Just Friends

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I enjoy writing stories and getting comments from readers about them but so far, all the comments have been from men. I know there must be women like me who read erotic stories. How about letting me know what you think ladies? Thanks.

We were always friends. Even today if you asked me what our relationship was I’d tell you we were friends, just friends. Except for that one memorable moment the summer we turned 18…

Glendale is a small town, population less than 500. Everyone knew everyone else and we used to joke that the townspeople knew what you were going to do before you did it and if they didn’t, they’d make something up. We moved there when I was in the fourth grade. I grew up there and I loved it. My name is Katie. I’m a 5’8”, 145-pound brunette with a nice smile. I’m smart and I graduated at the top of my class, such as it was. I was valedictorian and my friends voted me most likely to succeed. Succeed at what I asked them? My classmates were my best friends and I loved them all. But, as with every group, there were some who stood out more than others. Jamie was one of those. He was a 6’2”, slender, blue eyed, blond with large hands and long fingers. You know what they say about long fingers!

Graduation was behind us with our entire lives stretching out before us that summer. I hadn’t seen most of my classmates since school ended. I was working fulltime at the café as a waitress and saving as much as I could for college in the fall. One day when things were really slow Jamie came in for a soda. He sat at the counter and we chatted while I filled the salt and pepper shakers. He played some songs on the jukebox and left me a one dollar tip for an 85 cent cola. The next day he came back with his best friend, Greg. Greg was also blond, but green eyed instead of blue. He was 6’4”, had a gorgeous body and a killer smile. The two of them could have had anyone they wanted and presumably did! They left me a substantial tip and that set the pattern for the summer. They would come in while it was slow, play some tunes, get something to drink, maybe a piece of pie, flirt a little and then leave.

Along about the middle of July, Greg left town for a week to visit family in Montana. Jamie’s job was outside and he was tanned a delightful shade of brown. He came in one day while Greg was gone and caught me looking at him. He played some songs on the jukebox and insisted I dance with him. I looked at his dark hands on mine as we danced and it sent a shiver up my spine. He held me close during the slow songs and come to think of it, they were all slow ones! We were friends, but that night I fantasized about being his lover.

He didn’t come in the next afternoon but that evening he accompanied his parents to the café for dinner. As I was serving them, he winked at me. I almost dropped his burger. His parents were discussing a trip they had planned for the next day. It was obvious they were going to be gone until late. When they got ready to leave, Jamie made an excuse to come back in as I was cleaning off their table. He came up behind me as I was bent over the table reaching for a glass. I heard a sound that might have been a moan behind me. I stood back up and spun around.

“Are you working tomorrow?” Jamie asked.

“No, I’m off tomorrow,” I answered.

Jamie tucked my tip into the pocket of the apron I wore over my uniform. czech harem porno “Come see me,” he winked and turned and sauntered off.

I stood there watching him, feeling the tingle where his hand had brushed against my lower stomach when he pushed the money into my pocket. I wasn’t sure what he meant but then again, if that was a moan I heard, maybe I was sure after all.

The next day dawned hot and sunny. It must have been 95 degrees out by the time I got up the nerve to see what he meant. Small towns have small town ideas. I knew we were inviting gossip if I drove to his house. So, since his house was only four miles up the road from ours, I decided to ride over. I saddled Princess, my buckskin mare, and took a bottle of ice water to drink. I left the small blanket tied to the back of the saddle in case I found a spot along the way where I wanted to stop. Going cross-country meant three gates to open and a low creek to get across but it would be worth it if I could avoid the curious stares of the people passing on the road.

As it turned out, I didn’t have to go all the way to his house. When I crossed onto their land, I saw a tractor with a figure on it in one of the fields. As I got closer, I saw it was Jamie and he was baling hay. I rode up close enough for him to see me and left Princess tied to a tree where she had grass to eat. She was munching happily as I took my ice water and started across the stretch of field between the tractor and me. I took a long swig of the water and one of the ice cubes spilled out into my mouth. It was a large piece and I left it in my mouth as I closed the bottle.

I watched Jamie step down off the tractor. He had his shirt off and I could see how shiny his skin was with the sweat running off him. He picked up his shirt and used it to wipe the sweat off his face. I’m sure he had his own water but as I stepped up to him, I handed him mine anyway. He took it and opened the bottle and began to drink. His head was tipped back and I could see his Adams apple move as he swallowed. I began to feel flushed and it wasn’t just the temperature of the day!

I took the ice cube out of my mouth and moved closer to him. I reached up and placed it against his neck just below his jaw. Jamie shivered but didn’t move away. I let it slip down his neck and Jamie’s eyes closed. He stood there with the bottle at his side while I ran the ice down his chest and circled one of his nipples with it. Before it could melt anymore, I slid it across to the other nipple and swirled it around that one as well. A trickle of melted ice ran down into the hair at his navel and I reached out and licked it off. Then I stepped back. Jamie continued to stand there waiting to see what I would do next.

I turned and headed for the trees. Even though I knew his parents were gone for the day, I still didn’t want anyone to see us. When Jamie realized I wasn’t going to do anything else and opened his eyes, he saw me walking away toward my horse. I untied the blanket from her saddle and turned back to Jamie. He was still standing where I left him. I motioned for him to follow me and I ducked into the trees.

By the time Jamie got to the trees, the blanket was spread and I was sitting cross-legged in the middle of it. My boots were off and I was just waiting for him. Jamie stepped onto the blanket and without saying swingers porno a word he lifted each foot in turn and removed his own boots. Then he knelt down in front of me and pushed me back against the blanket. He followed me down and pressed his lips against mine. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven being in his arms.

