Karen at the Theater

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Joe and Karen had been talking on the internet now for weeks when Joe surprised Karen by arranging a trip up to meet her. They had arranged to meet at the local mall at 6 pm where If things went well, some dinner and if really well, a movie. Karen was a bit nervous but she got dressed putting on a dress and some nice heels. Karen looked into the mirror and spun around checking out all sides making sure it was clean and looked decent. Karen smiled to herself wondering what Joe would think. It was almost time to meet so Karen got into her car and drove over to the mall.

Karen parked and walked into the mall knowing she was a few minutes early and walked into the central area where there was a fountain. Karen looked around and saw the Cookie store and stated to walk over to where she was to meet Joe but she stopped up short. Standing next to the Cookie store leaning against the wall was Joe. He was already there Karen thought, he beat me to it. Karen took a few seconds to look at Joe. He was tall and kind of cute. He looked out of place wearing some dress slacks and a nice button dress shirt. Most everyone in the mall was in jeans or shorts. Karen smiled to herself, took a deep breath and made the walk over to the Cookie store.

As Karen approached, Joe was looking around and Karen caught his eye as she waved. Joe got a big grin on his face. Oh he has dimples too Karen made a mental note. Karen smiled back and said, “Hi Joe, glad to see you.”

Joe walked up close to Karen his arms out to take her into a hug and Karen just felt it was right. Joe wrapped his arms around Karen and leaned down to whisper into her ear, “Hi Karen so glad to meet you too.”

Karen felt Joes arms tighten around her not to tight but just right. Karen just melted into Joe’s arms feeling so right, feeling just like when they talked on the internet. It felt so good and so warm she just put her head onto Joe’s shoulder and let the hug go on. Joe held her for a time that just seemed to go slow when he pulled back and looked down into Karen’s eyes. Joe leaned down and kissed Karen on the lips and Karen closed her eyes and felt the world change. Karen felt the kiss not just in her lips but her whole body responded in such a wonderful pleasurable way. Karen just let her feeling and emotions carry her away so much so that when Joe stopped the kiss she was still not moving with her eyes closed.

“You ok?” Joe asked.

“Oh yes, umm… sorry.” Karen blushed.

“Love that blushing.” Joe leaned down and kissed Karen on the nose. “Wonder if more is happening?” Joe asked. Karen knew exactly what Joe was meaning and this only made her blush more and yes something else was happening. Karen felt her body start to respond especially her nipples tingling. Joe pulled back even further this time looking down and smiled again. “My yes, someone is excited.” Karen blushed again feeling the heat in her cheeks. “Let’s go and see about getting some dinner don’t you think?”

Karen nodded and moaned “Yes.”

Joe took Karen’s hand and started walking thru the mall going to one of the restaurant linked to the mall. Joe head over to a Italian restaurant and asked Karen, “Is this one good?”

Karen looked at the name and then the place, “I don’t know I have never been to this one.”

“Well lets’ give it a try why don’t we?”

“Ok,” Karen replied.

Joe and then Karen walked in and got seated right away in a booth. The booth was in a semi circle and has a white table cloth and a lit candle on it, kind of romantic and cheesy at the same time. Joe and Karen slid into the booth and ordered some dinner. The two talked about various topics just enjoying each other’s company. Joe slide closer next to Karen and put his hand on her thigh. Karen just smiled back at Joe. Joe started to rub up and down on Karen’s thigh as the dessert was delivered. They two ate slowly Joe keeping his hand on thigh. The bill came and Joe paid leaving Joe and Karen sitting at the booth.

“Want to go and see a movie?” Joe asked.

“Sure,” Karen responded.

“Well I have a movie all picked out for us but it’s not ready for another hour.”

“That’s good but what shall we do for an hour?”

Joe smiled at Karen and she felt his hand slide up under her skirt, “Oh I don’t know maybe we can do alittle shopping?”

“Really?” Karen asked.

“Yes, really.” Joe responded reality kings porno and then slid out of the booth offering his hand to Karen. “Ready to go?”

“Sure, what girl is not ready to shop?” Karen giggled.

Joe and Karen walked out of the restaurant and started going down the mall checking out the stores till Joe settled on one. Joe walked into the Victoria’s Secret store pulling Karen behind him, “Let’s see what we can find here tonight.” Joe went thru some items pulling out a few skirts and tops handing them to Karen. “Here, try these on and see which ones you like.”

Karen took the clothe items and headed into the changing rooms. First outfit was a tight black skirt and red halter top. The halter top was so low cut that Karen could not wear her bra with it so she just put it on and felt the cool air on her breasts. Karen walked out showing Joe the outfit.

“Nice very nice, but does not look to comfortable am I right?” Joe asked.

“Yes the skirt is a bit snug.” Karen replied.

“Well the tank top is nice but try the next outfit.”

“Ok,” Karen replied and spun around back into the changing rooms. Karen put on the second outfit. This one was a fuller pleated skirt and a white button blouse. Karen could have put on her bra this time but she did not want to take the time. Karen walked out and Joe whistled.

“My god,” Joe said, “You are gorgeous.”

