Judy Ch. 02: Home Working

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I pulled up in front of my small house and, turning off the engine, sat in my car thinking about what had happened that day between me and my boss, Judy. The last thing I had expected as I’d sat here this morning was that, nine hours later, I would have experienced some amazing sex and managed to cum twice thanks to my sexy boss’s unfulfilled needs; even now, reliving my hard fucking of her sweet ass, I could scarcely believe my luck. The down side of it all was that we still had to work together tomorrow, and I just hoped that what had happened wouldn’t make that a difficult situation for either of us. I resolved to be guided by Judy’s reaction and demeanour on the morrow, and try not to worry about it tonight.


Less than five miles away, Judy Marshall sat in her own car at the entrance to her street, thinking very similar thoughts to Tom. She had gone to work today dressed deliberately to tease Tom, as she had noticed his surreptitious glances at her body, and it had been obvious how much he enjoyed looking at her, even fancied her! Her original idea had been simply to find out what Tom might do, faced with her being dressed much more provocatively than she usually did at work, not to do all the things they’d done! She had been having a really hard time dealing with the strain of her marriage to Dennis, and when Tom had hugged her after yet another row with Dennis on the phone today, she had succumbed to the unspoken words of support in a way she never imagined she could. She thought of how good it had felt to have a man desire her again, how much she had enjoyed sucking Tom off and her huge orgasm when he had returned the ‘compliment’. And when he filled her ass with his hot cream……… well, she thought at the time she’d never had it so good. Judy had always enjoyed a full and varied sex-life before meeting and marrying her husband, including anal sex, but Dennis was only interested in missionary position sex from the start, and even that was of no interest to him these days. She was worried about how Tom would react tomorrow, and what she was going to do. Sighing, she drove the last few hundred yards to her driveway and went into her house.


I entered my empty house sporting a semi-hard on, having sat in the car for nearly ½ an hour daydreaming about today’s events. The thought had occurred to me that I’d been lucky even to make it home without an accident, as visions of Judy’s gorgeous body had invaded my mind constantly on the drive from work. As I moved around the house, carrying out all the mundane little jobs a single guy has to do, going on to prepare my dinner, I could not stop the images from the day creeping into my mind – nor, in truth, did I want to! The image that kept intruding into my thoughts wasn’t particularly a sexual one though, much to my surprise. Rather, it was the sight of Judy’s face when she’d hung up on her husband; a mixture of reluctant love, exasperation and, most of all, the expression of someone close to breaking point. I had long held sexual fantasies regarding my boss, many of which had been fulfilled during that wild few hours in our office this afternoon. More than that, though, I had always admired Judy in a professional way, how well she managed all the obligations thrust upon her by the organisation, coupled with how she juggled all the aspects of her personal life. I knew I had become infatuated with Judy a long time ago, and today’s events had served only to enhance those feelings a hundredfold. After a few hours watching, but not taking in, some boring TV, I retired to bed with a painfully erect member and recurring thoughts of making love with Judy. As the time went on, and I still couldn’t get to sleep for the images of Judy racing through my mind, I finally gave in to the rampant monster between my legs and lay on my back, stroking my length with ever increasing speed as I relived Judy and I fucking over her desk, finally cumming explosively all over my stomach when I thought of my entry into her tight rear entrance, and how much she’d loved me fucking her there. I drifted off to sleep with her bright smile filling my mind……….


Judy walked into her house to be greeted by the sight of Dennis lying full-length on the sofa, engrossed in the football results on TV. She called out a greeting to him, which was answered by a groan as the result of his favourite team was displayed on the screen. Shrugging her shoulders, Judy went on to clear the detritus of Dennis and Hannah’s lunch and started to prepare their evening meal. When she went upstairs to check on Hannah, she found the child sitting in the middle of her bedroom floor, surrounded by a mountain of paper, felt-tip pens and paint – most of which looked like it had ended up on the floor. That was the final straw for Judy. Launching herself in to a frenzy of cleaning, she sent Hannah downstairs to her father while she did her best to clean the carpet of the worst of the paint stains. As she worked, she got angrier and amatör porno angrier, wondering why Dennis hadn’t checked to see what Hannah had been up to – for God’s sake, this was only a little mess, but what if Hannah had done something and been hurt. Would Dennis even have known? That was it – she’d had enough of being the only one who cleaned, tidied and cooked around here, then coming home to find her daughter in a potentially dangerous situation.

