Like a Woman Scorned

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After our blonde eighteen-year-old smoke-show catches her boyfriend cheating, Ashlyn devises a plan to get revenge. However, the plan takes an unexpected turn when innocent flirting leads to passionate, mind-blowing sex with her ex’s fifty-five-year-old father.

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“We’re over!” Ashlyn yelled, as she stormed out of the boy’s locker room. Tears streaming down her face, Ashlyn Donovan threw her biology textbook into her locker and slammed the thin metal door shut. Her head was swimming—how could this possibly be happening? How could he have cheated on her!?

Barely five minutes ago, Ashlyn had stealthily crept into the boy’s locker room to wish her boyfriend, Daniel Scott, good luck for the big homecoming game. The hallway leading into the locker room was deserted and she knew that most, if not all, of the guys on the team would be in the weight room exercising and lifting. Tiptoeing into the locker room, Ashlyn peaked around the corner and heard a faint whimpering coming from the other end of the room. Wondering what could possibly be making that sound, Ashlyn walked forward and gasped in shock: her boyfriend was completely naked! His perfect brown hair was uncharacteristically disheveled, sweat was pouring down his chiseled body, and he was grunting like an animal. Ashlyn looked down at his tight, sexy ass and then, to her horror, saw that his cock was slamming in and out of Bianca Pierce, the school slut.

As Ashlyn gasped Daniel looked up and his cheeks flushed crimson red. “Ashlyn!” He sputtered. Bianca, who was bent over in doggy style, squealed in embarrassment. “What the fuck are you doing here!?” Daniel yelled, pulling up his shorts. Ashlyn screamed, took one last horrified look at Bianca, and ran out of the locker room sobbing uncontrollably. She raced home and within an hour her two closest friends were attempting to console the devastated young woman.

Ashlyn and Daniel had been a couple ever since freshman year. Now, as seniors, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the two would be together forever. Ashlyn had high hopes of going off to college with her dashing boyfriend, graduating together, and starting a family. To say that Ashlyn was naive would be an understatement. Having given up her virginity to Daniel the previous summer she thought their relationship was rock solid. “I thought he loved me…” Ashlyn sobbed. Had it been any other girl Ashlyn might have accepted it and moved on gracefully but the fact that Daniel was hooking up with Bianca Pierce— the school slut— sent her over the edge. Ashlyn wished that she could give Daniel a taste of his own medicine! And getting revenge would clearly not be a problem for her.

At barely eighteen, Ashlyn Donovan was a living goddess. She had long, silky blonde hair, soft golden tanned skin, and perky, round breasts that could fill up any top. She had a tiny stomach, long smooth legs and a tight peachy ass that always left a guy wanting more. To add to that, she had sexy, piercing, blue eyes. In contrast, Bianca was the exact opposite of Ashlyn: Bianca had dark brown hair, a big thick booty, enormous tits, pale freckled skin, big pouty lips, and striking chocolate eyes. While both girls were gorgeous, Bianca routinely flaunted her sexuality to get her way, making her the object of desire for all the boys—and most of the men—at school. Indeed, the stories about Bianca’s sexual conquests were legendary among the football players.

Surrounded by her two best friends, Ashlyn lay in her bed still wiping tears off her cheek and trying to think of one of Daniel ‘s friends to hook-up up with. As captain of the football team all of Daniel ‘s friends were relatively good-looking and would have given anything to have Ashlyn all over them. Certainly, she would never have sex with them—that would be way over the top—but she had no problem making-out with someone just to throw it in Daniel’s face. She couldn’t even begin to think about having sex with anybody else. Up until a few hours ago Daniel had been her soulmate and the love of her life. How would she ever be able to trust someone again enough to be so intimate with them?

“You know…” Ashlyn ‘s best friend, Alexandra Montgomery, said. “Dan’s not going to give a shit if you make out with one of his friends. He’ll just shrug it off.” Taking a bottle of vodka in her hand, she took a swig and passed it over to Ashlyn “Honestly you’d need to hook up with someone he absolutely hates. Someone he loathes. Otherwise, it won’t really matter…”

Ashlyn, taking the bottle back, looked at her friend and sighed. “Dan doesn’t really hate anyone. He’s too obsessed with football and his stupid cars. He’s never even been in a serious argument, that I can remember.” “That’s not true…” Steph said, finally piping up. “The other day Alex and I were walking home from school and we overheard Daniel get into a really bad argument with his father.” Alexandra smiled and offered Ashlyn escort ataşehir another swig of vodka.

