Joy in Bed Ch. 02

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4 am. My internal alarm clock woke me up. It took a second to get my bearings. The world was coming into focus. Katie was still fast asleep laying on my chest. I reached down to move the hair that had covered her face. Even disheveled, she was a breathtaking sight. My hand traveled down the length of her back to rest on her shapely ass. Her breathing was still steady, a good focus point. I slipped back into sleep, listening to her breathing as a lullaby.

7 am. I was pretty impressed I was able to get 3 more hours of sleep. I felt Katie’s fingers travel up and down my chest. “Hey cutie, good morning.”

Katie met my eyes with a warm smile, “Good morning sexy boy.”

“Let’s get breakfast, I don’t have to be in the office for another hour and a half.”

“Baby, I want to but I’ve got to get back to Alex and the kids.” She sounded genuinely disappointed.

“Tonight? Can I see you again?”

“Ugh, I want to but I’m out with Alex tonight.” She leaned in and kissed me. “Look, I want you to know last night was special for me.”

Okay, here it comes. She is going to try to let me down easy. I turned to look at the clock, shielding her ability to see me roll my eyes. I knew the deal, but I also knew I wanted to see this woman again tonight. “Yeah, no it was awesome. We were freaking amazing together. It’s just… We didn’t get to do the fun stuff,” I turned and smirked.

“Oh, I thought it was pretty fun last night,” she countered with her own smirk.

“Yeah, but we were tired from traveling and you really didn’t get my best.” I let out a long sigh. Would she bite?

“Hmm, that’s too bad. I don’t do anything half-assed.” She was now lying face down resting on her elbows. She cocked an eyebrow.

She was making me work for it, but I was still in the game,” Oh no, I’ve seen your ass and there is nothing half about it for sure. You know I’m elderly, get a couple of Geritols in me and we will be swinging off the chandeliers,” mimicking her, I cocked my eyebrow even higher, wiggling my face for emphasis.

“Baby I can’t,” she pleaded.

“Look, I know you are being sweet and trying to let me down gently. I totally believe you and Alex should spend time together and I don’t want to mess that up. Tonight is my last night in town and I’m imploring you to do us the favor of seeing me tonight.” She went to open her mouth. Her body language was all wrong, so I cut her off before she could say anything. “You don’t have to say anything now. Think about it. Will you do that for me?” The game in my voice was gone and the smirk wiped off my face. I was sincere.

Her face softened, “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” Her body language did not improve.

Doing my best dumb and dumber impression I piped out, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.” Humor cut the tension and she rolled her eyes.

I lay there, still naked, and watched her shower and reenter the room to get dressed. Her breast gently swayed as she walked, “Perv much?” She mocked me jovially.

“Yup, adding you to my peeping collection.” I jumped across the bed to grab my phone and pretended to take pictures of her. She squealed, covered up, and punched me in the shoulder. It was good to see her giggling. If this was the last I’d see of her, this is what I wanted to remember.

It took all of my will power to let her dress unmolested. I walked her to the door and we shared a lingering soft kiss. She walked away and I watched her bottom sashay away. This woman had done a real number on me. I stepped out of the room holding the door open, my jingle-jangle out and about, and yelled down, “I’ll see you tonight.”

She turned, her eyes widened as she realized I was naked in the hallway with a shit-eating grin doing a parade wave. “Get back in there you perv. And I’m not promising anything.”

Her smile told me I had about even odds. Getting in the final word: “No problem, I’ll be there with bells on.” I slammed the door behind me.


I was at my desk with a bowl of oatmeal by 8:25 am. My focus returned on improving efficiency and effectiveness. I knocked out emails and checked into my flight for the following morning. The rest of the morning I spent with my staff. They truly were wonderful people. The reality was that when they signed on, I could only promise an opportunity. The program was still shaky when they committed to working for me. I didn’t have much of a candidate pool so every one of my employees needed to believe in my vision. There were a few that I would need to coach up and if they believed I would tailor a process to ensure they would be successful.

After lunch, I had my first meeting. I tucked myself away in a breakout room to log into a conference call. I listened as the presenter delivered a readout of our progress. I authored the slides so I wasn’t totally invested. My attention wandered to my never-ending email box. After cleaning out my emails, my phone notified me of a text. I deplore getting interrupted during my workday and got frustrated with myself for not silencing the ringer. The phone was within grasp faced down. It was Katie. My mood improved. vivid porno I opened the message and my jaw dropped. She sent me a pic of herself looking up into the camera, hair covering one of her eyes, and with a delightful view of her cleavage. Another pic came through. This time looking up and kissing into the camera. The view down her cleavage remained unabated. A text comes through, “For your collection. U R my favorite perv… Still thinking about it.”

