Lexi’s Great Adventure Ch. 01

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It started with an email in her inbox.

By day, she was Alexandra, a mild-mannered businesswoman. Successful, hardworking and by all accounts ordinary. Some people at her job thought her a bit frumpy and low key. She was friendly but not the social type. She rebuffed more than a few offers for drinks after work or the chance to “hang out with the girls.” Most nights would find her curled up with a book and the occasional hot toddy. Alexandra dated but nothing serious. Her weekends were filled with the occasional shopping trip, concert or local festival. By all accounts she was an ordinary girl.

But this Friday, she got an email in her work email and all it said was this,

“Hi Lexi…want to be bad? Check your personal email and respond yes if you do.”

Her stomach instantly got butterflies, this was a shock to say the least. She reached for her phone and opened her personal email. The top email had the subject Does Lexi want to bad? She opened it and it the following e-mail was in it

Hi Lexi,

If you’re reading this, you really have a need to break out of that hum drum life you’ve been in. If you do, reply that you are interested and you will be given further instructions. Do not ask questions of what’s going on and follow every instruction that you are given. You will have a weekend that will be unforgettable…If you are not interested, ignore this email and you will not be bothered again…ever. If you do not respond in 30 minutes, it will also be considered non-interest. Alexandra looked at her watch, 17 minutes had passed since she had received the email. She hit reply on the email and typed 2 words.

“I’m interested”

The reply to her interest was almost instantaneous

Very good Lexi,

You will leave your job early today, but you will not need your car. A limo will pick you up. It will take you to your first destination. Further instructions will be in the limo and at your destination. The limo will be waiting for you in 15 minutes.

Lexi, that was a name she hadn’t been called since college. She had some mildly freaky times in college but by most standards they were considered tame. She was mildly curious nonetheless, what was in store for her?? Telling her colleagues that she was taking off early for the weekend she got no curious looks or queries. Most figured that she was going to a concert upstate and was trying to beat the traffic. Since she worked in a busy office building no one thought twice about the limo out front and no one noticed that burly gentleman opening the door for her to get in this limo.

When she got in, she noticed that she was alone. There was an envelope on the opposite bench seat that had Lexi printed on the face of it. She opened the envelope and was stunned to see a black charge card with her name on it, the letter enclosed read thusly

“This card has no limit, and no need to be paid back. The driver will take you a haberdashery and you will meet with a stylist who will fit you in stylish clothes for the weekend. You will wear the specific outfit that you are given, you will pay for the clothes with the black card then return to the limo for further instructions.

Lexi was even more intrigued, she loved to shop and thought she had very stylish taste but apparently, someone had other ideas. She had little time to ponder this as she was pulling in front of one of the high-end clothing retailers in town. She got out of the limo and walked in. She was greeting by an older lady who seemed to know that Lexi was coming and it was the highlight of her day.

“Miss Lexie! So very good to see you! I’m Janelle your stylist. We will get you situated right away!” For the next hour or so, Lexi was fussed over and fitted in several outfits. Stylish suits, classy and slick skirts and conservative blouses and tops. These were outfits that she would have likely bought, though not all at once. Though she made good money, these outfits would have been months of her salary to acquire all at the same time. After about a dozen outfits were selected and fitted. Janelle came up to her with the final outfit. A skirt that was much shorter and form fitting that the others and a top that while not revealing anything left little to the imagination. Add to this a pair of pair high stiletto heels and had it not been still the middle of the afternoon, might have been choice wear to a party or nightclub. When dikmen escort bayan Alexandra looked in the mirror, she saw Lexi her freaky alter ego standing there looking back at her and it excited her. She was about to take the outfit off and look for her clothes when Janell shook her head and said “Oh no my dear, you will be leaving in that. Your other clothes have been packed up and are in your limo.” Alexandra then knew that Lexi was out to play for the weekend. She shrugged and after locating the black card that she had been given earlier, squared up the clothing bill and headed back to the limo.

To Lexi’s surprise there was another envelope waiting for her.

Sexy Lexi,

You look very nice with the ordinary clothes, but what you are wearing suits you better. You are going to the airport where a jet will be waiting to take you to your next destination. Enjoy some champagne but don’t over indulge when the jet reaches its destination another limo will be waiting. Get in and you will be further instructed.

Where was Lexi going?

When Lexi got to the airport, she was taken straight to the tarmac where a small jet was waiting for her. She exited the limo and got onto the jet. Again, she was the only one on the jet but it was laid out with a tray of Hors d’oeuvres and a split of Cristal was on ice waiting for her. She noshed on the finger sandwiches and sipped a bit of the bubbly but was still curious. Where was she going and what was waiting for her. She did still have her purse and that did have her gun in it, she didn’t think she would need it but still it was a nice reassurance to have. When she felt the plane bank and descend she looked out the window and smiled. She was landing in Chicago, a city that she always enjoyed being in. She was mildly disappointed that her shopping trip wasn’t on Michigan Avenue, she could have done some real damage there. In any case as she exited the jet another limo was waiting for her on the tarmac and she could have sworn the limo driver was the same one that took her to the jet back home.

