Lab Research Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: I want to thank Boundwriter for editing this story with me

Hi guys, this is the second chapter of the Lab Research Chapter that I wrote a while ago. If you have any comments or ideas, please leave them in the comment section below. Thankssssssssssss

~ Writer254

“We’re gonna be late!” Joanna screeched as both of us darted through the human traffic at the Tokyo International Airport, earning us looks of disdain from those around us. My coat was slung over one arm while the other pulled along a small suitcase. My messenger bag dangled over my shoulder, bouncing against my side with every step that I took. Joanna had also taken out her brown coat from her bag and rolled along a wheeled backpack.

Robert, the Director of Operations at our research institute had conveniently forgotten to mention that the estimated arrival time of our flight was a mere 3 hours before the start of the conference – the same conference that we would be speaking at. Additionally, a heavier-than-usual snow condition had appeared out of nowhere and delayed our flight for several hours, leaving us with little over an hour to get to the conference.

“We’ll just have to head to the conference venue directly, can’t risk being late,” I muttered under my breath.

We followed the signs detailing directions placed at regular intervals in the airport. We rushed to the taxi stand and thanked heavens that it was still operating, even in this heavier-than-usual snow. We quickly hailed a taxi and fumbled into the back of the vehicle. As soon as we closed the door, the heater in the taxi began to work its magic My fingertips, numb from the brief exposure to cold air outside, began to thaw and regain feeling and colour. I took out my phone and hesitantly read out the name of the conference venue that we had been sent. “Tokyo Kokusai Foramu” I instructed the driver, hoping that the driver would overlook my poor pronunciation and would not strand us far away from our destination.

As the driver gave me a thumbs up and started heading that way, I pulled out my laptop from my messenger bag and started scrolling through the slides we were due to present in less than an hour. I glanced at Joanna who was absent-mindedly looking out of the window in a daze as the snow-covered features of Tokyo’s streets whizzed past the taxi window.

“Anata wa koko – you here,” the driver corrected himself as he slowed to a stop at the drop-off point in front of a grand building. Fronting the building was a huge wall of glass which showed the warm interior of the imposing building. As I counted the number of notes to pay him, Joanna exited the taxi and stretched a little. After thanking the driver who helped us unload our luggage, we started towards the building, the orangy glow of the foyer welcoming us to a warmer location. As we headed to the foyer, a man in a suit came over. “Dr Joshua and Ms Joanna?” the man who I assumed was part of the organising team asked. As both of us nodded, he ushered us into the foyer and subsequently into the preparation area. Both of us went to the nearby toilets to change into our clothes and prepare for our presentation.

As we exited the toilet, surprisingly at more or less the same time, Joanna was wearing a dark blue blouse with no accessories while I wore a smart charcoal blazer covering a plain white dress shirt. “You look smart,” Joanna remarked as she leaned in to adjust my collar.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” I complimented her as I buttoned up my blazer.

“Dr Joshua and Ms Joanna? This way please.” The same man ushered us once again to the preparation area to get ready for our presentation.

The presentation was an absolute success. After the conference, many respected scientists and researchers came up to meet Joanna and me, congratulating us on our research and presentation. I was elated that my research was so well received and no doubt Joanna was equally content. Praises slowly died down as the attendees started to make their way home in preparation for the next day of the conference. The number of event attendees dwindled down as the caterers for the buffet dinner started their teardown.

It was around 9pm local time and Joanna and I were both exhausted. We hadn’t had any rest since our flight had touched down. We picked up our bags from the preparation area only to come to a shocking realization. In our haste to get to the conference location, we had forgotten to inform our hotel that we were not going to drop off at our hotel first. We jumped into the back of one of the many taxis waiting to take conference attendees back to their hotels and rushed to our hotel.

“Gomenasai, we don’t have two separate rooms available for the next 3 days. All of them are booked by our patrons. Especially since you came late, we tried to call you but your number wasn’t accepting.” The hotel receptionist apologized as she referred to the hotel’s booking list. illegal bahis The hotel lobby was filled with many researchers who milled around and presumably had a room there.

