Last Night

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Last night I came by Kristi’s at the usual time.

We have our little ritual that we, or should I say she follows? While a ritual, it has… certain variations to it. For example, sometimes she’s naked and waiting… filled with lust and most eager to please and be pleased.

Me? Well I whip out my dick, and get it on without bothering to shuck my clothing.

Oh, the variations? Yes, well, sometimes Kristi is on her knees waiting for the door to open. Sometimes I’ll have her lean over a chair in the living room. But clothed or unclothed, Kristi’s pussy is always freshly shaven and unimpeded to my, um, needs.

On those occasions when I’ve had a particularly bad day at work, (about 1 out of 4) she helps relieve my frustrations by presenting her heart-shaped ass for a rousing spanking.

Last night I had her grab her ankles while I held her right shoulder to provide the needed balance and deliberately worked the tip of my dick into her reddened cunt.

“That’s all you get tonight, Kristi,” I said.

Making a strong attempt to keep the whine out of her tone, she responded with, “But why?”

“You started without me, that’s why.”


“What do expect me to say when I arrive and your pussy is already red from excessive fingering?”

“Only illegal bahis a little fingering; honest!”

“That’s all you get….”

I held it in place, not touching her otherwise, and waited.

Kristi knew better than to complain, at least verbally, and using her feminine wiles, she began humping back and forth on my dick attempting to work it deeper.

I let her think I was steadfast in my decision to withhold my cock from her temple of lust, but in reality I used the time to keep brushing over and against her clit, lightly grinding the corn, as they say. I teased her thusly until I was on the verge of coming myself.

At that point I withdrew from her wet nest and asked her how her day had gone.


I caught her completely off guard and got her talking about the mundane activities she’d accomplished during the day, taking the kids to day-care, shopping for food and then a blouse, and did I want to see it?”

Telling her I wanted to see it, had Kristi scamper off to get the blouse and return wearing it, sans the bra usually required for such transparent apparel.

While I had her turn this way and that modeling the blouse, my tumescent state receded enough for me to resume teasing her; and with Kristi still wearing the blouse, illegal bahis siteleri price tags and all; I sent my hardy tip back into her love tunnel and using short, slow strokes that I knew she loved and craved because of the exquisite torment it brought to her senses; I gradually brought her to the point of begging me to allow her to cum.

I counted to ten, and then slammed my entire length into her and held it there.


“Kristi… do you hear me?”



“Yes? Yes? Yes?”

“No cumming… not yet!”

It was time to introduce a slight variation. I helped usher her over to the white leather couch, laid her down and held her hands over her head. Then, I plucked out the Hitachi wedged in my belt, and after feeding my pulsing prick to her mouth, turned the Hitachi on and applied it to her clit and cunt.

Kristi came almost instantly.

But she kept sucking on my knob, and jerking the shaft with one hand while swirling her tongue crazily around the delicately sensitive underside of my cockhead.

I regretted not having removed my clothing as I was sweating like a pig. Moments later, I reciprocated by raising the speed of the Hitachi as it teased her now fully engorged labia and canlı bahis siteleri clit.

Kristi came a second time.

Still she never relinquished my cock, and in her desire to make the blowjob as messy as possible, she slobbered and drooled all over it, causing, no pun intended, a need to use her blow-dryer after we finished.

The moment I felt that tingling sensation signaling the advent of my orgasm, I ended the blowjob and dropped the Hitachi to the floor where it buzzed away tickling the unappreciative carpet.

I moved to stage three of my seduction.

Kristy gasped when I tore my cock from between her lips and casually flipped her over onto her stomach, probably interrupting her third orgasm, I’m not quite sure; worst case I merely delayed it moments longer by smacking her plump ass with one hand after the other five times in succession while Kristy tried to get away from the spanking. But I had a decided advantage in both size and positioning, and non-to-gently held her in place as I fixed my cock at her puffied pussy.

The second I sent my cock into her smoldering cavern she relaxed for several seconds. Only to begin a series of violent climaxes as I jack hammered my way to my own, intensely exquisite explosion that left the two of us shuddering for several minutes.

Afterward, I wrapped Kristi in my arms and smothered her with kisses while telling her how much I loved her.

Then after blow-drying my slacks and straightening my clothing, I kissed her one last time, and went home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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