Liked The First One

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I have read several stories in here and really get off to them. I am straight and have a couple kids. Never messed around on my wife, but curious about being with a man. Many stories in here describe such a wonderful feeling.

One night while out of town, having dinner and a beer at a local pub minding my own business. I was sitting in the bar, open seating area. A guy sat next to me as I finished my dinner. He struck up a conversation with me and we talked for awhile on sports, being from different cities with had a rivalry. Fun conversation and we talked about our families.

I said I was done and need to head back to the hotel, which turned out to be the same as him. He invited me to have a beer at the little bar down stairs. Even offered to buy, how can I refuse a beer? I followed him back to the hotel; we ordered a couple beers and sat in the corner. After a few more beers conversation turned to sex bahçelievler escort bayan and our wives.

Since we are both on the road a lot, he asked if I masturbate. Shocked, I said what do you think? He said he does every night and sometimes in the morning. I admitted to having phone sex with my wife while masturbated. He said that sounds hot and would like to watch.

It was late, but said come up to my room and I will call my wife. Beer set in for sure. We got to my room and I called my wife, woke her up. She said what’s wrong, I said I was horny. She laughed and began to talk dirty. I soon was undressed as he sat watching me, being very quiet. I started to stroke my cock as my wife talked dirty and told me how much she wanted to suck my cock. I said out loud, suck my cock. My eyes were closed, when I felt a tongue lick my cock. I tried to not to say anything balgat escort to make my wife know.

My hand was pushed away and he smiled up at me and started to suck me off as my wife talked about it. It was awesome; I was yelling SUCK MY COCK YOU COCK SUCKER. He sucked harder and faster, I said I was about to explode. He went at even more as I exploded down his throat. I told my wife I came and thank you, good night. He continued to lick me clean and suck my cock until I was hard again.

I said that was the best head I ever received. He said thank you very much. Then stood up, dropped his pants, revealing a hard cock right in my face. I guess it is my turn, he just nodded. I never did this before, but figured I owed the guy. I took his hard shaft in my hand and raised it to my mouth, started licking down the shaft. It was average length, I guess but never having a dick in batıkent escort bayan my mouth before I was sure it was going to be hard to get it in. I placed my mouth over his cock and began to run up and down the shaft, getting the hang of it. The rhythm picked up. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth faster and harder. Then finally slowed down a little and spurted in my mouth, gagging me but not letting his cock out. It tasted great and I wanted more, I dropped his dick from my mouth and started licking it clean.

Once done he looked at me and said your hard again, why don’t you fuck me. I though why not, he first took my cock in his mouth to get it nice and wet. He said now I am ready, turned around and bent over. I stood up took my cock into his ass. It was tight, but felt good squeezing my rock hard cock. I pumped him and was excited, I new I would not last. I told him I was about to cum; he yelled fill my ass with your hot cum. As I pumped him and started to cum, he was telling me how good it felt. I finally pulled out and sat back and said thank you. He said no problem, sat down and said it was fun. After a few minutes, he said he needs to be at work in a few hours, better go. Got dressed and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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