Las Vegas!!

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This is a work of fiction. In this story I wanted to have both point of view so I sometime switch between who is telling the story (===== Him or =====Her) Enjoy! I welcome all comments


I was looking forward to this trip. Our company would be participating in this event for a third year. It was a big conference/expo. We had a booth to showcase our product, a very specialized software. We started with a small space but it’s been growing every year, and was curious to see if we would grow again this year. The best thing this time though was the location. The last 2 years the show had been in New York City. But not this year. This time it would be in Las Vegas baby!!! I think what excites me is more what the city represents than the city itself. After all, this is “sin” city. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they say. It puts everybody in a different state of mind. At least I hoped it did because I was counting on it.

We got there early the first morning. We needed to finish setting up our booth. Things were progressing smoothly and we were almost done. I was bending under the desk plugging in the last power cords when movement on the corner of my eye caught my attention. From my point of view I could only see her feet and legs. They were nice, long and slender. Stretching her short skirt as she walked by. A low “mmmmm” instinctively escaped my mouth. I quickly got up to see the rest of her just in time to get a glance at her face. Oh my god!! It was her. I had looked all over for her the night before at the reception. She was not the prettiest but there was something about her that attracted me. I hadn’t thought I would see her again, but there she was.

I arrived from the airport just in time to get ready for the reception. Every year there was a reception the night before the expo started. The company insisted we took part in it. Gave us a chance to network with other people, they claimed. They were right but it didn’t make it easier or more fun. Pushing myself onto strangers while making small talk was not my strong point. At least there was free drinks and food.

After another boring conversation I decided to eat before the food was all gone. I was making good progress filling my plate when I saw a long piece of bread with some king of meat mix on it. There was only one left right in the middle of the buffet display. I reached and grabbed it exactly at the same time someone else did from the other side of the buffet. I guess we were both surprised because we both dropped it at the same time. I burst out laughing and heard her laughing from the other side. I bent down to look thru the hole and saw her looking at me, still laughing.

“Be my guest,” I told her, pointing to the piece.

“You can have it. I had one earlier,” she answered.

“How about we share?” Without waiting for her answer, I took a knife from the stand and proceeded to cut the piece in two. She took her half.

“Thank you sir,” she told me with a big grin.

“You are quite welcome,” I replied, winking at her. She winked back and disappeared from my view. I quickly finished filling my plate so I could come around to meet her. Unfortunately as she came to view her phone rang and since the room was very noisy she ran out and I lost sight right away. I spent the remaining of the evening trying to see her.

I thought I might not recognize her in the crowd. I was wrong. I watched her as she walked away from my booth. I liked how her nice ass swayed as she walked. She looked very nice in that skirt. She must have been in her early 30’s. Light brown hair just below her shoulder. She reached a booth across in the next row. This was very good. With the space between our rows I could see her entire booth and I’m sure she could see ours. “Great!” It came out of my mouth without me realizing. One of my co-workers looked at me.

“What?” he said

“Uh… I said great, we’re ready for business”. I looked back at her just as she turned and looked in my direction. I smiled.

====== Her

Oh my god. It’s him. I briefly saw him before I left the reception. Normally I’d be happy to have an excuse not to go to that function. I got stuck handling this crisis with one of our bigger customers. For some reason I felt mad I couldn’t go back in. His green eyes and his laugh and voice played in my head last night. Hmmm… he’s so cute. Dirty blond hair with just a touch of grey, broad shoulders. He looks in good shape. Giggle… he’s waving at me… “Hi,” I whisper as I wave back.

“What did you say?” asked my co-worker.

“Uh… I need your help with this box,” I replied as I took him behind the booth, wondering why I was giggling.

======= Him

The day went by slowly. It got crowded and we were both busy. About mid morning she decided to rearrange some of their products in the booth. She then took a few steps back and seemed happy with the result. She turned in my direction and I gave her a thumbs up, nodding my head in approval of her work. She laughed and mouthed “thank illegal bahis you”. We caught each other a few times looking at the other. Each time we just smiled and kept working.

Part of my job was to do the actual demonstration of our software. Just as I was about to start a demonstration in front of a large group one of the noisy booths close by started to play very loud music. I had to work very hard to keep my voice up and make sure I kept everybody’s attention. After I finished my audience clapped their appreciation and I was happy to let the sales team take over. I look in her direction and she was clapping and nodding her head in approval of my performance. I gracefully bowed and we both burst out laughing.

