Life Changes, Chapter 8

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Life Changes, Cast

John, 5’ 11”, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to Cindy.
Cindy, 5’ 5”, 118 lbs, dirty blonde, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to John.
Emily, 5’8”, 135 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, 36 years old, married to Bob.
Robert (Bob), 5’ 10”, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 37 years old, married to Emily.
Samantha (Sam), 5’ 9”, 115 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 31 years old, married to Bill.
Bill, 5’ 9”, 155 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 35 years old, married to Sam.
Christina (Miss Chris), 5’5”, 140 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 26 years old, single.
Josie, 5’ 4”, 130 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 24 years old, Christina’s slave.
Ruby (Miss R), 5’ 8”, 155, red/auburn hair, blue eyes, 40 years old, Exec VP at Bills’ company.
Jessica, 5’ 3”, 105 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, 25 years old, Ruby’s admin asst and slave.

Life Changes, Chapter 8. Emily has a surprise…

Emily had come over just after Samantha had visited for her weekly cum swallowing and asked us to come back to her house. I think both Cindy and I were intrigued by this. I told Cindy to just put on one of her long bathing suit cover-ups. She giggled and ran upstairs to get one.

Emily looked at me and smiled. “I see things are getting as interesting over here as they are at my house.”

“Yeah. I’m getting into having her wait on me and service me and do what I say, but we really haven’t approached anything painful or degrading. What’s going on over at your place?”

“I understand. I guess it’s something we have to take slowly. Most of the time….” She let that last part hang; smiling at me as Cindy came bounding down the stairs, her tits bouncing wildly under the shirt and her nipples poking out strongly.

We followed Emily over to her house and inside. She led us down to the basement where we had never been before. As we descended, I could see that it was not completely finished; the ceiling studs were visible. When we got to the bottom, we could see some temporary walls had been erected to divide the basement into smaller rooms, but there was no real finishing of the floor or ceiling. Emily led us around into one of the small rooms. There was a bed in the room and a couple of floor lamps. There was a roughed in place where a bathroom could go eventually, but it was as yet still unfinished. There was a makeshift shower head pointing down at a floor drain. Lying on the bed, bound to the four corners was Bob. He was naked and sporting a hard-on. Cindy giggled.

“He came back and said he wanted to work something out, so we are working it out. You see, I was always the dominate one in this house, making the decisions and deciding what we should do; and he would let me. When he came back I figured out that since he would let me dominate him in that manner that he would actually like me to dominate him this way, too.”

I looked more closely at Bob’s condition. He was sweating and looked like he had been there a while. He also looked dirty, had a large collar around his neck, and had a gag in his mouth. He was looking at us intently, but was not struggling. I looked up at Emily and she was watching me closely.

“He’s been tied to the bed for four hours right now. I tied him up for four last night, too. I let him loose last night and this morning to eat and relax and watch some tv, but I keep him chained to that big bolt in the corner using his new collar.”

Emily walked over and removed the gag. Bob said “Thank you, honey.”

Emily turned back to us. “He agreed to accept whatever punishment I came up with in order to come back and he has to stay here until Sunday noon as my slave. Then at noon, he gets to get cleaned up and spend the afternoon watching football. After that, we’ll just have to see how it goes.” She turned to Bob. “Don’t you have something to say to our guests?”

“Yes, dear. Cindy, I’m very sorry about what happened between us and if you want to bursa escort take it out on me right now, you may. John, I’m sorry I tried to fuck your wife and you can take it out on me, too.”

Emily turned to us and smiled. “See? He’s already well trained. And I think this is secretly what he always wanted. Watch this.”

Emily went over to the corner of the room and picked up the large, long chain there. It had a snap link on the end. Then she attached it to the side of Bob’s collar and started undoing his restraints. She freed his arms and legs and then stood him up. He was a little unsteady, so she pushed him to his knees and then grabbed some handcuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back. She pulled him up, walked him over to the corner where there was a basement drain and pushed him back to his knees. “Sit back on your heels, you know the drill.” Bob obeyed. Then Emily lifted and pulled her dress all the way up and off, revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath. She squatted right in front of Bob and stared at him. Finally, she let loose a stream of piss that was hitting him in the stomach and running down all over his genitals. I heard Cindy gasp. I was dumbfounded. I had never imagined that these two could get to this point, although I never knew them very well. Emily pissed for a while, the whole time staring right into Bob’s eyes. When she finished, she turned to us. “Need to piss, Cindy?”

