Letters from Sally Ch. 01

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Hello Baby,

I’m hard once again thinking of you sitting across from me in that dark restaurant dressed in a black dress, simple clean lines. The curves of your breasts and hips are exposed by the cut of the dress. Your make-up is dark and mysterious your nails glow a strong red glow and your legs shimmer in silver silk. You adorned your feet in slender high heels swinging suggestively as you walk with me. Your pearls slide down your arm as you sip champagne from a long stem glass. You stare deeply into my eyes as I gaze upon your seductive elegance.

I gazed deeply into your eyes then move my eyes to your nipples and watch as they rise and press against the fabric of the dress. On the walk back to the car my hands travel under your long leather coat teasing your ass rubbing the silken bustier straps against your hot skin. We kiss deeply at the car and my hard cock presses your wet pussy as I thrust my tool against you.

I rise up the hem of your dress so I can tease your swollen clit with my fingers as I suck below your pearl chocker feeling your breath increase as your sexual furry builds in your body. You pull your hard tits from the dress and bring my mouth to your nipples, I suck them until I can feel your small orgasm slid through your body, giving you an extra lick and press your hard clit in my fingers you orgasm hard with a flood onto my hand.

The teasing and probing continue until we arrive in our bedroom, you seductively walk away from me and pull your coat onto the floor, turning on your heels you slid down the zipper of your dress staring me right in the eyes. I smile as you fold down the dress holding it against your heaving cleavage. You tease me with your swollen breasts encased in a satin & lace bustier pushing them up with your red nails and massaging the nipples between your elegant fingers. Your rings glisten in the light as your head falls back, your dress hits the floor and the pace of your massage quickens. Your pussy is wet and glistening like your stockings as your legs cross to put pressure on your clit as your nipples awake to your fingers.

You sit on the corner of the bed, the satin sheets are pulled tight between your spread out legs. Your fingers spread your cunt wide and invite me to the wet folds. I kneel before you and gently lick the juice from your folds as you hold your legs wide for me. I massage the silk encased calves and hold the spike heels in my grip as I frantically lick the swelling clitoris feeling the juice run across my chin onto the sheets below. I masturbate my cock as I rise up and offer the swollen head to your lips, your red lips wrap around the shaft as your hands pump it and your hot mouth sucks the head. Your hand claws my stomach as you pump my cock with your beautiful mouth.

Hello my Darling, I am so wet and eager for the taste of you. I take your whole engorged cock into my mouth. I can feel the blood pulsating as your excitement ataşehir escort and desire increases. You taste so sweet, I suck the tip of your cock and lick it, at the same time I am holding your balls in my hands, they are so smooth and hot; God you feel so good. Your head falls back and you sigh with pleasure.

We lay back on the smooth satin sheets and face each other our breasts touching, my nipples move slowly against yours. I hold your tight ass in my hands and you hold mine in yours. I raise my leg and you slide into my pussy so slowly as we both watch, in and out, our rhythm increases as our excitement grows. It looks so beautiful and feels way beyond our wildest expectations. We kiss deeply, exploring deep into each others mouths; we can not get close enough as you thrust deep and hard, fast and sensual. We orgasm together, our hearts beating fast, bodies wet with sweat and passion. Our smells mingle and we feel complete and as one. Nothing could be better. As our hearts slow we touch each other with soft butterfly touches, whispering to each other, sharing each other.

Exploring your soaked pussy with my fingers as I explore your mouth with my tongue, I hold you by the neck, lying beside you I trace the pearls across your elegant neck with my finger, “oh you are so beautiful”. I taste our cum mixture and share the experience with your mouth, you lick at my fingers as my other fingers dance across your cum soaked vagina.

Your arms unfold as I fall to your nipples; you stroke the satin as I tease your swollen tits with my mouth. Your legs rise as your high heels dig into the satin sheets your pussy is hot and wet again as you bang my fingers by raising your gorgeous ass into my hard pounding. Your cries fall from your lips as another orgasm rushes to your clitoris, I quickly replace my fingers with my tongue and hungrily suck your juices as they flow from your smooth bald cunt, your legs are spread wide and the satin feels exquisite against my sweaty body as I lay between your hot thighs sucking your pussy.

I slowly lick my way back to your mouth enjoying the freshly waxed and shaved pubis. I hold you tightly to my chest until you are quiet and happy. Wrapping ourselves in Satin we pour more champagne and I share with you my present for the night.

It’s wrapped in bows of satin with shiny paper, a small box filled with luxurious shiny lingerie. A black thong with a matching pair of stilettos, shear black stockings, and a silk robe that is long and sexy with ample room to explore your incredible body with. After a couple of drinks and plenty of sexy talk, kissing and probing you get dressed for me as I masturbate my oiled cock to a rigid swollen state looking at your fantastic outline as you transform into a sexy elegant women.