Daniel and his father never got along very well, as Daniel was athletic and extroverted while his father was geeky and introverted. Thomas Scott was head of the research and development department of a major electronics outlet and always hoped for a son who could one day take his place. But Daniel was never particularly interested in academics; he was more into chasing girls and lifting weights. Daniel’s mother had divorced his father when he was very young, remarried her palliates instructor, and left her ex-husband with primary custody of their son. Even though Ashlyn and Daniel had been together for almost three and a half years she could barely remember ever seeing Mr. Scott. But little did she know, Mr. Scott had definitely noticed her!

“What are you smiling about!?” Ashlyn asked, beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol. She rarely drank and had virtually no tolerance. “Well…” Alexandra began, “If you hook up with Dan’s dad and get it on tape it would destroy him. Psychology, he’d never get over it

“I don’t know…” Ashlyn said, hiccuping slightly. Alexandra pressed forward. “Ashlyn!” She implored. “Daniel hurt you, didn’t it? Didn’t it devastate you—humiliate you—when you caught him fucking that skank!?” Alexandra grabbed her friend’s hand. “It’s only a little make-out session” Ashlyn hiccupped and nodded. “Just tell me what to do” She said, with a playful smile.


The girls figured that if Daniel was going to be playing in the big football game that night his father would probably be home alone, watching a movie or catching up on some work. Unlike most of the football dads, Mr. Scott never attended the games. The plan, as Alexandra explained, was for Ashlyn to show up at Mr. Scott’s house to ask him for help with a school project. Ashlyn would explain that she had to interview someone in an occupation which interested her and record the interview on camera. Simple enough.

Ashlyn spent the whole afternoon getting ready. Her friends did her make-up for an hour, careful to accentuate her stunning blue eyes. They curled her long blonde hair, making Ashlyn look sexy yet sweet. She had planned to wear just jeans and a nice top but Alexandra insisted that she wear something far more revealing. After a quick trip home, Alexandra returned with a small digital camcorder, a tripod, and a black garment bag.

“Wear this” Alexandra said, putting the garment bag on Ashlyn’s bed. She unzipped the bag to reveal a tight navy blue one-shoulder satin dress. Ashlyn picked it up and held it up to her five-foot, seven-inch frame. Looking down at the dress Ashlyn began to protest but Alexandra and Steph insisted. Alexandra had also brought along a teeny-tiny silky leopard print thong and a matching strapless push-up bra. A moment later Ashlyn had squeezed herself into the revealing dress; it hugged her every curve, covered only half of her ass, and her full breasts almost poured out of it. Ashlyn gazed at herself in the mirror, turned her ass to it, and realized that she really did look unbelievable. Steph put a sexy, chain necklace around Ashlyn’s neck, completing the outfit. Ashlyn felt a little sick to her stomach and but she was determined to get revenge on Daniel fucking Scott, come hell or high water!

After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

At around seven o’clock Ashlyn rang the doorbell of Daniel’s house, her nipples hardening in the cold autumn air. She felt strange standing on the doorstep; they had shared so many intimate moments together on that very spot but now she was there for an entirely different purpose. A moment later she heard a few loud crashes and the door swung open. Ashlyn gulped and was shocked by what she saw: Mr. Scott—Thomas Scott— was absolutely monstrous looking! The hulking man was unusually tall, about 6’4″, but very overweight—probably about three hundred pounds. He had dark grey-blue eyes, stained teeth, an oily bald head, and adult acne covered his face! He wore a ratty old white t-shirt and smelled faintly of body odor. Suddenly, Ashlyn began rethinking her plan.

Mr. Scott was obviously stunned. “Ummm can I help you, young lady?” He spluttered. The fifty-five year old man was clearly in awe of the sexy young woman in front of him. “Yes…umm…” Ashlyn said, nervously, “I’m Ashlyn Donovan… I’m Daniel s girlfrie-ummm… well Daniel and I…”

“Oh, right! I … uh… didn’t recognize you” Mr. Scott lied; it would have been impossible for him to mistake Ashlyn. He had certainly noticed her many times over the past few years, as she was always dressed in a sexy little outfit. In general, Thomas Scott regarded his son as a selfish, ungrateful brat who had a lot in common with the guys who bullied him in high school. Thomas felt that his son had developed into a cocky, narcissistic jock and he always felt jealous that his son was dating such a gorgeous girl. Thomas had never kadıköy escort bayan been able to get a girl half as hot as Ashlyn to even look at him when he was in high school! Thomas had regularly snuck peaks at Ashlyn while she was over at the house spending time with his son and had masturbated thinking about her several times over the years. He had even considered installing a nanny cam in Daniel’s room to spy on the enticing young woman. But he had thought better of it; she was barely eighteen and a high school senior, after all.