She stormed down the stairs and, turning off the TV, launched a bitter tirade towards her husband, citing all the things about him she didn’t like and finishing up with an ultimatum – either he started helping out around the house, and more importantly, with Hannah, or they were finished. Dennis was full of apologies, and promised he would try harder in future, having enough sense not to add the rejoinder about how many hours he worked. Judy calmed down slightly at that, and the rest of the evening passed without incident, Hannah going to bed at her usual 8 o’clock. Judy went upstairs and drew a bath, adding lots of relaxing oils to the hot water. As she got undressed, her mind returned to the afternoon of uninhibited sex she had enjoyed with Tom. Strangely, since entering the house, she had not thought of it at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse had crossed her mind, so consumed with rage had she been. Now though, her mind was brought back to the frenzy of sex, both by the feel of dried spunk on the back of her thighs (good job Dennis hadn’t come in the bath with her, as he sometimes did!), and the satisfying ache in her bottom where Tom had pounded his hard cock into her before shooting his spunk deep inside her.

Judy sat in the hot, oily water, washing herself thoroughly so as to remove all traces of her afternoon’s activity. Washing her upper body wasn’t too difficult, but when she moved to her lower regions, she couldn’t help but relive the feel of Tom’s hands, mouth and body on her skin. As she soaped and rinsed between her legs, she was aware that the slipperiness she felt was due to more than the oils she had put in the water. Lying back against the warm enamel of the tub, she allowed first one, then a second finger to slip between her nether lips, starting to slide them in and out while pressing the heel of her hand firmly against the hooded button of her clitoris. As she imagined Tom’s cock filling her up she began to cum, her thighs closing tightly around her hand and biting her lip hard so her groans of pleasure were muted. She brought her other hand up to her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples hard and imagining it was Tom doing it to her, savouring the memory of him lashing them with his tongue and sucking both of them together into his mouth.

As her climax subsided, Judy let her little finger drift lower until it was pressed against the entrance of her anus, the feel of her small digit against her rosebud almost, but not quite, bringing back the sensation of Tom filling her with his wonderfully thick cock, her flesh still tender from where he had ravaged her so beautifully. Her reverie was broken as she heard Dennis clumping up the stairs, and she quickly recovered her wits and got out of the bath, quickly towelling herself dry and going through to get into bed.

Judy lay on her back in bed beside her husband, feeling quite guilty at her activities earlier in the day now she was lying naked beside him. She turned to Dennis and began stroking his thigh softly, hoping he would get the message and make love to her. Instead, he grunted something unintelligible which, roughly translated, meant ‘not tonight, leave me alone’, or its equivalent.

Judy was dismayed. What was wrong with him – here she was, a sexy and attractive woman (or so she believed, anyway), wanting him to make love to her – and he wasn’t interested. Her guilty feelings left her as quickly as they’d appeared, thinking to herself that whatever happened tomorrow, or in the future, wasn’t her fault. She knew that she was rationalising things to herself now, but to counter that, she took solace in knowing that Tom wanted her and Dennis, for once, hadn’t managed to make her feel unwomanly and unloved by his rebuttal. Turning over on her side, Judy drifted off to sleep with one hand between her legs, thoughts of Tom’s glorious cock filling her completely swirling through her mind.


I woke early the next morning, dried sperm covering my abdomen where I’d jacked off to dreams of Judy the night before. Yet again, my cock was as hard as a rock, but I knew at least some of the reason for that was a real need to pee! After taking care of my essential morning ablutions, I threw on a jogging suit and a pair of trainers, heading out on my usual morning 6-mile run, a hangover from my days in the army when I was much younger, and fitter, than I was now.

