Just How Identical

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Jack understood why people said they couldn’t tell the two girls apart. Maybe it was because he was in love with one that he could always say which was which. Kat and Ann were identical twins to almost everyone, including their parents, yet not to Jack and Kyle.

Kyle had been with Kat for five years when Jack first met Ann. They had a blossoming romance in college and over the years. Even considering that, the girls did try fooling the boys, but to no avail. Jack knew Ann and Kyle knew Kat.

Both girls were tall, brunette, fair skinned with grey-blue eyes. They occasionally wore their hair differently and had distinct styles in clothes. Though they occasionally ‘borrowed’ clothes from the other. Jack and Kyle were distinctly different.

Kyle was 5′ 6″, stocky with short brown hair and wore hoodies and jeans. Jack was 6′ 5″, lean, with shaggy unkempt brown hair and wore band t-shirts. Kat had been with Kyle for seven years and Jack had been with Ann for two.

The girls lived together, with Jack and Kyle visiting frequently. Typically Ann worked mornings through to the night, while Kat got a lighter, more flexible workload. Kyle visited Kat during the day while Jack typically stayed over after Ann had worked into the night.

One Friday morning, Jack woke early to find the bed empty as usual, but realised it was still early. He got up in the hopes of catching his girlfriend before she left. He carefully padded downstairs and saw her in her black leather jacket, standing at the sink.

The morning sun cast a golden shimmer across her auburn tresses. Jack tiptoed towards her until he was right behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and placed his hands on her smooth stomach.

“Morning,” Jack greeted her and gently pulled her back into him.

Kat froze. Jack assumed she was Ann.

She was unused to being held in the arms of a man taller than her and she felt herself unconsciously lean into him, despite her conscience chiding her.

‘Jack is Ann’s boyfriend! What the hell are you doing?’ her conscience thought.

‘It’s just a hug,’ Kat reasoned.

Jack’s hands drifted from her stomach up her chest. She was wearing an Arcade Fire t-shirt that Jack had gotten Ann. His hands reached her breasts and squeezed. Jack felt Kat’s slightly larger bust and registered something was different. Before he could go further, Kat softly moaned which distracted Jack.

‘Just a hug?’ her conscience snapped.

‘Well, it’s not like we’ve done anything too bad,’ Kat reassured herself dishonestly as she felt her hips grind into Jack’s crotch.

Jack felt Kat grind back into him and his cock began to stir.

His hands drifted down to her hips and gripped briefly before he pressed his right hand into the centre of her back.

Kat followed Jack’s guidance and bent over, her ass pressing into his crotch further.

Jack noticed she was wearing Kat’s favourite pair of jeans. Not that he minded, her ass almost seemed tighter than usual.

Jack started rocking his hips, grinding his growing cock into her ass.

Kat felt herself dampen at Jack’s assertiveness in bending her over and his slow thrusting.

Jack felt an urge come over him.

He brought his right hand back and slapped Kat’s ass.

It was firm but not hard, making more noise than anything else.

Kat shivered and a small moan escaped her. She had never been slapped on the ass before. She realised she might like it.

Jack was surprised that Ann would enjoy that so he did it again.

Kat moaned softly again.

‘This is escalating,’ her conscience snapped.

‘That’s it. Nothing’s going to happen,’ Kat lied to herself. She was curious to see what would happen. She had never considered Jack before in this context, now, she was curious to what her twin’s boyfriend could do.

She flicked her hair back and over her right shoulder as she straightened up with a curve of her spine.

Jack felt his cock stiffen at this and it pressed into Kat’s ass. He spotted the exposed skin of the nape fake agents porno of her neck. He leaned down and tenderly kissed it.

Kat shivered as her twin’s boyfriend started kissing her neck.

‘What are you doing?’ her conscience asked.

‘Well I think I better make sure this doesn’t get interrupted,’ Kat replied, her conscience being overridden by unexpected arousal.

She reached into her right pocket and pulled her phone out enough so she could see the screen.

She opened messenger and started writing a message.

‘Hey. I’m not feeling great. Could we maybe meet up tonight instead?’ Kat wrote in a message to Kyle.

She waited for a few agonising moments as Jack continued to kiss her neck and pull her into him. She was flush with excitement, eager to be fully involved in this unexpected pleasure again.

‘Hey. That’s fine, feel better. I’ll see you tonight,’ Kyle wrote.

Kat pocketed her phone and put Kyle out of her mind. Jack had pulled her hair away and started kissing the right side of her neck.

Kat moaned at this and she felt his hard length pressed into her ass.

‘Now, let’s see what Jack has for me,’ Kat remarked.

She reached behind her and found Jack’s belt.

She undid it and set to opening his jeans.

Jack reached down her stomach to her jeans.

He unbuttoned her jeans and reached inside.

He could feel damp lace panties.

Jack slipped under the panties and felt the smooth skin and lips of Kat’s pussy.

