Just a Dream

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It was just another day at the office for Anastasia Waters, long, boring, paper work stack after paper work stack. She hated it, but she didn’t want to disappoint her mother already more than she had in her life. As soon as the clock struck 5 Ana shot out of her seat, almost falling in her 4″ heels, and was on her way to clock out.

‘5 o’clock already?’ Her colleague asked her.

She let out a happy sigh and nodded, ‘Yes it is 5 meaning I can go home and unwind.’

He nodded and looked at her, ‘You know if you’re not busy sometime-‘

Ana looked down at him, he wasn’t that much shorter than him he was 5’7 but she was exactly 5’9, ‘Logan I love you like a friend but nothing else’ she kissed his cheek and started walking out.

Logan sighed and looked at her ass as she left, ‘Maybe one day’.

Ana walked out, apart from being 5’9 and ‘too tall’ for some men she was a beauty. Ana had dark brown hair that made her ocean blue eyes pop, she was fair skinned. She believed she needed to start tanning but her friends assured her that she shouldn’t do anything because she was beautiful just the way she is. She was a 34B, she wished for some bigger boobs like her sister who was a 30 something DD. Ana was skinny, not stick thin skinny but she was skinny, and had nice toned legs from squats that helped get her beautiful big butt in shape.

As soon as Ana got home, she took off her shoes, took off her jacket and took off her bra before feeding her boxer puppy, Sparkey.

She sat on the couch, turned on the TV and started looking through her recordings. Soon she found the one she was looking for, it was a porno, cheap she knew. But after a long week she just czech couples porno needed a nice time to her self.

Ana watched the porno, barely getting off herself and when it was over she sighed. ‘I need to get a man’ she told herself, taking her hands out of her jeans, laying down. Ana closed her eyes and in a few minutes she was out.

The man was thrusting hard into her, Ana was under him a moaning mess, clawing at his back begging for more.

‘You like it rough huh?’ The man smirked, throwing her leg over his shoulder, thrusting deeper.

Ana almost screamed, ‘YES! YES! I LOVE IT SO ROUGH FUCK IM CLOSE’

The mam kept thrusting into her, harder, faster, deeper, he bent down and started licking her face

Ana woke up seeing Sparkey licking her face, she whined a bit feeling even more wetness coming from her core than before. She got up and took him outside.

Ana has been having dreams about this stranger for the past 2 weeks, it started with her and this stranger kissing, then making out and him kissing her neck, then him sucking on her nipples, him fingering her, him eating her out while sucked him off, and now him fucking her. She didn’t know who this stranger was.

‘Am I that horny that my brain has made up a fictional character for me to get off?’ She asked herself. ‘It’s those damn pornos I bet’

She let Spakey back in before picking him up, turning off the TV, turning off the light, walking upstairs to her room and layed down…it wasn’t long before she was out again.

Ana shot up hearing something hit the floor, she had always been a light sleeper. ‘What in the-‘ she looked up and saw czech estrogenolit porno her stranger. ‘You’re back’ she whispered.

‘I always am’ he grinned before walking over to her bed.

She moved over and wrapped her arms around him when he sat down and smiled when he pulled her into his lap.

‘You know,’ Ana started, taking in his features; black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, pink kissable lips, he was much taller than her, at least 6’3,’Out of all our little times together I’ve never learned your name’

The man smirked before looking at her, moving his hand up from her hips, up her sides, her breasts, and her chin. ‘Drake, Drake Mathews.’ He pecked her lips.

Ana felt goosebumps rise and shivered, looking at him. ‘It’s nice to officially meet you Drake’

He smiled and leaned her down, kissing her with a lot of passion. She kissed him back.

That simple kiss lead to a make out session which soon lead to clothes coming off. Drake kissed down from her lips to her neck and sucked on Anas sweet spot, she moaned softly and lightly tangled her hands in his hair.

He sucked till he left a hickey and soon enough had covered her neck in them, he kept kissing down till he got to her breasts. He ran his thumb over one nipple to make it hard and began sucking on the other one, biting down just a bit to add pleasure. After a few minutes he switched and smirked a bit hearing Ana moaning, tugging at his hair.

When he was done with her nipples, made them nice and hard and red, he kissed down her stomach to the line of her panties, which covered what they both wanted. He carefully slid them off her czech experiment porno and began kissing the inside of her thighs. He kissed around her core, never touching it once knowing it would drive her wild.

Ana was seeing stars, she was so close to her first orgasm of the night, all she needed was a simple touch and she’d be cumming.

‘Drake..please’ she whimpered.

Drake started rubbing her clit and because of how wet she was, he easily slid in 2 fingers. He pumped them fast, curling them, hitting that special spot and in no time Ana was clenching around his fingers releasing over them.

He pulled them out before placing them in his mouth, sucking her sweet juices off his fingers and got up, taking off his jeans and boxers.

He got back on the bed, layed Ana down and get on of her, he slowly lined himself, and without warning, thrusted himself into her completely, giving her no time to adjust before thrusting

She let out a loud yelp, he was big – no scratch that, huge – and here he was ramming into her. She liked it rough but still, let a girl adjust!

Soon the pain was replaced by pleasure and the harder and deeper Drake went, the louder her moans were. Soon she was screaming when he threw her leg over his shoulder and was hitting deeper inside her.

‘I know how you like it rough’

She could hear the smirk in his voice and all she could do was moan. He hit every place inside her and she loved it.

He drilled into her, not losing his stride, she knew if he was real she’d be sore.

For what seemed like hours Drake pounded into Ana, she had lost how many times she came and how many times Drakes member twitched inside her.

Finally they were both spent and Drake pulled out, kissing Ana and she kissed back.

The next morning she woke up, she was fixing to get up when all of a sudden everything below her waist went numb and screamed ‘No’

Ana whined and layed back down, ‘Why would I be in so much pain? It was just a dream…’


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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