Justice is Delivered

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Alt Babe

This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This is story number sixty (60).

Please read my previous story, number 59, which I titled “Her Boardroom is our Bedroom!”

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


She had a nice ass for an older woman.

Older meaning; she was older than me.

I’m 35.

She was 52. That was, if she was telling the truth about her age.

She had a long history of lying and dodging what was real (true) and so once I learned that she was always giving some version of the truth (a line right out of the movie Something’s Gotta Give) I never believed her again.

As the waiter in the restaurant says of a woman Charlie Harper in Two and a Half men is dating “The devil comes in many forms” and yes, she was, as Elvis sang “You’re the devil in disguise.”

I always thought that she was good looking.

But shortly after meeting her I learned I couldn’t trust her.

I had last seen her, her shoulder length blonde hair, her bare ass, and her big bare natural tits, on video, while she was playing around, nude, at my pool and in the hot tub at my home in Southern California.

She was hanging around the pool with some nice tight tan and fit gals who looked like they just graduated from college; they were her personal carpet cleaners I guessed.

She liked getting her carpet cleaned.

She enjoyed young, hard dick too but I didn’t see any on that specific video; it looked to me to be an all girl party.

It had been a nice ass then, but that was about a month ago and now, well, it looked even better.

It was shaping up. Her daily workouts (if you want to call them that) were paying off in more ways than one.

It was now muscled, taut and tan in all the right places.

And I was in the mood for giving her a serious fucking.

Because she wasn’t supposed to be in my pool or at my house; it’s called breaking and entering.

And since she took some things she wasn’t supposed to, its called burglary.

Those items she took were very valuable, dollar wise, which made the crime a felony.

Since she wasn’t a United States citizen, she was eligible for immediate deportation back to her home country.

But not before I had a crack at her.

Her ass, her mouth, her pussy.

Especially that ass.


When you last left me, I was in the Boardroom of the consumer products company, in a small town on the Pacific Ocean in Mexico negotiating to buy the company.

And, getting my cock sucked.

What a great fucking business trip!

The female owners (Domino and Marisol) did their very best to persuade me to complete the transaction, and used all of their charms.

Several things happened in short order; allow me to recap.

First, I bought the company for a song. It was obvious that they didn’t know what to ask for, so I got the land, building, inventory, trademarks, formulas and customer lists for a cool $120,000. Payable over 5 years with no interest.

Second, I found out that the Boardroom actually did have a bedroom attached to it.

Once the presentations were done, the projector screen was raised up, revealing a nondescript door; at first glance you’d think it was a closet.

Taking me by the hand, Marisol and I took a few steps into a fairly large bedroom with a nice king size bed in it. It also had a nice bathroom connected and a large shower stall.

She was a little shy with me, but after a quick look at the room, I took her in my arms and we started kissing.

Some deep kisses from me helped her to lose some of her shyness.

She’d been seducing me all afternoon with her clothes on and now it was my turn to return the favor so I could get naked with her.

The kisses continued and I had her bare within a few minutes.

She didn’t object to my hands unbuttoning and unzipping her clothes.

I always looked forward to unsnapping a woman’s bra and hers was a front loader and when I separated the cups those puppies barely moved.

They were firm as melons; more than a handful for me, which I liked.

Her breasts were larger than her frame would have supported, but the breast enhancement cream played a big role in building her assets.

Her nipples were large and rose to the occasion as the cool air hit them after being covered up all day.

Those big luscious chocolate tips were just waiting to be sucked; her skin was flawless and she had an all over tan as a result of living on the beach.

I found out later that she and Domino shared a house overlooking the ocean that had its own pool and hot tub; the personal assistants were always on call to give massages and to make sure that sunburns were avoided and that the two owners got the “all over” tan look.

I could tell just from our short time together than Marisol loved having hands all over her body. Male, female, she probably marks head bobbers porno didn’t care.

Kneeling down, I first licked and then kissed her bare belly which caused goose bumps to breakout all over her body.

She put her hands on my head, indicating she wanted me to eat her but I had other plans.

