Life’s A Beach

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Big Tits

It was a beautiful Southern California day so I decided to play hooky from work and go to the beach. It was no big deal because I’m part owner of a production company so pretty much set my own hours. I called the office and told my secretary I was not coming in and I headed to the beach.

There is special spot I like to go to that not many people know of. It’s by a small stretch of beach with a trail for public access that not a lot of people go to, but that’s not the place I’m talking about. If you walk a ways north of that area there’s a little cove that you can only access when the tide is out, and even then you’re walking through knee-deep water in order to get there. You have to go around a rocky cliff that jutts out just to the south of the area I go to.

Most of the time the ocean reaches fairly high on the rocks so no one thinks there’s anything on the other side but more rocky cliffs. It’s a little bit of a walk just to get there but it’s well worth it if you like privacy. You can even swim in the ocean and not be seen by the people on the other beach. I’ve never seen anyone else on that small stretch of sand, and I’ve been there quite a few times.

I pulled into the small parking lot where the beach trail was and noticed an open space. I drove towards it and reached the open space just as another guy did. He motioned for me to go ahead and take it so I waved a “thanks” to him and pulled into the parking space. As I was getting my usual beach stuff together I saw the guy who let me take the space walking up with his girlfriend. He had parked just outside the parking lot on the street and was heading for the beach access trail.

I called out to thank him again for letting me have the parking space and they stopped to chat as I rummaged through my trunk. I was fairly distracted from what I was doing because I was quite taken aback by the two of them. They were a very striking couple. They both appeared to be in their late 20’s. She was about five feet tall, maybe 125 pounds, with short, windblown black hair. She had the most beautiful, piercing blue eyes I had ever seen. They were quite hypnotizing.

I was so busy looking at her eyes that almost didn’t notice her large breasts, which were hidden under her beach dress/cover up. They must have been at least 36D’s, maybe even 38’s! She was very top heavy for someone so petite. They appeared to be real too, not like most of the silicone-filled boobs you usually see in SOCAL. I thought she looked kind of like Angelina Jolie, but without the full lips.

Her boyfriend was very handsome, just over six feet tall with short brown hair and a physically fit build. He had what I would describe as a mature boy-band-lead-singer looking face. They introduced themselves as James and Tracey. I made a wisecrack that she should be dating a guy named Spencer and they both laughed. I introduced myself, by the way my name is Jeff, and the three of us headed to the beach trail.

Normally I like to be alone in my little cove but James had been nice enough to let me have the parking space, and they both seemed like they would make good company, so I let them in on my little secret spot and invited them to join me there. I warned them that it would be a bit of a walk but that it would be worth it. They agreed to go and the three of us headed down the beach.

After our trek they both said they were glad they came, noting how nice it was to be all by ourselves. During our walk I found that they were on vacation from the Midwest. I had guessed about right on Jeff’s age, he was 28, but Tracey was actually 35. She didn’t look it. Her birthday was only ten days away from mine.

James and I laid our blankets and towels out, overlapping the edges to form a very large space for us to lie on. As I was straightening my blanket I looked up just in time to see Tracey pulling her cover-up off over he head. I watched her large breasts sway as she bent over and tossed her outergarment aside. The sea breeze washed over her body, causing her large nipples to stiffen. They jutted out, straining against her navy blue ataşehir escort bayan bikini top. God she looked hot. I was in for another great view when she turned away from me. She was wearing a thong. I was in heaven as I watched her bend over to pick up whatever she was getting. I don’t know what it was becasuse my eyes were glued to her bare ass.

I could feel my erection begin to stir in my trunks when I stopped dead in my tracks. I was so caught up in talking with James and Tracey in the parking lot that I had forgotten to lock my car. Damn! My erection faded fast as I realized I had to walk all the way back to my car. Tracey began putting tanning oil on the front of herself as I told she and James I had to go back to my car.

I cursed my forgetfullness as I stormed back to the parking lot. As I walked along the beach visions of Tracey smearing oil over her breasts and legs in slow motion ran through my head. And I knew I was missing seeing the real thing. Damn!

I made it to my car in record time and locked it. I knew I had to hurry because the tide was coming in and soon I would have to swim around the rocks to get back to where James and Tracey were. I hussled back to our spot and made it just in time. The water was seemingly getting higher by the moment. As I approached our spot it didn’t appear that James and Tracey had seen that I was back. They obviously thought it would take me longer to go the car and return.

I found Tracey lying on her stomach, her head facing away from the direction I was coming from, and James was sitting on her butt. He was putting oil on her back. As I got closer I noticed that Tracey wasn’t wearing her bikini any more and that James had removed his trunks also. They were taking advantage of the private area they had found and were getting in some nude sunbathing.

