Kings , Queens , Guillotines Ch. 04

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A little background regarding the Lady Ashwood and her husband Lord Ashwood….

Stone and Ava Ashwood were married at a young age. His father, patriarch of the family fortune, sent the newlywed couple to live at the family castle in the north lands to get them away, alone, so they could produce grandchildren while at the same time giving Stone the reins of the family’s regional business so he could gain experience before returning to the city and ascending to the throne of the family empire.

Their existence was one of luxury and they wanted for nothing. The family employed or transacted business with most people in the nearby villages- some worked at the castle itself, others labored for the family and then there were those who rented the lands for farming or supplied good and and services.

Stone was aristocratic by birth. The locals who met him were surprised when first learning of his identity for his personal demeanor was anything but humble and modest. He was far from the snobby upper class to which they were accustomed from the Ashwood family and the locals took a liking to their new neighbors. The towns folk respected the couple and did not resent them the way they had elder Ashwoods who had previously occupied the land. Stone and Ava were refreshing and gave them hope that their lot had a chance of fair treatment and opportunity of success.

Stone and Ava were madly in love with one another and it showed in their daily affections. Never a free moment passed when they were not together. If Stone was not out tending to business, Ava was at his side, admiring her handsome confident man, a future captain of industry, her captain and keeper. She placed all trust and faith in him and he never disappointed her.

Sunday was reserved for their weekly horse ride in the countryside. Most castle staff were given the day off save for the few essentials who were needed to run the castle. Ava and Stone mounted their steeds and traveled at a brisk pace through the miles of meadows, fields and woods of the manor. He rode behind her and marveled as her body repeatedly rose and fell with the trot of the horse. He loved seeing her bounce, her beautiful bottom rhythmically falling onto the hard leather saddle as her knees held the steed’s flanks tight while gracefully keeping balance on the beast. She was an accomplished rider of her own right and did not fear the challenges of the horse.

One particular Sunday, a warm spring one at that, they returned to the stable and delivered the horses to the stable boy. They removed their riding hats and Ava’s long shimmering auburn hair fell to her shoulders. He loved the way it bounced as she strode, the two walking hand in hand as they traced the thin dirt path up the hill across the field towards the old barn, the smell of a sweet spring hung in the air. The güvenilir bahis castle was another half mile up the path and Stone suggested they stop at the old barn so he could inspect it- he wanted to ensure staff was renovating it in accordance with his instructions.

They entered through a small thin side door. All windows were shut save for the open ones in the upper ends venting the warm air, which allowed the sun to enter and illuminate the quiet vacant building. The sweet smells of fresh hay and fertile spring hung in the air. Ava looked up at the ceiling and slowly turned around marveling at the height of the roof and cavernous nature of the structure. Stone walked a circle around her inspecting for an orderly assemblage of items placed for storage, the repairs being effected and noted a few more which needed to be done. He turned and looked at her and once more realized her beauty as the sun eclipsed the side of her face. She smiled on noticing him noticing her.

He stepped to her and placed his hands on her hips and kissed her.

She pulled back, “Stone, here? What if someone finds us…”

“Don’t worry. Nobody is around today,” he replied before continuing his kiss.

She received him and the two embraced in the middle of the cavernous barn, lovers passionately kissing in the quiet of a lazy day. As the two passionately groped and grappled, Stone slowly walked her backwards until she was pressed against the wall. He unbuttoned her riding jacket, his masculine hands caressed her back as he held her close pressing her ample bosoms against his muscular chest.

The two were virgins when wed and while married for a couple of years, their sex was still hot, new and fresh. They parted lips panting with passion. Stone removed her jacket then his and ran his hands across her breasts, their kiss reignited. Ava jumped on his touch wary of such a semi-public display. Stone walked to the doors and dead bolted them closed for her comfort. He returned and kissed her again, this time lifting her hands above her head and holding them fast so he could kiss her neck as he ground himself against her.

“Oh yes,” she whispered as he worshiped her firm body.

“Trust me?” he asked his face nuzzled at he base of her neck playfully sucking and nipping at her flesh.

“Yes,” she replied.

He broke the embrace. “Hold out your hands and place them together,” he told her as he produced a long thin leather strap, a broken rein, and began to bind her at the wrists.

“What are you doing?” she asked with trepidation.

“… Last month when I was playing golf, I overheard two of the older gentlemen in the club house locker room talking… one mentioned something to the other one, commented that his wife still really liked ‘the treatment’, that it made her bawdy. Then he asked if the other türkçe bahis had taken his advice. The other thanked him for the advice, said his wife enjoyed finding her naughty side… told him how he convinced her to try it and what he did to her…. it got me thinking… I want to try it….” And with that he pulled the strap tight, ran the end through a loop mounted in the wall above and cinched it just tight enough that Ava’s hands were held upward, her body stretched and splayed.

