Kaz Nails Her Man

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Karen led Alex through the front door of her house and he closed the door behind them. As he turned away from the door she turned to face him and he dropped his coat to the floor. Karen was looking into his eyes and stepped towards him to take hold of his shirt with both hands. She had felt his body when they had met, had felt it as they waited for the bus to take back to her home. She had seen it on pictures and on the internet as they spoke. Now it was here and she wanted to see it in life, see her own fingers touching the lines of definition upon him.

Alex lifted his arms a little to make it easier for her to remove his shirt, then reached out to take hold of her waist. Karen knocked his hands aside and said “Wait.” She looked back into his eyes and slid her left hand inside the front his waist band, her right hand undoing the buttons of his jeans.

As they had spoken of he was travelling without underwear, she already knew this from the bus journey, where she had first felt him. Her fingers began to stroke him and soon he was reaching high and hard, Karen playing with the swollen purple head with the tips of her fingers. She then reached down the length and took hold of the shaft. With a firm grip she led him through to the lounge.

Once in the lounge she positioned him to sit on the sofa, his length still in her hand. She leant forward and kissed him on the lips pushing him back and he fell slowly back into the sofa. Not releasing him Karen straddled his thighs. She raised her right hand to his left shoulder holding him back as she stroked his shaft. Karen looked down and watched as her work would lift the fore skin up and down the purple swollen head. After a few more moments she released him and then stood.

“Wait there” she said “I’ll be back in a moment.” With that she turned and left the living room.

As Alex waited for Karen to return he stood, removed his footwear and his jeans before sitting back down as she had left him.

When Karen re entered the room she was wearing the fishnet outfit, it covered her to the thighs and covered her very sensually.

Alex was stuck as to what to take in, her legs long and smooth, his first full view. He became even harder in anticipation of having those legs wrapped around him, his waist and his face. The way the net moved as she walked, it was obvious she wore no bra.

Karen straddled him as before pulling the net down in front of her so he couldn’t see any more than she was wanting to show him. She took hold of his hands and placed them under her knees to be sure that he couldn’t be reaching out to her and touching her before she was ready to let him.

Once his hands were secure she reached between his thighs with her right hand and began to feel the sack at the base of his shaft, the fingers of her left hand stroking the length he had for her.

She watched her hand again as it stroked and wrapped itself around him, she leant forward as though she was going to kiss him but changed direction just before contact. Alex blinked barely izmir escort bayan able to control himself and turned his face to try and catch her lips with his, Karen pulled back, her right hand lifting from its’ massaging of his sack and placed it on his chest pushing him back in the sofa.

Her left hand still stoking him she began to lift the fishnet with her right hand. The top opened slowly. Alex was unable to take his eyes from her cleavage. The outfit opening, yet still covering the nipples that both could see and Karen could feel hardening. The last button became free and Alex saw that she was wearing a light blue pair of shorts beneath.

Karen lifted the net over her head and let it fall from her right shoulder and withdrew her arm, which she then switched with the left hand that was still stroking Alex’s length. The net the fell from her left shoulder and to the floor. She moved in closer to him still trapping his hands beneath her knees.

Karen leant forward again, her breast brushing his chest. Karen pressing her lips lightly on his left cheek, slowly kissing her way to his lips.

Alex could feel Karen switch her hands again, her grip a little tighter and her rhythm steadier. Karen rose a little higher brushing her breasts into Alex’s face his lips reaching for the nipples and sucking first on the left and then as Karen moved he released and took hold of the right sucking deeply so that Karen moaned with the sensation. Her right hand reaching for the back of his neck and pulling him tighter into her breast. Her body pumping along with her hand and rubbing herself upon her forearm.

Going back to kissing him and feeling his heat as she was Karen could feel the heat building up within and she couldn’t help but move her hips in time with her hand. Her own hand brushing her mound as she swayed her hips forward. Karen loosened her grip and slid the finger over his tip feeling the leakage her closeness had caused. She wiped it and raised it to her mouth sucking it from her fingers.

She took hold of him again and began longer and tighter strokes, her hips again swaying to the tempo set by her hand.

Karen leaned into Alex’s neck and began to kissing and tease with her teeth at his skin. She could feel his body tensing beneath her, she could feel the twitching in her hand and she began to speed up her tempo, hips following suit.

Alex’s head went back and she could hear his breathing becoming heavier, Karen leant back and both of them looked down. Karen watching her own hand and the glistening head she held. Alex was looking at the wetness glistening between Karen’s legs.

Alex blinked quickly and started to take deep breaths, he knew he was about to release himself, so did Karen. She aimed the head towards herself. The forces of his orgasm shot out reaching Karen’s face and neck. She kept the rhythm of her hips going now rubbing herself on his shaft. Alex released again and this reached her breast. Karen reached up with her right hand and wiped some of the come from her neck escort izmir then licked it from her hands. Alex came again and Karen held the shaft tight to her mound slowing down her movements. She then wiped the last bits of him into her stomach and placed her fingers into Alex’s mouth. Alex took the fingers into his mouth, pressing them with his tongue he sucked them.

