Late Evenings Part 6

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Part 6

On the ride home, Judy and I just talked about who we had hanging out with, what was said, etc. The standard after-party banter and she made no mention of what happened in the bathroom. When we got inside our house, Delia was still up and waiting for us. She asked if we had a good time and we made some quick smalltalk. I could tell Delia wasn’t sure if she was expected to stay or not, so I offered her a glass of wine. Judy said she was kind of tired but would like a glass as well. After I had poured drinks for all of us and we were sitting around the family room again, Delia asked us if her ‘help’ from two weeks ago had changed anything in the bedroom.

I said, “well, sort of. We had some good fun the next day, but then it was back to our usual routines.” Judy chuckled and said, “is it your usual routine to fuck the sitter before you go out?” I chuckled and said, “I hope so!”. Judy explained, “I just didn’t want him in such a hurry to get home, so I figured if he did it with you we could relax and enjoy the party.” Delia laughed and said, “you know Judy, you could also do it with Tom before the party if you want to take the edge off.” Judy responded with “I guess that’s true, but I figured he was looking forward to your pussy.” Delia blushed and I liked the direction this conversation was turning.

I then looked at Judy and asked her “Are you looking forward to Delia’s pussy?” Up until now, it seemed pretty clear that she very much enjoyed having her pussy eaten by Delia and got really aroused at the smell of Delia’s funk, but so far she hadn’t admitted it. Judy finally said, “I had never been with another woman before, so the whole thing is so confusing. I liked what happened last time, but I don’t want you to think I’m a dyke.” Delia said, “do you think I’m a dyke? I fucked Tom over there twice and I went down on you? Liking both men and women doesn’t mean I’m a dyke. It just means I like to have fun!”

“Well, when you put it that way, it makes more sense. It’s just that what happened last time was so different and I had never ever had such an orgasm” Judy admitted. Delia asked, “Have you always felt that way? I mean, have you been wanting to be with a woman instead of a man, or did you used to only like getting fucked? I’m asking because I kind of go through phases where I’m really into other women and then sometimes I just really like some cock.”

Judy said, “I never really thought about it. Tom and I used to fuck like rabbits but lately I’m just not as interested.” I interrupted them and told Judy, “As long as you’re enjoying sex one way or the other, that makes me happy. I’ll always be ready to fuck your pussy, eat it, whatever you want, but if you need something else to get you off, that’s fine by me.”

Judy looked a little thoughtful and then said “at the party tonight, some of my girlfriends were talking about how good or bad their husbands are at eating pussy. My one friend, Lola – I don’t think you know her, Tom – was really bitching about how bad her husband is at going down on her. Then later, when I was in the bathroom I started thinking about how good Delia made me feel the last time and was just standing there for a moment when Lola walked in. I must have been touching myself because Lola had a shocked look on her face.

I don’t know what came over me, but I blurted out ‘If you think eating pussy is so easy, let’s see how good you are at it!’ We immediately çeşme escort bayan both started to giggle, but I really wanted to see if she could do it so I reached out and started playing with her breasts and touching her hair. Neither of us were expecting this to happen, but all I knew was that I wanted her to lick me right away.”

Even though I knew exactly what happened, I wanted to see what she would say. Delia was sitting next to me with her hand to her mouth in amazement. She said to Judy “OMG! And? Did she do it? Did she go down on you?!” “Not right away. I think she wanted to do it, but she said not just with me. She wanted to be getting fucked so she went and got her husband.” I said “No way! Really? She got her husband? What did he say?” “He didn’t say much. Lola just brought him in and as he started fucking her from behind, I pushed Lola’s head down so she could lick me.”

“OMG, that’s so great, Judy! I can’t believe you did that!” said Delia. I said to Judy, “Did he fuck you too, or just Lola?” “Just Lola. He was looking at Lola eating me and he couldn’t really take it. He came in only a few minutes” laughed Judy. Delia said, “wow, that’s so crazy. I’m glad she got you off like that. Having him watch must have made you cum really fast.”