“But if you don’t mind, we still have the family suites available. We can upgrade you, no extra cost, to the family suites — only if you are okay with that.” The receptionist looked back down at the bookings list which indeed confirmed that the hotel was more or less fully booked.

I stole a quick glance at Joanna whose eyes were slowly shutting. I decided to take the room. How else were we going to find a room at this time of the night? The receptionist printed out a receipt and I signed it before she handed me the key card to the room. I gently nudged the almost-asleep Joanna towards the elevator and we made our way to our room.

The room was huge. It was more of an apartment. I’m sure that if we hadn’t been upgraded for free, we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. It had 3 separate rooms, the living room, bedroom and a toilet. The living room had a sliding door which partitioned it from the balcony. The balcony held a sizable open-air hot spring which was steaming in the cold weather. The entire apartment was furnished grandly but still had a cozy feeling to it.

Without saying anything, Joanna dragged herself to the master bedroom, threw herself onto the bed and was sound asleep within seconds. The bed – wait, there was only one king-sized bed in the centre of the bedroom. I thought about making a call to the front desk but decided against it. They were probably swamped by the number of guests arriving anyway. I gently rolled Joanna to one side of the bed before I slowly crawled in on the other side. Within seconds of my head touching the pillow, I was dead asleep.

And I woke up around 2 hours later to the sound of water flowing from the bathroom. Joanna must have woken up earlier and was showering. “Joanna!” I called out.

“What?” she replied, her voice slightly muffled by the bathroom door as I heard the water slow to a trickle.

“Nothing!” I called back. I heard her tsk loudly before continuing her shower. When she came out of the shower, she wore the hotel bathrobe as she sauntered into the bedroom. Her jet-black hair no longer in the regular pony-tail but hanging loosely around her face, drying. Noticing me staring, she smirked as she made her way to the coffee table in the room. She retrieved a bottle of sake from the minibar. “Miraihe Vintage Sake” she read the label out loud. “Sounds expensive, it’ll do,” she remarked as she patted the comfy leather chair next to her. I got off from the bed and sat down there.

She produced 2 glasses from one of the drawers and filled the glasses with the sake. Handing one to me, she toasted to our success. “Kampai!” she called out before clinking our glasses together and downing her glass of sake. This went for around half the bottle before she started to get a little tipsy. She wasn’t drunk per se but was just less inhibited. Her usual shy, reserved self that I knew so well at work had almost completely receded and I sure wasn’t complaining. I had to admit, she was hella cute when she wasn’t so self-conscious and uptight.

“I bet you purposely chose this room so we could sleep together. Pervert,” she giggled, her cheeks flushed as she leaned close to me. I didn’t quite know how to respond to her. But I didn’t…I wouldn’t have purposely picked a room to share…would I?

Her relentless teasing was annoying yet it was heartening to see that Joanna had finally let loose after about a month of working our asses off.

“Did you know you were moaning my name in your sleep?”

I was mortified. Did I really say her name in my…?

“Just kidding,” she stated before dissolving into another fit of giggles. “You look so embarrassed.” She continued to torment and tease me as she very clearly enjoyed to do so.

“I’m going to take a shower,” I announced, mostly to escape her torment and hide the blush on my face. I gathered my clothes from my bag and slid the bathroom door shut.

“Need some help cleaning up?” she called jokingly from outside the door before dissolving into another fit of giggles.

“Yep, sure” I called back as I rolled my eyes. I started my shower, lathered the fragrant tea-leaf infused shampoo, and enjoyed the scalding hot water pounding my back. About midway of my shower, I heard the literal paper-thin bathroom sliding door open.

The shower cubicle was made of glass so my entire body could be seen from the door. And standing at the door, was none other than Joanna, still wrapped up in her bathrobe.

“Joanna, what the actual fuck?” I cried out; my hands shot down from lathering my scalp to cover my crotch.

“I’m here to help you clean up,” she giggled as she walked into the bathroom.

“Don’t be so shy, we’ve already done it once before,” she continued as she pulled open the glass door to the illegal bahis siteleri shower cubicle. The cubicle was, just like the entire apartment, huge. It could probably fit 4 people if needed, although hopefully it would never serve that purpose. She pulled the bathrobe string around her waist and her entire bathrobe dropped to the floor as she entered the cubicle.