“Can I help you with something, Arianna?” He said, purposely getting her name wrong. “It’s Ashlyn, actually.” She said, giggling and smiling her sweetest smile. “I have to do a school project this semester. I’m supposed to interview someone who works in the field I plan on going into. I’ve always been so interested in—she gulped—research and development…” Her voice trailed off. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded. “Anyway, I was wondering if you would let me interview you…”

“Ummm…alright.” Mr. Scott said, unable to make eye contact with the gorgeous young woman. “Could you come back tomorrow or something?”

“Well, actually” Ashlyn began, “I sort of procrastinated and now I have to get everything done tonight.” She took a step forward and put her small hand on his arm. Looking straight into his eyes she said in almost a whisper “I’d really appreciate it if you could—she paused—fit me in.” Mr. Scott shuttered as she touched him; he looked directly into her beautiful blue eyes for the first time and nodded silently.

Mr. Scott moved aside and allowed Ashlyn to step inside the house. “Why don’t you let me take your jacket for you, Ashlyn” He said, trying to act like a gentlemen. Mr. Scott slipped her jacket off and was clearly stunned at the sexy dress she had on. The silky blue fabric hung perfectly on her, showing off all of her best features. Her nipples were hard from the cold autumn air and the one-shoulder dress made her breasts look incredible. He quickly stowed her jacket in the hall closet and said, “I think you know the way to the living room…” Ashlyn smiled and began walking down the dimly lit hallway. The entire time she could feel Mr. Scott undressing her with his eyes, ogling at her ass. “Would it be alright if I freshened up a bit?” He asked, his eyes glued to her long tan legs. “I want to look… you know… presentable for your interview. Feel free to set your camera up wherever you like.”

Before she could respond Mr. Scott disappeared upstairs, making the old wooden stairs creak. She heard him walking around, his hulking body moving from room to room. Ashlyn opened the tripod, set up the camera, and pulled out the interview questions she had prepared with her friends. She pulled out a soft linen cloth and bent over to wipe the lens of the camera to make certain there were no smudges. A few moments later Ashlyn heard Mr. Scott come crashing down the stairs. She looked up as he came into the dimly lit living room and saw that he was wearing a relatively clean, white button-down shirt, a black tie, and a pair of dark brown slacks. He was now wearing a thick pair of glasses and had splashed a little water on his oily face. As he walked towards her Ashlyn could smell that he had put on some kind of musky cologne which mixed strangely with his faint body odor—she wished that he had decided to take a quick shower.

Mr. Scott plopped down on the couch awkwardly and clasped his hands together. “Well I guess I’m ready for the interview” he said, looking up at the gorgeous young woman in front of him. “Let’s get this thing started, ok?”

Ashlyn turned the camera on and gracefully sat down on the couch next to him, sitting just a little bit closer than she normally would have. The two turned to look at each other and Ashlyn crossed her legs, showing off her impressive tan limbs. “Ok, action.” Ashlyn said, flashing her most dazzling smile. The first few questions were relatively straight forward… How many years have you been in researching and development? What drew you to this field? What do you find most rewarding? So on and so forth. Mr. Scott, who fumbled and stuttered awkwardly through his answers, made a sincere attempt answer as best as he could, although he had the bad habit of closing his eyes while he gave his answers. Ashlyn tried to listen patiently but his cologne—and her proximity to his body- was starting to give her a tickle in her throat. By the fourth or fifth question the slight tickle had progressed to a full-on soar throat. “Mr. Scott?” She said, “Do you think it would be ok if I had a glass of warm water?”

“Of course!” He said, getting up and bounding off towards the kitchen, clearly relieved to have a break from the interview. When he returned a few moments later Ashlyn was bent over adjusting the angle of the camera, her gorgeous round ass high in the air. Mr. Scott gasped when he saw her—he could see the tiniest piece of leopard-print fabric between her ass cheeks. Was he imagining escort bostancı things or could he almost make out her perfect, eighteen year old pussy? He shook his head to clear those sort of thoughts—she was his spoiled, ungrateful son’s girlfriend, after all!

