Latte To Finish A Perfect Dinner

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“Dinner is going well,” I thought. It was our first date.

We joked, laughed, and chatted about life and things we had skirted upon online. Many times you caught me gazing into your mouth as you spoke, wondering if I was thinking the same kind of things you were thinking when you found yourself doing the same to me.

“You wondered to yourself, “Does he want to kiss me as much as I want to be kissed?”

We continue talking. The time flies by. The restaurant is still packed with diners, but we can barely hear anyone else but each other.

Then finally it happened. I took your hand in mind and held it. There! That first contact was now made. My heart was pounding through my chest!

I lean forward and whisper, “You are so gorgeous! “Every time I look at you I just want to grab you…”

“Then why don’t you?” You interrupt with a mischievous grin on your face.

“What! Here?” I say with this “deer caught in the headlights” look on my face.

For an instant your face betrayed the slightest disappointment, so in the blink of an eye I immediately stood up. It took you totally by surprise as I gently lifted you to your feet and held you in my arms.

“Kiss me baby!” A wide grin crossed my face as your eyes darted around the restaurant immediately embarrassed. Then my mouth found yours, tongues intertwined, as I kissed you long and deep.

We could both hear the sudden silence in the restaurant as the diners stopped and stared.

Your embarrassment faded rapidly, as the passion and the moment collided. You could feel everyone’s eyes on you, and it made your pulse race even faster.

The kiss ends, but I hold you in my arms. You feel my gentle strength keeping you close, keeping you safe, then you realize that there is a hard bulge in my pants pressing against your front.

You realize what it is, and how hard it is, and your face flushes. You feel like the entire restaurant sees I have this huge erection and I’m rubbing it against you.

We let each other go and return to our seats, but this time I move my chair to the side of the table next to you. I take your hands in mine and hold them. We both stare into each other’s eyes with childlike grins on our faces.

You feel your heart pounding inside your chest. Mentally you check yourself over; hair presentable, makeup okay, then you realize something. You think to yourself with a silent, questioning face, “Oh, my god! I’m illegal bahis wet!” You’re totally surprised at just how wet this little stunt had made you.

You look at me, my lips are moving and I’m talking to you but you can’t hear me. All that is running through your mind is how wet you are and how hard I was.

Suddenly, with the impish gleam in your eye, you are doing the unthinkable. Your hand is snaking its way under the table. It finds its target; my thigh. It slides up to my lap, and you place your hands on the hot, hard thing waiting. You squeeze it gently as you let out a light moan, feeling a gush of your own juices.

Your hand strokes up and down its length, you begin to rock minutely on your chair, trying to get some stimuli to your clit, which is swollen, and throbbing.

Now it’s my turn to be embarrassed. You see my eyes furtively glancing around the room. Who is watching? Who cares!

Your hand deftly undoes my zipper and reaches in and frees my cock under the table. It’s hot and solid in your palm, your fingertips touch its head and you feel the moisture of precum oozing from it. You take your hand from under the table and pop the fingers into your mouth. “Mmm…! Sweet!” Then you slip your hand immediately back under the table and continued to massage me.

Your other hand slips under the table as well, but this hand finds its way up your skirt, and begins rubbing your pussy thru your soaked thong.

You slip two fingers inside your thong and ease them between your soaking lips, pushing the fingers deep inside. You moan lightly as you withdraw them and offer me to me for a taste test.

You look at me in absolute pleasure as you see the dumbfounded look on my face. My mouth is agape; eyes wide in disbelief.

You put your shiny wet fingers into my mouth. “Hurry baby, before the air dries them.” I then start to suck them, taking the wetness off your fingers. “Good boy.” You smile. Then your hand slips back under the table to pleasure yourself some more.

I am moaning lightly at your hand. My voice is fortunately drowned out by the murmurs of the other diners.

Suddenly we realize that the waiter has just arrived and is looming over us. “Would either of you care for a coffee or aperitif?” You see me look at you and you’re smiling broadly, but your hands are still doing their work under the table. “I’d like a latte please,” you said, and then you turned to me, pumping illegal bahis siteleri my cock just a bit firmer. “How about you dear? What would you like to finish you off?” It’s all too clear from the waiter’s face that he is all too aware of what you are doing to me under the table. The knowledge of his knowledge fuels our fire for one another.