Then nothing. I scrolled up to look at the pics again. “Jim… Jim, can you comment?” I had totally become sidetracked.

“Heeeeey,” I regretted the elongated word as it came out of my mouth. It evoked laughter. Awkward silence followed by a stupid reply, everyone on the call knew I had not paid attention. “I’m sorry I got sidetracked there for a second. What was the question?” We got back on track and I laughed on mute after completing my comments. I put my phone in my computer bag.

It was coming to the end of the day. I checked my phone and no new texts. This felt cryptic. Surely she wouldn’t just send me pics without the intention of meeting up. While they were pg-13 rated, they were still highly suggestive and sexy as hell. So I texted, “Hey lovely, thanks for the pics. Your timing couldn’t have been better ;P LOL Your pics… Pleasantly distracted me and I made an ass of myself in a meeting. Would do it again, though. But… You owe me. Know of any way you can pay me back? 😡 “

I had a few minutes until I had to leave for dinner so I used them to stare at my phone. Ten minutes and nothing. Everything I knew told me not to text again, but this was an unconventional girl so I was going to use an unconventional tactic. Googled, “Best Cosmopolitan in Phoenix.” Texted, “Just saying… Best Cosmo in Phoenix is at the Merc Bar. See you there at 9, gotta meet this Alex and get some college years dirt.”

That was it, my last attempt. I shoved my phone in my pocket, determined that I was not going to look again unless I got a text. Dinner was great. We enjoyed good food and good company. To a point, I let my hair down and shared a few laughs over the early days. It was about 8 when we left. We lost about half of the staff to family obligations while the other half left with me to frequent a bar across the street. No text, at this point I was done. To make myself feel better I convinced myself I was better off going to bed early.

On my walk to the bar my phone buzzed. It was Katie, a smirk formed on my face. Yes, it was a very douchey grin. “Ah… sorry baby about the meeting. Can’t help that you have good taste in women. O and sorry about 2night not going to be able to… Stay away from the Merc Bar. Love me a good Cosmo! CU @9 ;P”

My smirk was replaced with a vacant smile. She got me. My heart kinda sank there at first. Time to hit it back over the net. “Who dis?… Whoever you are I can’t help that you have THE BEST taste in men ;P See you there :X Got Geritol in my back pocket… Hope I don’t OD. LOL”

Merc is about 15 minutes away so I’d leave at 9. Don’t want to come across too eager. My staff and I arrived at the nondescript bar. The war of attrition starts to wage a half-hour later. Quickly I pulled out my phone and punched in an alarm for 9. This allowed me to fully engage with the stragglers. It was a good time for sure. I felt the buzzing in my pants triggering my goodbyes and I was out the door, in my car, on my way to Merc.

9:17 and I’m parked, walking my way in. Entering the bar, I scanned the patrons looking for Katie and Alex. The bar was dimly lit, making it a little challenging. Looking to the right, I caught a glimpse of Katie and who had to be Alexandra. I walked up. “Good evening ladies.” Katie wore a classy little dress with a plunging neckline. Her eyes sparkled in the sparse lighting. Katie rose and leaned in for a kiss. I planted a tasteful kiss on her cheek and hugged her, pulling her within earshot, “Damn you look good.” I managed just loud enough for her ears only.

“Hey, there sexy boy. This is my dear friend Alex. Despite your meddling, Alex will not be telling any college stories.”

Alex was a very attractive woman. She did an excellent job keeping it together after having children. Her figure is what I would consider athletic. She did not possess the same curves, but she was easily the second most attractive woman in the bar. I was in good company. “Finally, I get to meet my nemesis, Alex.” I baited a reaction.

I watched Alex’s face reshape from a smile to confusion. “I’m sorry, nemesis?”

She bit and I proceeded to tell the account of overhearing their phone call in Dallas/Fort Worth. I took the story up to pretending to be asleep on the plane. This evoked a good laugh at my expense. “I didn’t know that,” Katie chided. “You pretended to be asleep?” She rhetorically asked with a disbelieving grin. Then punched me in the shoulder.

“Really, I didn’t need flirting practice.” I shrugged and raised an eyebrow.

This triggered another round of faux anger from Katie and another punch. I faked pain in my shoulder. “You’ll be practicing something else by yourself if woodman casting porno you keep it up,” she commented, looking critically at me.