I slowed my pace drastically so I could watch the show before me and not interrupt it. As I shuffled along I continued to watch James as he massaged oil over Tracey’s pale skin. He applied the oil slowly, very sensually. Since he was nude, I could see that James had an erection. I don’t think Tracey knew he had one yet, though, because it stood straight out and never appeared to touch her. My own cock began to stiffen in my trunks as I watched James massage Tracey.

I began to circle around to James’ side, so as not to be seen, as he continued to coat Tracey’s body in oil. He moved off of her, to her side, and he began putting oil on her butt. He was facing me now and I knew he had to see me before long. James slid his slick hands over Tracey’s ass and down her thighs, spreading the oil down her legs. When he moved his hands back up he began to massage her butt cheeks. James then slid his hand down Tracey’s crack and began to rub her slit.

It was then that James saw me approaching. With his free hand he put his finer to his lips, telling me to be quiet, and then motioned me over to he and Tracey. He stroked Tracey’s pussy, smearing oil up and down her slit, mixing it with her juices, as she began to squirm at his touch. Tracey raised her hips off the blanket and got on her knees to give James access to her hungry pussy.

I silently walked up to the foot of the blanket as James continued to work Tracey’s slit. She was unaware that I was back, watching her boyfriend run his fingers up and down her spread pussy lips. From the incredible vantagepoint I had I coule tell that Tracey’s pussy was completely shaved. Her splayed lips glistened in the sun. When James plunged a finger into her pussy I couldn’t hold out any longer. My aching cock had been straining against my trunks as I’d been watching James work on Tracey’s nude body and it needed to be released. After all, I was the only one still wearing a suit at this point.

As quietly as I could I pushed my trunks down and stepped out of them as James fingered Tracey’s pussy while he rubbed her clit. I began stroking my rod as I watched the two of them. His finger would slowly disappear into her, then emerge, only to slide back inside. He was finger-fucking her nice escort kadıköy and slow and her moans told me she was enjoying it a lot.

I imagined it was my cock sliding inside Tracey instead of his finger as I slid my hand up and down my rod. I could almost feel it, and then James shook me from that fantasy and moved in front of Tracey. He dropped to his knees and Tracey, who was was very horny from James’ work on her pussy, hungrily took his big cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked James’ dick as she remained on her knees with her spread pussy right in front of me.

Now, I had always considered myself a pretty savy businessman. When an opportunity arose, I took it. Here I was with a beautiful woman in front of me, naked and on her knees, and I had her boyfriend’s permission to watch. I assumed that James would have no problem if I joined in on the festivities or he would have stopped everything when he saw me coming.

I dropped down onto the blanket behind Tracey and heard James say, “We’ve got company,” to Tracey as I buried my face in her pussy. Tracey’s initial, “Oh,” of surprise at my touch, muffled by a mouthfull of cock, quickly turned to, “Mmmmm,” as I ate her pussy. I lapped at her bald slit, running my tongue from her clit to her asshole, as James fed her his cock. Tracey tasted so good. I ate her out for all I was worth and began focusing on her clit. I flicked and sucked it and soon felt Tracey’s body tense up as she stopped sucking James’ cock and cried out, “Oh yeah, oh, ohhhh…” as she came.

As Tracey’s orgasm subsided she went back to work on James’ rod and I got on my knees behind her. I moved tip of my raging hard-on to her hot slit. Tracey was so wet that I pushed all eight inches of my thick manhood inside her in one smooth motion. I had wanted to fuck Tracey since I first met her in the parking lot and I was not going to waste my opportunity. I fed her my pussy my dick as James fed her mouth his.

I slowly moved all the way inside, then all the way out. I could feel the “pop” when the swollen head of my cock would slide past Tracey’s opening. I grabbed onto Tracey’s hips and slowly began to pick up the pace as James fucked her mouth. He thrust his dick down her throat as I thrust mine into his girlfriend’s hot pussy. “Oh yeah Jeff, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Tracey moaned as she took a breather from sucking. With that I rammed my cock inside her harder.

My balls slapped against Tracey’s clit as I repeatedly thrust my cock deep inside her. James moaned, “You like sucking my dick while Jeff fucks you, don’t you Tracey. You like taking two cocks at once, don’t you.” He then blurted out, “Oh yeah, Tracey, I’m gonna cum…” and he pulled out of Tracey’s mouth. She reached up and wrapped her hand around his hard, wet tool and jerked him off. James’ dick shot jets of cum into Tracey’s open mouth and onto her face. She licked all she could from the area around her mouth, and then James began to wipe his cum off Tracey’s face with his cock.