When she got into this limo and once again another envelope was waiting for her. When she opened this one it had the following instructions.

You are being taken to a hotel. Go to the front desk and ask for the company suite of Black Bandit Enterprises. You will get a key card and a room number. Go to the room and do exactly what you are told. Lexi grew even more excited. She had no idea what was in store for her but she was looking forward to it.

When she reached the hotel, it was one of the city’s best. An all-suite hotel and a high rise just off the Chicago Gold Coast. She exited the limo and went to the front desk, a bit worried that her party girl outfit would put off the front desk clerk. She cleared her throat and her voice was a bit meek, more than she would have normally been. “I’m…I’m here for the Black Bandit Enterprises Suite.”

“Yes ma’am, Miss Lexi” The front desk clerk smiled and handed her a room key card. “Room 2020. Enjoy your stay.” How the attendant knew her name was a bit disconcerting but she shrugged it off. She went to the elevator and found that the 20th floor was the top floor and needed a key card to get to it. She swiped the card and the elevator began to ascend. With each climbing number her anxiety grew, she was scared just anticipating what was going to happen. She didn’t really notice it till just then. But her pussy was getting wetter by the second. She wasn’t entirely sure if the encounter she was going to have was going to be sexual but for some strange reason she anticipated it was. The elevator stopped and the doors opened to the 20th floor. She exited the elevator and followed the signs to room 2020, where to no surprise there was another envelope affixed to the door. She opened it and it read

“Open the door, your clothes will be removed and a blindfold will be put on you. You will be lead to a shower and you will be cleaned and another outfit will be put upon your body. You will be given a minute to see what you look like then re-blindfolded. You will be lead out of the bathroom to your adventure. Enjoy. But again, do as you are told. If you enter the room, you will comply. If you decide this is too much, turn and leave and you will be taken home…

Lexi didn’t hesitate, she slid the key card in and opened the door. Instantly her vision was darkened emek escort bayan by a silky blindfold and her clothes were roughly taken off her. “Good thing I wasn’t too attached to that outfit.” She thought as she was stripped naked. She was then led by a soft pair of hands across a plush carpet into a bathroom. She was guided into a shower where the shock of warm water across her body heightened her sense of touch. She then felt soft hands across her body, softly caressing her and washing her body. She had no sense of how many hands were on her as she kept being turned to and fro. The soft caresses on her breasts and nipples made them stand up quickly and her pussy grew more and more sensitive. She yearned to see who was touching her and soaping her down. The hands grew bolder, as they explored her pussy. First one finger then two inside of her and another hand rubbing her clit. Lexi couldn’t see her tormenter only feel their ministrations on her body still being rained on by the warm water. She felt like she was losing her mind in pleasure and she cried out in ecstasy. She was getting closer and closer to release when…

It stopped. She near wept in frustration. The shower had stopped and she was led out of the shower and dried off by a pair of soft towels. She then felt a silky outfit being placed on her. She still couldn’t see what was being put on her but could tell it was silky and lacey. Just as she was about to ask what was on her, the blindfold was taken off and she was in front of a full-length mirror. She had a black lacey teddy on, and it fits like a glove. The outfit smartly complimented her curves and made her look extremely sexy. The lights were on so bright that she could not see who was standing behind her. She could only tell that there were two people behind her. She assessed that these were the people that were in the shower. Before she could ask another question, a new blindfold was placed over her eyes and she was again led by the same soft hands out of the bathroom. She then heard a soft voice. “Lean forward, Lexi. You are in front of a bed.”

Lexi leaned forward and felt a soft comforter. She climbed up onto the bed, and then a most unexpected thing happened. She felt a shackle on each of her wrists. Her instinct was to resist. But another soft voice said. “You won’t be harmed, Lexi. Just go with it.”

Lexi then felt a pair of soft hands begin to rub and caress her, then another set of hands rubbed her shoulders and another pair rubbed her legs and yet another felt her now exposed rear. Lexi let out an involuntary sigh and instinctively raised her rear end and spread her legs. The probing hands rubbed over her vulva, then her clit all the while another set of fingers probed her pussy lips where it was now soaking wet.

Another soft voice remarked. “She’s soaked already, get her prepared. Lexi only dully heard this through the fog of her lust. Her top had been pulled down and what seems like an endless set of hands were now massaging her massive mounds and stiff nipples.

Lexi wanted desperately to see who was manipulating her but her hands were shackled in front of her and she was blindfolded. Moans kept escaping her lips and she continued to get felt up. Then it happened, with her ass in the air it was an easy target without much warning a cock slid in her. Lexi wanted to scream but the soft voice assured her. “It’s a dildo, Lexi. No one will penetrate you unless you want them to. If you want it, you will beg for it.” Lexi began to slide back against the dildo which began to relentlessly saw in and out of her drenched pussy. Meanwhile, her clit continued to be assaulted and her breasts and nipples continued to be pulled rubbed and pinched. Lexi knew it was coming and she could feel the orgasm building quick. She tried to hold it back to enjoy the feeling but it came rushing at her in a tidal wave crashing down over her body.

