Kelly’s Boots Pt. 01: Two’s Company

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Kelly straddled Shaun’s face, lowering her head down to his hard cock. She took the tip of Shauns cock on her mouth. Swirling her tongue playfully round the head.

“Mmmm” she moaned as she took as much of Shaun’s perfectly sized cock into her mouth as she could. She felt her fanny being worked by Shaun’s tongue.

Shaun’s hands were wandering up and down the calf’s of Kelly’s skin tight over the knee boots. He loved the feel of them. Kelly had surprised Shaun with them after he showed her them a few weeks ago. They were black leather look material, skin tight with a 4 inch heel and rounded toe. Shaun had slobbered over them since he first saw them. Kelly was almost instantly wet when she put them on and saw Shaun’s cock immediately go hard.

“Use the dildo,” Kelly said quickly before getting back to sucking Shaun’s cock.

Luckily it was in arms reach for Shaun and he wasted no time in getting it involved. It was only 5 inches in length but it was effective coupled with Shaun’s tongue! Rubbing the shaft of the dildo on her fanny to tease her Shaun eventually lined it up and slowly, with little pressure, slid it into her. She moaned again as she felt its entirety in her. Shaun was licking and sucking her clit illegal bahis as he worked her fanny with the dildo. Kelly rarely took long to cum in this scenario. She loved the feeling of her mouth and her fanny being full at the same time.

“Mmmm,” moaned Kelly as Shaun continued fucking her fanny with the dildo. His tongue had gone into overdrive and by the dwindling attention his cock was getting he knew she was close. Slapping her arse on his way he ran his hand round to her arse hole and began rubbing his finger round her ring.

“Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Ooooh,” Kelly moaned as she came. Shaun slowly removed the dildo from Kelly’s fanny and buried his tongue inside her for a few seconds whilst she rode her orgasm.

“You’re turn to cum now,” Kelly said sexily as she caught her breath.

“I want to fuck your arse!” Shaun said with a hopeful tone. They had previously enjoyed anal sex before. Working Kelly up from a finger to taking his cock over time.

Kelly was still incredibly turned on. These new boots were driving Shaun mad and that in turn got Kelly going, “best get the lube then hadn’t you!” Kelly swung her leg over and laid looking at Shaun as he rummaged in the draw for some lube. Placing it down on illegal bahis siteleri the bed he pulled at Kelly’s hip to pull her onto her stomach. She scrambled onto all fours and wiggled her arse at Shaun.

“You gonna fuck me then or what!” She said provocatively.

Without saying a word Shaun began spreading a generous amount of lube on his cock as he kissed her arse cheeks. Feeling his cock suitably ready he parted Kelly’s arse cheeks and flicked his tongue on her hole. Kelly moaned as he did so. Kneeling up he pushed her cheeks apart with one hand and guided his cock to her hole with the other.

Pressing his tip on her arse hole he began to apply pressure. Kelly’s head dropped as she felt her hole stretch, she loved the feeling.

Kelly could feel Shaun stretching her more and more before she felt the head of his cock fully enter her. The rest of his shaft followed smoothly. He was completely inside her.

“Mm,” Shaun moaned as he began to slowly fuck Kelly’s tight arse.

Kelly reached down and started to rub her clit.

Rubbing his hands over Kelly’s boots and down to the heel Shaun got more excited and felt himself edge closer to shooting his load.

“You ready for a fast fuck canlı bahis siteleri babe,” he said as he grabbed her hips.

“Yes!” Kelly responded with a slight quiver in her voice. She was going to cum again and she knew it.

Shaun upped his speed. Holding her hips he thrust his cock into Kelly’s arse as she pushed back.

“Shit. I’m coming, I’m coming,” Kelly said, muffled by a pillow she had buried her face into it.

Shaun moaned loudly as his cock exploded inside Kelly’s arse. As the last throbs of his cum left his cock he leant down and kissed Kelly’s back, still lightly thrusting into her. He collapsed on the bed and pulled Kelly into him. She ran her boot up his leg and looked into his eyes. “I’ve got a naughty suggestion, I think it’s these boots,” she whispered before kissing Shaun and slipping her tongue in his mouth.

“Go on,” Shaun said between their tongue filled kisses.

“I want a threesome!” Kelly announced. “I want two men at once!”

Shaun pondered a moment which felt like hours to Kelly. “As long as I’m one of them,” Shaun suddenly said. “Oh and you have to wear these!” He added as he rubbed his hands on her boot.

“That was non negotiable, it was always going to be that way!” She replied with a huge grin on her face. They kissed deeply and passionately.

“Any ideas who you’re wanting to invite?” Shaun asked inquisitively.

Kelly went slightly pink, “I do have one person in mind. Let’s talk about it later.”

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