With that, I sat up straight and saluted. Alex said, “Katie told me you were an old pervert. She never told me you were funny, too”.

I tilted my head, narrowed my eyes, “Old?… I’m barely 44 and I stopped selling my peeping pictures six months ago, thank you very much… Okay, I admit to having some new pictures that I acquired this afternoon.” Looking over at Katie, I winked.

The ladies giggled after Katie shot me a shocked look. Alex shared the second-hand account of when I was out in the hotel hallway in the nude. She triggered laughter by imitating my parade wave. The rest of the evening was filled with low brow humor. This was in my wheelhouse so I thrived. As the night approached midnight, I thanked the ladies for a lovely evening. We got up to say goodbye. I approached Alex and gave her a hug. We promised to meet up the next time I was in town. I turned to Katie and played wait and see. She reached over and grabbed my hand, looking over to Alex, “Thanks for help making tonight fun Alex. I’ll see you tomorrow hun.”

I allowed a thin smile to escape. Alex addressed me, “You make sure you take care of her.” She pointed a finger at me to emphasize her point.

We walked Alex to her car and hugged one last time before she was on her way. Katie turned to me and clasped her hands behind my neck hanging on me. “Well baby, what are these things you want to do to me?” She had a coy look about her.

“We can’t really talk about it out here, I’ll have to show you instead.”

I winked and opened the door for Katie and she replied with a smile,” Thank you, baby.”

As she turned to duck into the car I reached down and grabbed a copious hand full of her firm ass. She jumped a little and let out a muffled shriek. We exchanged smirks. “Dirty old man,” she emphasized the dirty.

“Do you hear that pop-corning in my back pocket? I took a fist full of Geritol. You haven’t seen anything dirty yet.”

Shaking my head I walked around the front of the car. Katie stared me down with furrowed eyebrows. She happily played the part of an exasperated target. Ducking in, I sat down. To my surprise, I felt pressure on my ass. Jumping up startled, I glared at her. I did not expect to sit on her hand and have my ass grabbed. Katie was very pleased with herself laughing wholeheartedly. Between laughs, she managed,” You should have seen the look on your face.” Followed by more laughter.

I appreciated her playfulness. Most women can take it well enough but can’t dish it out. Katie did not have this problem. With a bruised ego I spouted,” Touché, Touché.” And then joined in on the laughter.

We stopped at a light and I looked over at her softening my disposition,” I feel so lucky to be with you tonight. I am having such a wonderful night. Do you know how special you are?” The stoplight changed and we were on the go again.

The mood changed after that statement. Peeking over, I got a read that she felt my sincerity. We were smiling warmly at each other. “I’ve had a great time, too. You’re funny and caring. Your ability to fluidly transition between the two is remarkable.” I was flattered that she was into me as much as I was into her.

Using my peripheral vision I started to slide my hand up her dress. She watched my hand roam. I had a mischievous smile on my face and shook my head as if to say my intentions were innocent. She did not pull my hand away so I took it as a welcomed advancement. My hand moved inside her panties. I reached inside to rub her exquisite clit. Fortunately, she was very wet, so lubrication was not an issue. Dabbing down to slick my finger, I worked her clit in lazy circles. She widened her legs and shifted so that I would have easier access. She was very into this development. Her breathing shortened as my finger made passes upon her clit. With each stroke, my circles tightened. With each moan, she was releasing herself to me. Her labored breathing and increasingly strained expression told me it would not be long. I had to make extremely slow turns because I could only use one hand on the steering wheel. Focusing on not getting us killed prevented me from totally immersing myself in the experience. I enjoyed giving her pleasure as much as she was giving in to me. She reached back to grab her headrest and in a very high pitched squeal, she declared she was cumming. After a body jarring orgasm, she took some time to recover. We turned into the hotel. Her pussy was soaked and her essence filled the car. She looked over and whispered,” Baby you are so good to me.”

Winking, I ask,” You ready?”

She nodded and I told her to wait so I could get the door for her. She agreed and I opened the door for her. She thanked me and I went and grabbed two handfuls of her ass. She whipped around with a playful grin,” Dirty…”

“Consistent,” I interjected. I winked again and held her hand.

