Joshua and Beverly

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His hand slid towards her breast.

She turned her head towards him, kissed him, and said, “Can I feel your dick?”

Shocked and pleasantly surprised by her request, he said, “Yeah,”

He leaned back as she unfastened his trousers. He had a hard-on long before she had his dick exposed to the flashing light from her TV screen.

She didn’t ask his permission to look at his dick. She didn’t ask his permission to suck his dick. She just opened her eyes and her mouth and looked and sucked.

His hips pushed his dick deeper in her mouth. She coughed once releasing his dick long enough to say, “You can feel my tits.” She went back to sucking his cock.

Eighteen-year-old Joshua had never dated a woman older than he but thirty-two-year-old Beverly didn’t look her age and she was an entering freshman at the university, just as he was.

Josh couldn’t control his hips. They fucked Beverly’s mouth. His penis unloaded a pent-up load of cum deep inside Beverly’s throat. She swallowed it all.

Josh let out an extended, “Aargh,” as his dick spasmed inside her mouth. Beverly simply said, “That was good. Thank you, Josh.”

The couple türbanlı porno leaned against the back of Beverly’s living room couch. Josh fell asleep. Beverly watched the eleven o’clock news before she got off the couch, found a blanket, covered Josh with the blanket, went to the toilet, and went to bed. She shut off all the lights except the night light in her bedroom. She left her bedroom door open so Josh could follow the only light in her apartment and find her when he awoke.

Josh awoke at four in the morning. He found his way to Beverly’s bed. As was his custom when going to bed for the night, Josh undressed completely. He then got into bed with Beverly. She was sound asleep.

His hands quickly told him that Beverly slept bare ass. He squeezed one of her tits. Her hand moved his hand to her ribs. His hand returned to her tit, this time not squeezing so tightly.

Now fully awake, Josh allowed his hand to explore his benefactor’s body. The tit was nice and soft but her ribs also had a nice warmth to them. He explored her belly button briefly and moved down to her belly. Her belly was soft and flat. He pressed his hand against it. She türk porno murmured something but didn’t awaken. Silky hair covered her triangle. At the bottom of the triangle was the start of a cleft that he didn’t expect. He felt that slit needed more exploration. A finger slithered along the crevice exploring and learning.

Beverly’s hand quickly clutched his. She rolled onto her back. Her voice said, “Oh, Josh, It’s you. Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

He also rolled onto his back. “I’m the one who should be sorry. I didn’t mean to awaken you. Touching you makes me feel good.”

“Your touch makes me feel good, too.” She took his hand, kissed it, and placed it on her belly, close to her triangle.

He rolled onto his side. His finger found the cleft hidden in her mound of pubic hair. He asked, “Can I touch you here?” She merely spread her legs.

His finger roamed past her clit and urethra without noticing them. His finger found its way to an unfamiliar orifice.

“You can go in,” she whispered.

First one finger, then a second entered and explored her vagina.

She took the thumb attached to his exploring türkçe alt yazı porno fingers and placed it on her clitoris.

“Rub that button with your thumb and tickle me inside the hole.”

He did as she directed. She hugged him tightly and purred.

Instinct led him to remove his hand from her crotch and to roll onto her. His knees spread her legs. He kissed her as she guided the tip of his penis to the head of her hole of love. He pressed his penis against the opening. As his penis opened her vagina, her mouth opened to emit a satisfied “Aah.” The couple exchanged loving tongues.

She pulled her knees towards her tits. His dick went deep into his lover. Josh fucked. She stretched her legs to slow his motions. Josh emitted a loud “Aargh.” His dick spasmed inside the walls of her vagina. She bucked like a wild horse once, twice, three times but his weight held her in place.

“Fuck you, Josh,” she shouted as her hips threw Josh onto his back with his depleted cock still inside her. It slipped out. She pressed her pussy against his now limp cock and fucked. Josh felt her juices flow over his dick, his balls, and his crotch.

“Wow,” is all he could say when she rolled off him.

They lay side by side. She was panting. The word “wow” kept running through his mind.

“Sorry, Josh. I didn’t mean to get carried away like that but your dick felt so good inside me and I needed to cum.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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