Late Night Swim

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It was late at night and the pool was deserted. I set my towel down on an empty chair and did a few stretches to warm myself up. I had been staying at the hotel in Hong Kong for a week now and quickly discovered the joys of a late night swim after a hard days touring. I had checked out the pool when I first got here but it was crowded with kids and families and trying to swim anywhere was out of the question. Noticing that the pool was open everyday until 11pm I decided to head back later when I had a bit more time to myself.

As I dove into the cool waters, I sighed and felt all the tension wash away from me. I loved the soft glide underwater, the sense of being suspended with nothing else around, just for those few seconds. I surfaced silently and breast-stroked to the other end, before bringing my legs up and pushing off the end to head in the other direction.

I had been going for sometime, my sense of time had faded and I enjoyed the gentle push of the water as I swam through it. I was at the far end when my senses became alert and I heard a door open.

I watched as the girl walked down the side of the pool and stopped about halfway to set her things down on the table there. Obviously she hadn’t spotted me or my things so I tried to think of the best way not to startle her. Nothing came to mind. Instead I watched as she sat on the side and tested the water temperature, humming to herself as she summoned the nerve to slip into the cooling water.

From my position I looked and her and enjoyed what I saw; an Asian girl, slim and quite petite in a blue bikini with a swimming cap on her head and goggles in her hand. She was attractive and my eyes travelled to her proud cleavage and legs that ended in the tight crotch of her privates.

Pushing off, I slowly glided down the pool until I was opposite her and splashed softly to get her attention. Her humming stopped abruptly and she looked up with a surprised look on her face. I raised my hand in an apology.

“Sorry,” I said, “Didn’t want to startle you.”

“That’s ok, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here at this time of night” she replied a little hesitantly.

“Me neither” I said as I glided over to her, “do you come here often?”

“Only at night when no one can see me, I hope I didn’t bother you.”

“No it’s ok, I was almost done. Would you like to swim together?”

“Ermmmm….” she responded with a look of fright unsure how to treat the mysterious stranger.

“If I make you feel uncomfortable I’ll leave,” I said gripping the side and hoisting myself up.

I sat beside her for a minute or two.

“My name’s Neil, what’s yours?”

She was momentarily distracted and took her time answering. I noticed her gaze on my smooth chest and slim physique before stuttering.

“Sh… er… Sharon” she finally replied.

“Nice to meet you Sharon” I grinned.

Sharon smiled back politely and steeled herself to get into the water.

I gently placed my hand on her shoulder and wished her an enjoyable swim before collecting my gear and leaving. I didn’t go far, went for a walk in the warm evening air and eventually made my way back to the hotel pool.

Sharon was just getting out of the pool as I walked in and I was treated to a good view of her cleavage her breasts pushed together as she lifted herself out.

“Hello again,” illegal bahis she said as I walked up to her.

“Glad I didn’t surprise you this time” I said cheerfully.

“Not this time, I thought you might come back… in fact I was kinda hoping you would” replied Sharon with a grin on her face.


“Yes, I was hoping to swim with you but I didn’t have the courage to say earlier. It would do me good to have company for a change.”

“Do you come here often then?”

“Only when I’m in town on business, I live in Cheng-Du.”

“Cool, I’m on holiday here and I fly home to the UK in a couple of days… Shall we?” I said motioning to the pool as I set my things down next to Sharon’s.

“Ok,” she replied, smiling.

As we swam and chatted I used the opportunity to take sneaky glances at Sharon and enjoyed what I saw. Occasionally I saw her checking me out to, often taking long looks at my bare chest and the bulge in my swim-shorts. There were other things on our minds apart from enjoying a late night swim together. Eventually we tired and returned to our belongings.

I stared at her rounded ass and tight bottom as she boosted herself out of the water. As I followed suit I caught her glance round and stare at my chest while she waited for me.

Being in a good mood I decided to test the waters.

“Nice to see you enjoying the view” I said smiling.

“I… I find a man with a bare chest makes me… you know…” Sharon blushed and looked down as we dried off. Then she looked up straight into my eyes as if searching for a reason.

“My husband never wants me and I haven’t done it in so long” she continued before adding “I’m in room 2769, 27th floor. Just going to take a shower…”

I was stunned at this sudden turn around from an obviously shy girl. I stood there thinking as I watched her walk out.

I decided to take a shower myself since I didn’t want to stink of chlorine so headed back to my room. As I stood beneath the spray my mind wandered to my new friend, wondering if she was thinking of me. The thought of Sharon soaping her body sent heat to my groin and I felt myself rising rapidly.

“Was she shaven” I thought, “or hairy… maybe just a landing strip? What about those boobs… did she have large areolas, small, pointed?”

These and a hundred other thoughts ran through my mind and I unconsciously dropped my hand to my engorged organ and started stroking it. I stopped myself before the main event. My cock was getting slick with pre-cum and I didn’t want to overdo it until I took Sharon up on her obvious invitation.

I dried off then threw on a t-shirt and shorts. I didn’t bother with underwear because it wasn’t necessary given the situation but felt in my back pocket to check the little packet was there. I love the feel of my cock entering a willing and wet lover, the thrilling sensation as I pushed apart their inner walls and slide my 7 inches into them. At the same time I’m not stupid and would prefer a vacation without the surprise 8 months later.

On the way up in the elevator I was already getting hard and hoped I wasn’t showing too much already. Despite knowing that I’d be fully naked and rock hard soon, I didn’t want to seem too eager. I found Sharon’s room without any problems and was about to knock so as not to surprise her again but noticed the door was illegal bahis siteleri very slightly ajar. Speculating whether I should have followed her up earlier, I opened the door further and poked my head in.

