Konomama Pt. 02

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Note: I got the idea for this story from a Hentai comic written by Akiha@. Also, all characters in this story are at least 18 years old.


The Mayor and John started their tour. There weren’t a lot of cars in Konomama, especially in the rural areas, so they had to make due with walking. The town itself wasn’t overly large, but they spent the better part of the afternoon talking about the founding and history.

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. There was a small hospital, run by a single doctor and a few nurses. The population was fairly young so the hospital didn’t see too many patients. There was a single church, founded from a Roman Catholic priest twenty years ago. He apparently fell in love with one of the locals and married her, against the will of the church, but for whatever reason he still preached every Sunday. They walked past the capital building, which was mostly the town jail, which never got used, Hilary’s office, and a conference room for town hall meetings.

After the capital building, Hilary showed John the local swimming pool and park. That’s where most of the younger kids hung out after school and on the weekends. It was completely empty as they walked by. The park and pool was right next to downtown, where there are a number of places to buy clothes, ice-cream, and other goods. Feeling hungry they stopped in at a local cafe.

The cafe had tables in the middle with booths lining the side with plain looking table cloths on all the tables. There was a bar with stools bolted to the floor in front of the kitchen, and a glass case showing off various pastry items. A cute girl greeted them at the door. She was short, with a short pixy cut and bright pink hair. She was wearing a short skirt that just barely covered her panties with suspenders and a tank top that stopped at her midriff. She didn’t have much of a chest, and she wore a purple armband? 5th class. Her personality matched how she looked, bright and bubbly.

“Hello Madam Mayor, Welcome to Powter’s Cafe. Who is this gentlemen with you?” The waitress said cheerfully, but instinctively looking at John’s yellow armband.

“Hello Paige, nice to see you again. This is John Smith, our newest resident of Powter.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Sir,” Paige said to John. “Would you prefer a booth or a table?” She said, looking directly at John.

“A table would be fine,” John said as he followed Paige to the nearest table. Paige handed both of them menus.

“I’ll have the usual,” The Mayor said, handing her menu back to Paige.

“Me too,” said John.

“Coming right up,” Paige said as she retreated back to the kitchen.

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything but gorgeous women so far, how is that possible?” John asked.

“Well, there’s actually a fairly high demand to be accepted as a 5th and 4th class citizens. The pay is very good, and there seems to be an enormous amount of sexual deviants who want to be bossed around. Because of such a demand the big-wigs can be real nit-picky. Applicants go through a fairly rigorous physical and psychological screening.” Hilary said as a matter of fact.

During the course of their small talk John found out Hilary’s boobs are not real, which would explain their perkiness. He also discovered she immigrated to Konomama shortly after she finished Highschool as a 5th class. She worked her way up to Mayor, earning herself the 3rd class citizenship. She has two children, Chelsey and Adrian. Apparently Chelsey has a reputation among around town as the little princess. Children inherit their mother’s citizen level. Chelsey is very bossy, and since there are so few 3rd class citizens she has her run of the town. Finally their food arrived, a simple BLT sandwich with chips.

“Is there anything else I can do for you two?” Paige said perkily.

“It looks great,” John said. “However I seem to have gotten rock hard talking with the Mayor. Normally I’d bend her over and take her, but we both need to eat.” John unbuttoned his pants revealing his throbbing hard on. “If you wouldn’t mind blowing me while me and the Mayor finish our food.”

“The customer is always right,” Paige said as cheerfully, lifting up the table cloth and crawling under the table. John’s request might have been a problem for a normal girl, but Paige was petite, and fit just right under there. John could feel Paige start with the tip and slowly work her way down his entire shaft. Paige grabbed the back of the chair and forced her head all the way down his cock, working her tongue all along his underside. John could feel something hard, but pleasant, rubbing along his length, which he decided was probably a tongue piercing.

John and the Mayor ate their meal like nothing was going on. If you were a normal customer you’d have no idea that John was getting head while enjoying his sandwich, especially with the table cloth hiding Paige, but you would have to be deaf to not hear the loud slurping and gagging sound coming from Paige. Paige bobbed her head illegal bahis up and down John’s shaft, while licking his underside. Paige could hear John and the Mayor carrying on a conversation while she serviced him.