I ran my hard wet tongue just above the top of the thong which caused her to groan and she involuntary pushed her hips forward signaling her interest in having me lick that pussy.

Smiling but declining, I peeled off her tiny black thong to finish the uncovering only to discover that Marisol had no hair on her body below her eyebrows (the better to eat you I thought as I took in her pussy) and after I stood up, leaving her pussy untouched for the moment I didn’t see a drop of ink anywhere as I had her twirl around so I could see the complete package.

I stiffened even more in my pants, which Marisol noted as she undressed me, completely.

Then, ramping up the sexual tempo, she knelt down at my feet, my hard cock bobbing, not to blow me but to apply the lotion that made my cock even larger, harder and bigger around (increasing the girth).

Something everyone woman wants from her man: a bigger cock.

Marisol took her time, not overdoing it, but making sure every bit of cock skin was coated. Her fingers and hands felt like magic on my cock and she took her sweet time, knowing how well she was pleasing me.

She spent a few minutes kissing and licking at my swollen balls.

She was a master at it, where the hell did she learn how to pleasure a man this way?

If I ever found out I’d give the teacher month of vacation at a hotel someplace.

I groaned as she slowly, carefully, took my balls, one at a time, into her warm mouth, her soft tongue pleasuring me like no one had ever done before,

I already wanted to cum again, and her she is playing with me, teasing me, knowing full well what she was doing and she was enjoying the torture she was putting me through.

Between her licks, sucks and kisses, Marisol shared with me that the banana flavored bottled water I had been drinking since I arrived after lunch was laced with the formula that worked to increase sperm production (volume), the size of the sperm (larger) and it made the sperm thicker, more potent and those little swimmers were more aggressive and energetic than without the formula.

Which explained the larger balls I had and the need to cum every hour or so.

Marisol pointed out that lack of ejaculation could lead to a very serious case of blue balls for me but thankfully (she smiled) she would take care of me now, and later, after dinner, Domino might help me out (Marisol smiled at that too) and at the hotel, well, maybe some additional female relief would be waiting for me in my suite when it was time for bed.

In other words, I’d be fucking all night long.

I could live with that!

My cock now coated and my balls having been kissed and licked, I pulled Marisol up and we started kissing again.

Marisol was already moist from watching me get my cock sucked by her PA, it didn’t take much but some more kissing and fondling to get her really wet.

She was groaning into my mouth as our tongues dueled and my hands roved all over her firm naked and tanned torso.

Marisol loved my hands on her tits, teasing her already hard nipples, pulling on them, bending down to suck and bite on (not too hard) and my hands squeezed her ass, spread her cheeks and I was soon rubbing her rosebud.

She seemed to like it; she giggled as I found it and pressed down on it; I think she liked me being totally in control of her.

Testing her, I pulled on her hair a bit and she seemed to like it.

She groaned into my mouth.

Who knew little Marisol liked some pain along with her pleasure?

That opened up all kind of possibilities!

As we stood, naked, kissing, she really started to respond to my hardness, rubbing her bare pussy up against me, trying to get traction.

She wanted to get laid and she would, but on my schedule, not hers.

I felt her wetness on my cock and her feminine odor reached my nose and I had to grin a bit, knowing that it didn’t take much to get her worked up.

Breaking off our kissing I picked up her up and laid her softly on the bed.

She got comfortable.

Climbing up on the bed, my large hard cock bobbing, which made her giggle, I moved over to where her dainty feet were.

She playfully resisted, but I grabbed her left foot and initially massaged it, and then began sucking on her toes, slowly, sensually.

Marisol laid her head back on the bed, sighing in the pleasure I was giving her, and I noticed that her thighs were starting to spread as she became more relaxed, her anxiety that I would quickly enter her and start pounding away at a less than ready pussy disappeared.

I repeated my seduction on her right foot, only this time her toes were far more sensitive (go figure!) massage porno and she wanted me to stop, which I did not do; I only reduced the sucking and rubbing so she wouldn’t be kicking at me!

Once I slowed down she lay back on the pillow and I could sense she was truly relaxing.

She was getting comfortable with me using her body as my playground.