Cindy stared at the sight of the two of them. She looked at me and I shrugged. Finally, she smiled and ripped off her cover-up. She walked over to Bob and Emily. Emily moved back and went to a small basin on the floor where she washed what had splashed onto her legs and feet. Cindy seemed to be thinking about it, teetering on the edge of doing it or not. Finally, she moved directly in front of Bob and got into position to piss on him. We all watched… nobody moving. Finally, she let loose a small stream, which only lasted a few seconds, but she did actually piss on Bob. Bob just sat there, saying nothing. Emily clapped. Cindy smiled and backed up. “Wow. I’ve never done that or even seen it done. It felt weird.”

Emily stood up and led Cindy over to the basin. She then personally, washed Cindy’s feet and legs, seemingly enjoying the contact. Finally, she stood up and kissed Cindy lightly on the lips. “Thank you. I wanted you to do that to get back at Bob.”

Cindy looked over at Bob. “He still has a hard-on. Is he excited by this?”

Emily chuckled. “I don’t know. I wanted the two of us to fuck him until he cried for mercy, so I gave him a Viagra that one of my girlfriends stole from her husband. He’s been hard for two hours and should stay hard for a while longer, so let’s clean him up, get him on the bed and fuck him.”

Cindy looked at me. I smiled. She had sucked other folks, but had not yet been fucked by another man since our games began. “You have my permission.” I said. Cindy beamed. She appeared to like this arrangement with Emily.

The two women stood Bob up and took the portable showerhead that was just over the drain. They then proceeded to soap up and wash Bob. Emily was doing his front and every time she came across his dick he moaned. Cindy was doing his back and she was working on his ass. She starting pushing on his upper shoulders and he started bending over, getting her intent. Once he was bent over Emily moved around behind him with Cindy and watched as she soaped up his ass and shoved her index finger into his ass. He bucked and moaned. Emily looked at me and smiled, the two of us enjoying how my wife was acting. She then moved right next to Cindy. Cindy was finger-fucking him with her index finger so Emily grabbed Cindy by the hair and turned her face toward her so that they could kiss. They kissed fiercely for a minute and then Emily turned back toward Bob. She put her hand down next to Cindy’s and started working her index finger in next to Cindy’s. Bob just groaned and suffered, not saying bursa escort bayan anything. Suddenly, Emily said, “Okay, enough. Let’s get him dry and on the bed.”

They made sure they had all the soap off him and then dried him with some towels that Emily had placed on a table in the corner. Cindy led Bob back to the bed by his dick. As soon as they had him back on the bed, Emily removed the long chain and reattached the four restraints so that Bob was once again on his back with his dick sticking up. Emily looked up at Cindy. “You want to fuck him first or ride his face?”

Cindy thought about that for a second, and then said, “Ride his face!”

Emily smiled and grabbed her by the hand. She led Cindy up onto the bed and turned her around so that she had her back to the headboard. Cindy squatted down over Bob and started rubbing her pussy on his face. Bob started licking and sucking, lapping at Cindy’s apparently wet pussy. He kept lapping at her pussy and Emily started attacking Cindy’s tits. She was sucking on the nipples very hard, making Cindy moan and groan. Emily seemed to enjoy working hard on Cindy, as well as Bob. After only a couple of minutes, Cindy screamed she was cumming and came all over Bob’s face. She was never a squirter, but she did provide a lot of juices when cumming.

Emily helped her up and looked at Bob’s dick. It was hard as a rock and throbbing. She looked up at Bob and smiled. Then she reached down and slapped his dick hard, causing it to slap against his thigh and rebound against the other. It was not pleasant for him, but he didn’t say anything. He just closed his eyes and took it. Emily looked over at me. “C’mon John, let’s show him up close and personal what it looks like for his wife’s virgin ass to get fucked!”

I grinned. I was all for fucking her delectable ass! I stripped. By the time I was naked, she was kneeling up over Bob, her ass over his chest. “John, there’s some lube over on that little work table.” I went over, grabbed the lube and came back to the bed. “Start working on my ass until you get two fingers in easily and then climb up here and butt-fuck me.”

What man, with a raging hard-on, could argue with that? I put some lube on my right index finger and started working it in. It went in easily. I rubbed the lube all over her tight little sphincter. One finger was no problem for her, so I started working the second one in. In no time, I had two fingers going in and out of her. She was much looser than I would have thought. Cindy, meanwhile was sitting on the bed next to Emily’s head, feeding Emily her tits and Emily was greedily sucking on them. Emily was bent over, but she was trying to avoid contact with Bob’s dick, teasing him for a while longer.