“I almost forgot,” Hilary said as she took out a pill container and put it on the table. “This is for you,” She said sliding a pill bottle towards John. John picked up the bottle; it didn’t have a label but had little red capsules inside.

“What’s this for?” John asked over the sounds of Paige’s ever increasingly loud slurping. He could feel her twirl her tongue around the tip of his cock before forcing her head as far as it would go. Once she couldn’t take anymore cock in her mouth she grabbed the back of the chair and forced more in, gagging, sending pleasant vibrations all along his rod. John let out a grunt as his entire length was devoured by Paige, the first time he gave any impression she was down there.

“They’re virility pills. Because Konomama has such large female population, and not many males, it’s important that the few males that are around impregnate as many girls as possible.” John opened the bottle as he could feel Paige’s wet, tight mouth moaning against his dick. He thought back to his mailwoman and then asked,

“How many do I take a day?” John heard door ring as someone opened it; he turned to see a young girl with dark brown hair, dressed in a school girl’s uniform and a 5th class armband. Her uniform’s jacket did little to hide her well-endowed chest, which was equally, if not larger than the Mayor’s. She was carrying a wooden box that looked to be filled with Vegetables.

“Paige, I got some fresh vegetables from the Market,” The young girl said as she walked in. She hadn’t noticed Paige under the table yet, but saw John and the Mayor. “Hello Madam Mayor,” The girl said. “Where’s Paige?” The Mayor smiled and said,

“Hello Cassandra, I think she’s a little pre-occupied at the moment with a customer,” The Mayor said with a smirk. Paige slowed down as she heard Cassandra’s voice, as if she were afraid of being caught. “Why don’t you sit down and join us until she finishes?” The Mayor said patting the seat next to her. Paige got real quiet now, she kept John’s shaft as far as she comfortably could while wriggling her tongue along the underside of his cock. John could feel her tongue ring grazing his manhood. Cassandra set the box of vegetables on the floor and sat next to the Mayor. “This is John Smith, our newest resident. He won the latest 2nd class citizenship.”

“Nice to meet you Cassandra,” John said sticking his hand out for a shake, which Cassandra obliged. “Do you work here as-well?” John asked.

“Only part-time, while I finish school. Cassandra and I are trying to save up to buy her a 4th class citizenship so she can run the cafe.” Cassandra said, like a love struck schoolgirl.

“Cassandra and Paige are dating, if that wasn’t obvious by the smitten look on her face,” Hilary said to John. Paige seemed to have lost a little heart and wasn’t satisfying John. John placed his left hand under the table and grabbed Paige’s hair on the back of her head and started to move her face for her. He could feel Paige fighting her gag reflex as he pushed her past her limit.

“Is that common, for two girls to date?” John asked as he forced Paige’s lips to wrap around his cock.

“People want companionship. And there aren’t a whole lot of men around,” Hilary said.

“It’s different with me and Paige though!” Cassandra said dreamily. “Even if there were men around, cocks are gross,” Cassandra said and made a funny face. “No offense mister, but me and Paige just don’t like ’em.” John forced Paige’s head farther; he wanted to make her gag. Paige started to resist as she got to her limit, pushing back against his hand. John was too strong however; as he hit the back of her throat she let out a gag.

“What was that?” Cassandra said.

“Hmm, I didn’t hear anything,” Hilary said. John moved his other hand below the table, forcing Paige to swallow his length he pinched her noise so she couldn’t breathe. He could feel her resist initially, but she didn’t want to draw attention to herself and just tried to endure it. John could feel the entire length of his cock engulfed by Paige’s warm, wet mouth.

Like nothing was going on he turned back to Hilary, “So about those pill,” John said as he used Paige’s mouth like a cheap fleshlight.

“Ah yes, take one a day, preferable after a meal. Pretty simple really, with the increase in virility you’ll probably be more randy than a teenage boy.”

“Well that sounds pretty good anyway you look at it,” John said, removing his hands from Paige’s head to open the bottle and take a pill. Paige immediately pushed herself off of John’s length and took a large breath of air. Cassandra definitely heard it this time and lifted up the table cloth, revealing Paige sitting in between John’s legs and his slobbery cock.

“PAIGE!! WHAT are you doing?” Cassandra exclaimed, illegal bahis siteleri her face getting red, clearly upset.