But then Judy explained, “She was just getting started when he came. I was hotter than ever, but Lola wouldn’t eat me any more because she wasn’t being fucked. I think she was disappointed as well, so I told her to go get another guy. She came back with Max and within a couple minutes Lola was back between my legs. She started cumming with Max and then I came, but Max hadn’t cum yet. I could hear him sloshing around inside Lola’s pussy, so maybe she wasn’t tight enough for him. Lola then said she was too tired to keep getting banged and left me sitting there with my legs spread and Max holding his dick.”

I looked over at Delia and she had her blue dress up around her waist and was furiously pumping her pussy. No panties were in sight, so she must have ditched them earlier. Delia said with a hoarse voice, “Did you fuck him?” Judy looked at me with some uncertainty and said “I told him no. I had already cum and wasn’t horny anymore and I really just wanted to leave but he threatened to tell on me and Lola, so I let him do it.”

“You fucked him!?” I said. Delia was really rubbing her box and now had her tits out as well. I wanted to take out my cock and play with it, but I knew I would come almost immediately. Instead, I reached over to Delia’s pussy and rubbed it and then licked my fingers. Judy said “He just walked up and started fucking me before I could say anything. I had gone that far, so what’s the difference. I told him to hurry up. He fucked me for a few minutes and I must have been tighter than Lola because he came pretty quickly.” “Inside you?” I asked. No, he pushed me down and came in my mouth. I swallowed it all so that it wouldn’t be a mess.”

Delia started to almost hyperventilate as she came super hard. She had pussy juice all over both hands and started rubbing them all over her tits, chest, neck and face. Kind of looked like she just got out of the shower! I couldn’t take it any longer so I stood up to take off my jeans. My boxers were almost soaking wet with pre-cum and I slipped those off as well. Standing with my cock jutting out, I walked up to Judy and said “since you took his load escort çeşme in your mouth, you need to at least eat my cum as well.” With a resigned sigh, she opened her mouth and started to blow me. As turned on as I was, I knew it still wasn’t going to be a good blowjob from Judy.

Then, I looked over at Delia and got an idea. I pulled my dick out of Judy’s mouth and said “yep, you need to gobble my cum tonight. Let me get some for you.” I moved over to Delia and got between her legs. She was still recovering from her own orgasm, but casually spread her legs as wide as possible and put her head back. I couldn’t resist taking a few licks of her golden delicious pussy juice, and then I jammed in my cock as fast and as hard as I could. Delia kind of grunted and just lay there with a smile on her face. I gave her about a dozen hard thrusts and while staring down at her beautiful tits and shaved mound, I exploded insider of her. Second time of the night, now that I think of it.

After the intensity of my orgasm started to subside, I gave Delia a few more slow strokes before I pulled out. I came so fast that I wasn’t even breathing hard, and I got up and walked over to Judy and stood with my now limp dick right in her face. It was all sticky and cum was still leaking out of the tip. I grabbed it and put it up to her lips. At first, she kept her mouth closed as I rubbed it around her lips, but then she opened up and started sucking out the cum and then licked all around the shaft. When my dick was cleaned up I helped move Judy over to Delia. Delia was still laying there with her legs spread watching us. I nudged Judy over her and Judy first kissed her nipples and started sucking Delia’s tits. Then with a gentle nudge from both Delia and myself, we directed Judy’s head towards Delia’s sticky pussy.

I could see that my cum was starting to leak out a little bit. Judy looked like she was going to start slow and try to work her way in, so I just pushed her right towards Delia’s dripping slit. She started licking it and swallowed the gobs that were leaking out. She then started licking Delia’s clit but then went back and started to really lick out the inside of Delia’s pussy. Even though I had just come, the sight of my wife eating the cum from this hot girl was really turning me on and my dick got to about half mast.

