Like Clockwork

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Shane’s alarm sounded and he and Scarlett woke with a start. He reached up to the top of the bed frame, feeling for his phone to try and turn the alarm off without opening his eyes. Scarlett pulled the duvet up over her head and leaned into Shane’s armpit and onto his chest. Shane looked at the time, stretched and yawned. “Babe” he whispered. Scarlett didn’t flinch. “Babe!” he whispered louder, nudging her. “C’mon, time to get up.” Scarlett smiled but kept her eyes shut. “I know you’re awake.” Shane chimed. Scarlett groaned as she stretched her arm across his chest. “Scarlett!” he said in a low, stern voice.

“Whaaat?” she groaned, opening her eyes. “Just 5 minutes more!” she pleaded in a childish protest. She stroked her hand down his torso, kissing his skin then grasped his cock. “Mmmm” she groaned. “What about finishing what we started last night?” she asked.

Shane groaned “Hmmm do you think we’ve got time? We’ve got work! I don’t want the first time we’ve had sex in ages to be rushed.” he said, combing his hand through her hair.

Scarlett looked up at him “Yeah…” she said, smiling coyly as she stroked his cock. “We can shower together after so it’ll save time AND the environment.” she giggled. “I’m already wet.” she whispered as she leaned up and started kissing him passionately.

Shane groaned as Scarlett stroked his cock firmly and kissed him while he caressed her body, down her back and into her pyjama bottoms. Scarlett sighed and panted against him as she felt his hand slide between her thighs and he stroked into her pussy. “Oooh you are wet.” Shane groaned, breaking their kiss. He turned Scarlett on to her back and she took off her pyjama bottoms while he opened the condom on the bedside table and rolled it on to his cock. “Right you,” Shane teased. “Legs up!” Scarlett giggled as she lifted her legs up in the air and held her knees together. Shane sat on his knees and stroked his cock down her pussy and slowly pushed the tip inside her. “Aw fuck!” he whispered. Scarlett groaned, gasped and winced. “Relax, babe. You’re nice and wet… let istanbul escort me slide in.” Shane whispered, stroking her face and tracing her lips with his fingers. Scarlett took a deep breath and Shane went further in with each thrust. He threw his head back and took a deep breath. “You’re so tight, aw fuck.” Scarlett reached down and started circling her clit. “Mmmm yeah.” Shane moaned and started thrusting faster. “Relax!” he whispered, feeling her tense.

“I’m trying!” she hissed. “Slower, slower Shane” Scarlett whispered. “Not too hard” she gasped. Shane obeyed and Scarlett nodded at him and moaned. She began to relax into their rhythm and was overwhelmed and pleasantly shocked at the feeling of his cock inside her, fucking her for the first time in 5 months. She felt full, his girthy cock stretching her in a way she had forgotten she longed for. “Your cock feels so big inside me.” she gasped. She rubbed her clit faster, trying to concentrate on her pleasure.

Shane panted and groaned as he tried to hold back. “Scarlett” he groaned. “You’re so tight, I’m gonna cum soon” he hissed. “Are you close babe?” he groaned.

“Nearly” whispered Scarlett, moving her feet to rest them on Shane’s shoulders. “I’m trying to relax.” she whispered. Shane nodded, watching her rub her clit, desperately trying to reach orgasm. “Oooh yeah fuck me!” she groaned.

Shane exhaled sharply, thrusting faster in to her. “Mmmm I love how you fuck me.” Scarlett moaned, frowning.

Shane grunted, grasping her thighs. “Yeah I love fucking you. Aw fuck, your pussy’s so tight. I’m so close babe.” he groaned urgently, panting as he thrust faster.

“I’m nearly there!” Scarlett moaned, furiously rubbing her clit. Her hips bucked and she panted and groaned feeling her orgasm rising in her pelvis. “Don’t stop!” she gasped.