Karen blushed, “Thanks.” The skirt only came to just above her knees but when Karen then spun around, the skirt flared up almost showing her panties.

“Wow baby that’s just awesome,” Joe intoned.

“Glad you like it,” Karen smiled.

“I do. I do!” Joe replied. “Now that’s a keeper but let’s see what the third outfit is.”

Karen then walked swaying her hips knowing Joe was watching, smiling back at him. Karen got changed into the third outfit. It was a yellow sun dress which buttoned all up the front. It was short as well as low cut and had an open back. Karen got herself all adjusted into the dress and looked in the mirror to make sure nothing to much was showing. Karen strutted out into the store and walked over to Joe.

“My my my,” Joe grinned. “That’s another good one. What do you think?”

“It’s nice but…” Karen replied.

Joe laughed softly. “Okay. You like the second one best don’t you?”

“Yes,” Karen blushed.

“I can’t resist that blushing smile. Ok, we will get that one.”

“Yeah,” Karen cheered.

Joe got up and walked over to Karen taking her hand in his. “Now you go get changed into that new outfit and bring out the tags and I will pay for it.”

Joe patted Karen on the ass and smiled at her waiting for her to get changed. Karen smiled back and turned to do Joe’s instructions. Joe walked up to the cashier waiting for Karen to come back out and it did not take long. Karen had gotten changed and the clothes she wore were on her arm. Joe smiled as Karen walked up enjoying the view. Karen saw Joe smiling and it only made her body respond more sending tingles all thru her especially concentrating in her nipples. Karen could feel her nipples begin to harden and show thru the white button blouse. Joe looked her up and down constantly and Karen loved it, not sure why but it just made her all excited inside.

“Here let me take those clothes,” Joe said as he took the clothes from Karen’s arm. Joe placed them into a Victoria’s Secret bag and then turned to pay the cashier. Karen just stood next to Joe watching the transaction in her new outfit feeling wonderful and wondering what was going to happen next. Joe completed the transaction and took Karen’s hand and walked out of the store.

Joe looked down at Karen and said, “You are amazing baby. Just amazing.”

“Thank you,” Karen said blushing a bit even more.

“Now let’s go find that movie.” Joe then pulled Karen’s hand and started walking thru the mall heading toward the movie theaters. Joe walked up to the theater and quickly paid for tickets. Karen did not even notice what movie they were going to see. Karen just smiled and followed Joe enjoying being led around. Joe and Karen walked into the theater and made their way to their movie. Karen looked up at the name, something about pirates and rated R was all she got before Joe pulled her into the theater.

The movie had not started sexmex porno yet but the trailers were playing. Karen looked around. It was dark and hard to see but she still had Joe’s hand and she noticed it was not to full. Mostly men, in fact it was only men. Joe then led Karen down the left side of the theater to the row of seats on the left where no one was sitting. Joe found a row pretty much in the middle of the theater and sat down on the second seat in waving for Karen to sit down next to him, which Karen did right away. Joe put his hand around Karen and she leaned in putting her head on his shoulder as the movie began.

Karen watched the movie and it was about pirates but it was also a lot about naked girls. Karen smiled to herself and now knew why there were only men in here. Horney dudes she thought. The movie kept playing and Karen was enjoying being next to Joe more than the movie and she cuddled in more. Karen was just enjoying her time when she felt Joe’s hand move. It slid from her arm coming around in front to have his hand gently touching the top of her breast. Karen gasped at Joe’s move but her body did not mind at all, in fact another wave of tingling overtook her. Karen did not move just enjoying the new touch and Joe then began to touch a bit firmer beginning to massage her breast now. It was now evident it was not an accident but Joe was specifically playing with her breasts right here in the theater right where anyone could see. Karen looked around wondering if anyone was staring, being a bit embarrassed. Karen did not see anyone so relaxed a bit and let Joe massage her breast.

Karen just snuggled to Joe enjoying his presence and the sensations he was giving her. Joe leaned in closer to Karen and whispered, “You look so beautiful, can you open a button for me on that bloue?”

Karen looked up at Joe, surprise in her eyes. “What here?”

“Yes,” Joe smiled at her.

“But…” Karen started to question.

“Please, for me Karen?”

Karen looked around seeing no one really noticing them she agreed slightly nodding her head. Karen then reached up and undid one button on the blouse. Joes hand did not take long before it was sliding under the blouse to start to touch her skin gently rubbing over her breast and just barely touching the nipple which of course was now hard. Joe ran his fingers over Karen’s breast teasing at the nipple and it was affecting her. Karen began to feel her pussy get wet.

Joe leaned down again whispering into her ear, “Another one.”

Karen knew exactly what he meant. Karen blushed and reached up and undid another button. Karen’s cleavage was now showing but this allowed Joe’s hand to move back and for the over both of Karen’s breasts. Karen’s breathing started to pick up as Joe went back and forth stimulating her tits. Both of Karen’s nipples were now hard and aching and enjoying Joe’s touch. Joe moved his hand back and forth and it was easy to see in the theater what Joe was doing but Karen did not really care, she just wanted it to never stop.