God, even though I saw her almost every day, her bombshell body was still a sight to behold. Her sizable breasts were perky and her figure was intoxicating. The fact that she was wearing absolutely nothing under her bathrobe made me suspect she might have planned this encounter. Leaving her bathrobe outside, she entered the cubicle where she gently but firmly moved my hands away from my crotch.

“Aww, it’s so cute,” she remarked as my dick continued to grow even as I tried futilely to keep it down. She pumped soap from one of the bottles and lathered it in her hands. Disregarding my protests, she started at my collarbone, rubbing from side to side. She repeated this, moving lower and lower, past my chest, past my abdomen until she arrived at my crotch, soap suds dripping from my body.

She squatted down before giving the tip of my dick a light peck on the glands of my fully erect member, causing me almost to moan in surprise. She cleaned my dick just like every part of my body, rubbing it with soap only once or twice before washing the soap off. I was almost surprised she didn’t give me a handjob or something. After cleaning most parts of my body, she stepped back and admired her handiwork. My hard-on was still raging and my face was still burning.

All of a sudden, she took a single step towards me before mashing her lips against mine. Catching me by surprise, it took me a short few seconds before I returned the kiss with the same fervour. Her tongue was in my mouth and mine in hers. She wrapped both her arms around my neck and I did the same as our tongues wrestled for dominance. She continued moaning in my mouth as she led us, her body intertwined with mine, to the bedroom.

Once next to the bed, water still dripping from our naked bodies and onto the floor, she roughly broke off the kiss and forcefully threw me onto the bed. While I was still slightly winded by her advance, she wasted no time pouncing on me, trapping me between her body and the bed. Her eyes lustfully gazed directly into mine. She was directly above me, her more than ample breasts hanging downwards. Water dripped from her body onto mine, eventually soaking the bed sheets.

Her eyes spelt lust and desire as she leaned down towards me for yet another kiss. She cradled my head in her hands, running her hands through my wet hair as she smothered me with her lips. My arms wrapped around her waist, sensually stroking her sides, yet never daring to venture to her breasts. She kissed me like there was no tomorrow, sucking me like I was the very air she needed to breathe. She pulled me closer, our bodies touching. Almost reluctantly, she pulled away, panting and with a ecstatic look on her face.

“Your turn big guy,” she sensually whispered, giving a quick peck on my forehead before pulling back her head. Her voice was barely audible and her eyes seemingly challenged me. Her arms were on either side of my head as her mouth curled into a playful smirk, waiting expectantly for my next move. On an impulse, I slung my arm around her neck and pulled her downwards towards me where our lips were once again locked together. My breathing quickened as did hers. Almost dutifully, she pulled back, breaking the seal between our lips, our eyes mere centimetres apart. Oh God, her beautiful hazel eyes gazed into mine, seemingly peering into my soul.

Gazing into my eyes, she whispered “I want you so bad right now.” She took my hand in hers and led them to her shapely breasts. Her breasts were firm and, her areolas pert in the cool air. I continued massaging her breasts, rolling it gently in circular motions in the palm of my hands as her hands reached down towards my dick. As I teased her nipples with my fingers, her hand sensually stroked up and down my shaft. Precum started leaking from the head of my fully-erect dick, lubricating my shaft. Staring at each other while we both pleasured each other, the moment was nothing less than perfect and I didn’t want it to end, ever.

“Move lower,” her voice barely a whisper. Her voice was barely a whisper but had the force of a direct command. My hands reluctantly left her breasts. I trailed my fingers down her midriff, eliciting soft moans from her. As my hands trailed downwards towards her nether regions, the pleasure she was experiencing increased. Distracted, her hand eased off stoking my dick, she instead revelled in the sensations of my fingers lightly grazing her skin. I finally reached my destination, fingertips delicately pressing against the freshly-shaven skin between her legs.

“Naughty girl, you planned canlı bahis siteleri for this.”