She shook, trembled and let out a screaming moan that came from the very depths of her body. She then heard words coming out, it sounded like her voice but it was a husky whisper. “Gimme some dick, dammit! I need a dick now!” The dick she wanted didn’t replace the one still hammering her pussy, but was instead presented to her open mouth. Instead of resisting it, Lexi greedily opened her mouth and accepted the thick member. Lexi loved giving head and took more and more of the shaft. This eryaman escort bayan dick was very real and Lexi could tell that not only was it hard, it had recently been fucking. Lexi put the question of who this belonged to and what pussy it had been in as she hungrily devoured the dick that was now deep in her throat.

What happened next was a bit of a shock, Lexi’s ass cheeks were spread and a cool gel was applied to her sphincter. Lexi knew then she was about to fulfill a long-time fantasy of hers…she was about to be airtight. But instead of another cock pressing against her asshole, she felt a bulbous object push against her. It wasn’t a dick at all. It pressed and pressed then pushed its way in. Lexi let out a moan as she continue to fellate the cock in her mouth and all the while the dildo continued its relentless hammering inside her pussy. Lexi felt an enormous pressure inside her pussy and suddenly had a moment of fear. No one knew she could squirt. She stumbled on it reading and taught herself how to do it. It was her secret, she never did it when she had sex. She only did this when she was in her bed, alone. She was trying to hold it off but the combination of the continual furious rubbing on her clit, the pounding of the dildo in her pussy and the fullness of the probe in her ass was too much to bear. Without warning the probe was removed from her ass with an audible pop. That was the tipping point, Lexi let out an involuntary scream and pushed back hard. The push forced the dildo out of her sopping wet pussy and a gush of fluid erupted from her. This must have been too much for the cock that she was sucking because a guttural “I’m about to cum” was heard and Lexi then tasted the saltiness of cum and there was a lot of it. The viscous liquid filled her mouth, Lexi managed to swallow some but much of it spilled on to her cheeks. Lexi was lost in her orgasmic haze, she continued to buck and thrash on the bed for a couple minutes. The room was silent.

Lexi couldn’t tell if she had been passed out, sleep or just coming out of a trance. She was still on all fours but the restraints on her wrists were gone. She was on all fours. “You can take off the blindfold.” She heard. The voice was familiar. She took off the blindfold and squinted around. She was in a hotel suite bedroom, the bed she was on was quite messy but there was no one around at first glance.

“Did you enjoy your warm up?” The familiar voice said from behind her. Rolling over and looking back Lexi couldn’t help but smile. Standing a couple feet from the foot of the bed were a pair of friends. Ashley was an old college chum and she was cuddled up next to her fiancé LaMont. The couple were a striking pair, Ashley’s fiery red hair was a sharp contrast to her pale alabaster like skin and even more of a contrast to LaMont’s dark skin. Ashley and LaMont were the owners of an adult retail business and were very well off. At present, both were semi dressed. Ashley was in a white crotchless teddy. LaMont was in a robe, that was open at the waist. His long thick cock was semi erect and dangled ominously.

“What are you guys up to?” Lexi asked with a smirk.

“Oh, just getting you out of your rut.” Ashley said.

“I know that wasn’t just you two.”

“Oh no, that was Brit and Candace and Dexter rubbing on you.”

“Oh my.” Was all Lexi could stammer.

“And you always wanted to taste LaMont.” You were gobbling up his cock like a starving woman.” LaMont grinned sheepishly. I made sure you tasted us both, he was fucking me while we got you ready. Brit and Candace washed you up and I think they took a bit of liberty on you getting you ready

“What was in my pussy?” Lexi asked curiously.

“Oh that?” Ashley said with almost a bored tone to her voice. “You had my little prep toy” Ashley walked over to the bed and picked up a strap on dildo.

“We filled you up with this.” LaMont pulled a butt plug out of his robe pocket. The bulbous head was at least the diameter of LaMont’s cockhead which had to be 2 or 3 inches across.

“That was a warm up?” Lexi said slowly. “What’s next?”

“Well.” Ashley said with a devilish grin walking toward the bed. “We have plans for you. The gang is out recruiting, they will be back But first our own intermission…” LaMont was right behind Ashley and shedding his robe…

Recruiting? Lexi thought as Ashley crawled up onto the bed and pushed her back. She crawled up to Lexis face and gave the softest of kisses that turned passionate and furious in a heartbeat. Meanwhile LaMont was spreading Lexi’s legs and was preparing to give an oral assault to Lexi’s still sensitive pussy lips. Lexi was in for a long “intermission.”


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