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Lavender candles were lit, their flames sending flickering shafts of light onto the walls. Low music played, the sensual beat echoing slightly in the flame-cast room. The bathtub was filled with hot water, bubbles settling lazily on the surface. The scene was set for a relaxing evening.

Lila lifted her leg and stepped gracefully into the tub. Once both feet were in, she sat down gently, careful not to slosh the water over the edges. She had filled the tub perfectly. No water spilled over, and the surface lapped against her stomach and chest. She slid down, resting her head on the rim, wriggling to get comfortable. Her hair was pulled into a knot on top of her head, but tendrils escaped and curled around her face from the humidity in the room.

A long sigh escaped her lips, and the corners of her mouth turned up into a small smile. Only her knees and the tips of her breasts were exposed from the water; the rest of her was happily relaxed, the tension in her body seeping out into the bath. Though the room wasn’t cold by any means, in fact, the mirror was fogged- her nipples puckered above the water. Tiny bubbles fizzed and popped around her, and the sound made her smile again.

Lila’s thoughts flitted to and fro, going over scenes from the day, finally coming to rest on the handsome stranger she met at the store. He had seemed more than interested, but Lila couldn’t encourage him. In her mind’s eye, she saw his broad frame, his dark hair rumpled by the wind, and his expressive brown eyes. Those eyes had devoured her. Lila felt herself flush at the thought, and her nipples hardened again.

Almost unbidden, she felt a faint pulse between her legs. Her eyes were shut, and she just knew this mystery man was standing at the bathroom door, hiding bursa escort behind it, watching her. The thought thrilled her anew. Lila’s back arched slightly, lifting her breasts further out of the water. She wanted him to see.

Reaching out, Lila grabbed a bottle of bath oil and poured some in her palm. Replacing the bottle, she rubbed her hands together slowly then placed them on her shoulders. Her hands slid easily over her skin, and she brought them down to her breasts. Cupping them, she rolled their weight around, letting her thumbs rub circles around her nipples. They were still hard, and she pinched them lightly.

The pulsing between her legs intensified, and she pressed her thighs together arousing herself further. Lila’s eyes opened, and she leaned forward to unplug the tub. She let enough water out so that her pussy was almost out of the water, but not quite. Settling back against the tub again, her hands continued their wandering. She stroked her stomach and her thighs lightly, just barely tickling her skin and goosebumps rose. Lila poured some more oil directly onto her stomach, and her stomach muscles clenched and pulled inward at the cold. The oil trickled into her navel, and on down…

Her hands spread the oil around slowly, goosebumps appearing once more from the temperature. From her shoulders to her knees she spread the liquid, and one hand hesitated between her legs. She let her fingertips slide slowly along her slit. Her clit peeked out slightly, and she hissed in a breath as her finger grazed it. Back and forth her finger moved and finally, she pressed in between her lips. She was wet, and not from the water or the bath oil.

Lila scooted down a little farther, placing her feet on either side of the tub at the far end, bursa escort bayan effectively spreading her legs and lifting her hips. At her movement, the water lapped at her pussy and she shivered. She let her fingers roam between her silken folds, spreading the oil and her juices. She rubbed at her clit a little, but not too much. She wasn’t done playing. The slow seduction of herself, and the feeling of being so wet turned her on further. The pull inside her lower abdomen begged for her to be filled.

Lila’s breathing increased as quickly as her need. She glanced up at the door, certain her mystery man would be watching; but he wasn’t. However, the fact he was missing didn’t change anything. She still wanted him; she still wanted fucked. Lila tried to stay at a slow, sensual pace, but it was no use. She needed it.

Stepping from the water, she toweled off for a moment and left the bathroom more wet than dry. Her hand had wandered down while she walked, and she rubbed her clit on the way to the bed. By now her pussy was clutching at nothing, and she was moments away from coming. Lila made it to the foot of the bed, and she stopped. Lifting her right leg, she set her knee on the bed and braced herself with her left hand. Her fingers moved faster, circling and massaging the place that would get her off with a quickness. She had barely gotten herself adjusted when her hips jerked as she came, thrusting forward on their own volition.

Gasping for breath, she removed her slippery hand and turned to sit on the bed.

A man was standing at the door, but it wasn’t her mystery man.

“Interesting show you put on, my love.” His smile was devious.

“I didn’t realize you would be home this early.” Lila’s face flushed as her husband escort bursa strolled into the room.

“I didn’t either, but I’m glad I was.” He stripped off his shirt as he came closer.

Lila licked her lips, and her pussy gave a twitch, seeming to be happy now that cock was available. Andrew unzipped his pants and pulled them to the floor along with his boxers. As he stood, Lila saw proof that he had enjoyed the show. His cock jutted from him, throbbing and dripping pre-come.

“On your hands and knees please.” Andrew smiled and grabbed her arm to help her over.

Lila scooted backwards, already just as horny as she had been minutes before. Andrew barely took time to aim, and she was filled completely. His cock slid easily and he moaned. It only took a few thrusts before he grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back, riding her with abandon. Lila whimpered as her pussy convulsed around him. She moved so that she was laying on her chest with her ass in the air, and Andrew growled above her, thrusting harder and with each stroke he hit bottom

Lila moved her arm down, getting her hand between her legs as he fucked her. His balls slapped against her hand as she found her clit and started the process all over again. It took only seconds and she came again, her free hand clutching the sheets as her pussy clamped around Andrew’s cock. She tore her fingers away from the sensation, and Andrew rode harder for a few more thrusts before he groaned through gritted teeth. His breath came out in a violent rush as he pulled out, splashing her ass with his cum. Lila held still while he finished, her pussy throbbing pleasantly.

Andrew moved from behind her and grabbed his shirt, wiping her off.

“Every day.”

“What?” Lila was confused.

“I want to come home to that everyday. So you better figure something out.” Andrew smiled as he tried to catch his breath.

Lila flipped over onto her back, spreading her legs to his hot gaze.

“We’ll see.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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