He grunted awkwardly and handed Ashlyn a small glass of water that he had microwaved for a few seconds. “Thank you” Ashlyn said softly, sipping on the water and sitting back down on the couch. The next few questions were focused on how a young person like her could get into the field: Where do you recommend I look for internships? What colleges are good for my major? Do you have any advice for an aspirating research developer? So on and so forth. While Mr. Scott was in the middle of one of his answers he suddenly coughed, startling Ashlyn, and causing her to spill her glass of water all over Mr. Scott’s lap!

“Oh my god!! I’m so so sorry!” She squealed, getting to her feet at once. Mr. Scott yelled out in surprise as the warm liquid began seeping into his pants. “It’s no problem…” He said, but a touch of annoyance was clear in his voice. “Here, let me help you…” Ashlyn said as she grabbed the soft, linen cloth she had used earlier and bent over in front of him, rubbing Mr. Scott’s lower stomach, soaking up as much water as possible.

As she was rubbing the water off his pants Mr. Scott sat straight up, clearly taken aback. Ashlyn rubbed harder and harder and she felt something strange. Paying it no mind, Ashlyn continued to rub with the small linen cloth until she noticed that Mr. Scott was making just barely audible moaning sounds. Suddenly Ashlyn let out a small gasp and realized that Mr. Scott’s dick was fully and completely erect beneath his pants! Her hand came to a complete stop resting on the thin fabric covering his swollen cock. Ashlyn slowly looked up into his sunken eyes, her cheeks growing redder and redder by the minute. She could not believe that she had just vigorously dry rubbed her ex-boyfriend’s dick! How could she have been so careless!? “Mr. Scott … I’m so…soo…” She began, unable to put the words together. Their eyes locked together for what felt like an eternity and then, as if he had decided to throw all caution to the wind, Mr. Scott lunged forward and planted his lips right on the sexy young woman’s mouth!

Ashlyn shuddered as his lips made contact with hers, overwhelmed with his sudden boldness. Clearly, Mr. Scott had misinterpreted her accidental contact with his dick as a brazen advance! In a complete state of shock, Ashly sat frozen on her knees as Mr. Scott began gently kissing her glossy lips. All the while, her hand was still resting motionless on his rock-hard dick—she just couldn’t seem to bring herself to move her hand! Without moving a muscle Ashlyn glanced from Mr. Scott—his eyes were shut tight in the passion of the kiss— to her camera and she realized that it was still recording. She looked back, gulped, and remembered what she was here to do. Resigning herself to the fact that she was about to make out with the monstrously fat man in front of her, Ashlyn closed her eyes and began responding to the kiss, her hand now slowly moving up and down the fabric above his cock.

Mr. Scott moaned in pleasure as the gorgeous eighteen year-old began moving her mouth in tandem with his. Mr. Scott leaned forward and put one hand around Ashlyn’s waist, pulling her into the kiss. Mr. Scott gently slipped his tongue deep inside her mouth and Ashlyn could feel his slimy tongue encircling hers. She let out a whimper, too overwhelmed to break the kiss. Her head was swimming… could this actually be happening?

Mr. Scott began to make soft guttural noises, clearly overwhelmed by the passion of the moment. After what felt to Ashlyn like an eternity Mr. Scott broke the kiss, finally giving the young woman a chance to breath. Breathing heavily himself, Mr. Scott moved his rough hand around to her cheek and gently lifted her chin so that he was looking down into her deep, blue eyes. “You’re so beautiful, Ashlyn” Mr. Scott whispered. “You’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met in my life! And I can’t believe you’re interested in an older guy like me!”

Ashlyn whimpered, unable to say anything; it was like her mind was in overdrive! Mr. Scott launched himself at Ashlyn again. While their first kiss had been relatively timid and reserved, Mr. Scott now began slobbering all over the stunning young woman in wanton lust. Kneeling in front of him, Ashlyn felt Mr. Scott slip his hand over her ass. He suddenly pulled her forward with both hands. This caused her to fall forward on top of him, smashing her soft young breasts against his blubberous chest. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck. Becoming more and more overwhelmed by the moment, Mr. Scott began to kneed and massage her dress-covered ass.

Grunting loudly, Mr. Scott began slowly peeling her dress up, exposing her thong-clad waist. Ashlyn shuttered as she felt his rough hands glide along her soft, tanned skin. For the first time she felt his big meaty palms start squeezing the bare flesh of juicy ass and let out a loud squeal as Mr. Scott playfully slapped her peachy bottom. “Mr. Scott!!” She gasped, finally breaking their kiss. She could not believe that he just did that!

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