======= Her

Good, I think I finally got rid of him. This customer has been flirting with me on the phone for months and now he seems to think he has a chance. He works for a really large company and generates large sales for us so I played along on the phone while trying not to encourage him to much. Now he’s been stalking me for the last hour and a half. There is a limit to what a woman will do to get more sales. He left when I wasn’t paying attention. Hope he gave up. If only he looked like Mr. handsome on the other side I thought, smiling to myself. “Shit…” he’s back.

“Hi, I went to get us some coffee” he said.

“Thank you,” I said trying to look busy.

“Hi…” I heard from the other side. I recognized his voice. I smiled.

“Sorry to interrupt, sir. I’ll try to make it quick.” He continued looking at my stalker.

“Miss. Sorry I’m in a bit of a rush. Can I ask you a quick question about this over there?” he continued. I followed him and he started to describe something similar to a product I had on display. I had no clue what he was talking about but decided to play along. Suddenly he swung his hand behind him without looking as if pointing to something else and BAM! He hit my stalker’s coffee dead center. It went flying all over him.

“Oh… I’m very sorry sir. I didn’t see you behind me,” he told him. “Are you ok?”

“Fuck…” was all the poor guy could say and left, his cloths soaked with coffee. I watched him disappear in the crowd and turned my attention back to Mr. Handsome still standing beside me.

“You’re welcome,” he told me with a big grin on his face.

“What? That wasn’t an accident? How did you…?” I asked in surprise.

“I could see him in the mirror right there. I watched him stalking you sine lunch. I was pretty sure he’d be behind me. As soon as I saw him in the mirror I went for it.”

“Thank you. I was getting desperate,” I smiled. “My name is Patricia. But you can call me Pat.” I offered my hand.

“Very please to meet you, Pat. I’m Mike.” He took my hand in his. “Sorry if I’m direct but I really have to get back to my booth and I don’t know if I’ll have another chance. How about we have dinner or drinks later tonight?” He was still holding my hand. He probably saw my surprise and added “Call me later to let me know either way. Sorry, I really have to get back.” He handed me his business card and left. I was still shocked at how quickly it had gone. Part of me was thrilled he asked and part of me couldn’t believe I would even consider going.

====== Him

The rest of the afternoon went quickly. I still had her image in my head. It was happy I got a chance to see her close up. With her high heels she was just about my height. She seemed in great physical shape with just a nice muscular tone. Her breasts looked small but it was hard to tell with the shirt she was wearing. I didn’t mind. Smaller breasts could be as much fun to play with. I liked how her smile seems to light up her face. Her sexiest attribute was the look in her eyes and the way she smiled. There was definitely something very sexy about her. Definitely something passionate in her eyes when she looked at me. I was starting to give myself a hard on. Have to think about something else, I thought. Not an easy task.

The day was almost done and we started to pack the computers so they didn’t get stolen. That’s when my phone rang.

“Hello,” I answered.

“Hi Mike, it’s Pat.” I turned to see if she was still at her booth and she smiled at me. I smiled back.

“Hi Pat, glad you called. How are you?” I asked.

“Good. Thanks. This first day went well. How about you?” Pat said.

“Very good. It’s been a good day too,” I told her.

“Listen, I’m not sure I’m ready to go out with a stranger. I can’t believe I’m even considering it,” Pat started.

“Well… For some reason our path has crossed a few times since we arrived here. I’ve enjoyed it every time and I think it’d be nice to have a chance to meet and talk in a more relaxed atmosphere” I explained.

“yes, I agree with you. It has been fun. But with all the horror stories we hear nowadays… You could be a serial killer” She said with a big grin.

“I see… How about we meet directly at the restaurant? There are people everywhere around here illegal bahis siteleri so you won’t have to be alone with me. We could just enjoy some time together and go our separate ways after,” I offered. “I promise to behave,” I added, smiling.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Pat said, giggling.

As we looked at each other from a distance we made plans to have a late dinner. It would give us a chance to spend some time with co-workers and changes into more relaxed clothes.