I first lubed my dick a little with the stuff she had provided, and then I got up on the bed behind her. I went into a semi-squat behind her. I looked at her tight little pucker and slowly guided my dick toward it. Everything was well lubricated and my dick starting slipping in. It was still very tight, but she pushed back and the head popped in. She moaned. I started up a slow rhythm, but I knew I was going to be a goner too soon. Emily turned her head to say something to Bob. “Well, Bob, what do you think? Is it hot seeing your wife get her ass fucked right over you?”

“Yes, dear.” Bob answered breathlessly. I think he had been hard for so long that he was in pain.

“C’mon John, fuck my ass!” Emily started egging me on. “I want your hot cum all over my ass. When you get ready, pull out and let your dick spurt its spunk all over my fucking ass!”

That dirty talk and her tight ass put me over the top. I moaned and yanked my dick out. I grabbed it and jacked it as several long spurts flowed all over her ass, dropping down across her pussy and some of it onto Bob’s chest. Emily moaned and kept sucking on Cindy’s tits. Cindy moaned and kept her hold on Emily’s head as I came. Finally, I had finished escort bursa cumming, stood up straight, and clambered off the bed.

Emily raised her head from Cindy’s tits. “Cindy, be a dear and clean up some of that mess your husband made on my ass.”

Cindy smiled and went around behind Emily. She started at her lower back and upper ass, where my first few squirts went. Then she licked and loudly slurped up my cum, Emily lightly moaning how good it felt. When Cindy was done with Emily, she stood up and Emily got up from over Bob. Emily turned back toward Bob. “Ready to cum, dear?” All Bob could do was groan. Emily continued. “Cindy, you wanted to fuck him, so get up here and see how long it takes for your pretty little pussy to make him cum. But don’t let him cum in you. I want to see it spurt.”

Cindy climbed up over Bob and immediately sat down on his dick, facing away from him. She stayed in a squat, placing her hands on his thighs, allowing her to push up and down on his dick. Emily got behind her and readied herself for Bob’s orgasm. Cindy only got about five pumps before Bob indicated that he was going to cum. She pulled herself up off Bob and Emily immediately started jacking his dick. He came in several long spurts, groaning like he had been waiting all his life for this. Apparently, it felt like that to him. Emily let him cum all over his own chest and stomach. When he finished, she let go and his dick flopped wetly against his belly. I was almost hard again just watching this.

Emily then looked at Cindy. “He’s still a little hard, so let’s make him cum again.” She said it gleefully, like a mischievous child would. Cindy grinned. Emily continued. “Get the washcloth. I want to wipe up his cum around his dick. I don’t want to eat his wimpy cum.” Cindy fetched the cloth and Emily cleaned up Bob’s dick, but left the cum drying on this chest and stomach. When she was done, she went to his legs and unfastened the restraints. “Cindy, stand up over him and hold his legs.” Cindy stood up over Bob’s face, giving him a fantastic view of her ass and pussy and then took hold of his legs and Emily pushed them up to her. Emily then crawled between Bob’s legs and looked up at him. “Ready to cum again, dear?”

Bob looked tired, sore, and a little mortified, but answered anyway. “Whatever you say, dear.”

Emily smiled and grabbed his dick with her left hand. She began running her hand up and down it’s length, which appeared to be a little red and sore. Bob groaned. Emily then smiled up at Cindy as she ran her right hand down over Bob’s balls to his ass. She took her index finger and shoved it into his ass. Bob moaned and jerked and Cindy held on to his legs tightly. Emily started working her finger around in his ass, searching for the right spot on his prostate. Evidently, she had studied it, because she found it right away and Bob immediately went rigid. He moaned, stiffened, and his dick became very hard. Emily just worked on his prostate and jacked his dick until finally he came again. This time there was not much jism, but he still came all over her hand and his stomach. Emily smiled.

“That was fine, dear.” Emily said to Bob. She removed both her hands and Cindy got down off him as he lowered his legs to the bed. He was completely exhausted. Emily got up and attached the long chain to his collar again and then removed his arm constraints. He was free to at least stretch out again. He did and I could tell that his dick was sore. Emily just grinned.

Emily turned toward us. “Well, I think he’s had enough for today. I’ll walk you to the door.” We all got dressed and headed towards the door. Emily spoke again when we got near the door. “I think I’m going to have more parties now that things have changed around here. I’ll send you guys some invitations. I think we will have lots of fun.” Emily then kissed us both strongly and we left.

As we were headed home, Cindy looked over at me. “I really liked that. I wonder what it feels like to be restrained like that?”

I smiled. “Well, dear, I think you will find out soon enough.”

Cindy laughed. “Yes, dear.”

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