I continued to fuck Tracey from behind as I watched her lick James’ cum off his cock and swallow it again. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I cried out, “Oh Tracey, your pussy feels so good, I’m gonna cum…” I pulled out of Tracey’s hot box and pumped my exploding cock, shooting my load onto her ass. When I had milked every drop out of my dick I smeared it around Tracey’s ass and ran the length of it up her crack, wiping my jism up onto my dick. I then moved up to Tracey’s face and she licked my seed off my cock, taking it into her mouth, and cleaning it completely.

After Tracey cleaned the cum from my cock she continued sucking it, making sure it never got a chance to go soft. She couldn’t seem to get enough. It seemed like Tracey kept getting hotter after she had her orgasm. James and I had no problem giving her with what she needed. I fed Tracey my still-hard pole as James moved behind her and shoved his dick inside her pussy. I grabbed Tracey’s hair and fucked her mouth as James rammed her from behind.

I’ve always enjoyed blowjobs to some extent, but I bostancı escort never understood what the big deal about them was. I would have always preferred to stick my dick in a woman’s pussy to sticking it in her mouth. Tracey was such an expert at sucking cock that I finally understood what the big deal with blowjobs was. This woman knew what she was doing. I reached down and played with her big swaying tits as she hungrily worked on my member.

I massaged Tracey’s oiled boobs while she sucked me and her boyfriend fucked her doggie-style. To think I could have been at work right now! I could hardly believe it, but Tracey was working my dick so well I felt another orgasm building. “Oh God, yes,” I coaxed, “Suck my cock Tracey. Make me cum again, baby, aaaaarrrrggghhhh…” I shot my second load of the morning, this time into Tracey’s mouth. She sucked me dry as James continued to fuck her. James rammed his dick into Tracey over and over as she came again. His second orgasm followed closely behind hers and James pumped his payload deep into Tracey’s pussy.

After James finished shooting his wad into his girlfriend he fell off to the side onto the blanket, panting and spent. It didn’t appear that Tracey had had nearly enough. She seemed raring to go. Surprisingly, even though I had already came twice, my dick was hard and ready to go. I can only assume it was because Tracey stilll had me so hot. She was like human Viagra, this girl.

I told Tracey to lie on her back and I moved down between her legs. Once down there I again buried my face in her pussy. I could taste James’ cum as it began to leak out of Tracey’s slit. The taste didn’t bother me at all, and I did my best to try to get as much as I could onto my tongue. When I had lapped up a good amount of James’ cum from Tracey’s pussy I moved up and kissed her deeply. As I passionately kissed her I pushed my cock inside her pussy.

After sharing James’ cum with Tracey I broke our kiss and moved my mouth to her breasts. I sucked on one hard nipple, then moved to the other. I repeated this as I kept sliding my cock slowly into Tracey’s slit. James got into the act and moved over to Tracey. He began rubbing her clit as he sucked on one of her nipples. I concentrated on the other nipple as I thrust. With James’ free hand he recussitated his dick back to life as he worked his girlfriend over.

Tracey soon came again, pushed over the edge from having two men working her over completely. Her whole body shuddered as she cried out, “Oh, Oh…” I pulled Tracey’s legs up to my chest and began fucking her violently, seemingly ramming my rock-hard cock deeper inside her with each thrust. Her pussy felt so good I could feel my passion rise for the third time. I wanted to cum inside Tracey’s pussy as James had before, but she had other plans.

“I want to suck you both off again,” she panted. Even though I didn’t truly want to, I pulled out of Tracey’s hot pussy and moved up to one side of her head as James moved up to the other side. James, who had been jerking his cock the whole time I was fucking his girlfriend, fed her his dick first. Tracey took turns on us, sucking one dick, then turning her head to suck the other. Whoever she wasn’t sucking, she was jacking with her hand.

It wasn’t very long before Tracey’s expert mouth had both James and I cumming. We took hold of our dicks and jacked our third loads of the day out onto Tracey. James aimed his onto Tracey’s face while I aimed mine onto her breasts. After we had both emptied our dicks James smeared his cum around, collecting it on his cock.

I watched as James rubbed his member over his girlfriend’s face, getting all the cum he could onto his dick, before offering it up to Tracey’s mouth. As Tracey licked and sucked James’ cum from his dick I reached down and smeared my cum over Tracey’s nipples with my fingers. I scooped up as much as I could from her beautiful breasts and then brought my fingers to her lips. Tracey licked and sucked my fingers clean and James and I fell back, joining Tracey on the blanket.

We spent the rest of our day at the beach soaking in the sun and going in the water to cool off. After our day at the beach I invited James andTracey to stay at my place while they were in town. This was just the beginning of our sexual adventures, but I’ll leave the rest for another time.

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