“I promise you no harm my love,” he said as he descended upon her, kissing her ruby red lips and caressing her breasts, his hands fumbling with the buttons of the white cotton shirt until his frustration got the better of him and he tore the shirt apart, buttons flying in all directions.

“Stone!” she gaped in protest. Tattered, it hung from Ava’s shoulders. Her breasts, her beautiful young firm alabaster breasts hung forward, gravity and angle pulling them in a deliciously erotic direction. He noticed her already pert nubs and latched onto them with a hunger she had never experienced. Helplessly she closed her eyes as he caressed and suckled her nipples.

She moaned as his hands made for the button and zipper of her skin tight riding pants. He slowly worked the pants over her hips and down her thighs to the tops of her black riding boots where the pant legs were tucked. Stone had no desire to waste his time removing her boots. His hands pushed down her panties and her thick bush was exposed to the fresh spring air. A shimmer ran through her body realizing she was fully exposed. He was quick to run his fingers through her bush and grab her hairs, pull and ply them, cup and caress her lips as he continued his oral fascination with her breasts.

She was wet and he was pleased. He knelt before her and kissed her, inhaled the smell of her excited sex, and then, tasted her, hungrily lapping at her furrow, her juices coating the outer edges of her tender petals. He could not get enough of the taste as he spread her outer lips and suckled her precious flower.

She quipped, urging him on as he penetrated her with two firm fingers and serviced her. Ava’s hips bucked and writhed. Stone wrapped his free arm around her waist and held her fast as he ravenously ate of her sex. She whimpered trying to be quiet as her her juices flowed. Her breathing grew short and quick. He sucked her hard and she exploded, her hips trying to wildly buck back and forth as he frustrated her movement, holding her fast as she rode through the climax.

Stone rose. He spun her around so she faced the wall. He ran his hand under her shirt and up and down her back, then across the flesh of her ass, caressing and admiring its supple softness. He knelt and buried his face into her wet sex again, tonguing her engorged lips, teasing them, lapping through her güvenilir bahis siteleri furrow, the sordid sweaty smell of her sex seducing his desires, until his tongue ran to far and the tip accidentally grazed her arse. She flinched, “oh…,” she moaned as electric waves pulsed around her forbidden hole.

“You like that?” he curiously asked.

She shyly softly replied, “It felt good,” her face now flushed not just from his wicked accidental tease but from the embarrassment of her confession. He licked her there again, her body jumped and she gasped. She so wanted to break her bonds, reach back and spread herself, showing him to play with her right there- to sate all the dirty thoughts and fantasies she harbored for years, all of which she was to modest to share.

Stone stood up and massaged her sex, his finger rimed her arse. The lurid teasing led her to hope he would be adventurous. He gently pressed his finger against it, pressure met with resistance- even though she wanted to receive it- until he coaxed it open just enough to sink a finger up to the first knuckle and then slowly deeper. Ava groaned, her head bent down as she was gently widened.

“My wife likes this?” he asked in a tender way. Ava did not respond; she was deliriously lost in the pleasure of the moment. Stone was completely aroused. His cock hard and constrained by the skin tight riding pants, he was conflicted between the desire to tease and desire to savage. Stone fingered her ass and sex. Ava quipped, cooed and moaned as Stone slowly and gently fondled her towards climax.

Stone felt Ava’s frustrated sex quivering and knew she was close. The cummy smell of spring suddenly invaded the barn, inspiring his hot lust. He dropped his pants, took her by the hips and plunged his stiff cock between her tender lips, forcing them wide, defiling her womanhood. Ava grit her teeth to muffle her cries but she still whimpered as the two rutted like wild animals in the silence of the barn. Wave after wave crashed across Ava’s ravaged fragile body as Stone took her, his hips slapping against her hot pink bottom as he instinctively had at her, his cock sliding in and out of her wet hairy cunt. Now she rode him, he was her steed. Her pear shaped ass bounced against him as juices poured from her sex like never before. Her inner thighs burned, her cunt quivered. His cock head tinged and balls drew high. He pulled her close, pushed deep and hard. She cried out and he exploded, laying his seed into her womb.

When they finally calmed down Ava looked over her shoulder at Stone as he lay draped over her back, his cock still buried in her sex, their lust dripping down her inner thigh, his hands playfully fondling her nipples.

“Did you like this?” she asked.


“We will do this again?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Will you bind me?”


“…and keep me as yours?”


“Thank you, my love, thank you,” she cooed.

And that is how Ava and Stone Ashwood began their deviant ways….

(To be continued…)

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