Kelci Ch. 04

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Kelci and I had been dating for a couple months now. We had had sex a few times, and each time was better than the last. Our relationship was master/servant, I being the master, she being the servant. We didn’t get into anything too kinky, but she knew she was mine. Even when out in public, she walked behind me, didn’t say too much, and would even let me make some decisions for her. When we had sex at my place, she would do her best to please me, even making breakfast for me in the morning once or twice. In return, I simply loved her. I would buy her gifts, pet her; dote on her in every way possible. She called me “Master” when we were alone, but I always called her by her first name. Some might have thought of her as my dog, but I knew our relationship was much more than just a simple owner/pet. Kelci was mine. I owned her. I loved her. And I knew, in a way, I was hers too. I never put a collar or leash on her, but I punished her once or twice. It took us a bit to find the perfect balance; if I was too controlling, it turned her off; but if she got too far out of my grip, it turned me off. So we had an agreement; I was the dominant one, but she had the option to leave if things ever went too far.

We had just gotten back from a date. Kelci had behaved escort buca herself immaculately, so I told her she could have a treat. In our relationship, a “treat” usually meant we could do whatever kinky thing she had in mind. This evening she had told me she had always want to strip for someone. So, when we got back, I let her (we usually just jumped right in, clothes flying off in the heat of the moment). We went to the bedroom and I sat on the edge of the bed as she began to dance.

She teased me at first, moving lithely around, her hips and torso swaying to an unheard rhythm, gradually peeling off her shirt to reveal the lacy pink and black bra I bought for her. Her hands gently caressed her body, lingering awhile on her breasts before moving down to her hips. She unzipped her shorts and, still gyrating around like a snake, slowly lowered them to the floor. Her panties were also a lacy pink and black. Then she unclasped her bra and, holding it in place with one hand, danced around a little more. She slid to the floor, spread her legs, rolled over, and, when she came up, her bra had fallen, revealing her small but perky tits. She kicked her bra aside with a deft sweeping motion that she used to continue her dance. As she buca escort bayan glided across the floor, I could feel myself getting hard. Too hard. I had to relive this somehow. So, while she danced, I began massaging my cock, trying to relieve some of the tension. She kept dancing, her hands running along her body, then hooking into her panties. She turned around, giving me a great view of her ass and pussy as she slipped her panties down her legs, stepped out of one side, then out of the other. Her pussy was already slightly wet as she continued dancing. My cock was almost rock-hard by now. She bent over me and unzipped my jeans. My cock sprang up like a shot. She smiled up at me with her bright blue eyes, pushed a strand of her wavy brown hair back, and began to suck me.

It was like heaven. How I loved feeling those soft lips caressing my shaft and that expert tongue flicking over my head. I let her do her thing for a few more minutes, but I could feel myself reaching my climax. I gently lifted her head off my cock. She looked at me, slightly puzzled.

“Did Master not enjoy this?” Kelci asked

“Oh no, Kelci, my love,” I replied “I did enjoy that. I enjoyed it very much. A little too much, I think. I do want buca escort this night to last a little longer.”

“Then Master should make love to me” Kelci said, with that twinkle she got in her eye when she was about to do something dirty, “Master should take me and make me his slut…his whore.” She bit her lip coyly.

“I will, my dear,” I said as I removed my clothes, wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her toward the bed, “I will.” I laid her down on the bed and entered her.

Her pussy was so tight, so soft, so warm, and so wet. I pushed into her, back and forth, my hands roaming across her back. I leaned forward to suck her breasts. Moans escaped her as I continued to fuck her and moved my mouth from breast to breast. I playfully bit her nipple.

“OH GOD!” Kelci screamed as a wave of ecstasy rolled through her and I felt her body jerk and writhe beneath me. She knew I liked it when she screamed. “YES…YES, MASTER…RIGHT THERE…OH FUUUUCK!!!” She came as she shouted the last word, her pussy juice gushing over my cock. I came almost at the same time, half of mine washing out with hers. We lay there for some time, our bodies intertwined, not wanting to break our lover’s embrace. Finally, I rolled her over and looked deep into her eyes.

“You’re still mine, aren’t you Kelci?” I asked her.

“Of course, Master,” came the reply, “I am yours forever. I am your slut, your whore, your love. I will never leave my Master.” She batted her eyes at me. “I love you, Master.”

“I love you too, Kelci.”

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