As the time approached I proceeded to make it to the restaurant we agreed on. I was about one block from the restaurant when I heard quick steps behind me. Those had to be women shoes. I turned to look and saw her. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a nice white tank top. “Mmmmm” I purred.

“Are you stalking me?” I asked her with a big smile.

“Nah… I’m just on my way to meet a gentleman. If you’ll excuse me, I don’t want to be late.” We were both laughing. After 10 minutes waiting at the bar we made it to our table. Food was great and the wine was flowing. The conversation was even better. We laughed a lot and found we had a lot in common. The effect of the wine was increasing, and so did the flirting. We regularly touched as we talked. At one point I put my hand on her leg as I was telling her a story. She put her hand on top of mine and kept it there.

We fell silent. Neither seemed sure what to do next. “I probably should tell you that I’m ma…” I started to say when she interrupted me. She put her finger on my lips.

“Shhhh… So am I. But what happen in Vegas…” she started.

I slowly leaned toward her and she followed my lead. Our lips touched for a brief moment. We parted no more than an inch and kissed again. This time we both opened our mouth and our tongues touched. They slowly started a dance in our mouths in a very sensual way. We stopped, knowing we were in a public place and did not want to get carried away.

“Mmmm…” she moaned.

“That was very nice,” I said.

“mmmmm” she moaned again looking in my eyes. “It’s getting warm in here.”

“Check please,” I told the waiter as he walked by. We both burst out laughing.

===== Her

We started walking back.

“I had a great time, Mike. Thank you for asking me out” I told him.

“I’m having an amazing time too. Thank you for accepting,” I heard him say. I felt all funny inside. I couldn’t stop smiling.

We were both silent as we simply enjoyed each other’s presence. As we walked by a park I took Mike’s hand and lead him down one of the paths. I wasn’t ready for us to reach the hotel just yet. We reached a bench that was not really secluded but was far enough from the street. We sat next to each other. I shivered nervously. Mike must have felt it because he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. We looked at each other and kissed again. God, he’s a good kisser I thought. We made out for a while. I was really getting into it. I was trying to touch as much of him as I could but I felt limited sitting here. His shoulders and arms felt strong under my hands. I wanted to touch his chest. At the same time his hands felt great touching me. On my face, my neck and I could not suppress a small moan when Mike slowly slide one of his hands to my breast. He gently squeezed it. His fingers found my already hard nipple. “Mmmmm” I moaned again. It sent amazing sensations between my legs. By now I was really getting wet. I knew it was wrong. Nobody, not even my best friend would believe I would let myself into this. But now that it was happening I realized that, even before I left for this trip, I had secretly been hoping for this. I really needed it. One of my hands was on Mike’s leg. I slowly moved it up. I wanted to feel the bulge in his pants. I gently grasped, surprised at my boldness. I felt something hard . Mmm… I really wanted more, feel his skin on mine, I wanted to touch, taste, see and feel every part of him. I wanted him touching my most intimate places.

===== Him

“This is the most amazing passionate make out session I’ve had in a very long time. If we don’t stop now I don’t know if I’ll be able to later,” I told her.

“I’m already past that,” Pat said softly. I could see the passion in her eyes. I got up, helped her up and led us toward my hotel. We went in and walked separately toward the elevator. I was hoping nobody would notice the bulge in my pants. More people gathered waiting for the elevator. I went in first, pushed my floor button and went to the back. Pat maneuvered herself to stand in front of me. As more people got on she had to back up closer and her ass ended up brushing against my hard on. She must have felt it because every time the elevator stopped she exaggerated the movement and brushed her ass more against my cock. When we reached my floor the elevator was almost empty.

I opened the door to my room and as we walked in we jumped at each other and kissed. She reached for my shirt and pulled it up over my head. She slipped her hands to my chest canlı bahis siteleri in a sensual way barely touching my skin. I grabbed her tank top and started to pull it up. She raised her arms to let me take it off. She was wearing a sexy white lace bra. I started to kiss her neck, my tongue tasting her skin with each kisses. I reached behind her to unhook her bra. I pulled back and slowly push her bra from her shoulder until it fell to the ground, revealing her breast to me. “Mmmmmm…” I let out.