The thong outlines your swollen pussy and cuts your beautiful ass into gorgeous lines, the stockings shine against your smooth legs, teasing your thighs kadıköy escort with the lace tops. Your legs take on a long and sexy line with the heels strapped to your feminine ankles. You stand before the floor to ceiling mirror and view the gifts against your horny body. I squeezed my cock against your warm smooth skin, the thong pressed against the swollen head of my cock as I moved behind you. I stand dreaming of my hands and cock sliding against the shiny fabric. I feel your pearls around my neck as your head falls to my shoulder, your hand reaches behind my neck to bring my lips to your ear lobes, “Fuck you look great”. You massage your breasts and nipples as I suck on your neck staring at you in the mirror seeing our images pleasing each other. I slid open the robe and expose your cunt sliding the thong panty aside. You stare into the mirror as I slip my finger into you…

Your finger probes deep into my vagina, I can feel your hard body pressed into my back. Your thighs tight against the backs of my legs, your hard cock pushed into my buttocks…so warm, so sensual. Your hand moves up to my belly, waist and breasts, “oh Bruce I want you again”. We slowly move to the side of the bed and you sit me on the edge and slide my beautiful silk robe up over my thighs and spread my legs, the robe falls off my shoulders and you nuzzle my breasts with your hands and tenderly kiss the hard nipples. I run my hands over your head and down the back of your neck kissing you deeply, tasting you, becoming part of you.

I pull you into me, your hard cock going deeper and deeper your balls crushed against me. I wrap my legs around your waist my new shoes softly glow in the candle light, they fit perfectly just like we do! My nails dig into your back as you thrust over and over. We both reach orgasm at the same intense moment, so deep and hard, perfect.

We wrap ourselves in the satin sheets touching gently, sipping champagne in the candle light. I get up and go to the large marble bathroom and start a warm bath in the huge old bathtub adding fragrant oils to the running water.

Standing before me in the candlelight I enjoy your naked body from my bed of satin. I slowly sip champagne and watch as you redo your makeup and hair. Sitting on the edge of the tub you take the warm oil and spread it across your upper chest letting it run between your breasts and down to your bald cunt. With your head back you stroke your entire body stopping to work the oil into the folds of your vagina and against hard nipples dripping in oil. Your fingers disappear into your hot pussy as you sway back and forth on the edge of the tub.

Your body rises onto your stilettos as you work your pleasure with deeper thrusts, I walk toward this incredible scene of eroticism and feed your mouth with champagne as your fingers pull on your nipples and probe your swollen pussy. I place my tongue in your cool mouth and probe the inside bostancı escort bayan of your mouth licking up the champagne and your red lipstick.

I tease your nipples making the palms of my hands oily then spreading the oil across your stomach and around your waist pulling you onto your high heels and pressing your oiled body into my naked frame. Holding you tight I kiss you deeply getting close to your arousal so that my cock can once again please the depths of your sexy sweet body. You shudder and fall weakly onto the rim of the tub as once again an orgasm releases tension against your wet fingers.

I hold your trembling body kissing you deeply and holding your smooth, shiny breasts caressing with both my hands. You kick off the gorgeous high heels and I lower you into the hot water and soap your elegant curves, washing your bald pussy and licking your neck from the edge of the tub.

I then sit inside with you and hold you tightly our crotches are pressed together and our nipples rest against the oiled skin of each other as we probe with our tongues and fingers. My fingers begin rubbing the swollen bald surfaces of your cunt teasing you gently, “it’s too soon darling”.

You make me stand so that you can make sweet love to my semi hard cock, your tongue slides up and down the bottom and swirls across the swelling head. I feel your nails run the length of the shaft as you kiss my stomach and work your oiled chest against my now throbbing cock. You drip warm oil all down my front scooping it into your hand then masturbating me with your slick fists. You hold the tip of my cock to your lips and gently suck the juice from the tip as you masterfully stroke my cock, never allowing the rising orgasm to cheat your hot pussy from ecstasy.

You stand turn around press your oily ass into my member, I push your arms to the tub edge. Spreading your lips with those ruby nails you invite my tongue to fall between the shiny skin. I run my tongue against your ass licking the fragrance from your lovely ass then slowly probe your pink swollen pussy, seeking out your clit I pull it into my mouth and suck it hard as my hands travel across your oiled back and waist pulling your juicy cunt onto my mouth so that I can taste your inner sweetness. You push back against me, I lick harder and start to stroke your smooth shiny calves holding tight as your muscles begin to tighten.

I bring you to the edge of orgasm then slowly rise up and stand behind you, I hold my cock in my fist and rub the backs of your thighs with the large head as I move to enter you. I rest my cock in the oily fold of your ass teasing you before slowly and deeply inserting the oiled rigid cock deeply into your cunt. I thrust strongly and deeply, you cry out loudly as the head hits the bottom of your cunt, I can feel my freshly shaved balls resting against you tightly stretched pussy as the waves of orgasm flood the base of my cock with your juices.

We wrap ourselves in the warmed towels from the rack in the bathroom and slowly walk back to the bedroom where we lay together skin to skin in the soft satin sheets, sleep is deep and peaceful, arms entwined and hearts beating together.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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