“Oh hi,” she spoke with a big smile “I was looking forward to enjoying a steamy hot shower with you but we can save that ’til later.” Sharon’s smile changed to a mischievous grin, all sense of shyness had disappeared and I reckoned it was the location. After all we’re all more confident in familiar territory.

Thinking ahead I hung the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside before I slipped in and shut the door then walked over to Sharon who was sitting on the bed brushing her short hair. She was wearing a plain t-shirt that just reached the top of her thighs and from my position, nothing else. I stopped next to her and gazed down. I couldn’t see down her top but her medium-sized breasts pushed against her t-shirt with a faint trace of nipple. She was also wearing bikini bottoms that were obviously hidden from view earlier.

Finished with her hair she stood up and leaned in close, taking my hand in hers.

“I’m glad you came up… I’ve been so lonely” she whispered, our heads close, almost touching.

Without answering I raised my hand and pushed back some loose strands of hair from her face then holding the back of her head, drew her into me. Kissing softly, I felt her hand lightly touch my side and I curled my other arm round her pulling her in. Our bodies were tight against each other now and every touch made me tingle, my manhood rising beyond accepted limits. Sharon’s arm copied mine and our kiss grew fiercer, mouths open, tongues clashing as our passion intensified.

I could feel Sharon starting to explore, the hand round my waist slipped under the loose fabric of my t-shirt to stroke my bare skin. Working its way downwards I felt her hand tight between my shorts, going for my ass. To encourage her I gave her own ass a pinch and stretched my hand over one of her cheeks, teasing the edge of her bikini bottoms.

Moaning, her body tightened for a moment and then relaxed. To my surprise I found a hand on the waistband of my shorts, gripping it intently. We parted and looked deeply into each others eyes then pushing me away she gave me a wicked grin and said simply “I want you to tease them off for me.”

“Your wish is my command” I replied, smiling back.

As I stood at the end of the bed, I watch her climb in and prop herself up. Looking at me enquiringly and grasping the hem of her t-shirt she asked innocently, “Shall I take this off?”

I nodded and watch with my mouth agape as she strips off the top in one easy motion and settles back, staring at me fixatedly. I couldn’t do anything for a minute or two but stare back at her exposed chest and was snapped back to our own private reality when she spoke with an urgent need in her voice.

“Do something, or speak to me Neil…”

More nervous now with the unexpected command and not wanting to upset Sharon I move my hips in a circular motion, aware that I’d never done anything like this before. I pulled of my own t-shirt and tossed it to the floor and again I felt her eyes on my chest as I began unbuckling my belt. Running my hands down my chest (and feeling quite silly) I thrust my hips in her direction and continued to gyrate my body.

I canlı bahis siteleri popped the button on my shorts and let them drop to the floor. Sharon’s eyes widened as my cock sprang free; her hand disappearing under the covers. With my privates swaying between my legs, I walked over to her and whipped back the sheets. Immediately her other hand wrapped itself around my shaft and began tugging it gently. The sight of Sharon’s hand in her bikini pants rubbing herself and the feel of her other hand gliding slowly up and down made my cock twitch in anticipation.

Leaning forward, Sharon kissed the tip of my dick as her hand drifted down to the base. Curling my hand round the back of her head I encouraged her further needing her now as much as she needed me. Her tongue circled over my foreskin and dipped into the opening. Her fingers danced around my balls as she took me in then pulled back.

I could see my pre-cum juices glistening on her lips as she looked up at me and smiled. I moved in as her lips opened and her eyes closed. There was nothing soft about the kiss; it was a full open-mouthed and tongue clashing affair. Kissing like two frenzied lovers. We half fell back onto the bed, my lips crushing Sharon’s as we writhed together in near ecstasy.

The kiss had pushed us from nervous new partners to a madly passionate couple desperate for a good seeing to. In the melee my hand found hers as she frantically tried to remove her bikini bottoms. Finding the tie at her hip, I pulled the knot open and drew the fabric away. Sharon gave a loud moan as the bikini grazed along her open wet pussy and across her clit on its way to the rest of my clothes.

With one leg raised her pussy was revealed, moist, shaved and open. I was so hard I plunged straight in. No gripping of my cock to manoeuvre into her wet hole, I was in, hard and fast. We moaned together as I sank my full length into her, hands clutching my back as my thick cock pushed apart her soaking folds.

As soon as I was in I was pulling out, leaving an empty void within her only to be filled seconds later as I shoved in a second time. This time Sharon screamed with pleasure and gripped my ass to pull me in more. With every thrust I sped up, my cock pounding her pussy. I felt her leg hook over me, her legs closing and pussy tightening up but by then we were too far gone.

I’m not sure who came first but everything just exploded as we both reached the point of no return. Sharon quaked beneath me as her orgasm washed over her, juices pouring down my shaft and drenching my pubic hair. My balls tingled as I pushed one last time into her as my seed squirted into her womb.

Exhausted and worn out we collapsed into each other as we were, my cock shrinking inside her amidst the mixing pool of juices. We looked deep into each others eyes then kissed gently.

“Thanks…” whispered Sharon, still trying to catch her breath.

“… Welcome…”

Suddenly it hit me and I mentally chastised myself for my sloppiness. I had planned so carefully and been prepared but I’d let my lust get the better of me.

“Condom…” I muttered as the feeling of dread continued to grow in my stomach.

“It ok…” she replied, “I take tablet…”

I smiled with relief and kissed her again, the alarm vanishing in an instant. At least one of us had the foresight to think things through clearly and I was glad Sharon had pre-planned as well so at least no harm had come from our unprotected sex. I just had to make sure it didn’t happen again.

As we drifted off to sleep I wondered where this new adventure might take us…

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