I struggle to gain my thoughts and in a raspy voice I say, “I’ll have the same.”

Just as the waiter is about to depart I ask him, “How long will that take?”

“About 5 to 10 minutes,” he answers as he walks away while glancing back at us more than once.

“We’ve got 5 to 10 minutes!” You’re beaming from ear to ear.

“Come on!” I pop myself back into my pants and stand up. You follow me as I lead you deeper into the restaurant, until finally we’re outside the men’s room.

“Where are you going,” you ask. “We,” I replied as I pulled you in after me.

There’s a man standing with his back to us taking a piss and humming to his self. Just as he turns around I’m closing the door to the larger, handicapped stall. We are inside. I immediately pull you close and you’re back in my arms and we’re frantically kissing each other.

You hand immediately goes back to my still hard cock, freeing it from its prison, back into your warm hands.

My hands find your braless breasts, cupping them and teasing your already hard nipples. You lean forward and take my cock into your waiting, hungry mouth.

My taste fills your senses, making you heady with passion. My cock is long and thick, and you take as much of it into your mouth as possible, licking the length of the shaft and stroking it at the same time.

My passion for you has overwhelmed my mind. I’m loosing control. You feel my cock getting harder and harder in your mouth. My balls tighten up in your palms until finally you feel my hot juices squirting into your mouth and across your lips. You suck and swallow, drinking me down, tasting that sweet, salty taste of my essence.

I help you stand and we kiss even fiercer than before. You get a rush knowing that I can taste myself on your lips. You feel my hands on you, one hand sliding down your back, the other down your front, both hands raise your skirt and dive into your thong as my fingers immediately find your swollen, wet clit, and rub it firmly, stimulating your g-spot. The middle finger on my other hand slides down to your ass, canlı bahis siteleri and gently probes there, pushing lightly inside. You start to grind your hips backwards and forward, pushing yourself onto both sets of fingers.

My thumb rubs your clit, faster and faster, my middle and ring fingers moving in and out pressing against your g-spot. Your pussy is making a puddle in the palm of my hand you’re so wet. We smile at each other for a moment as we hear slurping noises as I dip my fingers inside your pussy, while a second finger on my other hand joins the one already in your ass.

“Oh! My! God! I’m cuming!” Your slow and abrupt moaned words, urging me to rub you faster, firmer, building in intensity. Finally you let out a loud shriek as two back-to-back orgasms overwhelm you, making your body convulse in delight. Your pussy squirts its cum into the palm my hand.

Suddenly I turn you around, leaning you over the seat, and slide my hot cock into your still quivering pussy. The depth of the penetration immediately brings about a third orgasm in you. I don’t move, staying still while you writhe on my manhood.

As your orgasm begins to subside, I start to thrust long and slow, in and out of you, catching your body before the intensity fades. With each thrust I regain my rock hardness as you thrust back on me.

“Oh my god! Not again! What are you doing to me?” You begin to whimper as I fuck you harder and harder. I can feel my own orgasm approaching while feeling your pussy constricting around my cock like a python around its prey. You’re pushing yourself back onto me, taking me in as deeply as possible, we move together, faster, harder, deeper, until finally we both come again, together. My cock shoots its cum inside your pussy while your pussy drenches my cock and balls with your own juices.

We stand there panting for what seems an eternity! Finally we turn toward on another, kiss and fix our clothes.

“Ready for that latte,” I smile. “Absolutely” you grin in reply.

I open the door and walk out of the cubicle ahead of you, but suddenly stop dead in tracks.

“What’s wrong,” you ask. I move out of the way and you see two suited men, standing, staring at us. One’s jaw was agape in shock with a trace of disgust, the other smiling broadly. “Busted,” he announces.

We giggled nervously and scurry out of the restroom and back to our table, where waiting for us are two steaming lattes.

“We should cum here again,” I remark.

“Absolutely,” you smile in response.

We each take a slow, cautious slurp from our lattes. “Ah, perfect,” I declare. “Absolutely,” you toast was we raise our glasses to a very satisfying first date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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