devils Revenge

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Lilith, a Devil’s Revenge

Lilith had made it to her destination.
The church where she had grown up.
She walked up the stone steps that looked exactly the way she remembered them. It was around midnight when she knocked on the door. She struck a pose with one delicate hand on her hip, jutting the other hip out and leaned most of her little wieght on one of her long shapley legs. 
A young student, wearing exactly what she wore, answered the door to see who it was. She gasped seeing the red skinned woman with black high heels and two, two inch long horns on her forhead. 
Lilith grabbed the girl by the face and pulled her out, slamming her against the wall with a hand over her mouth. Lilith pressed her large ample chest against the girls fairly big chest and whispered in her ear.
“Why are you out of bed little girl?” She asked the seventeen year old girl slowly releasing her grip from her mouth.
“Sister Caroline assigns students to guard duty once in a while.” She answered truthfully with glassy eyes of fear that looked as if they’d shatter if Lilith stared at them too hard. 
Lilith cawed a laugh, “Sister Caroline is still here?!” She nearly yelled throwing her head back, “You know what me and Sister Caroline used to do?… Hmm?” She asked deviously with a wicked one sided grin. 
The girl fearfully shook her head.
“Well, I would do this.” She said suductivly as she kissed the young blonde student. Working her hands down the girls chest, feeling her large breasts and felt her pussy through the skirt and panties. Her fingers swayed under the girls skirt and then delicatly up her soft thigh and started rubbing her pussy through the soft fabric.
Josey, the student, had never been touched like this before. She had grown up in the church and never did anything sinnful in her life. Feeling this “Demon from Hell” scared her and made her privates on fire. She didn’t know how to react to the fingers rubbing her virgin, even to her own fingers, vagina. She had never felt so wet. She felt dirty, sinnful, and loved it. A jolt of excitment flew through her when the red skinned woman bit her neck harshly. 
Growing up in the exact same enviroment Lilith knew if you grew up in a life of pleasure, in the end you will always choose pain. Pain was new, it was exotic, and many of her “victims”, as the church once called it, fell to it. 
One of the only reasons why her race was hated by the churches was because the church could easily bend the will of humans. It attacked their imortal souls with lies of a paradise and lies of hell. But Devils and Demons do what ever they please. Demons lived in a self proclaimed anarchy, if they wanted order they had to be strong enough to command it. Devils lived in a society of law and order. However not a single one of those hundreds upon hundreds of laws governed how or what a devil does with their body of in the privicy of their own homes. 
Once Lilith found the secrets behind her pussy nothing stopped her from rubbing it where ever or whenever she chose. Not until they put her in the straight jacket that was. 
Lilith’s fingers found there way into the girls panties illegal bahis and immeditly started to finger the pussy with one finger. Even with one finger she was tight. The girl tugged at Lilith’s white shirt and moaned openly. Lilith kissed her neck and licked the girls ear as she came to an orgasm in no time.
“Do you know what Sister Caroline used to do to me?” the girl shook her head panting, trying to take in her surroundings.
“Have you ever licked a lolipop?” Lilith asked,
The girl nodded.
Lilith lifted her skirt showing Josey her tight wet pussy, “Same concept, but you’re a few years younger then she was.” 
Josey barely knew what she was doing consciously, but her animal side knew exactly what she was doing, and liked it. She smelled the sweet musky aroma of the devils hot, wet, pussy and licked once tasting her sweet juices. The girl almost immeditly went face first into her pussy wrapping her arms around her legs forcing her tongue into her pussy. 
Lilith moaned slowly ending with a small satisfied laugh. She sqeezed her tits and lifted one from her half buttoned blouse and licked her swollen nipple. She gyrated once and gushed on the girls face.
Lilith gave a slow and rebelious giggle backing away from the girl.
“I like you, I’ll be back out, wait here.” Lilith said walking past her and entered the church. The churches main hall was large and echoed Liliths heels. 
An eighty year old woman exited a room yelling, “Josey? Why is that door still open!” she yelled with a ruler in hand and stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Lilith.
“Lilith!” she cried
“Sister Caroline?!” She nearly screamed in disblief laughing loudly, “Oh the years have not been kind to you! Where did that once beautiful face I used to violate with my pussy go?” she asked with a mischievous smile.
“You’re not welcome here Lilith!” she said sternly.
“If you look like that I’m guessing Father Clain is feeding worms?” Lilith asked,
She lifted her finger to the top of her and brought it down and the from her left shoulder to her right, “Father Clain passed on quite a few years after you were exiled back to the fiery depths of hell.” 
“After my transport back home I found out it’s not fiery at all. It’s rather nice. But my love for thr humans drove me back. You and I both know there is no god. No satan. Yet you stayed.”
“I wondered if you would ever come back.”
Sister Caroline revealed a gun begining to draw it. 
Lilith suddenly drew the pistol she took from the police officer and fired quicker then Sister Caroline could have even of drawn it fully. The old womans eyes widened as she fell over, blood pooling around her the shot echoing through the halls. 
“If Father Clain is dead, why do I still smell him?” she wondered to herself walking down the hall to the Headmasters room. She slowly opened the door to see a younger image of Father Clain getting up from his bed. He suddenly looked over and was shocked to see the devil before him.
“Are you Father Clains grandchild?”
The man fearfully nodded grasping the crusifix from the back of his bed. 
She didn’t flintch.
“You don’t believe in god illegal bahis siteleri do you?” she asked devilishly.