Alex freed his hands and placed them on Karen’s waist, Karen leaned forward kissing his lips and sucking the salty substance from his tongue.

Then leaning away Karen rose from the sofa and turned her back to him.

Alex followed Karen and put his hands back on her waist holding her tight to him, his length pressed to her cleft. His hands then began to slide over her stomach, her breast, rubbing in the cream as he kissed and nibbled into the back of her neck.

Alex slid his hands back to her waist fingers slipping lower . Pressing over Karen’s mound and cupping her wet lips. The middle finger, tracing between her lips and curling up to play with her clitoris.

Karen leaned back into Alex, her right hand reaching back to hold onto his neck, her left hand reaching down to hold onto the back of his hand and massage the back of his hand as he massaged her lips.

Alex began to slide down Karen’s shorts with his right hand, the hand moving between then and squeezing on her right butt cheek. Karen’s shorts fell to the floor and Alex again pressed himself against her, he could feel her cheeks against his thighs and the base of his length at the top of her cleft. He slid his right hand to the front of Karen and then down to join his left.

Both his hands now played with her lips and the heat was again building within her. He slid the fingers of both hands between her lips and held her open, now it was Karen’s own fingers that began to touch her.

Karen began to lean forward and reached her left hand under herself taking hold of Alex’s sack again. Alex opened his legs and lowered himself, his shaft sliding down the cleft of her butt. He felt her fingers touch the base of him.

Feeling Alex lower himself Karen reached further around taking hold of his shaft and pulling it between her lips. Alex lifted his left hand away and raised it to Karen’s right breast. His right hand he held under his own length pressing it harder between her lips but not entering her.

Alex began to move his hips slightly ensuring his head never slipped away from Karen’s lips. He could feel the heat and juices of her on him. Karen reached her left hand back and took hold of his left hip keeping him tight to her.

Karen began to move her own hips and soon little shudders of pleasure were sending shivers through her pelvis and hips. Feeling these Karen pressed herself harder against Alex, his head pressing her hole without entering. She wanted him inside her though and leaned forward again. His head pressed so tightly to her began to open her wider and slide inside.

Once the head was in Karen rose. Alex’s hand holding himself within her, his izmir escort thumb pressing and circling her clitoris. She circled her hips slowly feeling his head inside and the pleasure the pressure of it exerted on her walls. Karen closed her eyes, the feeling of having Alex inside her, his arms around her adding to her sensations and she wanted to move her hips faster, but Alex was holding her firmly. Again she felt the shudders in her own body, how she wanted his full length within her.

Karen twisted and freed herself from his grip. She turned and leaned forward placing her hands on the sofa. Alex understanding what she wanted again moved in behind her, Karen put her own right hand between her legs and opened her lips. Alex took hold of his shaft and guided it into her. With one long slow thrust he entered her to the hilt. Karen had to bit her own lip, she was so close and now having him so deep within her was almost as much as she could bear. Alex began to swivel his hips, grinding himself into her and Karen lowered her face to the sofa.

With a firm grip on her hips Alex began to grind harder and faster into her, Karen unable to hold back any more began to groan with pleasure, “he’s pumping into me” she thought, and though her eyes were closed she could see every move he was making as well as feel them, this added more fuel to the fire inside her and she tried pushing back that little bit more. She could feel his length circling within her discovering sensitivities within her she had never had before.

A lump in her throat made her open her eyes wide, a shudder beginning in her spine between her shoulders took control of her body and she felt her self tighten around him. Alex felt the fire within her but continued his movements. Karen was forced to bite into the cushion in which her face was buried. Alex’s continued movements causing her whole body to shiver and Karen found that she could barely control her motions. After a few move of Alex’s movements Karen’s knees began to buckle and she had to bend them, the knees now resting against the front of the sofa. Alex began to slow down his movements but kept a firm grip on Karen’s waist holding himself deeply with in her.

Slowly Alex withdrew himself and helped Karen turn on to her back and lay her on the sofa. He then lay over her, Her eyes wide and wanting him to carry on, not sure that she could. He knelt between Karen’s legs and placed his head against her lips again. Pushing his hips forward he entered, Karen’s hands on his shoulders knowing that she wanted him, but also thinking that she may not be able to take any more at this moment.

Alex leant forward and rested his elbows either side of Karen beneath her armpits, his forearms reaching over the arm of the sofa. Karen reached her arms up and back taking hold of his hands as he again pushed deeply within her.

Her legs rising and locking onto his waist. He began slow forward and back motions pushing in as deeply as he could with each forward motion. Their lips locked, tremors running through Karen’s as she felt him within her, her eyes rolling behind closed lids. Alex felt how tight she was and could also feel her hard nipples pressing on his chest.

Feeling him within her and his motions Karen again started to twitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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