Kitten Makes Up

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I sat quietly on the edge of the bed, not trusting myself to speak. I knew he had entered the room but didn’t turn to look at him. His presence as always overpowered me and I could feel his eyes roving my naked body. Suddenly he was before me and I found myself gazing at his luscious abdomen, close enough to smell his intoxicating scent, close enough to run my tongue down that bronzed skin if I so chose. At the moment, however, I fought the urge and kept my tongue firmly in my mouth.

“Please forgive me, kitten,” he pleaded as he dropped to his knees and grasped my hands in his. He looked at me with those deep dark eyes and I felt my resolve begin to melt. What was it about those eyes of his? They pulled me in and held me there.

Softly he kissed the back of my hand as he raised it to his lips. Those sweet, pouty lips of his…how delicious they looked and felt against my flesh. Still he held my gaze, his eyes searching mine beseechingly.

“I had to take the call, love, you know I did. Let me make it up to you, please,” he whispered. He leaned forward, his lips seeking mine. I leaned away from him and braced my arms against his bare chest. Although we both knew this was not enough to prevent him from continuing if he wished to, he stopped and sat back on his haunches.

Oh, what a magnificent body he had, crouched there before me, as naked as I was. Muscles rippling with each movement, such an achingly sexy man…I was mad at him, wasn’t I? But for what…oh, yes, the phone call. I had to look away from his inviting form before I could seem to remember that. A promising afternoon of uninterrupted lovemaking…well, interrupted by the damned phone, which to my great surprise he felt compelled to answer. Some mumbling about an important work call and off he was, leaving me in the room all alone. How long had he been gone? It seemed an eternity güvenilir bahis but in reality only a moment or two. But that wasn’t the point…he had left me, in the midst of some serious foreplay, for a phone call. Yes, I was definitely mad at him. But as his lips came into contact with my thigh, I again found it hard to remember why…

“I love you, kitten, you know that,” he whispered against my skin, his lips moving slowly up my leg. “You are my treasure, my goddess, my life.” He kissed my hip, my stomach, the hollow between my breasts. How did my hands get in his hair, I wondered as he eased his body between my knees. Spreading them, he lifted first one leg and then the other, placing them around his waist.

As his lips moved up my neck to my ear, he whispered breathlessly into it, “Forgive me, sweetheart. I can’t bear to have you angry with me.” I heard myself moan in response, his breath sending chills down my spine.

As I clung to him, he effortlessly stood, lifting me from the bed. His hands grasped and kneaded my ass while his lips continued their assault on my ear and trailed down my neck. I felt the muscles in his back as they flexed with his movements, amazed as always by his strength.

“Let me show you how very sorry I am, kitten.” The words were so rich, deep, and passion-filled, they seemed to reverberate through me. He turned and sat on the edge of the bed, still holding me firmly in his arms. He poised me above his rigid cock, allowing the tip to just tease at the wet entrance to my pussy. I threw my head back, awash in the tingling pleasures he caused to course through me.

“Tell me, sweetheart. Tell me you want me,” he gasped out huskily. The hungry, aching tone of his words brought my head forward and my gaze once again to his. His eyes burned with raw desire, and it made me catch my breath.

“I want you, türkçe bahis darling. I need you inside of me, now,” I whispered. He moaned deep in his throat and closed his eyes. In a slow agonizing motion, he lowered me onto his shaft, inch by inch, until he was buried deep within me and I was sitting firmly on his lap. We both gasped as he filled me completely. I leaned my head forward, resting my forehead against his.

We both sat still and silent for a moment, the only sounds our quickened breaths. His lips found mine then and he began such an achingly slow kiss I found myself moaning into his mouth. My hips began to grind against his, sensual, barely perceptible rotations at first, building in intensity as he deepened his kiss. His tongue thrust into my mouth and danced with my own as his hands squeezed and lifted my ass.

I allowed him to guide our tempo, enjoying the sensations building within me as he lifted me from his shaft and lowered me back down, over and over again. My mouth left his, finding its way along his jaw to his ear and down his neck, nipping, licking, and sucking as it went. I suddenly felt a finger enter my asshole and cried out, sinking my teeth into the soft flesh of his shoulder.

A shockwave tore through me as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure exploded inside me. I felt my pussy clenching at his cock, spasming and milking at him as he continued to slide me up and down his length. Suddenly he stood, lifting me with him as if I were an inconsequential weight, nothing more than a feather in his grasp. Taking a few steps forward, he slammed my back into the wall, pressing me firmly to its coolness and continuing to thrust himself upwards into me.

I grasped his shoulders tightly, my legs still wrapped securely around his waist and hips. As he pumped his cock in and out of me against the wall, his hands still holding me güvenilir bahis siteleri by my ass, deep resonant grunts emanated from him. The feel of his hardness slamming into me at this angle combined with the cool rigid wall behind me brought me quickly to the edge of another orgasm.

“Dear God, darling, I’m going to cum again,” I gasped out. “Fuck me, baby. Please, don’t stop.”

“Never, kitten, never,” he managed to groan out, his thrusts somehow managing to increase, to deepen, to reach parts of me I never knew existed. “Cum with me, love, cum with me now.”

“Yes, baby, yes!” I cried, my reality shattering once again around me. I called out his name over and over as I climaxed, amazed at the intensity and strength of this second orgasm. He let loose an animal cry and buried himself so deeply inside of me as he joined me, filling me with the warmth of his hot cum. I felt his cock exploding within me and reveled in the feeling as I rode down the receding waves. I gasped to catch my breath and regain control.

How he managed to stay on his feet after that astounded me. He supported both of us fully against that wall as we returned to our senses. He traced kisses across my skin, any skin that he could reach, his soft touch and breath raising gooseflesh in its wake. He stepped back to the bed then, turning and lowering us both down to it, never losing our intimate contact.

“That was absolutely amazing, darling,” I murmured as he laid me back on the bed. I finally released my arms from around him and he raised his torso from the bed, looking down at me. I looked back at him, searching his eyes. Pleased with what I saw there, I smiled at him.

“Tell me, kitten,” he whispered hoarsely to me.

“I love you, darling. More every moment.” I reached up to stroke his cheek. He turned his face into my palm, kissing it.

“All is forgiven?”

“Mmmm, yes, love, all is forgiven.”

“Ahhh, yes. Thank you, baby. My little kitten,” he said as he lowered himself to kiss my lips languidly. “You know how I love making you purr.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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