“The customer is always right,” Paige said taking a few more deep breaths, resting her cheek on John’s leg, stroking his cock up and down. “Plus he’s a yellow, it’s not like I’m enjoying myself,” Paige said in the most obvious lie, as her jean shorts were soaked through from her wet cunt. “I have no choice but to swallow this unruly customer’s cock, forcing it down my throat until I gag.” Paige’s eyes were glazed over, filled with lust. Her makeup was smeared all over her face. As she spoke she absent mindedly stroked John’s shaft. John put his hand on Paige’s head, nudging her to continue, which she obliged with no resistance, swallowing his length as if it were a guilty pleasure.

Cassandra was visibly upset, and was looking the other way. “Looks like the after-school rush is here. . . since Paige is. . . pre-occupied I guess I’ll have to take care of them,” Cassandra said, looking at the large crowd of schoolgirls headed in the direction of the Cafe. As she stood up she flipped the table cloth down, hiding Paige once more. The bell rang as a swarm of school girls, dressed in similar outfits as Cassandra came inside. The sound of Paige’s sloppy blowjob was drowned out by the idle chit-chat of the girls.

“Well Mr. Smith, I’ll leave you to it. I have some business to finish at city hall before the day closes,” Hilary said standing up, and heading out the door. John managed a ‘nice to meet you’ before she left as he gawked at all the school girls. All of them wore a purple armband, 5th class citizenship. The very idea that he had an entire school filled with girls for his harem put John over the edge. John blew his load inside Paige’s bobbing head, as bliss filled his entire being. He felt Paige gag as she tried to swallow all of his cum. John relished his post-orgasmic pleasure. After about thirty second Paige crawled out from under the table, which drew the eye of some of the school girls. She looked like a mess. Her mascara was smeared all over her eyes, she had cum on her chin, her jean shorts were soaked through, but she still had that big, bubbly smile on her face.

“Thank you for coming to Powter Cafe, please come back anytime,” Paige said cheerfully to John, as she scooped up the cum on her chin and sucked on her finer. “There’s no need to pay, the food is covered under your monthly stipend.” John could see Cassandra giving John jealous glances as she took an order. Had John not already cum three times today he would have taught Cassandra a lesson, but it seemed the virility pills hadn’t kicked in yet.

John exited the cafe and spent the rest of the beautiful day exploring the remainder of Powter. The only thing that was really left was some residential houses, the school, and some outlying farms, every once and a while he would pass someone who would stare at his yellow arm band.

John finally returned home as the sun was setting, and made himself a frozen dinner that was stocked in his fridge. John had a little tv in his living room her turned on as he ate his dinner. The tv was set to a local news channel, that displayed an athletic looking women with blonde hair as the news anchor.

“A new ordinance has passed in city hall today, banning the use of panties and undergarments for women. Those found wearing panties will be punished under section 681? 29 of the local municipality by-laws.” The anchor women on the TV said as John smiled to himself. The rest of the program talked about the victory of the local tennis team in a tournament. John shut the tv off and headed to bed, still pretty tired after the long journey here.

John awoke to the sun glaring in his eyes. Rolling over and looking at his clock he saw it was 6:03 a.m., bright and early. More importantly he awoke to a raging hard on, the pills must have kicked in because all he could think about was blowing his load. He got up, put on shorts, shirt, grabbed his pills, and put on his yellow armband and then headed outside. John walked onto an empty street. In the hopes of finding something to fuck he headed towards town. As he approached the center of town he could make out a few people, with carts drawn by horses and mules, setting up stalls. As he walked closer he saw they had tables with produce on them, he had found the farmer’s market. His eye was drawn to one particular table that was being set up by an older woman, with platinum blonde hair, wearing a sun dress. She had dark, tan skin and was showing ample cleavage. It looked as if she had her two daughters helping her set up; they looked identical to each other, but shared their mother’s beautiful skin, blonde hair, and large breasts. All three of them were 5th class citizens. John walked behind their table and stood behind one of the younger girls. All three of them were wearing matching sundresses, and the two younger girls were wearing a skin tight black collar. John grabbed the girl in front of him, feeling up her breast. canlı bahis siteleri The girl let out a yip in surprise, which drew the attention of the other two.

“Ma, he’s a second class,” the other girl said, almost in amazement.