===== Her

I never feel comfortable naked. But for some reason I liked exposing myself to Mike. My breasts aren’t big by any means. But I like their shape. They were still firm and most of all, my already hard nipples felt amazing when touched. Mike leaned forward and started kissing one of my breasts. He teased my nipple with his tongue and took it in his mouth. “Oh Mike…mmmm “He sucked my nipples in his mouth and bit it gently. I was moaning, my fingers playing in his hair.

===== Him

Pat’s breasts were a very nice handful. Her nipples were a dark pink and fully erect. I loved playing with them in my mouth. What I loved even more was her reaction to it. Pat was squirming and her hand was pulling on my hair while holding my head to her breast. This was really turning me on. I reached for her jeans and started to undo the button and zipper. I slowly pushed them down her hips, pulling her panties down at the same time. Her jeans fell to the ground. I slipped my hand up her legs and onto her ass. “Mmmmm…” So soft…

===== Her

The attention of his mouth on my breast and his hands on my body were creating amazing feelings between my legs. I moved to step out of my jeans on the floor and almost fell as my legs bumped against the bed. Mike was holding me in his arms and slowly lay me down on the bed. He then stood up and removed his jeans while I admired his muscular body. A few extra pounds around the belly but it looked good on him. He was wearing boxers. His cock was making a huge tent. “Mmmmm…” I let out with a big grin. I felt sexy lying naked on the bed in front of him. I felt wanted, I liked it.

He lay down beside me. “You are so beautiful,” he said just as he leaned and kissed me. His tongue was so nice in my mouth dancing with mine. His hand was on my belly slowly sliding down until it reached my trimmed pubic hair. “Mmmm…” came out of me from the anticipation of his touch. I parted my legs to give him access. His fingers reached my lips. They were already engorged from all the excitement. He started to move his fingers in my wetness. He reached my hole and moved his finger in and out, touching my inside walls. He pulled his finger out and moved up until he reached my clit. “Ooohhh… yeeesss…” I moaned, breaking our kiss. Mike’s attention move to my neck and ear while his finger was gently teasing my clit. “Aaahhh… mmm…” escaped from me with almost every touch. I reached for his boxers. I put my hand inside and found his cock. Oh my God!! I thought, he’s as hard as a rock. Exactly what my pussy needs right now. “Oh God Mike… you have to take me now,” I pleaded. “Please fuck me”

===== Him

Pat’s hand felt great on my cock. I was so excited. I was with this sexy women on my bed and was pleasuring her nice pussy. Her hand was wrapped around my cock, gently caressing it. And now she was asking me to fuck her. She was giving herself to me. I stood up beside the bed and removed my boxers, freeing my cock. Hard and only just standing upward. Aware of her lustful eyes looking at me, I moved to Pat’s leg and look up her nicely trimmed pussy. “Mmmm…”I couldn’t wait to taste it. But that would have to wait. She spread her legs as I moved up between them. She grabbed my dick and placed the head at her entrance. I slowly pushed in my cock in. “Yes… take me,” Pat moaned.

I started to very slowly push in. Pat was so excited that I went in easily. Her pussy still felt nicely tight on my cock. When I was all the way in I waited a little. Damn… I was so excited. I was worried I wouldn’t last long. Pat wrapped her legs around me. I started to pull out until only the head was in and slowly push back in. “Oooohhhhh…mmmm…” Pat was moaning. I kept a slow rhythm at first. I felt amazing in this sexy women. I wanted to pleasure her. I picked up the pace and Pat moved her hips, matching my speed. After only a few minutes Pat tensed under me. “Oooohhh Goooodd… Mike… I’m going to cum…. Aaaaaahhh…” Pat moaned. I was almost there myself. I kept fucking her faster and deeper. I was moaning with her now. The orgasm buildup was amazing.

===== Her

Mike’s cock felt incredible inside me. I could feel him sliding deep inside. There was something very passionate about how he was moving. He was fucking me, Patricia. That’s when it hit me. “Aaahhh… I’m coming” I moaned. My orgasm was starting. My pussy started to contract on his cock. “Yeeeesssss…. aaaahhhhh…”I kept moaning. I was holding tight to his arms. I was now at the peak of my orgasm, or so I thought until Mike’s cock started shooting deep inside me. I felt him tense as I felt stream after stream hitting me deep inside. If possible it brought my orgasm even higher. “Aaaaaahhhhh… aaaaahhhh… aaaaahhh” we both moaned as we came together.

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