Laurie and Shellie Ch. 02: Husband

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This is the second part of Laurie’s fantasy that she’s sharing with her friend Shellie. I’m sorry it took me so long to write the second part. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on the first part. I think I responded to everyone unless your feedback didn’t include a way to respond. I appreciate all thoughts and suggestions on the story or anything else. And I appreciate your encouragement.


Shellie couldn’t believe how excited her friend made her. Her best friend and occasional lover Laurie managed to drive her to erotic heights with her fantasies. Her visual teasing of a married man and then fantasy about taking a married man was so decadent that it was really just a fantasy at least until Laurie acted on it and it became an obsession with Shellie too. Now the whole scene was Shellie’s constant daydream and longing. She wanted to know more and couldn’t wait until she heard again from Laurie.

She and Laurie weren’t lovers, not quite. They did play together and share intimate secrets and fantasies. And no one else ever made Shellie quite as comfortable with her inner lustiness. But this was her new obsession. She couldn’t stop thinking of her dirty friend taking a married man. She pictured watching them every time she touched herself now.

It was Friday night and she was waiting for Laurie to call. She was hoping and eager, almost obsessed. As she walked in the door to her house, her cell phone rang and she eagerly answered it. “I’ve been waiting for you my delicious friend. I’ve been a little obsessed about you and your latest fetish which is turning into my fetish.”

Laurie was very pleased with her friend’s reaction. She wanted her to be thinking about it constantly and things could not have gone better. It was clearly time to move to another level with her friend.

“Shellie, I’m so happy you can share this with me. I was more aroused telling you in the bar than I was when I was there and taking the married man I had chosen for myself. I took him because I wanted him but I need you to be part of my acquisition too. Have you been thinking of this? Have you been imagining me? Watching me? Seeing me? Are you thinking about right now? Be honest with me, my slut, you’re starting to get excited right this second, aren’t you?”

Laurie was exactly right about Shellie. Shellie was on fire. She was thinking about her friend and every second getting wetter. In fact, she was so happy to be alone at home and seated on a chair and had a hand under her skirt her imagination going wild in conjunction with her friend’s words. She twitched when her friend called her “my slut.”

When she spoke, she found her vice was breathless. “Laurie, please, you are making me crazy. This is all I think about, like you cast a spell on me. This isn’t just a fantasy, it is consuming me. I want you to take any man you choose. illegal bahis I want to see it, to hear about it, to witness your possession. He is so lucky to be chosen by you, to be taken by you as your own, and I am lucky to be part of it. I’m lucky to hear about it and to see it all if you let me. I don’t care that he’s married. That makes it better and lustier. I would say it doesn’t matter but actually it makes it better. You want him and you took him from his other woman. She can’t compete, she can only let him go. If she knows or when she finds out, she won’t even complain. She’ll know you’re better and you deserve whatever man you choose to take. If she’s smart all she’ll want to do is watch and feel honored that you’re doing what used to be her man. Laurie, I’m almost dripping now, my hands are shaking.”

Laurie smiled to herself and was very pleased that Shellie was reacting just as she should. After all this was about Shellie too not just Laurie. Shellie’s reaction and excitement made her happy.

“Shellie, darling, do you want to see something? Can you come over to my place and I can set it up so you might be shocked or fulfilled? It’s Friday night and everything is falling into place. Can you be here at 7? Please?”

Shellie agreed, her husband was working late so she was free to go. She got to Laurie’s nearby house early and tried to wait but ended up knocking ten minutes early.

Laurie smiled and said, “so eager.” Then she took Shellie back to talk while she finished dressing.

Shellie was nervous and excited and asked, “what do I do? Do I come with you? Won’t the guy see me? Do I hide? Where are you meeting?”

Laurie took Shellie’s hand to calm her. “Hush, darling. You can wait here. See this chair in from of a TV screen? I have a camera planted at his house in their bedroom! He doesn’t know but you get to watch everything. I think you’ll be amazed. Now take a seat here.”

Shellie was trembling at the thought of watching her friend with anyone. And this wicked fantasy made it even better. She looked at the screen and sat down in the chair even though it would be a while before anything happened.

By this time Laurie was ready to go and had texted the man who told her the coast was clear. She turned to Shellie and put restraints on her wrists quickly. It took Shellie by surprise.

“Shellie, don’t worry. I’ve always wanted to tie you up and how fun it is that you’re tied in my bedroom. I’m shifting the restraints up your arm a little. I have the key but you should be able to move your arms a bit in case you have an itch you need to scratch.”

Laurie was so seductive and fun that Shellie didn’t complain but took it all in as part of the erotic moment. “Damn, Laurie this gets more wicked by the moment. I’m like a captured girl entertained and restrained by her mistress. And a good thing it is because I’m illegal bahis siteleri so thrilled I can hardly see straight. I can’t wait to watch you, to watch you fuck some woman’s husband. Oh. Oh.”