Kneeling between her legs, I began to massage her calves and then when I got to her knees, I slowly pushed her thighs legs apart so I could see, smell and taste the Promised Land before taking her.

I wanted her wet and randy.

I swear she blushed being so exposed to a man.

She actually reached down to cover her hairless pussy from my sight!

I whispered to her “It’s just you and me, naked, the way God intended for us to be.”

She bit her lower lip and whispered back “But you are so big. I’m afraid you might hurt me” as her eyes really said what she was thinking.

Those pretty eyes were glued to my bobbing hard cock and that told me all I needed to know.

I smiled back at her but her eyes were still glued to my cock.

Just before I lowered my head I noticed her licking her lips … a good sign!

With another grin, I began kissing and licking and rubbing the inside of her taut thighs, slowly and teasingly.

I soon reached in and softly pulled her hands away from her pussy; for a second she laid them on her belly and then, as I made my way to her now uncovered cunt; Marisol started pulling on her nipples with both hands and whether she knew it or not, she was unconsciously moving her pussy closer to my mouth as my oral teasing continued.

By the time I got to her pussy, her legs were spread wide in anticipation of being eaten.

I figured that she had her PAs taking care of her orally, but that was work, and this was pleasure.

I imagined that those two PAs were good carpet cleaners but they also knew the sooner they got Marisol off, the sooner they’d be off their knees, get dressed and go home.

I was in no hurry, everything in Mexico runs late and I also wanted to see how flexible little Marisol was.

Not as in being bent over but in how far I could push her.

I kissed all around her cunt then licked and nibbled, leaving her wanting more.

Her lips engorged, her thighs spread, I could see her wetness growing.

I know she was getting impatient with me; a couple of times she made like she was going to start playing with her pussy but she held off.

I started in on her rising clit, teasing it with my hard tongue and she groaned in appreciation, as her hips literally left the bed.

“OH GOD!” she moaned.

Her pussy tasted great, sweet in fact, like peaches, and she loved being eaten.

From the very first lick she responded with groans, humping, begging, you name it.

It was if she was experiencing oral sex for the first time; maybe it was a new experience having a man lick her, play with her pussy, her rosebud, suck in her clit, hold her down as she tried to come and crying in frustration as I left her high and dry time and time again as I teased her relentlessly.

My plan wasn’t just to make her a frustrated horny bitch; it was to demonstrate that making love is far different than fucking.

I wanted her to want me not just for my cock but for the pleasure I could deliver to her.

Oh and along with the pleasure she was going to get some pain.

With her hair plastered around her pretty face with sweat and her pussy nice and wet from all the attention I had given her, I lifted her legs by the ankles and moved forward between her thighs, ready to penetrate her for what I hoped would be the first of many times.

She looked up at me, her thighs spread obscenely wide, ready to fully accept me.

“Put me inside of you Marisol” I commanded her and smiling, she reached down and pulled my cock to her cunt lips, running the tip all over her wetness, until she finally found the right place for me.

“Push yourself on to me” I directed her, and as she pushed her hips forward I thrust my cock and I entered her.

She groaned, loudly, and then came.

Not big, but enough so that we both knew that she had surrendered to me.

I pushed in further and she gasped at my depth and my girth as her tight lips spread against their will to my demanding erection.

Despite being wet, Marisol was as tight as a virgin.

She came a second time as I started to slowly move inside of her, working to fill her completely.

Her clit, no stranger to me, rose to attention as I did the deed and Marisol, looking up at me for permission, started to play with herself as I started humping her.

A few more thrusts and I was balls deep into her tightness.

I pulled out a bit and pushed in again, and she started responding back and she came again at the extreme pleasure our lovemaking brought to her.

“I want you to kiss me Jack” she whispered to me, her arms reaching up to pull me down to her.

Our meet-suck and fuck porno lips met and she wrapped her tiny body around me and lifted her legs to allow me to poke her deeper than before.

As I started in with the long deep strokes, the sloshing sound of a very wet pussy filled the bedroom.

She blushed again when she discovered she was the cause of the noise and I laughed and kissed her, saying “I must really turn you on” and she smiled and kissed me in reply.