Hand in hand we made our way up to my room. I had informed her of my intentions to wash the stink of the day türkçe alt yazı porno off. She replied that I couldn’t wash the kind of dirty that I was plagued with. I loved the banter. I invited her in for a shower but she declined and warned me to hurry up. I efficiently cleaned up and doubled up on my sexy parts. After moving my flight to later in the day, I came out of the bathroom drying my hair. Two steps in and my jaw dropped. Katie was nude on top of the bed lying on her side, caressing a line from her mid-thigh to her hip. She was a minx, no doubt she knew exactly what effect she would have on me. And I willingly played the lust struck fool. With a raised eyebrow she teased,” Why don’t you come over here so I can see if there is any dirty left on you.”

She got up and led me to bed. I was in heaven watching the sway of her heavy breasts as she approached me. We kissed, tonight I was going to take the time to appreciate her. I noticed her soft lips. Like most things dealing with intimacy, she was a fabulous kisser. She shifted between soft and greedy, keeping me off balance. She bit my lip and then eased her tongue into my mouth. It was a turnabout of fair play as she took the lead, determining the pace. Our kisses grew deeper. Her tongue was dexterous in my mouth. Again keeping me off-balanced she alternated between soft/hard and slow/fast. Still standing, she pushed me at just the right time, with just the right pressure. Taking me by surprise, I fell back on the bed. I backed up on the bed, scooting with my elbows. She crawled in my wake with a look of promised passion that had my penis oozing.

As we traveled up the bed I could not look away from her eyes glinting in the light. She was on top as we kissed. I maneuvered her to her side so that I could run my hands down to breasts. I played with each nipple and then pressed past her stomach, in small circles, to mons. Once there, I pulled my fingers in a walking motion. She cooed encouraging me to continue. I massaged outer pussy lips. Caressing them along their length and breadth. Dipping into her wet pussy I picked up moist to tease her clit. I massaged the sides of her engorged clit with my middle finger and index forming a V. She was inflamed. Her body was hot with desire. She pulled away from our kiss and shooed away my hand. Looking in my eyes with a determination not to question, “No, I want you to fuck me.”

I was puzzled. We were on the front steps of an orgasm knocking hard and she just walked away. She positioned her ass into the air, offering it up with a sly smile. I pulled up behind her and ran my cock up and down her slit, stopping to tease her clit. Her breathing ramped back up. She turned and growled,” Fuck me…Now.”

I tilted my head to the side acknowledging her demand. She reached back and grabbed my cock, lined me up. I pushed inside her impossibly tight pussy. The feeling was deja vu from the night before. This time I knew what to expect. I slowly entered her with a few half pumps, making my way to bottoming out. I enjoyed the whole length of my cock in her warm wet pussy. I closed my eyes savoring the tightness. She was not having it, she started to push back into my cock making things happen. I snapped out of my haze and focused on pumping my cock into her. Within a short length of time, I had worked up to full hard strokes. She hissed,” Yes… Yes… That’s what I need.”

I felt the stirring but this time I was not going to let myself reach the point of no return. My balls slapped up against her pussy creating loud percussion noises. She was moaning but not to the level I needed her to indicate a finish. “Spank me… Spank me,” she huffed.

Spanking was not my deal, but in the throes of passion, it didn’t take much to convince me to try new things. The fortunate side effect of being forced out of my element was it took the edge off. I reached back and slapped her butt as I crashed into her. It was not to her liking. She challenged me to spank her harder. I was glad she couldn’t see my face because an uneasiness had set in. Recommitted, I wound up and slapped her ass. This time leaving a red mark. I felt her pussy tighten at the moment of impact. She urged another. After feeling her intimate reaction to the spanking, a wave of comfort hit me. While not comfortable with spanking, I was comfortable with giving her pleasure. Timing my spanking with my thrusts, I got a rhythm going. She escalated quickly. I felt my balls churning. I knew I was on borrowed time.

Timing will be very important for the next evolution. She was at the threshold of an orgasm. I widened her legs. Unaware, she was lost in the moment. I felt her pussy tighten, I pulled out. Before she could protest, I had slid beneath her undercarriage lining up my mouth with her scorching pussy. I had to taste her. Every inch of my body thirsted for her honey. I shot my hands up and grabbed her breasts. I pushed her up overhead so she would arrive at a full mount, riding my face. I could tell she was half a step behind. When she caught up I had already latched on to her succulent clit and flicking it with my tongue. She melted in response. To get her over the edge I smacked both of her ass cheeks at once, rocking her forward a bit. That was it, she soaked my mouth with squirt after squirt, falling backward with a loud vocal rumble. She rode out the orgasm. I gave up trying to keep up with the cum precipitating out of her sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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