As I ran, my muscles loosened up until my stride was long and steady, and my mind began to drift yet again to the events of yesterday. From past experience, I knew anal porno it was virtually impossible to run with a hard-on, so I thought instead about the more practical aspects of fucking my boss. For instance, she was married, and had a daughter whom she doted on as I well knew. Actually, I could understand that bit totally, having an eleven-year-old daughter of my own, the difference being she lived with her mother, and I only got to see her every two weekends – the usual ‘mother gets custody’ scenario of a separation.

I wrenched my mind back to the more immediate concern of Judy, because, if I went down the route of thinking about my daughter, I would be able to think of nothing else for hours. So, she was married – well, I’d known for ages that her marriage wasn’t a happy one and, despite Judy saying that she still loved her husband, I didn’t think she was the type to ‘cheat’ if she’d seriously thought her marriage was going to survive. Second – she was my boss and, by the very nature of our jobs, we had to work closely together all the time. It was one thing to lust after her and try to catch glimpses of her breasts as she bent over, or admire the roundness of her butt, but to actually make love to her was something else again.

I concluded I now had two BIG problems, as well as several smaller ones. Firstly, I had to go into the office and work an eight-hour shift with Judy today. Second, I knew that just one encounter with her was never going to be enough for me. I wanted her in the biggest way, and I didn’t think for a second that she felt the same way about me, at least, not outwith the sexual element. Maybe she would want a repeat of yesterday, but as for anything else – well, I didn’t think so, and that was going to make working with her even harder than it was already going to be. By the time I got back to the house, and gone in for my shower, I still had no idea how today, and future days, were going to pan out.


Lying on her side in bed, facing away from her husband and facing the eerie green numerals of her digital alarm clock, Judy Marshall was also thinking of the consequences of fucking a subordinate co-worker. She had to admit to herself that the sex itself had been amazing, much better than she’d ever had, notwithstanding the peculiar circumstances of it’s happening. She still hadn’t thought of an appropriate way to handle things when she went into the office, despite lying awake most of the night thinking it through. Dennis grunted behind her, turning over in his sleep and lying flat on his back, where he soon started to snore. That was enough for Judy and, despite it only being ten minutes after six, she got out of bed, dressing in a thin robe, going quietly downstairs to the kitchen after quickly checking on Hannah, where she made herself a warming cup of tea.

As she sat in the quiet of the early morning, hearing the sounds of birds outside mixed with the creaking noises of the house, she thought some more about how she was going to handle today; she still wasn’t sure what she was going to do or say to Tom when she got to work, and she imagined he probably felt the same way. She decided then and there that she would dress much less provocatively than yesterday, maybe jeans and a sweater, so Tom wouldn’t get the wrong idea. Although, she admitted to herself, she really wasn’t certain exactly what the wrong idea was! Sighing quietly to herself, she rose from her stool and went upstairs to get ready for what she imagined would be the hardest working day of her life.


Driving into work this morning was proving rather less enjoyable than was usual for a Sunday. Normally, I thoroughly enjoyed my drive to work on the quiet Sunday roads, allowing myself to let the power of my (second-hand, but who cared) Subaru Impreza STi have full rein on the 16-mile trip. Today, though, I was going quite slowly, the churning in my stomach as I got nearer and nearer to the office wiping out any of the fun I usually enjoyed. I arrived in the small car park to find I was first in, and entered the building to start my working day.

When I checked the overnight messages, I realised we were going to have a busy day; several clients would need visited at their homes, and there were a few other things which would need followed up. When Judy arrived ten minutes later, I already had a rough schedule written out, to which she agreed with barely a comment, or a look. It was obvious Judy was feeling as uncertain and uncomfortable as I was, nor did it look as if she’d had a good night; still, though, she managed to look incredibly sexy, with formfitting jeans and a snug – not tight – sweater, which while it covered her curves, didn’t take away one iota from her attractiveness.

We left the office and started on our first call, both of us all business now. In many ways, this made it easier for both of us, because it meant we didn’t have to acknowledge or discuss what had happened yesterday. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon ana breakers porno that we returned to the office, and it was another hour after that ’til we had finished all the paperwork. I sighed as I completed the final sentence of my report and, swivelling round in my chair, saw Judy had already finished and was sitting looking at me. My swift rotation had caught her by surprise, and she looked away with a guilty start. Clearing my throat, I decided that one of us had to start some form of discussion, and it might as well be me.