One of his hands reached around and grabbed the braid hanging down my back. He used it to anchor my head in place and then his tongue was sliding against mine. He pressed himself against me and used my braid to hold my head against him as he rolled over so I lay on top of him. His tongue continued to rub and dance against mine and I could feel his growing erection against my thigh. I moaned when one of his hands moved down to cup my breast.

He rubbed his hand over it and I knew he could feel the nipple getting hard against his palm. I pulled my shoulder back to make it easier for him to touch me. He rolled us over again so he was on top. This time we ended up with both his legs in between mine. The hard bulge in his pants was pressed against the crotch of my jeans. He groaned and pressed himself harder against me. Then he pulled back and unsnapped the western shirt I wore. My bra was a front hook style so I expected him to unsnap it as well. Instead, he lowered his head and bit at the nipple he could see poking up through the smooth fabric. It felt wonderful. I was pressing up against him by the time he finally unfastened the hook.

When my breasts were finally free, he wasted no time in sucking one nipple. His mouth was so hot and wet I groaned at the feel of it. He continued to lick and suck on it and I could feel the wetness between my legs deepen. I was running my hands up and down his warm back by the time he pulled back.

He lifted himself up onto his knees and began licking his way down my stomach. When he reached my waistband he sat back on his heels. His hands reached down and unbuttoned his own jeans then mine. I could see the firm bulge of his long cock pressed against the fabric. He slid the zipper down on my jeans and pulled on the sides so they slid down my legs. I pulled each leg up in turn so he could slide the jeans off while he crouched between my legs. He hadn’t removed my panties.

He settled back between my legs and laid his hand against my mound. He pressed the heel of his hand hard against the top of my slit right above my clit. I couldn’t help pushing up against his hand. It just felt so good. He continued to rub his palm over me while his fingers pushed my panties in between my lips. I spread my legs wider apart and brought my hands down over my breasts. I wanted to touch him so bad but I couldn’t tell him to stop touching me.

Finally he bent down and placed his lips against my stomach. His tongue slipped under the waistband of my panties and then he grasped them in his teeth. I lifted my hips as he pulled my panties down with his teeth. When my pussy was finally uncovered, I settled back and lifted a leg so he could pull them down. He didn’t bother pulling them off the other leg before his lips were pressed against my slit. No man had ever put his lips there before! I didn’t know what to do and then his tongue was probing between my pussy lips. He put his tongue right against my clit! I moaned as my legs fell all the way open and I pushed my hips czech pool porno up against his tongue.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered before he pulled my pussy lips apart for his searching tongue. He lapped at my clit and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt! I was on fire. I didn’t know whether to beg him to do it more or make him stop because it was so decadent. I didn’t get a chance to do either because he suddenly pushed two fingers inside my pussy. He twisted them around and moved them in and out as his tongue licked all over my hard little clit. I could feel my orgasm building. It was almost too much. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I tightened my muscles around his fingers. All I could do was moan and hump my hips against his face and hand. Suddenly I shivered and my entire body clenched as I came on his face. He knew what had happened even though I hadn’t said anything and he looked at me and smiled.

I lay there gasping for breath and feeling the spasms of my pussy on his fingers as he watched me. Finally he slid his fingers out, sat back and unzipped his jeans. His cock was long and hard. He slipped his jeans down to his knees then pushed himself up and over me. Our mouths met, hot and greedy as his cock pressed against my pussy. I spread my legs further apart as he rocked his pelvis against me. He just kept pushing it against me as we kissed, letting his cock slide against my clit and pussy hole. My hands were pulling at him and I finally reached down and placed them on his ass. He pushed back against my hands then harder against my pussy. I grabbed his hard cheeks and tried to pull him against me. Jamie groaned into my mouth.

He moved back and reached down between us. He pulled his cock up and I watched him run his thumb across the hole at the end. It glistened with his pre-cum and my juices. The head was so swollen and it looked so hard before he pressed it against my clit. I rolled my hips up and his cock slid down until that gorgeous, big head was poised outside my pussy hole. I wanted to ask him to fuck me but I just couldn’t say those words. Then I didn’t have to as he sank the entire thing inside me. I closed my legs around his waist and put my heels against his ass. He thrust hard against me and my heels ground into him with each push. He bent his head so he could look down the length of our bodies as he fucked me. I wanted to weep it felt so good having him inside me.

He planted his elbows on either side of me and thrust into me again and again. I wanted it to go on and on but much too quickly I felt myself spiraling up toward another orgasm. He looked at me when I whimpered and moaned as it built up. He kissed me again and groaned when he felt my pussy clamp down on him as I came. My own groan answered his as I felt his cock expanding with his own spasms. It jerked inside me and I felt his hot cum squirt against the walls of my pussy over and over again. He tried to hold himself above me but I wouldn’t let him. I wanted to feel his full weight on me. My legs slid down and we held each other close. When our breathing returned to normal he pulled back and we grinned at each other.

We both felt so good that we broke out laughing. He held me and we rolled back and forth over the blanket kissing and laughing playfully. When our silliness passed, we got up and got dressed. We both knew this wasn’t a forever thing. It had no future but, that day – that afternoon, we didn’t care. He went back to work and I rode home. Greg came home and things went back to the way they had been. And it wasn’t until later when I looked back on that hot afternoon that I realized the entire thing took place without either of us ever saying a word.

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