“Best do as he says then, looks like he’s ready to fuck Miranda. Our family is law abiding if nothing else,” Their mother said as she continued to set up. John slipped one hand through the side of her sundress, and grabbed a handful of her large tits. John licked his other hand and moved it between the platinum blonde’s legs. They were indeed law abiding as she was wearing no panties. He started to rub her pussy with his hand, slick from his spit. He could feel a small tuft of hair on his palm and he played with her. John nibbled on her ear, which caused the girl to sigh. He could feel her nipples becoming hard as he squeezed and pinched her breasts. He could feel her clit becoming erect as he played with her, using her as his personal fuck toy. John could feel her large butt pressing up against his hard cock, moving up and down in a stroking motion like a dog in heat. Her eyes were closed, enjoying John’s foreplay all along her neck and his roaming hands. Finally John decided he couldn’t take it anymore and bent the voluptuous young women over the table and flipped her sundress up, revealing her beautiful skin, with no tan lines. She had one arm under her and one arm resting on her butt. Her hand underneath her was spreading her pussy apart, revealing her pink, trimmed pussy. She moaned and slowly moved her ass back and forth, beckoning John into her. She licked her hand that wasn’t underneath her and started to trace around her asshole, sending shivers up her spine, while her hand spreading her pussy moved to play with her clit. Again, she let out a seductive moan. John dropped his shorts revealing his rock hard cock, dripping with pre-cum. John placed the tip at her entrance and grabbed her luscious rump. Slowly, John entered her, enjoying her tight, hot, wetness that sent bliss through his whole body. John held her tight around her waist as his full length was swallowed up.

“I love being filled up,” The girl said with her eyes closed as John started to pump into her. John wasted no time, as the new drugs he was one started to take effect. He rutted into her cunt like a farm animal, while tightly grabbing her by the hips and forcing her into him. John could feel the tip of his dick pressing into her cervix. Every thrust the girl let out an inexplicable moan as John filled her up, over and over.

The girl’s sister had stopped setting up and started to watch in envy. She saw John and Miranda fuck like pent up beasts. Miranda was completely limp as John grabbed her by the hips, holding her down, using her like some sex-toy. She could see her sister’s eyes closed and mouth open, lost to the world, her face flush. Her moans started to get longer and longer, until finally she let out one long moan and her legs started to shake. Her ass started to buck, but they couldn’t move far as John had her pinned down. John didn’t slow his pace as Miranda’s body shook with orgasm.

John could feel the girl’s insides squirm as she came. He held his grip firm around her waist as her orgasm ran through her body. John moved his hand towards the girl’s ass, as his finger rimmed around her hole. John slowed his thrusting as he slowly slides his thumb inside, he could feel her tight sphincter wrap around his thumb. John wondered how wonder that would feel squeezing his cock. As John started to slide out from her pussy he could feel another body pressing up against his back. He turned his head to see it was the Girl’s mother. He could feel her large tits pressing up against his back.

“I know my baby Miranda has a tight little ass, but if she could speak she would be begging you to paint her cervix with your cum. She wants nothing more than for you to claim her with your seed,” The Mother said in a sexy, sultry voice that only older women have. “So what do you say, won’t you impregnate my baby?” She said as her hand slipped between his balls, fondling them.

John began to thrust into Miranda again, with more vigor, as her Mother had light a fire of desire in him.

“That’s it, fill my baby up with your cum. Make her belly big,” The Mother whispered into his ear. Miranda’s moaning had continued in her rhythmic fashion as he bottomed out inside her. The mother moved from behind John to the side of the table and started to stroke Miranda’s hair. She got down to eye level with her and said, “Baby, he’s gonna fill you up. You want his seed don’t you?” The girl let out an audible uh-huh as she shook her head yes.

Jennifer, Miranda’s sister, had already masturbated several times watching her sister get used like a sex slave. Everyone on the Island knew a woman was more likely to get pregnant the more times she came. It was her moral duty to help make her sister cum. She crawled under the table and positioned her head under both John and Miranda, and began lapping at her sister’s clit. She could hear an audible sigh coming from her sister as her tongue flicked back and forth over her sister’s hard button. She could feel John’s heavy balls slap her in the face as she slapped her sister’s clit with her tongue.

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