Kat sighed as her hands reached in and grasped Jack’s thick cock.

‘Well, time to see how much Jack loves Ann,’ Kat thought to herself and turned to face him.

Jack registered it was Kat in front of him.

“Kat! What the fuck?” Jack recoiled, yet Kat still had his cock in her grasp.

“Jack, calm down,” Kat soothed him, while jerking his cock.

“Kat…” Jack growled, his cock betraying him and swelling in her grip.

“Jack. Just let’s see what happens. I’m her twin, so it’s the closest you can get to being with her while cheating on her,” Kat reasoned.

Jack had withdrawn his hands to the waist of her jeans but no further, he was protesting inwardly, but Kat’s hands were stroking him amazingly.

‘What the hell are you thinking?’ Kat’s conscience snapped.

‘I’m seeing if my sister’s boyfriend is good enough for her,’ Kat reasoned.

She eased the jeans down, freeing Jack’s rigid cock to point straight at her.

Without breaking eye contact with her sister’s conflicted boyfriend, she slowly knelt down in front of him. His added height had his cock level with her mouth.

“Kat, I really don’t think we should do this,” Jack warned, despite a dark part of him wondering what his girlfriend’s twin would be like giving him head.

Kat looked up at Jack. She looked almost exactly like her twin, except for the self-assured sexy smile.

“Just a taste,” Kat lied and licked the underside of the head of Jack’s cock.

Jack shivered with pleasure, tingles running down his cock.

Kat saw this and pressed her chances. Before Jack could comment she took the head of his cock between her lips and sucked gently.

“Fuck,” Jack exhaled.

Kat proceeded to lick, kiss and tease Jack all along the length of his cock.

Jack knew despite the moral wrongness of it that he had surrendered to his girlfriend’s sister and her attentions for the moment.

Kat then took his entire length into her mouth. She wasn’t used to a cock this size and her pussy tingled at the thought of her plans for this cock.

She sucked the length of his member loudly, relishing the fact they were alone in the house.

She moaned softly as she pleasured him.

Jack’s right hand went to the back of her head and guided Kat’s depth and pace. His hips began to thrust to meet her. Kat was surprised to feel him become more active and adjusted her technique.

After a few minutes of this, Kat slowly removed his wet cock from her mouth. She kissed fake angets porno it almost reverently and stood.

She looked at Jack. He was flush and out of breath. She took his right hand and guided it to her jeans.

Jack instinctively reached inside and eased his fingers into her panties.

He could feel his conscience stir but his arousal overturned it and he pushed his middle finger inside Kat’s wet pussy.

She smirked and caressed his face with her right hand as he began rubbing her clit.

‘I think Jack is beginning to see things my way,’ Kat remarked.

‘See things your way? Like being open to cheating on your sister?’ Kat’s conscience accused.

‘Well he’s realising that there can be certain differences between twins I suppose, and I plan on showing him some more,’ Kat added.

Jack was focused on exploring Kat’s pussy. She was warm and wet, but her pussy almost felt tighter than her twin’s.

“Jack, how about we head upstairs?” Kat asked innocently, as innocently as she could with her sister’s boyfriend fingering her.

Jack registered this and his conscience berated him, though he knew despite how bad it was that he was curious as to what Kat had in mind.

She took him by the hand and led him from the kitchen and upstairs.

Jack felt his gaze drift to her tight ass and follow it as she led him up the house.

‘Now. To be bad? Or really bad?’ Kat thought to herself.

‘This has gone way too far,’ her conscience chimed in.

‘Mmm, let’s see how far Jack is gone?’ Kat asked herself, registering and ignoring her conscience.

They reached the top of the stairs.

“Jack? Can we not hang out in my room?” Kat asked.

Jack followed the implication.

“Kat. We can’t go into Ann’s room,” Jack hissed.

“Well I can’t have you in my room, because of your aftershave. And I’m wearing her perfume today so there wouldn’t be any difference,” Kat answered reassuringly.

Jack couldn’t argue with Kat’s logic, but he still felt how wrong what Kat was suggesting was.

Kat slowly led her sister’s boyfriend into her twin’s bedroom.

She turned to Jack.

“You need to relax, let me help,” Kat suggested helpfully as she took Jack’s jacket off and softly kissed his neck.

Jack was wrestling with his conscience. He knew his baser urge was just to surrender to Kat, but she was his girlfriend’s twin sister, and they were in his girlfriend’s room. His hands eased Ann’s jacket off Kat and it fell to the floor.

Kat was kissing and nibbling on his neck while her hands were pulling Jack’s t-shirt off, revealing his toned chest.

‘Certainly a nice change,’ Kat chuckled to herself as her hands ran up his lean abdomen.

Jack pulled Ann’s t-shirt off Kat and dropped it to the floor.

The sight of her 36C-29-37 figure in a maroon lace bra gave Jack pause.