“Oh fuck!” Shane exclaimed and thrust hard into her as he came, shuddering and grunting. Scarlett moaned and gasped at the force of his thrusts as he came just as she bucked her hips against him and avcılar escort moaned uncontrollably as she came, surprised at the force of her body’s reaction. They grinded their hips together. “Fucking hell babe! Fuck!” Shane exclaimed. Scarlett looked up at him, trying to keep her eyes open and panting as her body contorted and she groaned out the rest of her orgasm.

“Don’t pull out yet!” she groaned, grasping his thighs as she recovered.

“I have to, Scarl. The rubber.” Shane said, panting, gesturing towards his cock getting soft inside her. She nodded. “I know I keep saying it but fucking hell you’re tight.” he groaned, trying to withdraw. “Take a breath” he said, holding the condom tight as he quickly pulled his cock out of her. Scarlett groaned and panted at the feeling. Shane pulled off the condom, tied a knot in it and threw it towards the bin. He lay down beside her on the bed.

“The good thing with those is it’s a lot less messy.” Scarlett said, trying to recover her breath.

“Oh gee thanks!” Shane joked.

“Well it means I don’t have to worry about cum dripping out of me!” she exclaimed. “That requires more strategic movement and frankly, it’s inconvenient.” she giggled.

“I have to worry about checking every few minutes that the rubber hasn’t slid off!” Shane sighed.

“A much easier problem to have!” Scarlett said, breezily. “Anyway! That was just what the doctor ordered.” she smiled and turned to kiss him.

“Mmm yeah?” he asked. She nodded, looking in his eyes and smiling lovingly at him. “Good.” he replied, kissing her softly. “Yeahhh that was great babe.” he groaned. “I could do with a wee doze now to be honest.” he chuckled.

“Well, we’ve got 20 minutes to get ready and leave for work.” Scarlett said, looking at her phone. “Just think about how you can have a wee doze when you get home later.” she giggled, throwing back the duvet. “And don’t forget you’ve the whole bed to yourself tonight cos I’m going home to mine after work.” she moved to get out of bed.

Shane grasped her waist şirinevler escort and pulled her back against him. “Don’t tease me and leave me all night.” he groaned quietly in her ear.

“Tease you?! We just had sex! Which I think was pretty good for being the first time in a long time, what do you say?” she laughed.

He kissed her neck and ran his hand up her thigh. “Mmmm yeah, it was. Like clockwork.” he sighed. “I want you even more after that, I’ve missed you, Scarl.” he said.

Scarlett turned round to face him and pulled him into a hug before pulling back and kissing him. “I’ve missed you too. It’s only 2 days until we see each other again. I’m sure you want the bed to yourself for a bit.” she said. Shane frowned. Scarlett laughed. “Right, come on and get up for work!” she said, pulling at his arm.

They showered, got dressed and went downstairs to wait while Shane called a taxi. Scarlett stood in the hallway applying her eyeliner in the mirror. “You’re putting makeup on? There’s no time, the taxi will be here in a minute!” he said, wrapping his arms round her waist and kissing her neck.

“I’m only doing eyeliner and mascara cos there isn’t enough time for the rest!” she exclaimed. “Who needs a full face though when I’ve got this fresh, post-orgasmic glow!” she teased. Shane smirked, spun her round and pulled her against him.

“You’re gorgeous, babe.” he said, kissing her in a slow, passionate kiss. The taxi arrived outside. “Time to go.” he said. They went out the front door and Shane opened the car door for Scarlett. “I’m actually going to take my bike today.” he said, looking up at the sky. Scarlett nodded, hugged and kissed him. “I’ll text you later and see you Friday?” he asked. She agreed. “Promise?” he asked. The taxi driver cleared his throat and Scarlett laughed and nodded at Shane before getting into the taxi. Shane paid the taxi driver and apologised for keeping him waiting. Shane waved as the taxi drove away, feeling like Friday was further away than it had ever been. He felt like he had when they’d first started dating, when he couldn’t wait until the next time they’d see each other. He felt like they were finally back on the same wavelength.

Shane cycled to work thinking about Scarlett and their morning, happily lost in his head as he went into the office and got on with his day. Only another 2 days and 8 hours to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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