“Why?” he asked with a quivering voice.
“Because when someone holds an object of power, it repels devils and demons. Seriously harms lesser ones. Like a cross or pagan symbols of a necklace of Budha, I feel nothing from you.” she explained
“What do you want to hear? That I became a Father because my dad made me?” that fairly hansome man yelled.
Lilith strutted forward with an insidious smile, “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” she said lowering the crusifix from his chest and licking his neck. Her hand reaching down and rubbing his dick through his boxer shorts. 
“I’m not going to hurt you, unless you want me too.” she said with a suductive voice as his penis grew erect. She reached into his boxers and slowly began to stroke it. 
The man took in a slow deep gasp. His hands went up her belly and grasped her large breasts sternly, yet gently. 
“You have a better grip then you grandfather.” she said with a giggle. 
He suddenly lifted his hands under her arms and threw them up and grasped her by her waist and lifted her from the ground sprinting into the hall. 
She would have fought back, and would have won too. But she knew where he was taking her. The padded room for “naughty” girls. 
He opened the door to the padded room and threw her inside. She landed on her back and gave a subtle laugh as he took the straight jacket from the wall and tackled her. Back in the old days it took seven men to get it on her. She was letting him put it on. After it was all tied and clipped, even a few clips for her tail, he took a step back. 
She was on her knees and face first on the ground. Her ass was sticking up in the air.
“Well are you just going to leave me like this?” she asked, “Come on big boy, you know you want it.” she teased gyrating her hips around showing the twenty-six year old man her hot wet cunt, glissening in the rooms light. 
He wanted her. 
He slowly pulled down his boxers and looked down at his erect penis. He took a few steps forward and went to his knees, grasping the womans hips. He edged the head of his dick on her pussy lips. He felt how hot her pussy was, he pulled back and then realized it was hot but didn’t hurt him. He stuck it in the extemely tight and wet vagina. 
She moaned out loud feeling his hard dick inside of her and loved it. 
He pulled back his hand and slapped her ass as hard as he could and the only response was a moan and her starting to roll her hips around licking her lips. She lifted her body and humped his dick turning her head a bit and licked the side of his face. 
Father Clain grabbed her back and forced her back to the ground slamming her face into the padded flooring. 
He took his dick from her pussy and used her juices to lubricate his dick and shoved it into her asshole. She cried out in pleasure, laughing a little at the brutal assault on her ass. 
He shoved it in and out feeling her nice soft asshole. He pressed her ass cheeks together around his dick. The feeling increased as her ass cheeks caked his dick. 
“Oh canlı bahis siteleri Father!” she cried out in pure pleasure. After a few more thrusts she screamed out an orgasm and after another thrust the man came inside her ass. He slumped over her breathing deeply.
Lilith moaned softly to herself loving the feeling of his jizz filling and tickling her asshole. 
She twisted, knocking him off of her. She whispered to herself as flame started at her hands and and tail burning away part of the straight jacket then the flame went out. She pressed her hands forward and ripped the jacket. She walked out from the room. The Father looked over and saw a pistol on the ground. He picked it up knowing it must have fell from her skirt. 
“Hey!” he yelled at her pointing the gun.  
She looked over. There were several ways to deal with this situtation. She could cast a spell run and wait for him. She suddenly smelled a demon not to far away. The demon no doubt smelled her hot juices. On her plane if a demon had a chance to duck a devil, it usualy meant a trap, but they would risk it anyways, at least half the time. Now that she was on earth she knew it was coming for her. 
But what type of demon, she wondered perhaps the spirit demon from the house? Who could tell. 
She booked it forward as a shot rang hitting the back wall harmlessly. 
He stood up and chased her out when the walls busted in behind him. He colapsed to the ground as a demon charged in grabbing him by the head it lifted him and bit into his spine. He screamed in terror as his spinal fluids were drained by the demon and was then flung to the side quite dead. 
It had black skin that looked like burnt charcol. An edged brow pointing down with blood red eyes. It had two horns that rose alittle and then dropped to just above eye level and then went straight outward, shiny and smooth. Black at the base and slowly turned white as perals. It’s chin narrowed to a point with three jagged edges. It’s massive arms were jagged with shell like skin along it’s forearms and judded outward three times at the elbow. It’s gauntlet like hands were sharp at every point and had fingernails three inches long dripping with fresh blood. It’s mouth wide enough to fit the entire mans head inside of it, and enough pointed an jagged teeth that easily ripped through the man soft back. It’s large black wings were too like charcol. With a long tail with a large spike at the end the creature spoke with an extremely low pitched voice with a rasp on the tip of his vocal chords.
“Kill not my prize lowly human.”
“And prize you shall recieve demon.” she said walking from around the corner strutting along sliding her hands up her thighs then up her ass, lifting it a little showing her tight red apple ass and then rested her arms on her hips.
“My kind had always found you demons to be lesser beings. I however have always found you fun. Any creature that can throttle me like that is equal in my mind. Sadly I haven’t been able to find a demon that doesn’t think I’m not going to kill it. Or one that doesn’t try to kill me.” 
“Who says I won’t try to kill you afterward?” it said honestly. 
“Because you won’t be able to sexy.” it suddenly occured to her, demon don’t take challenges lightly. 
Especialy when one says, 
“Challenge accpepted.”

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