He always knew Kat was curvier and her breasts were larger, but seeing her in front of him like this set his pulse racing.

He placed his hands on her ass and squeezed.

Kat giggled and set her hands to unbuttoning his jeans. She felt a change in Jack. His hands roamed her body more freely. She got a wicked idea and looked up at him with her mouth slightly open.

Jack noticed this and without thinking kissed her. She tasted of smooth coffee and what he realised was his own precum. She stretched her tongue into his mouth and wrenched his jeans down.

Jack focused on the kiss while his hands unbuttoned and pulled Kat’s jeans down.

She broke the kiss, their mouths inches apart, breathing heavily.

She pulled down his boxers and grasped his cock. Jack pulled down her panties and admire her shaved pussy.

“You can call me Ann if you want,” Kat murmured, pulling his cock towards her.

‘This is so wrong,’ her conscience cried.

‘Whatever it takes to get him inside me,’ Kat admitted.

She fell back on the bed and pulled Jack towards her.

“No,” Jack growled and surrendered to the fake cop porno dark part of him.

He thrust his bare cock between her pussy lips.

Kat moaned as his thick cock plunged inside her. It forced itself into her tightness.

Jack withdrew and thrust again, claiming more of her pussy. She was exquisite, her pussy wrapping around his cock perfectly. She was tighter than her twin and Jack felt the difference.

The initial rush wore off and Kat rolled Jack onto his back and mounted him.

She rolled her hips and used her core to massage his cock while it was inside her.

Jack groaned as her pussy sent waves of pleasure up and down his cock.

He gripped her hips and began thrusting, soon the room was filled with grunts and the sound of their bodies meeting.

Jack enjoyed how Kat responded to his assertive gestures, there was a challenge to them rather than acquiescence.

“So, how do I compare?” Kat chuckled.

“Well, you’re certainly more involved in bed,” Jack admitted as Kat switched positions again so she had greater control.

“You’re not usually this forceful are you?” Kat asked curiously.

“No. But you certainly can handle it,” Jack remarked and slapped her ass.

“Well. It’s fun being handled by a man who knows what he’s doing. Also the fact you’re my twin’s boyfriend and we’re in her bed is really working for me,” Kat sighed, feeling her climax coming.

“Yeah. I’m happy now that I caught you this morning,” Jack confessed and thrust deep inside Kat.

She came at this admission and cried out in pleasure. Her hands gripped the sheets hard and Jack’s cock was coated in her juices.

“Fuck you are hot,” Jack gasped, he could feel his cock tingle in anticipation.

“Mmmm, fuck you are a lot better at that than Kyle. So are you usually fucking my sister without a condom?” Kat asked mischievously.

Jack realised that he was inside her with no condom, his thrusting paused before slowly continuing.

“No, we’re usually very careful,” Jack answered.

“Well, neither of us is doing the right thing here. So we may as well just commit to it, don’t you think?” Kat asked slyly.

Jack felt his heart race at this. He had never done anything like this, he had never cheated on Ann and here he was in her bed with her sister. Her sister suggesting something he had always wanted but never had dared to try.

He started thrusting in and out of her quicker.

‘God, this is so wrong but it feels incredible. I’m curious if he’ll actually do it.’ Kat said to herself as she watched her sister’s boyfriend fuck her adeptly.

Jack felt himself close, he was almost ready when he looked down at Kat. He could nearly convince himself it was Ann. But he couldn’t. Her fuller curves, the way her hair fell down her back, the redness on her ass from Jack’s hand.

He turned her on her back. Kat’s eyes were wide, her cheeks flush, her mouth slightly open and she was breathless.

“Kat, I’m going to cum inside you,” Jack gasped as he went over the edge.

His cock fired a thick jet of his cum inside her tight, welcoming cunt. Kat sighed with pleasure as she felt Jack fire a torrent of his seed inside her.

Jack rolled off and panted. That was the most intense sex he had ever had.

“God that feels incredible,” Kat said and cuddled up against Jack.

He put his arm around her.

“So. We’re going to have to be very careful so they don’t realise that we’ve realised here,” Kat said coyly.

“But how careful are we going to be about it?” Jack asked suggestively.

Kat looked at her twin’s boyfriend, surprised at his implication.

“Well, I suppose if we keep doing it this way there’s no ‘evidence’ to dispose of, so it’s more careful in terms of keeping this quiet, if not in the other way,” Kat chuckled.

“Good,” Jack agreed. He realised if he was going to fool around with Kat then he wanted to do things with her he couldn’t with her sister.

“Would you like to see my room?” Kat asked innocently with the white seed of her sister’s boyfriend filling her.

“Sounds good to me,” Jack agreed, eager to continue his morning with his girlfriend’s twin.

Kat got up from the bed and led her new lover from the room.

Jack followed, eager to see just how identical or not his new lover was to his girlfriend.

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