Kari’s Rose Sheets

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Kari’s eyes where closed and her brunette bangs where pasted to her perspiring forehead. Her body was well formed, smaller breasts but with perky nipples. She had a perfect hour glass figure. Her lips where clean of the lip gloss that she had been wearing at the beginning of the night.

Looking down at my cock I could see some of Kari’s lipstick. I was beside her on the bed and I could see her breathing rate increasing. Kari’s hands grabbed fists full of the rose color bed sheets.

Kari’s hips lifted off the bed; her thrusts had lost the timing of Paul’s, her husband who was deep inside of her cunt.

This would be the fourth time she climaxed for the night. The other three times happened as her husband Paul and I ate her and fingered her to those heights.I have kind of small hands, I was feeding Kari’s pussy one finger at a time until I managed to just start to fist her. She really got off on that.

Looking back on how this opportunity came together, I would have to say, smoothly.

Paul had answered my ad on the swinger form. I had placed the ad months ago and had not received many inquiries. Paul contacted me saying that he and his wife where looking for someone to “play with.” I had answered back, a week late as I was not checking on the site much.

Paul and I met illegal bahis after work at a bar half way between our respective jobs. Paul had asked me very few questions before telling me that Kari would enjoy me. He hinted some about bi curious, but I knew what that meant. We made plans for the next weekend.

My eyes moved from Kari’s face to Paul’s cock. Paul mutters, that he was going to shoot his load.

Wanting to be part of this couple’s climax I placed my left hand on Kari’s breast. I really love a smaller breasted women. With my other hand I reached out for Kari’s clit. My finger found her wet button. The side of my hand was touching Paul’s cock, sliding in and out of her. The sensation made my own cock tingle.

In half of a breath Paul pulled his cock out of Kari’s pussy and squirted my hand with his cum.

Quickly, I wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft and lowered my mouth to his meat.

My lips tasted the sweet white cum that was engulfing my hand and Paul’s cock head. Slowly I licked cum from his cock hole. Paul grabbed my head trying to push me from his over sensitive cock. I surged forward and took his cock deeply into my mouth and closed my lips around his shaft.

Paul pushed himself off of the bed, holding his cock in his hand and laughing. A long illegal bahis siteleri large stream of white juice dripping out of his cock found it’s way to the carpet. What a waste.

Kari, not wanting to be lost with this male bonding grabbed my cock and pulled on it. She wanted my undivided attention now. Which I was more than pleased to give this sexy woman what she wanted.

I turned around towards Kari. With Paul’s cum still fresh on my lips I bent over finding her lips, I kissed Kari fully on her mouth. Her tongue found what she was wanting. Paul’s sex scent. She circled my lips with her tongue taking back what was hers.

With both of her hands, Kari guided my cock into her very wet pussy. Her hips lifted off of the bed as my cock entered her hot cavity. Her hands cupped my balls lingering next to her cunt.

The two of us started a slow rhythmic fuck session. I had not cum as of yet and knew my time was short. I tried to pace myself but Kari wasn’t having it.

I felt Kari’s hand move in between us. She was touching my cock and her clit. The sensation of knowing a was woman masturbating always did excite me a lot. Her breathing was increasing once again. Kari’s breast where rising and falling between our chests. I knew what that meant.

I lifted my chest canlı bahis siteleri off of Kari’s. Her beautiful small breasts where heaving from her breathing. Her nipples where firm. With my knees bent and sitting up right I looked down at my cock sliding in and out of her. I reached down to touch her clit. Her little button was as hard as granite.

Kari’s hands reached out and grabbed my wrists. She pulled me towards her to where our chests met once again. My moist chest and abdomen stuck to hers.

Kari’s hands where firmly holding my wrists, she whispered to me she was going to cum. I felt her shutter under my body and knew I was within a second of cuming myself.

I closed my eyes as the climax started to build. I was forgetting the woman under me now and my whole mind was focusing on my feelings. My body tensed and became rigid. The next thing I felt was Paul’s tongue licking my asshole.

My mind was lost into too many of my sensations for a few seconds. I could not keep track of them as they merged together. Flowing much like water bursting from a broken dam.

My cock pulsated within Kari’s dripping pussy. I filled her cunt with a night of sexual buildup.

Kari’s body wiggled under me in small convulsions of erotic orgasms. Her legs wrapped around my waist holding me tight against her, forcing me deeper into her hot canal.

Afterwards Paul and I lay on either side of Kari. As we caught our breaths, I started hoping that I would be allowed to cum one more time. I knew my new sex partners could arouse me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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