Laurie just smiled and hurried away to her plan. She only had to drive a short distance and she just let herself into the house and found her prey. The man was as aroused as Shellie had been and it was easy to get him into the bedroom. And while his back was turned, Laurie snuck over to the one dresser and flipped on the hidden camera making sure to wiggle her tongue for the camera.

Back home Shellie saw the camera start and cried out. She could only see Laurie’s tongue and then her back blocking the camera shot. She could hear Laurie but most of the man’s speech was muffled so far. But she did hear Laurie say “I’m going to fuck you in your wife’s bed and I really wish I could have her watch it happen.”

The man must have been on the bed watching because the next Shellie saw was Laurie reaching behind her and unzipping the back of her skirt, the part facing the camera. As the skirt dropped she saw black panties framed by a garter belt. She heard Laurie telling the man to stroke slower.

Shellie watched and realized she was getting very wet. She didn’t touch herself yet because she would have had an orgasm in a minute or two. She watched carefully as Laurie took off her blouse and threw it aside and walked away from the camera toward the man. Shellie’s eyes were on her friend filling the frame of the shot. She couldn’t hear the man but finally saw his naked legs. She was thrilled. Her friend was about to take the man and was letting her watch. She was a little jealous. She and Laurie were so much more than friends now. As her friend straddled the married man’s knee, she could see Laurie grinding away and she was jealous of the knee. Her beautiful friend was really her lover she decided and she was a part of this. She wanted Laurie to fuck him. She wanted her to take the married man and make him her own. That’s all that mattered.

Shellie’s hands were tied but she was just able to reach down and touch her own panties and feel her own wetness. She was excited and lost in this naughty moment. She watched as Laurie started to kneel before the man, the lucky man who was lucky just to be wanted by Laurie.

As the picture opened up, Shellie recognized the bedroom. It was familiar. The man’s face became visible also as Laurie knelt down to take him in her mouth. He looked familiar to Shellie. It was her husband staring down as wonderful, sexy Laurie knelt down and gave him a blowjob. Shellie stopped rubbing her panties but couldn’t look away. She didn’t know how to feel and she was confused by her own feelings. Anger and lust are a strange mix of feelings.

Shellie was tied up, shaking, and unable to look away. Very soon, Laurie stood up canlı bahis siteleri and turned around and then lowered herself onto Shellie’s husband. With her eyes closed she started bouncing slowly. It made Shellie angry to watch. Her friend taking her own husband. The bitch.

Then Laurie opened her eyes and moves faster. She looked straight into the camera and smiled. It was a very sultry, sexy, dirty smile. The smile of a woman staring through the camera at her best friend while she rode her husband’s cock deep inside her. Shellie would never admit it but it made her touch herself and groan loudly all alone and all tied up. She said out loud even though no one was there, “you bitch, how dare you?”

But as angry as she was and as true as that part of her feeling was, there was another part. Her hands weren’t agreeing with her voice because her hands were touching herself. She was tied up but could touch. She slipped her hand inside her wet panties and played with herself. She didn’t realize it but her hip were moving to help fuck her hand just in the exact same way her best friend was moving her own hips up and down on Shellie’s husband.

Shellie groaned as she heard Laurie on camera lean forward and say, “Oh that’s perfect, that cock feels so good deep inside me. I’m getting so close. It feels so good. I bet your wife never fucks you like this. I wish I could see her face as your warm cum explodes deep inside me while you fuck me in her bed.”

Shellie’s husband wasn’t talking. He probably didn’t even here everything said because Laurie was facing away from him and talking into the camera. Shellie could feel Laurie’s eyes making contact through the camera and holding her. Laurie would know that Shellie couldn’t help herself. She was teasing her, torturing her, and bouncing on her husband. “Oh yes, yes, I can feel that cock throb. Come on, baby, thrust deep inside me, yes, just like that Oh yes, oh fuck yes! I feel it and I’m going to come too. YESSSSSSSSSSS.” The whole time Laurie held the camera with her eyes and stared through it so Shellie saw the orgasm and could sense the moment her husband came too.

Shellie came too and was still shaking minutes later when her slutty friend finally recovered enough to speak. Laurie flicked her tongue seductively at the camera and almost whispered at it, “I hope you came too, that’s a good girl.”

Then she heard Laurie say to her husband, “I’m borrowing a pair of panties. I wouldn’t mention it to her. I have to go now darling. I want to leave before your wife me fucking you in her bed but I need your cock inside me again soon. Try not to think of me every time you fuck her.”

The she giggled and they both left the room. In a few minutes the camera went off. Maybe Laurie had a remote in her car. Then nothing. Shellie sat there with her panties wet from her orgasm but not even knowing what to think.

Twenty minutes later Shellie hadn’t heard the door but felt breath in her ear and her friend whisper and she leaned down and stroked Shellie’s panties “Oh so wet. I guess there was something good on the monitor.”

(to be continued)

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