Joe leaned in, “Un do them all Karen.”

Karen would normally never do that but she was in a whole different state. She quickly undid all the buttons on her blouse and sat back. Joe using his hands flipped each side now totally exposing Karen’s tits to everyone in the theater but Karen just laid there. Now Joe leaned up not watching the movie but turning to Karen so he could use both hands on her now. Joes hand cupped, massaged, and played with each of Karen’s tits. Karen just closed her eyes and let Joe play stimulating her to even higher pleasure.

Joe worked over each breast and pinched each nipple just having fun and Karen began to moan. She knew where she was at but she just could not help herself, Joe was doing too much of a great job. As Joe worked on her nipples one of his hands slid down to her thigh. His hand stroked up and down and Karen let out a few very loud gasps. Joe smiled wickedly with his hand sliding up more and under the skirt. With one hand pinching Karen’s nipple, Joe’s other hand was under Karen’s skirt rubbing on her damp panties. Karen spread her legs wider and moaned even more. Karen was not even trying to be quiet now and a few of the men of course had noticed by now and were openly staring. Karen had no idea the men were watching and she really did not care this point, sindrive porno Joes touch was all she cared about.

Joe got an evil grin and with his hand pinching one nipple and his other rubbing and pressing at Karen’s now obviously wet panties he whispered to Karen, “Take them off for my baby.”

“Yes sir,” Karen moaned back quickly.

Karen sat up and reached under and lifted her hips sliding off her panties throwing them to the side. Karen leaned back and spread her legs getting herself into position but she noticed something. There were men staring at her. They were not watching the movie but watching her. Suddenly she felt so exposed and wanted to cover up. Karen’s hand stated to move but Joe’s hand blocked hers and began to touch her all over again but this time his finger was on her wet and very exposed pussy. Karen arched her back and gasped out closing her eyes and forgetting the men where there.

Joe then used both hands on Karen’s pussy. He spread her lips wide as one finger slide inside Karen and the other finger stimulated her clit. Karen was now moaning openly and wiggling her hips as Joe played with her pussy. Joe slide a finger in and out slowly and then building speed as he pinched and pulled on her clit causing Karen to gasp and moan each time. Karen was building to an orgasm and Joe knew it and this only spurned him on. Joe worked his finger in and out faster and pressed at Karen’s clit and this caused Karen to go into orbit.

Karen bucked and writhed on the theater seat and her gasps and moans could be heard over the movie. Her first orgasm making her just explode, but Joe would not let up. Joe kept up the pace his finger sliding in and out causing Karen to just moan out Joe’s name. Karen was already building to the second orgasm when she felt some warm liquid hit her tits. Karen opened her eyes to see two cocks being pumped by hands right over her and one was dripping cum already having exploded. The cock that had cum pulled back and a new cock showed up as the other cock started to spurt. The man moaned and thrust his cock in his hand as his cum shot all over Karen’s tits. Karen was still building in her own orgasm seeing the cocks above here and Joe smiling on the other side. Karen just let go and let the orgasm take over her. Her body doing what it does best, cumming and shaking. Karen had her eyes open watching the cocks over her cumming as her own body was cumming. The cum landed on her tits and her new blouse but Karen did not care she was lost in this incredible orgasm.

Joe kept up his playing with Karen’s pussy but Karen could not take any more and she grabbed Joe’s hands and begged him to stop. Joe stopped and looked down at Karen. Joe smiled but did not say a word and stood up his hands undoing his zipper. Karen smiled back thinking Joe was going to cum on her tits but he had other plans. Joe dropped his pants and his cock was already hard sticking straight out. Joe grabbed his cock and pumped it and then leaned in putting his cock at Karen’s lips. Karen knew what to do and began to suck on Joe. Joe moaned and thrust his hips forcing his cock into Karen’s mouth. Karen sucked hungrily on Joe her tongue working around and sliding along his shaft. It did not take long and Joe’ cock swelled up and began to cum into Karen’s mouth.

Joe collapsed back into his seat but Karen was still laying there all exposed. There were still 2 hard cocks pumping over her tits and Karen licked her lips still tasting Joe when one man lowered his cock to Karen’s lips. Karen was not sure what to do but she hard Joe agree so she opened her mouth and the strangers cock shoved in. The man did not last long only a few strokes and his cock exploded in her mouth. Karen gulped down the cum and quickly the other cock was placed into her mouth and he came on the first stroke into her mouth. Karen struggled with so much cum in her mouth but was able to drink it down.

Karen laid there the cum still on her tits and dripping from her mouth. Joe leaned down smiling from ear to ear and said, “Baby you are so hot I think we should leave and go to my hotel room.”

Karen smiled back and just nodded. Joe leaned down and helped button back up Karen’s blouse kissing her now and then. Karen just laid there still feeling so good and sexually excited. Once Karen was all buttoned up, Joe helped her stand and straightened out her skirt as they began to walk out. A few of the men still standing around gave an ovation to Karen. Karen blushed and felt her nipples harden again.

Joe just smiled looking down at Karen seeing her nipples showing again. The two left the theater and headed to Joe’s hotel but that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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