With Judy now not holding back on Delia’s pussy, I moved behind Judy and lifted up her dress as she was on her hands and knees. She must have lost her panties or put them in her purse after being fucked by Max. I also noticed that she had shaved most of her pussy and for the first time (at least that I knew about) was perfectly smooth. She must have cleaned herself up pretty good after Max but her pussy was glistening with juice, either from before or from what was now happening.

I started licking her pussy and was surprised that it was almost as sweet as Delia’s. It had been a long time since I got to do this with her. Delia started to moan again and Judy had long ago consumed every drop of cum out of Delia’s pussy. Now, she was just eating her for the fun of it. Despite my best effort so suck all of Judy’s juice out of her pussy, she just kept getting wetter and wetter. I kept licking and licking and then decided to try something I had always wanted to do.

With so much pussy juice coming right out of her slit, I started to lick from the bottom and then up çeşme escort to the area around her asshole. As I did this, I got nearer and nearer each time. When I finally started licking the center of her asshole, Judy just pushed back at me a little bit. When I used to try to do this years ago, she would let me get close but never wanted me to actually lick her ass. Now, she was letting me lick all around it. I kept going back to her pussy for more sweetness and then would stick my tongue as far inside her ass as I could. My cock was getting really hard by now and I was sitting there beating it while licking Judy’s ass and pussy.

Judy was still going down on Delia like a barefoot woman at shoe sale. I sat up and stuck a couple fingers in Judy’s pussy and they slid in super easy. I even got three in with no trouble. As I was sliding two fingers in and out, I tried to gently insert my thumb inside Judy’s asshole. At first it didn’t feel like it would go in, but then it all of a sudden slid in. Either Judy didn’t notice, or she didn’t care, so I pulled out all of my fingers and got behind her and placed the tip of my cock inside her pussy. My dick was instantly covered in slimy pussy juice, so then I put the tip of it against her asshole.

Holding it in place with my left hand, I slowly entered Judy’s ass for the first time. Like my thumb a moment before, there was some initial resistance and then I slid right in. Judy stopped licking Delia all of a sudden and looked back at me with a puzzled expression. I looked her right in the eye and pushed my cock all the way in and held her ass against me by holding on to her hips. She took a sharp intake of breath and rolled her eyes in a ‘whatever’ expression but didn’t push me away.

I started to slowly fuck Judy’s ass and then picked up a little speed. Judy rocked back a little bit and that gave me encouragement. I had fucked other girlfriends in the ass before and now remembered just how much more smooth an ass is compared to a tight pussy. In order to get more sensation, I had to really start fucking her ass pretty hard. As I got going hard and fast, Judy stopped licking Delia and pulled her head up. Delia sat up to see what was going on, and then crawled over closer to get a better look. She started massaging Judy’s ass cheeks and playing with her tits through her dress.

Judy reached back between her legs and started rubbing her clit and pussy and Delia just sat back and watched for a moment. I pulled her close to me and kissing her mouth ravenously for a little while, and then Delia got back down next to Judy and started pushing her hips back to meet my thrusts. Even though I had already cum twice this evening, the combination of feeling my cock sliding in and out of Judy’s ass and seeing Delia’s perfect body holding onto Judy quickly became too much. I gave one last long hard thrust and then came inside her ass as I slowed down my assault.

I pulled out and Judy staggered to her feet, turned to me, and said with a bit of a laugh “Happy?” I said “You bet!” and walked over to the bathroom to clean off my dick. I grabbed a handful more of tissues and walked back to where the ladies were getting straightened up. Judy grabbed some tissue and quickly wiped off some cum that was leaking down her thigh before it could hit the floor. 

Delia said “when are you two going out again?” with a big smile on her face. Judy said “It might be awhile – not sure if I can do that again anytime soon!” The girls hugged and Judy paid Delia her sitting money. I walked over and gave Delia a hug as well before she left for the night. I went upstairs and was asleep before hitting the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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