Julia and Baby

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Julia was hiding from her ex in a friend’s basement. I went down to stay with her to keep her company even though we had just met. Well that must have really scored some points with her, or maybe danger aroused her, She started telling me how sweet I was to have come down with her. Actually the truth was I just wanted to keep drinking in those big beautiful brown eyes and luscious lips she had and when she was facing away the ass on this girl was to die for. Then with no warning she stretched her arms over my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me, I was surprised to say the least. Now I have to say I was a little freaked out, not because she kissed me but her kisses were a little on the damp side, just like my mom! I assume that Julia was being passionate hence the extra juicy kisses. This assumption was confirmed when her hands ran down my back to fondle my ass and then quickly moved to my stiffening dick. I’ve never had such an bold move happen within a half hour of meeting a woman but I would later learn that while Julia did her best to maintain the outward appearance of decorum and propriety all you needed to do was say the words fuck, suck, or just “do me” and she would be on her knees opening your pants. I thought I was a horn dog and I guess being a guy I was but Julia was/is a nymphomaniac and she just can’t change who she is. And any guy would be an idiot to want to change her anyway!

So here we were in a basement kissing and groping each other, oh yes I could never pass on feeling that ass in my hands, and while it would be nice to say all went well at this point that would be a lie. She was wearing some sort of panty slip and while this might have been common to many females I had never seen or heard of this before and fumbling was rampant at the moment. It soon occurred to me that Mary would soon be coming down the stairs to get us when the danger of Julia’s ex had passed and so even though I had this really hot Latin babe groping my hard anime porno dick and both hands firmly wedged in the crack of her panty covered ass I decided it was smartest to end our quick session before we were caught. Nothing made it as hard as I pulled her hand away from my dick and she whimpered, WHIMPERED, “No!” as if I had taken away air!

Sure enough as soon as we parted Mary came half way down the stairs and looked at us and said “It’s safe to come up.”

We made plans to meet the following day but an emergency put the kibosh on that happening. So I didn’t see her again till Friday and when we got together it was a little awkward since there was no danger and maybe now she was seeing me as just another horny basted who wanted to get my rocks off. But I do own some of the gift of gab and so I moved in with my lips close to her right ear and told Julia how beautiful she was and how hot I thought she was and how I wanted to do all kinds of nasty dirty things to her and make her feel good and she turned into this quivering, shallow breathed sex kitten. She shoved her hand down into my pants to get her hand on my dick as quickly as she could, not being the giant cocked wonder I immediately had a pang of insecurity and just hoped it was big enough for her. Then she looks at me and says, “I like meaty balls.”

I in turn began removing her blouse because I thought it would be gauche to go right for her pants. Her breasts were just more than hand sized and she had dark slightly puffy areolas with eraser-sized nipples that verified her arousal. I buried my face in her bosom and suckled at her nipples enjoying the repast the flowed from her resent motherhood. Having removed my shirt she pulled me to my feet and attacked my buckle like a woman possessed, she yanked my pants down to my feet and before I could even remove my feet from the garment she had me balls deep in her throat and hummed like it was her favorite ice cream. asyalı porno Now while a good blowjob is hard to find I had been anticipating seeing her naked and getting my hands on her bare ass. I pulled Julia up and after she shrugged off the rest of her top and I set to work getting her jeans off. I knelt down while removing her pants and was faced with her neatly trimmed bush. I took her hips in my hands and turned her around applying pressure to the small of her back so she was leaning forward on the couch and her ass was presented to me. It was spectacular and I seriously wanted to bite a chuck out of it but I restrained myself and merely bit just hard enough to elicit a squeal from her and immediately began to bath her ass with my tongue. I don’t think she was expecting me to be so thorough as I parted her sweet cheeks and burrows deep into the recesses of her buttocks. But I know she enjoyed it, “Oh! You are a nasty man!” she said with shear joy in her voice and arching her back to give me all the access I could want.

I worked my tongue from her slit to her asshole until she shouted for me to stop and then proceeded to push me down and again devoured my cock. And I do mean devour it was amazing how well this girl could suck a dick I think if I was better endowed she might not have been able to be so violent with her throat. I remember thinking maybe it was all that juicy saliva she produced, and just for a second it dawned on me that my mom must give great head. Geez! And I could feel my dick hitting the back of Julia’s throat and sliding down toward her voice box, which let out a steady vibration that was awesome! It was getting tough to keep myself under control so I had Julia stop and swing her legs over my head then I told her to wait as I buried my face in her hot dripping pussy. The aroma is what gets me and I actually think my dick got harder. I grabbed as much of her ass as I could a squeezed it in each hand babes porno like it was a melon at the market. All the while licking her from her clit to her brown eye. “Eat my ass,” she begged and then proceeded to pull my legs up to my sides so my knees were near my chest and told me, “I’ve never done this before.” then she buried her tongue in my asshole.

Well, I had done this with many a female but never had one reciprocate but as I said Julia was something special. Damn this was magic! I reach down and used her tits like handed to keep her in place and also got a milk bath as she cleaned my ass. After some time I concentrated on her clit and pussy hole and was soon rewarded with a gush of she-cum in my mouth and all over my face. Julia bucked like a bronco and for a second I thought she was going to break my jaw with her pelvis. Then she shook like the room had gone freezer in a second. After a cum like that you would think she would have collapsed but not Julia her mission was to return the favor and she dragged me back to the couch then inverted herself so her head was hanging off the end, “Fuck my mouth.” she said and I have say I was already on my way to do just that.

I inserted my cock and she pulled my ass-cheeks forward to get me all the way down her throat. I looked down and all I could see was her chin and her naked body laid out before me. I then I drew back and slid back in slowly. “No!” she said, “Really fuck my mouth!” and so I fucked Julia’s mouth deep only drawing back when I felt her chin hit my pelvis and her forehead on my legs and then I slammed it in.

Her finger was urging me on from deep in my ass and juice was running from her mouth and the sounds she made had me thinking I was choking her to death but she was totally in control and loving every stroke. When it was time to cum I rooted my cock in her throat and shot so hard it felt like my inside would burst. She really didn’t need to swallow because I doubt any got anywhere near her mouth I had injected it deep in her stomach. But she lovingly licked my cock and pulled my aching scrotum to keep it where she could clean me up. I said, “You are a bad girl and a nasty little slut” and she smiled and said, “When it’s appropriate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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