Marisol then woke up to the fact that I was fucking her without a rubber and she was not on birth control.

Despite her pleasure, and she was in heaven as I fucked her, she protested having sex without protection, begging me not to get her pregnant, to pull out and shoot on her belly, but I wasn’t in the mood for safe sex.

I didn’t reply to her, I kept pounding away. That was the end of the discussion; I kept fucking.

And, once she got into it, probably by my fifth stroke as her lower lips gripped me tight, she started telling me how good it felt, how fucking good it felt, and her reluctance turned into enthusiastic, responsive, vigorous, athletic sex.

Her pussy was as tight as any I had ever had and it felt beyond incredible as I pounded her.

She wanted it hard, fast and deep and she got it that way.

I knew I could come and keep fucking her because of the “monkey lotion” all over my cock but I wanted Marisol to understand the power I had to bring her to a climax, and get to her be multi-orgasmic on our first encounter.

She went wild on my cock. It was as if Hoover Dam broke and all of her pent up sexual energy burst out of the barriers she had built.

Marisol cried, laughed, pushed me away and pulled me back to her as we fucked like rutting animals.

I guess she wasn’t too bright and I was so caught up in my conquest that while I thought her pussy felt unbelievably good, it never dawned on me that she was ovulating.

This is how God tricks men into having sex and they pay the price with child support and all that.

I was beyond that, with my money; hell, I could have a hundred bastard kids running around and it would be okay.

After bringing young and not so experienced Marisol to orgasm after orgasm in a number of different positions (she liked doggy the best) as I moved her around that firm mattress, before it was all over I twice filled Marisol’s young tight pussy with large loads of my hot sticky cum, thus almost guaranteeing that she was going to be a young, unwed mother.

Once I spurted into her, deeply, for the second time, I pulled out of her still throbbing pussy, and wiped my cock with a towel.

I wasn’t going to waste any time trying to get her to taste herself; I knew that would come later in our session.

But now, I wanted her mouth on my cock; it was time for her to know her place and her responsibilities to my penis.

She had delegated cock sucking to her PAs before this, but since I had sent them home, I pulled her off the bed and then gently pushed Marisol to her knees on the carpet and she learned to suck my cock the way I liked it.

Marisol was reluctant, at first, but my large hands held her head as she slowly got into pleasuring me.

Her mouth was small, and tight, and her tongue was dainty, but I knew she had it in her to please me and she did.

Someone had taught her well; she focused her love and attention on my very sensitive tip, and to playing with my balls, a deadly combination for me!

It didn’t take too long either; she was a natural born cock sucker and I rewarded her with a load of cum all over her face!

She protested as I marked her as my woman with my hot semen, and there was a lot of it.

I wasn’t shy about blasting her everywhere above the neck, including her hair, face and into her eyes. Some dropped to her ample chest.

Marisol was to prim and proper to admit that she liked receiving a facial but I was putting her through a sexual boot camp that late afternoon.

She tried to head to the bathroom to wash off my sticky mess but I wouldn’t hear of it.

“Eat it” I commanded and despite her retching and gagging, she cleaned her face off using her fingers and swallowed my heavy load, one scoop at a time.

My erection never went away and to tell the truth, I got even harder as she ate my cum. In the end, she actually smiled, swallowed a final gooey batch and showed me that she had eaten all of my heavy load by opening her mouth and showing she had swallowed my sauce.

Due to the formulas that had been applied to my cock and balls, I had no down time and was ready for the next round of fucking instantly.

I got her off her knees, and bent her over the bed, head down.

I entered her ass using only the saliva left on my cock.

She knew it was coming, I had made it clear that she was going to be a three hole woman for me; but she verbally protested as I poked her and to make her feel just a bit worse about things, I had her video her face on her iPhone as I entered her virgin ass.

My hands on her hips, I pushed into her, holding her tight as she tried unsuccessfully to scramble away from the intruding cock.

Once my little head got past the tight ring, she stopped fighting me but her tears continued as I slowly, firmly and without mercy buried my cock all the way into her throbbing ass.

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