“You have no idea how long I waited for this. I want all of you, and I’m gonna make you scream my name tonight,” she whispered back sultrily before biting her lip, making her appear even more alluring than she already was. Her tone combined with her dirty talk was making me aroused like never before. I reached her outer lips, both moist and slimy with grool. I heard her inhale sharply as my index finger slowly entered her warm slit. Pulling it out, I saw that my finger was coated in a thick sheen of viscous clear fluid. I brought it up in between our faces.

“Suck it.”

My command was neither loud nor forceful but upon hearing it, she leapt forward, taking my entire finger in her mouth. Feeling her mouth and tongue envelope my finger was pure ecstasy. Her mouth continuously sucked my finger while her tongue swirled endlessly around the tip. The warmth of her mouth and her occasional moan only served to elevate the experience.

“Fuck.” I could bear it no longer. I pulled my finger out of her mouth and pushed her off me. Kneeling on the bed looking at me, she seemed to know exactly what I desired. She slid both her hands up my inner thigh. Keeping her head low she arched her back as she kneeled on the bed and moved her mouth towards my shaft. Giving the head a small peck, she wasted no time taking it in her mouth.

Just like on my finger, she used her mouth to create a suction, her mouth surrounding my dick. Her tongue also swirled around the head of my dick, coating it with a mix of her saliva and my leaking precum. I was in heaven. It felt a million times more heavenly than when she did it for my finger. She slowly started to bob her head up and down, sliding my rock-hard cock between her lips. All this while, she didn’t let up on the tongue and continued to swirl my head with it.

Before long, I was aching for release. I felt the cum in my balls, ready to erupt while my dick began to throb in anticipation. Almost as if she could sense my impending release, she stopped, leaving my dick in her mouth but with no motion. She then began to hum while cocking her head back and forth again. Her humming started low then gradually increased her frequency.

I died a hundred ecstatic deaths. Her humming, combined with her blowjob, had my dick writhing in pleasure. Every now and then, she would look up at me, and the sides of her mouth would curl into a sort of sexy smirk as she held my member between her lips. I felt the familiar pleasurable sensation creep up on me and my breathing became more erratic, as I started to thrust my hips in tandem with her actions. She gazed up, winked seductively, and I felt myself falling over the cliff of my release. With a loud groan, I thrust my hips up one final time as I released my seed in her mouth.

I erupted in her mouth. Thick, strong ropes of cum filling her mouth as she continued to hold my cock between her lips. I felt her tongue continue to lightly caress the tip of my dick, teasing out even more spurts. The first few shots, she swallowed, but it soon became apparent that she couldn’t handle that volume of cum.

With cock and cum in her mouth, she gagged a little before opening a small gap between her lips. With her eyes smarting from the gag, dribbles of thick cum mixed with saliva overflowed from her lower lip and dripped onto her breasts. After a while, she gave up trying to swallow all the cum and opted instead to push it out onto her breasts. Globules of the thick liquid were rolling down the curvature of her breasts as she slowly sat up and recovered.

“When did you start having so much cum?” she quizzically asked. Having recovered from the explosion of cum, her voice was amused, playful in fact. The truth was that with the conference coming up, I barely had time to eat my meals, much less take care of my desires. My cum must have been backed up for maybe around 3 weeks?

She looked amazing, even in the dim orangy glow of the room, I could see that the perfect, perky orbs on her chest were glistening with my cum. Almost in a pouting manner, she asked me, “How about me? I worked on the project with you and I haven’t had time for any fucking or masturbation.”

Taking her hint, I sat up, both of us kneeling on the bed facing each other. Resting my hands on her shoulders, I slowly pushed her down. My advance was slower this time. Once she was lying on the bed and I was above her, one hand crept towards her slit while the other gently cupped her breasts.

Her breasts were slimy from my cum but provided a new way to play with her nipples. I took her nipple between my thumb and index finger and rolled it gently. This earned me several sharp inhalations as she closed her eyes, enjoying the pleasure. With my left hand still teasing her nipple, my right hand crept towards her slit.

Upon reaching the smooth, shaved skin just slightly above her slit, I ventured even lower, grazing her outer lips with my fingertips. I circled the outer lips of her pussy with my index finger before sliding it in. My finger was once again coated with a thick layer of her slimy fluid.

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