“Judy”, I began, “I think we need to talk about what happe…”. She didn’t let me finish my opening remark before she started talking herself.

“Tom, yesterday shouldn’t have happened. It was wrong, and it simply mustn’t happen again. I’m a married woman, and I have Hannah to think about too”.

“I know, you’re right of course” I replied, “and I wouldn’t dream of doing or saying anything that would make you unhappy. But you must know how I felt about you, and yesterday just made those feelings a hundred times stronger. It’s NOT just the sex,” I went on, “but you have to admit, it was good. I know you’re not happy with Dennis, and I want you to be happy. That’s all”.

I don’t quite know what I expected after that, but it wasn’t what did happen. Judy sat in her chair, and burst into tears! Through her sobs, she told me she had spent virtually all night alternately glad it had happened and worrying I would feel different towards her, that I would see her as an “easy lay”, or try to use our actions against her somehow. I was shocked that she thought I could do something like that, and told her so, but she explained that by this morning she realised she knew what kind of guy I was, and that her thoughts were solely concerned with the passion and lust I had unleashed in her.

“I tried to get Dennis to make love to me last night”, she admitted after she had stopped crying, ” but he wasn’t interested. He just went to sleep. I just don’t see what future I have with him, Tom, I only stay with him because of Hannah”.

“It’s not worth it” I said, “I’ve been there, remember, and if you two aren’t working, ultimately it’s Hannah that will suffer the most, you two arguing all the time…..”.

Judy sat silently for a moment, obviously remembering what I’d told her of how things had been between me and my wife before we’d eventually split up. We were now only weeks away from our final divorce, and were getting on better than we had in years, so long as things were kept to a superficial level.

“Yes, I know you’re right” she whispered, “it’s just so hard, you know?”

Trembling slightly, Judy stood up and moved slowly towards me, stopping just before she reached my chair. She stood and looked me straight in the eye for what seemed like hours, her green orbs swimming in moisture as she fought back her tears. I opened my arms slightly, allowing her to decide what she wanted, and felt my heart suddenly double it’s rate when Judy melted into my arms, hugging me tightly as the tears flowed once more. She felt so good sitting on my lap, her slim frame tight against me, her hair tickling my neck where she was snuggled into me. I felt the emotions drain out of her, and the beat of her heart through our clothes diminished as she let out all the tears she had bottled up for so long. Eventually she looked up at me, her eyes still bright but no longer brimming, an embarrassed look blighting her otherwise elfin face.

“I must look a sight” she laughed, “red eyes and a runny nose, a real picture!”

“Got to say, from here you look amazing” I answered, and leant forward to peck her on the cheek. Before I could reach my destination, Judy half-turned her head, and my lips landed squarely on hers instead of their intended target. I expected Judy to pull away then, but instead she kissed me hard, her tongue opening my lips, probing deeply until my own tongue began to fight back. We kissed like that for a long time, our hands moving across each other’s bodies over our clothes, never still for more than a second at a time. Finally we broke apart, and a new look had come in to Judy’s eyes. Putting a hand on the bulge in my jeans, she whispered into my ear.

“Looks like someone’s pleased to see me,” she sighed, “is he up for a little exercise?”

“God, yes,” I exclaimed, “more than willing, and definitely able!”

Judy glanced over at the wall clock, seeing that it was less than an hour before we had to shut the office and go home. She quickly stood up and, with no hesitation, crossed her arms and grasped the bottom of her sweater, pulling it over her head in one smooth, graceful movement, throwing the discarded garment to the floor behind her. Her hands went immediately to the button of her jeans, unsnapping it and sliding the zipper down to the bottom of it’s travel. She paused then, and looked at me with a raised eyebrow in unspoken question. I smiled, and quickly took off my shirt, removing my own jeans as Judy slipped hers off and stood in front of me wearing only a tiny pair of panties and a thin, lacy bra, which barely held her gorgeous breasts and did nothing at all to hide the hardness of her erect nipples. I stood up to push off my own pants, and was naked in front of Judy, my penis standing straight out, hard and proud.

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